Nisan 10, 2021

The Return of Axe Ch. 02

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Joel and Steve lubed up their cocks with their own spit.

“I’ll take your grandpa. You take Steve,” said Bobby Jo’s mother.

The girls positioned themselves over the guy with their backs towards them. They eased their wet pussies onto their hard dicks and spread their legs apart to let the guys’ legs get in between theirs.

Both Steve and Joel started to thrust their dicks forward in and out of Bobby Jo and Jane.

The girls had their arms bent back behind the guys and their enormous tits bounced against their chest. They started pushing down hard on the guys’ cocks, making sure that their balls were the only things left outside their pussies.

The bed was bouncing hard and the girls were moaning up a storm. Sweat poured off their hard and hot bodies. Both Joel and Steve took the girls’ breasts in their hands and played with them. The girls couldn’t stand the pounding and the tit play much longer and came one after another.

The guys then switched girls. Joel had Bobby Jo now and Steve had his mom. The girls laid back on the bed and the guys were positioned between their legs. They lifted the girls up by their asses to insert their cocks deep inside their pussies.

The guys folded the girls into pretzels, bending their legs back behind their heads and sitting on their asses to stuff their soak pussies with their dicks. Their tits jutted up from behind their legs and the guys took hold of them, squeezing their ample orbs and watching them bounce as they pounded their pussies away.

The girls once again came from the intense fucking. The guys pulled their cocks out and sprayed the girls’ tits down in hot cum.

“Mmmm. That was fantastic,” moaned Joel. “This has been the best night of my life.”

“Well boys. It’s about to get better,” said Betty standing in the doorway totally naked.

“Grandma?” Said Bobby Jo in a surprised voice.

“Yes child. We are going to have the best night in any of our lives,” Betty said with a smile.

“Hold that thought,” said Joel climbing off the bed and running into Steve’s room. He sprayed the Axe cologne on his entire body this time.

As he came back into the room, the orgy had all ready started. Steve was fucking his grandma from behind while they both laid on the bed. Bobby Jo and her mother were doing a 69 next to them.

“Come on grandpa,” said Bobby Jo in between eating her mother’s pussy.

Joel’s cock was hard again and he climbed back into bed behind Bobby Jo.

“I’ve been waiting to fuck your big beautiful ass Bobby,” he moaned.

He rubbed his cock between her tight ass and spread it with his hands. He spat down at her anus, wetting it so his cock could slide in easier.

“Oh grandpa. Fuck my ass hard,” moaned Bobby Jo.

He slid his cockhead into her asshole and pushed the rest of his big dick inside. Bobby Jo was breathing heavily and moaning on her mom’s pussy.

Joel thrust his hard dick harder and deeper inside Bobby Jo’s ass. His balls pounded against the flesh of her ass. They actually hung over Jane’s eyes and she watched them sway and smack against her daughter’s ass.

“Oooooh yeah Bobby. You like this don’t you. Mmmm. Your ass is so ripe. It was made to fuck,” teased Joel thrusting his pelvis fast and hard against her big pale ass. Her ass was jiggling with the pounding she was taking.

Bobby Jo could feel her anus being stretch far apart by his large cock just drilling deeper and deeper inside. She literally thought the dick was going to thrust all the way out her pussy because it was so deep inside her.

Meanwhile Steve had his grandma in the doggy style position right in front of Jane’s pussy. Betty started to help Bobby Jo eat Jane’s pussy while Steve thrust his dick into her.

Bobby Jo took hold of her grandma’s swinging huge tits for support as her ass was being savagely fucked by her grandpa. His balls were buried between her ass cheeks now while his big cock was swallowed by her anus. Bobby Jo was in agony, squeezing the life out of her grandma’s breasts. Her mother was licking her pussy rapidly as her juices were flowing. She soon came on her mother’s face and buried her face in her mother’s cunt with a sign of relief as Joel removed his cock from her ass.

Betty soon came after her as Steve gave her pussy a few final hard thrusts.

“Oh grandma. That was wonderful. I never knew old pussy could still be so good,” moaned Steve.

“Now I want you boys to penetrate grandma,” said Betty.

“If I wanted to penetrate anyone. It would be Bobby Jo,” Joel said to himself.

“I’ll take her ass this time,” said Steve. He positioned himself flat on the bed and Betty spread her ass cheeks wide so Steve’s cock could fit inside. She sat down on his dick and spread her legs apart so Joel could get at her pussy.

