Nisan 10, 2021

The Pool Pt. 02

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I had sex with Scott a few of times over the next couple weeks. We fucked in his bed and one time in the pool. Scott really enjoyed eating my pussy and in just the few times we have had sex he was lasting longer inside me too.

The upcoming weekend was another college visit for Scott, this time it was his Dad’s turn to take him. To my surprise Mary, Scott’s stepmom, invited me over for lunch and a dip in the pool. Mrs. Fredrick whispered in my ear, “With the boys gone we can have an all over tan.”

I thought to myself that the “boys” had both seen me naked, so what would be the big deal. “I think that is a great idea Mrs. Fredrick,” I said instead.

Mrs. Fredrick had a nice light lunch set out by the pool for us. She was in small white bikini that barely held her big tits.

After lunch we stretched out on the pool loungers next to the water. “Taylor, do you mind if I ask you how things are going with Scott?” Mrs. Fredrick asked.

I knew she had seen us fucking so I wasn’t sure what she was getting at. “Scott and I are doing good Mrs. Fredrick.”

“Taylor, call me Mary. You know what I mean. I saw riding him the night we went to the party, not to mention the security cameras showed Scott fucking you from behind in the pool. Mike and I are thrilled you are showing him the ropes.”

“I don’t know what to say.” I said, embarrassed, wondering if she also knew I fucked her husband.

“How is he? Have you showed him how to eat pussy? Does he know what he is doing fucking you?”

“Scott is doing good; he likes to eat pussy and is getting better at staying longer inside. Shit, I can’t believe I just told you that.”

“Honey, that’s what I asked you. He looked like he was giving it to you pretty good in the pool.” Mrs. Fredrick said.

Mrs. Fredrick took her top off. “You don’t mind if I get an all over tan do you? You could join me.”

I took my top off too. She slipped her bottoms off. I couldn’t help but notice she was completely shaved. I slipped off my bottoms just as she did. I followed suit pulling my bottoms off.

“Wow, you have such a hot body. Can I give you some advice?” Mrs. Fredrick asked as I nodded. “You should think about shaving down there. You trimmed it nicely but if it is shaved it won’t show in a bikini and the guys will enjoy eating it more.”

I smiled. “Maybe I will try that.” We both went quiet tanning.

About an hour later I sat up. “Wait security cameras?” I asked covering up. “Are we being recorded?”

“Oh shit, I’m sorry. Let’s go in and delete the feed,” Mrs. Fredrick said taking me by the hand to their bedroom.

I hadn’t noticed the big screen TV in their bedroom the last time I was there. We both sat on the edge of the bed while Mrs. Fredrick worked the remote. She pulled up the full array of cameras surrounding their house. There were two that captured the pool. Mrs. Fredrick called up the video that showed her and me sunbathing nude and hit the delete button.

Mrs. Fredrick then pushed a few more buttons on the remote. “Let me show you this.” The picture jumped to the other camera of the pool area. I showed me on the edge of the pool with Scott’s head between my legs. The picture jumps head with me in the water and Scott fucking me from behind. I sat on the edge of the bed not saying a word.

“Oh fuck, I’ve embarrassed you.” Mrs. Fredrick put her arms around me hugging me. “I’m sorry; I just thought watching you two was so hot, I wanted to show you.”

“No. It is a little odd for me to have you watching me fuck your step-son,” I said coyly.

After an awkward silence Mrs. Fredrick spoke up. “I could show you how to shave this,” she said running her fingers across my trimmed bush.

Feeling trapped I said, “Sure, I would love for you to show me.”

Mrs. Fredrick took me by the hand to the master bathroom. She put a towel down on the edge of the Jacuzzi tub and sat me down. I was nervous at first but Mrs. Fredrick’s soft touch put me as ease. She started with scissors trimming down my already trim pubic hair. Next she took a warm wash cloth to soften the remaining hair. The warm water felt great on my pussy lips. I was trying hard not get aroused or show I was getting aroused.

Mrs. Fredrick lathered up my pussy area and brought out the razor. “Always shave with grain of your hair going slow and steady,” she said. Her motions were so gentle I couldn’t help but get turned on.

Her hand rubbed across my pussy. “Mmm, very smooth. How does it feel?”

“Very good,” I moaned.

