Mart 26, 2021

The Push Ch. 02

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“Tempt me,” I told her. “Play the whore.”

“Yes Master,” she said.

Why do I want this? On one level, I know precisely why I want this. I am possessive by nature, controlling. I sometimes think I would rather just chain her by the throat and make her wait for the cock. My cock. Only my cock. That is how possessive I am, but I cannot deny what it does to me to imagine her emulating the scenes from the pornography I’ve culled from the internet, shared with her.

“You always find the most beautiful pictures,” she tells me.

Or, “Hmm, the cock in this picture is beautiful,” she coos.

I won’t even delve into it how turned on she gets when she sees a beautiful model displaying her cum spattered tits, the cock that did it spent and glistening with fuck juice at the side of the frame. It turns her on a great deal. And when there are two cocks in the frame, some lovely tart getting it from two sides, she is turned on doubly. It makes me want to do that, experience it. Push her. Push myself. I could not believe how far we went last evening with the fellow who delivered the room service meal. She was fucking beautiful, sucking his cock, kissing me with that filthy mouth. I could feel his shaft passing into her mouth, close as I was to her sucking lips. I kissed at the corner of her mouth as he fucked her face. What the hell was I thinking? Every time I hesitated in the least, I could feel her pussy instinctively clutching at my very stiff shaft, pulling at me. Her sweet ass was screwed down onto my thighs, her hips squirmed. I did not even balk when I felt his bare flesh brush my face. It was far too arousing. Far too in the moment. I just didn’t care. And as I type that, I know it isn’t true. I did care. I wanted to push it that far and farther. When it gets like this, it seems like flesh is just flesh. erenköy escort Tits. Ass. Cock. Pussy. One moment I can taste it in her kiss, smell it on her breath. The next I can feel it brushing my face. I want to push her again. I want to be pushed again. And when the knock at the door sounds, I won’t lie. My cock is instantly as stiff as it can get. I want to watch her. I want to feel fuck-hazed. Watching her walk to the door in her bra and panties, I am well on my way.

I am happy to report she took my words to heart. I heard her let him in. Ten minutes later, she had not returned. She was too busy tempting me. Playing the whore. She is on her knees, her thighs spread, ass jutted out. Hearing me, she looks over her shoulder. She has his pants tugged down to the middle of his thighs. His stiff prick is poking between his starched shirt tails. Mother fuck she is hot. Tugging open my jeans, I let my hard cock breathe. As I place my hand beneath her chin and lift her gaze toward mine, I can see how tightly she clutches his shaft a moment before my lips meet hers. What the hell am I doing? Her mouth tastes like the cock she has been sucking, like the cock she is clutching. Wet, slick and lewd. It does nothing to deter my arousal. It does nothing to lessen the level of stiffness, particularly when I feel her idle hand wrapping its fingers around it. A cock in each hand. A two-fisted slut. It is hard to imagine being more turned on than this, but I know it is just the beginning. I state the obvious as our kiss separates, our mouths still connected by that clear fluid that is more than saliva.

“Your mouth tastes like cock,” I charge. “Lewd, little cocksucker.”

“Your lewd, little cocksucker,” she breathes.

She proceeds to show me just how lewd as she wraps her lips around the göztepe escort head of his dick, turning her pretty eyes up to me as she strokes me slowly. When she turns to kiss the head of my dick, she keeps his close. Looking down at her, the way her ass looks in those soaked pink panties, resting on her heels, the way her nipples are stiff life pink diamonds, peeking over the cups of the demi-bra, it is an IM fantasy come true. I find myself wanting her to push that boundary and press the head of my cock to his. I am compelled to cross that line with her. And now that it is happening, I cannot deny it is a turn on. She is stroking both, brushing the tips against one another in a lewd swap of her saliva and the pre cum of both tools.

“Fuck me,” she begs. “Please.”

There is no distinction in who will fuck her. Or where. She knows it is pointless to assume. If I want to fuck her, I will fuck her. If I want to watch her mount him, I will watch her mount him. It so happens that I want her pussy for myself. I want to shove it into her, deep. I sit down in the comfortable club chair, sunk low as she straddles me. She retains the grip on his cock, pulling him toward what will be our face-to-face fuck. Her idle hand pulls her panties aside and then…heaven. Something so sublime about a primed pussy. Not just wet, but soaked, slick with debauched arousal. It is almost as if her cunt knows that she is doing more than just engaging in a standard fuck. Her cunt knows this is uninhibited, raw, erotic and more than a little nasty.

I am eye-level with her tits, sucking the nipple on the opposite side of him to it’s ultimate firmness. I am biting it gently, tugging it to make sure it could be no further aroused. She is moaning, squirming as she screws her hot cunt down, pressing her ass tightly kadıköy escort to my thighs. And when I look to that other nipple, I see that is does not remain untended for long. She is rubbing the head of his cock against it, teasing herself to equal stiffness in both nipples. I can’t believe how tempting the notion of licking that cock-teased nipple is, but I did start this evening by telling her to do just that, tempt me. My tongue licks the underside of that breast, dampens the skin up to the tight areola and along the stiff peak. I think I may have made contact with him, inadvertent as it would have been, but I do not know. What’s more, I am not worried about it. I can see her depressing the curve of her tit with his cock as I suck at her neck. And if her moan is not enough for me to know how turned on she is, I can attest to the clutch of her cunt as solid, soaking, heated evidence. I slip my hand into her panties, ride the palm between her ass cheeks as my mouth travels up from her neck to her ear, licking, sucking the lobe before I speak.

“Make me cum,” I demand. “Make him cum, too.”

She takes my demands seriously, sliding his erection into her mouth, caving her cheeks around it tightly. His knees buckle immediately. As he jerks once, twice, I see her placing fingers just behind his balls, ticking him. She lets his cock fall from her mouth mid-orgasm, becoming the very picture of pornographic filth. The deposit spills over her bottom lip and down between her breasts. As his prick is ejected by the tip of her tongue, the jism continues to fly on its own, tagging my shoulder. There is just something so real, so carnal about that. I couldn’t stop my own orgasm if I tried, and I don’t try in the least. I just go with it, pumping hot cum up into her belly as the edge of my palm remains trapped in her panties, wedged between her ass cheeks.

I don’t remember him leaving. I don’t even remember getting into the bed. All I know is she is sleeping peacefully, her cheek against the inside of my hip. Every exhale of her breath tickles my spent cock. Already, I am stirring again.

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