“I want you girls to take turns sucking their cocks. Get them nice and hard for grandma,” Betty said as Joel moved in between her legs and stuffed pendik escort her pussy with his cock.

Both Steve and Joel started to drill her holes deep. Thrusting in rhythm with each other. Her big floppy tits bounced all over her chest and even hit Joel in the face a few times. Steve held his grandma’s legs up and her feet were dangling in the air as they pounded her holes harder and deeper.

Betty was moaning like crazy, sweating hard and thrusting her own body at them. The boys’ balls met while beating against her bottom ass. Joel thought it was weird to feel another man’s balls beat against his.

Bobby Jo pulled his cock out of her pussy and sucked on it for a bit. Jane took hold of it and coated it with her saliva. She put the cock back inside her mother’s cunt and Joel resumed fucking her.

Steve lifted Betty up off his cock and Bobby Jo took it between her lips, sucking and swirling her tongue around it. His mother engulfed his balls and sucked on them while Bobby Jo sucked his cock. They got it all wet and shiny and placed it back up Betty’s asshole. They resumed double fucking her for another minute and she finally came and released her powerful orgasms. They were so loud that the next door neighbors could hear them.

Joel and Steve pulled their cocks out of her and sprayed her face and chest with their semen. Betty gripped both cocks and started sucking cum out of them into her mouth at the same time. Once again Joel felt Steve’s cock touching his. It actually started to make Joel’s cock get a little bit harder from touching his.

As Betty released their cocks and Steve continued to rub his cock against his grandpa’s bigger one.

“Oooooh Steve. That feels kind of good,” moaned Joel. He suddenly felt a mouth wrap around his cock and it was Steve. Joel was stunned to see his grandson sucking his cock. He wasn’t going to tell him to stop because it felt so good. He actually took hold of Steve’s head and started to thrust his cock down his throat.

Both Bobby Jo and Jane each took one of Joel’s balls and suckled them into their mouths. A mother and her children were sucking and slurping their grandpa’s dick and testes.

Steve was bent over sucking Joel’s dick. Betty bent over and pressed her face deep into Steve’s ass. She started to lick and tongue his anus. Joel felt Steve’s hot breath moaning on his big dick while his wife ate her grandson’s ass. She squeezed his ass cheeks and even spanked him.

The girls had their hands gripping Joel’s buttocks while sucking his balls deep into their mouths. Steve had his grandpa’s dick deep in his mouth, feeling the cockhead touch the back of his throat. He didn’t gag or choke. His nose was buried in gooey pubic hairs and he continued to suck and bob his head up and down the big dick.

Betty had got up and reached underneath the bed for something. She pulled out a mega huge dildo. It was long, thick, and black. She lightly rubbed the massive head against Steve’s asshole and then pushed it deep within. Steve started to scream and moan around Joel’s cock. Joel held his head steady at his cock so he couldn’t scream out loud. Betty pushed more and more of the dildo deep into his asshole. She started to pull it out and then ram it back in. She could see his anus turning red and knew it was sore. She used one hand to drill the dildo in and out of his asshole while the other hand fondled his cock and balls. Her lips were pressed against his soft ass cheeks, kissing and sucking on them like a guy would do to a pair of breasts.

Soon Joel busted a large nut down Steve’s throat. Steve swallowed all of it and not let a single drop escape between his lips. The girls had been taking turns kissing and sucking Joel’s asshole. The ass sucking is what really made Joel bust a fat nut down Steve’s skinny throat.

Betty was still plugging Steve’s asshole with the giant fake dick and it caused him to finally bust his own nut all over the sheets and release a long orgasm. Betty squeezed his balls to make sure they were emptying a lot of cum. She then pulled the fake cock out of his ass and sucked on it herself, licking and sucking up his ass juices.

Then suddenly the doorbell rang.

“Who could it be this late at night,” said Joel.

He put back on his robe and closed the door so whoever it was wouldn’t hear what was going on. He rushed downstairs to the front door and opened it.

Standing in the doorway was a Latino female police officer. Joel couldn’t help notice that her jacket had two large bulges in them.

“Can I help you officer?” He asked while smiling at her.

“Yes sir. You could let me suck your cock;” she blurted out and ripped open his robe. His big dick hung with saliva dripping off it. The officer got on her knees and engulfed his dick into her mouth.

“Oh my god. Even a cop is sucking me off. This Axe shit is incredible,” Joel thought to himself as the officer sucked his long dick deep down maltepe escort her throat.