Mrs. Fredrick ataşehir escort bayan rinsed out the wash cloth then cleaned me up. She continued to gently rub my pussy with just her hand. There was no hiding my arousal. My pussy felt like it was dripping juice as Mrs. Fredrick rubbed the outside of my pussy lips.

Mrs. Fredrick, kneeling before me, looked, saying, “The real way to tell is the kiss test.” She kissed the areas that were just shaved sending shivers up my spine.

I moaned in delight when her kissing found my slit. I almost jumped off the edge of the tub when her tongue pushed into my pussy. “Oh my God, that feels incredible. I’ve never done anything like this.”

“Honey, you taste wonderful. I think we should go to the bed. You will be more comfortable while I continue testing the shaved area,” Mrs. Fredrick said grabbing me by the hand.

She lay me down in essentially the same spot that her husband had fucked me a few weeks before. Mrs. Fredrick’s lips resumed pleasuring my pussy. Her tongue explored my pussy finding my clit. Her touch was so soft and gentle; she knew right where to go. Soon she had my hips bucking against her tongue. “Oh shit, I’m cumming.” My body shook as Mrs. Fredrick continued to lick.

I opened my eyes to find Mrs. Fredrick’s lips coming to mine. I didn’t think I had any interest in girls but I wanted to taste her lips. We kissed softly at first then her tongue pushed into my mouth. We held each other tight while our tongues played. Her hands played with my breast then she whispered in my ear, “I would love for you to taste me,” Mrs. Fredrick said spreading her legs.

I stopped at her large tits kissing them and fondling them before moving to her waist. Her pussy looked to be freshly shaved. I started slowly but sped up once I tasted her juice. Her reaction to my licking encouraged me on. “Oh Taylor, you’re doing great. Keep going I’m close.” Shortly, she was bucking her hips like I was just moments ago. “Oh fuck yes, I’m cumming!”

“Damn Taylor,” she said. “For your first time eating pussy you were great. I hope you didn’t mind me showing you how girls play.”

“If you couldn’t tell, I loved it. It was just a little strange that you are Scott’s step mom,” I said.

“Was it strange fucking Scott’s dad? Taylor, it’s okay. He said you were fantastic,” Mrs. Fredrick said kissing me on the cheek.

“Oh, Mrs. Fredrick, I don’t know what to say. I’m sorry.”

“It’s Mary, and I knew he was going to try and seduce you. Just like he knows I was going to seduce you this weekend. We both wanted you and we are both very glad you took our son’s virginity. I can’t tell you how hot it is watching you fuck him.”

“It’s a little weird that I have had sex with your whole family now. I’m not sure what to say,” I said.

“I hope you are not sorry you did or you are mad at us.” Mrs. Fredrick said kissing my neck.

“Oh God no! The sex has been great. This was not what I was expecting, but I have loved it.”

“I’m happy to hear you say that. I have a little fantasy I would like to see if you would be interested in. It is a little kinky so I don’t want to offend you. You see, Mike and I did some swinging before and some after we got married,” Mrs. Fredrick said.

“Are you wanting to do a threesome with me? I’ve never done that before but it sounds fun,” I said.

“Yes, I want to share you with Mike but I’m talking more about a foursome.” Mrs. Fredrick said kissing my nipples.

“A foursome?” I asked puzzled. Then it hits me. Mrs. Fredrick wants to fuck her stepson. “You mean you two, me and Scott?”

“I’m sorry. That is a little too kinky right? I shouldn’t have brought it up,” Mrs. Fredrick said continuing to kiss my tits.

“Hell Mary, who am I to judge. I’ve had sex with all three of you. Why not have sex all together,” I said.

“I have to admit I’ve had the fantasy for a while but when I saw you dry humping him I got excited. I fingered myself watching the video of you two fucking in the pool. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I want suck my step-son’s dick and have him fuck me. I’m a little scared of what Mike would think of that but he might go for it if he is pounding your cute little pussy,” Mrs. Fredrick said moving from my tits to my pussy.

Mrs. Fredrick’s tongue was deep into my pussy again. “Shit Mary, you are very persuasive. I would help you to get to enjoy having another chance to have your husband’s cock inside me again.” Mrs. Fredrick continued to eat me to another orgasm.