He reached down and squeezed what he confirmed were a pair of huge breasts. He read her nametag while he was at it.

“Mmmmm. Officer Maria,” Joel moaned.

Maria took his cock out of her mouth and gave it some long and powerful strokes.

“Mmmmm. Ms. Maria. Please join me and my family for a little bit of fun upstairs if you don’t mind?” Said Joel taking Maria by the hand and leading her upstairs.

They entered the room and find Steve bouncing his sister Bobby Jo off his cock and his wife Betty was plowing the giant dildo into their daughter’s hot cunt.

Maria pushed Joel onto the bed and unzipped her jacket. Steve looked over to see what was going on and then looked up at Bobby Jo’s red blushing face and her giant titties swinging around in circles on her chest.

After Maria threw the jacket on the floor, she unbuttoned the top of the police uniform and ripped it all the way down. Revealing a loosely worn tank top and two giant titties poking through it, she took the tank top off showing her last piece of clothing hiding her big tits. Her sports bra. Her tits wobble inside the bra during her movements of taking off her tank top and throwing it.

Joel couldn’t wait any longer to see her orbs. He lifted the front of the sports bra up and unleashed her enormous Latino tits. They were the most beautiful things he had ever seen since getting his first look at his granddaughter’s big E cups.

Her areolas were enormous, the size of a coffee holder. Her dark brown nipples were huge. They liked like giant tootsie rolls poking out at him. Maria bent her body down and resumed sucking Joel’s dick. He reached for the tag in the back of her sports bra. It read 42GG. Joel felt his cock ready to explode just by reading the label. Her giant 42GG’s rested on his legs while she sucked his cock deep into her mouth.

Steve had his mouthful of some big titties himself. He was sucking on his sister’s big tits. Squeezing them in his large hands and feeling them sink between his fingers as she rode his cock harder and harder.

“I’m cummmming,” she moaned as Steve got a tight grip on Bobby Jo’s ass and thrust his cock faster and faster inside her pussy. She came and moaned loud gripping his chest. Her huge tits bulged between her arms and Steve invited himself to suck her nipples again.

Jane now had the dildo implanted in Betty’s cunt, plowing it in and out faster and faster.

“Oh honey. It hurts. Its soooo big,” cried Betty grabbing hold of the sheets tight as she came all over the huge black dildo.

Jane gave it some last thrusts inside her mom to make sure she finished cumming, before taking the dildo and inserting it into her mouth, sucking off her mother’s cum. Betty sat up and sucked on her daughter’s large breasts while her own pressed against Jane’s stomach and pussy.

Joel was relaxing. Leaning back against the bed on his elbows while Maria tit fucked him. Her titanic tits bounced up and down his dick, completely engulfing it. His balls were even between her massive valley of tits.

She folded her arms over her breasts and trapped his cock in between them, still bouncing her mammoth jugs on it. Joel felt a pussy lower onto his mouth. It was Jane’s. He started to lick her pussy out, sucking on her sore clit and tonguing it. Jane locked her thighs around his head and started to rock her pussy over his mouth.

Betty and Steve both latched onto Bobby Jo’s huge tits, sucking her titties dry and tasting the salty sweat off them. Her nipples were a dark red from all the sucking they have been getting. Both Betty and Steve had fingers lodged inside Bobby Jo’s pussy and asshole, double fucking and sucking Bobby Jo.

Joel was done tit fucking the officer and told her to stand up. Once she had, he quickly took off her jeans, revealing a pink thong and her nice smooth thighs and big round ass. His hands quickly attached themselves to her ass and he squeezed her cheeks. He gently removed her thong off and raised it to his nose and smelled her sweet aroma.

“Mmmmm. So sweet,” moaned Joel.

He got off the bed and lifted officer Maria upside down. Joel has been waiting to do this to a girl for years. Having her suck his cock while she was upside down and he was eating her pussy. It was a 69 but upwards instead of lying down.

He lapped at her sweet pussy and savored her sweet juices. Maria was sucking his big dick deep into her mouth. She worked his balls with her tongue and suckled them.

After a few minutes eating and sucking each other, Joel maked an announce to everyone. “Listen up ladies. Steve and I are going to end this night with tag teaming each and every one of you guys. First starting with Officer Maria who is new to this.”

Jane, Betty, and Bobby Jo all got off the bed and sat on the floor watching the performance Joel and Steve were beginning kartal escort with Maria.