After escort kadıöy I came, she told me of her plan. The next weekend we they would invite me over for swimming and dinner. After dinner I would suggest we play a game. Mrs. Fredrick said that Mike would suggest cards and I would suggest poker. After a few hands she would suggest that we play for something to make it interesting. I was to say I didn’t have any money and then Mrs. Fredrick would throw out the idea of strip poker and gauge their reaction. From there she thought it would all flow to us having sex. She also told me that she would talk to Mike about how he would feel about them watching us have sex, and maybe having sex in the same room.

I told her I was a little suspect of her plan but I would go along. I figured whatever happened I would get laid.

Scott called when he got back in town inviting me over that Saturday for swimming and dinner.

That Saturday morning I shaved my pussy the way Mrs. Fredrick showed me. The Fredricks both greeted me with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. I asked to change and Scott took me to his room. I stripped in front of him giving him a view of my freshly shaved pussy. I wanted to get him good and horny for Mrs. Fredrick’s plan. It almost worked too well; he wanted to fuck me right then. I told him that would be later. I did tease him a little telling him that it was his step mom who showed me how to shave my pussy.

Mr. and Mrs. Fredrick were already in the pool when we got there. Mrs. Fredrick swam over to me asking what took us so long. I told her I was just getting Scott worked up for her plan. I asked her if she talked with her husband about her proposed foursome.

“He thinks Scott is too shy for that but he thinks that you could talk him into it. Mike agreed he thought it would be hot to be fucking next to his son,” Mrs. Fredrick said.

“So I guess we are on,” I said. “I’m going over to your husband to get him worked up like I did with Scott.” Mrs. Fredrick smiled in approval.

I swam over to Mr. Fredrick coming up between his legs. I came up and whispered in his ear, “Your wife showed me how to shave my pussy. Want a feel?” I ran my hand over his swim trunks.

He pulled me over to the edge of the pool, “Taylor, Scott is right over there with his mother.”

“Don’t worry, he’s already seen it. You’re gonna love it,” I said swimming away from him.

I continued flirting with both Scott and his dad ’til Mrs. Fredrick announced that we should get cleaned up for dinner. We all changed out of our swimsuits. I gave Scott a better look at my shaved pussy getting him hard. Again, I told him he would have to wait to get at my pussy.

Dinner went as planned, after dinner I suggested we play cards. Right on cue, Mr. Fredrick suggested poker. I knew the basics but not much more. Mr. Fredrick said he would help me. A couple of hands in I was actually winning and according to the plan Mrs. Fredrick suggested we play for something to make it interesting. Money was suggested first and I shot that down. Scott suggested chips and he was shot down as they would have no value.

Mrs. Fredrick looked toward me with a devilish grin. “What if we play for clothes?”

Scott chimed in, “Like strip poker?”

“Sure. We are basically naked in the pool right?” Mrs. Fredrick shot back.

They all turned to me. “I’m in, the way I’m playing I’ll win anyway,” I said laughing.

“If Taylor is in then deal the cards, Low hand has to take something off,” Mr. Fredrick said.

We moved to the living room floor dealing the cards. Mrs. Fredrick was either the worst poker player or she was trying to lose. After a few hands the guys had lost their shirts while Mrs. Fredrick was down to just her panties.

Thirty minutes later I had lost my shirt and shorts. I was in just my bra and panties. The guys were both down to their underwear with obvious hard-ons. Mrs. Fredrick was naked spreading her legs so Scott had a clear shot of her pussy.

Scott lost next, exposing his hard cock to the squeal of him step mom. Mr. Fredrick lost the next hand making a production of showing off his big cock.

I sat there in my bra and panties while the rest were all naked. “I guess we are done, you guys all look great by the way. I guess I win.”

“No no, we should keep playing unless you’re afraid to get naked in front of us,” Mr. Fredrick said.

“You’ve got nothing to bet with,” I said smugly.

“Alright, how about the winner gets to give the others a task. maltepe escort If you lose you have to take off an item,” Mrs. Fredrick said. I nodded my approval.

The first hand I lost and Mrs. Fredrick won. All three hooted as I removed my bra. “Okay,” she said, “I get to give you a task. Scott and Taylor, stand in the middle of the room. Hold each other tight and kiss. Scott, be careful with not to poke her to much with that hard thing between your legs.”