Joel had Maria on all fours, fucking her soaked pussy while Steve had his 5-inch cock stuff in her Latino mouth. He held her by the head and was thrusting his cock deep down her throat. His balls bounced off her lower lip and chin. Her massive titties were swaying against the sheets and Joel couldn’t help but to take hold of them and milk them like he would do a cow.

They switched positions and now Maria was bouncing on Steve’s cock while sucking on Joel’s big dick.

Steve had a mouthful of Maria’s delicious titties while his cock pounded her pussy furiously. His eyes glanced up at Maria’s face, seeing Joel thrust his cock in and out of her mouth. Joel’s cum with Maria’s slobber started to drip down onto Steve’s forehead. He was enjoying the sight and fucking this police officer.

Soon both Steve and Joel were double penetrating Maria. Joel had his big dick deep within Maria’s asshole while Steve once again was drilling her pussy. She was moaning and crying out loud. Her sweaty body was being rocked up and down by the two guys. The girls were being very turned on by the guys display of drilling both her holes.

After eight minutes of tag-teaming Maria, she finally came and released her powerful orgasm. They pulled their dicks out of her holes and started to spray her face down with their hot cum. Maria took both cocks between her lips and sucked up the rest. Officer Maria was down and out.

Next the guys had Betty bouncing on her husband’s cock while sucking off her grandson.

Steve loved the feel of his grandma’s gums just moving over and over his dick. She managed to suck his balls into her mouth at the same time. Her face was buried in Steve’s smelly pubic hairs.

Joel was getting his face beat up by his wife’s saggy big tits. He captured her nipples between his teeth and chewed on them for a while causing her to come early. Betty had passed out early so she was done fucking for tonight.

Jane was next to get her holes drilled. They immediately penetrated both of holes. She had her asshole being plugged by her own son Steve’s dick while her father pounded her pussy into the ground. Her enormous breasts were swinging wildly in circles up towards Joel’s face. He buried his head between his daughter’s cleavage and licked his way to both nipples and sucked on them in turns, which made Jane even hotter. She came on her father’s cock while they continued to pound her fast and hard.

They released her from their grip after ten more minutes of fucking her. They each took one of her huge tits into their hands and beat their cocks against them. After a few seconds of beating her tits, they soaked them in their cum. Jane smashed both her tits together, mixing her father and her son’s cum together.

Now it was time for Bobby Jo to feel their wrath and have her first penetration. But first, they made her suck both their cocks into her mouth, getting them nice and wet for her holes. After she got done sucking them off, they wanted to try and double tit fuck her. Joel planted his ass on Bobby Jo’s face with his cock between her giant tits. Steve straddled himself on her stomach, laying his dick next to his grandpa’s. Bobby Jo wrapped both of their cocks between her tits and started to bounce her huge double E’s on them.

Joel and Steve were torturing her nipples. They each had one and were pulling and twisting them, stretching her large buds from her tits. They started to do their own thrusting to her breasts as well. Joel’s ass was being eaten again by his granddaughter while Steve was fisting his sister’s cunt. Stuffing his entire fist inside her pussy, stretching it out and opening it wider.

Bobby Jo couldn’t stand the tit fucking and the fisting any longer. She came all over her brother’s fist and cried between her grandpa’s ass cheeks. They released her tits and position her for double penetration. Joel sat Bobby Jo’s pussy on his cock while Steve got behind her, rubbing his cock between her ass cheeks. They immediately started thrusting her holes deep.

Bobby Jo was biting into her grandpa’s shoulders and her sweaty huge tits were sliding up and down his chest. She felt Steve rest his chest against her back, riding her big ass. Joel felt his grandson’s balls once again beating against his, driving him to thrust harder inside Bobby Jo’s cunt. His hands held onto her ass cheeks and spread them for Steve. He was balls deep inside Bobby Jo’s tight asshole, stretching it to the limits.

Bobby Jo passed out from the double teaming after cumming several times and having multiple orgasms. Her young body gave up in the pleasure and pain. The guys continued to drill her holes until their cocks were ready to explode. Her holes felt so good to them that they decided to cum inside Bobby Jo. Emptying their balls into both her holes.

Joel and Steve were breathing heavily as they emptied their cocks into one of their own family members. Bobby Jo was knocked out asleep just like her grandma. Joel invited the others to get back in bed and they all got inside the covers and slept naked, grinding their sweaty and gooey bodies against one another.

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