I thought Scott was going to be shy but he stood right up and held me tight rubbing his cock against me as we kissed.

I won the next hand. I looked at Mr. and Mrs. Fredrick asking, “Anything?” They both nodded.

I moved to sit next to Mrs. Fredrick on the couch. “I think these two hot men need to come in front of us showing their goods.”

Mrs. Fredrick high fived me, “That is a great idea. Come on boys!”

Mr. Fredrick got up. “Let’s go son. The girls want to see our cocks. No need to be embarrassed, seeing these lovely ladies have me hard too.”

The guys danced in front of us shaking their cocks. “This was a great Idea Taylor; I think they should move around a little to give us both a good view,” Mrs. Fredrick said.

Mr. Fredrick took her cue and moved in front of me while Scott was pushed in front of his step mom. Mr. Fredrick’s cock was inches from my face. It was all I could do to resist grabbing it or kissing it. I looked over to see Scott shaking his cock in Mrs. Fredrick’s face. She had her hands on his thighs helping him dance.

I looked up at Mr. Fredrick to see his reaction. He was looking at me pushing his dick closer to my face. I knew what he wanted. I winked at him leaning in and kissing the head of his cock. A moan to our left caught our attention.

We looked over to see Scott’s cock inside Mrs. Fredrick’s mouth. I was nervous about Mr. Fredrick’s reaction. His reaction was to grab the back of my head and pull my lips to his cock. I sucked on Mr. Fredrick’s cock while I heard the slurping of Scott’s cock in his step mother’s mouth.

“Mike honey, I can’t help but notice that Taylor still has her panties on. If she is as turned on as I am I’m betting they are soaked. Can you help her take them off and give her a little relief?” Mrs. Fredrick asked. “I’m going to see if our boy has learned how to eat pussy.”

I stood up while Mr. Fredrick slid my panties off. I sat back on the couch next to Mrs. Fredrick who had Scott between her legs licking away at her pussy. Mr. Fredrick knelt down next to his son and plunged his tongue into my pussy. The boys licked and kissed our pussies, causing us both to moan loudly.

I figured it was up to me to take the next step. “Mrs. Fredrick, I’m really enjoying this but I could use something big and hard in my pussy now.”

“Taylor, I’ve told you it is Mary. But I’m with you honey. Mike I think we should go to the king sized bed so we can be comfortable while we fuck,” Mrs. Fredrick said getting up off the couch.

“Is that alright with you Scott?” Mr. Fredrick asked.

“Yeah, Dad. That sounds great to me,” Scott said as his step mom pulled him to the bedroom.

Mrs. Fredrick pulled the comforter off the bed. We lay side by side spreading our legs. Scott lined up his cock up with his step mother’s pussy while his dad’s cock was pointed at my pussy.

“Remember son, go slow and steady. Your goal is to make her cum before you shoot your load you’re your step mom’s pussy,” Mr. Fredrick said to his son.

I groaned loudly as Mr. Fredrick’s cock pushed into my pussy.

“Mike, your son is a chip off the block. He is doing a great job fucking me. Taylor, how’s my husband doing fucking you?” Mrs. Fredrick asked.

“Oh shit, he is doing great,” I moaned. “Fuck me faster I’m close to cumming.”

I grunted that I was cumming when I felt Mrs. Fredrick grab my hand. “Mike your son is making me cum, I can’t wait to feel his sperm inside me.”

She didn’t have to wait long, Scott moaned, “Oh fuck,” shooting his load into his step mom. Mr. Fredrick pounded me hard for a few more minutes ’til he emptied his balls into me.

We all collapsed onto the bed. Mr. Fredrick and I switched places so Scott and I could cuddle and Mr. and Mrs. Fredrick cuddled. We lay there for twenty minutes or so not much talking just some kissing and hugging.

I had been rubbing his soft dick which was beginning to recover. With his cock fully hard again I whispered in his ear, “I think it is ready to fuck me again.”

“Dad, Taylor wants me to fuck her. You want me to take her to my room or have her ride me next to you and mom?” Scott asked.

“Roll on your back son; we can watch our girls mount our cocks!”

“MMM, that sounds great, Dad,” Scott said, watching me mount his cock while his step mom mounted his Dad.

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