Mayıs 1, 2021

The Pool Ch. 03

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This is a continuation of my two previous stories entitled Pool Time. I hope you enjoy reading it. Remember all characters are a figment of my imagination and do not resemble anyone I know (well not that I am aware of anyhow!)

All comments are appreciated and feedback is welcomed, I just ask you to be kind as possible to me, I am still learning how to write stories. Thank you x


We are a triangle. We are 3 partners in crime. Bobby, Adam and myself.

It has been a few months now since we all joined forces and settled into our incestuous relationship and boy what a few months it has been!

It started when Bobby (my elder brother) and I ‘discovered’ each other after being in the pool together and I got cramp during our race and he carried me, against his manly and hairy (but not too hairy) chest up to my bedroom. We felt the electricity spark between us and got carried away with the moment and have since tried to find time to be together for more, as often as we can. I can still feel the erotic and forbidden sensations that built up in my pussy and can recall the scent of our sex juices mixing together.

Ahh it is delectable and seductive and whenever I think of that first time I want it more and more.

With Adam, on the other hand, the electricity was not there at first, he was my younger brother, by 2 years and he had seen Bobby and me in the throes of our passion and taken ‘advantage’ of that fact. At first I was worried he would tell mom and dad and get Bobby and me into trouble or he and Bobby would have an almighty fight about it. I loved both my brothers dearly and didn’t want to see either of them hurt or in trouble. Adam, although younger was a good 4 inches taller at 6′ 2” than Bobby and much more muscular.

Bobby would be the most worse off in all ways if the fight had taken place and if Adam had reported the forbidden act he’d seen.

Instead Adam coerced me in having sex with him. Boy am I now glad he did!

Like Adam, Bobby caught us in the act of fucking each other, by this time I had melted and was enjoying the brotherly attention from my younger brother. Bobby joined in and before we all knew it The Triangle was born.

Sometimes it was just me and Bobby, (he said I gave brilliant head!), he was a more gentle lover than Adam and other times it would be Adam and me (he also said I gave fantastic head and I tasted delicious!) Adam liked to be fully in charge, and occasionally it had been the three of us together.

Now, when the three of us got together, which unfortunately didn’t happen that often due to work commitments or the lack of opportunity because either mom or dad or youngest brother Martin were around, we had the most mind-blowing sexy time ever.

Let me tell you of one time…

Mom and Dad were both at work and Martin was away on a college trip for a couple of days, when we found we 3 had the house to ourselves.

It was a lovely hot day konyaaltı escort and we were lounging beside the pool or cooling off in the water.

Adam’s swimwear was a pair of very tight blue swim trunks that showed his manhood off as a big bulge in front of him, and that was before he became aroused! Every now and then when I looked over I could see it twitching and he had a smile on his face as if thinking sexy thoughts and was unconsciously stroking it.

Bobby’s swim shorts were a bit looser and showed off his tanned body and flat stomach with the line of manly hair from his chest tapering down to his hidden delights.

Me, I was wearing a black and pink polka dot bikini which just covered my perky 34D tits although the thin material didn’t quite hide where my nipples stood proud, and the bikini bottoms barely covered my firm arse and hot pussy.

I was always hot when both my brothers were so close by, even just thinking of them I could feel my juices starting to build up.

As I have said before I love my brothers very much as brothers and now even more as lovers. Bobby is the gentlest lover I have ever had, making sure I am enjoying myself and doing to me the things I like best. The stroking of my nipples and pussy and clit, sucking and licking my pussy until I am ready to cum. Adam on the other hand is more assertive and although I enjoy everything, he is that bit rougher and more forceful. He has introduced me to some delights I hadn’t had before, and he is more experienced than either Bobby or me despite being the younger sibling.

We lay on the sun loungers enjoying the sun and then Bobby knelt beside my lounger and gently started rubbing sun lotion on my legs. His hands firmly and surely travelled up past my knees to my thighs, rubbing in a circular motion and kneading the muscles of my thighs. As his hands travelled further up, I instinctively and unconsciously lifted my hips pushing my pussy towards him.

Bobby looked into my eyes and winked not breaking rhythm in his rubbing of the lotion and proceeded to brush his fingers against the thin material of my bikini bottoms while passing to go to my other inner leg. This happened a few times and by the time he had brushed his hand over my pussy for the sixth time I was so hot for him I was raising my hips higher and higher giving him better access to my wet sex tunnel. I licked my lips seductively and looked at his swim shorts and could see the tell tale bulge making a tent in his shorts and was eager to be free.

Adam meanwhile had heard my soft moans and noticed the effect Bobby was having on me and said,

“OK Bobby brother of mine, you surely can’t keep this treasure to yourself now.” he said laughing mockingly ” What about giving our lovely sister here something to remember eh? Can’t be having such a hot pussy and all going to waste now can we eh? Not when I have this boner to take care of, eh!”

Bobby looked over at Adam and they kültür escort seemed to communicate without words and smiled at each other knowingly.

I looked at my brothers and sensed shivers of anticipation run through my body wondering what they had in store for me.

“Come on you two, Tell .. what plans and schemes have you got up your sleeve?”

“Oh nothing up our sleeve at all sis, but here in our shorts. Look at this eh, this is for you and y’know you want it eh?” laughed Adam, getting up from his lounger as he rubbed more vigorously on his cock which was now peeping out of the waistband of his shorts, the purple head glistening with pre cum in the sun light.

Bobby nodded to the opposite side of my lounger for Adam to go there, his fingers not breaking the rhythm of brushing against my sex. Adam placed himself opposite and began tweaking my erect nipples through the thin cloth and kissing my neck and travelling down to replace his fingers and thumbs with nibbling touches on both my nipples alternatively. Gosh it was HOT and I don’t mean because of the sun! Bobby was paying attention to my pussy having removed my bikini panties, I was so engrossed with what was happening to me I had not noticed they had been removed. Adam stood and straddled the lounger and offered me his now unfettered cock and lowered himself down so his cock was just inches from my eager mouth. My mouth drooled with anticipation and licking my lips I strained to lift my head up to reach him as his pre cum dripped down onto my face. He tantalisingly kept his cock inches away from my eager mouth and tongue, teasing me for moments before plunging his dick into my waiting mouth and began to face fuck me at the same time Bobby was pushing his fingers deep inside of my pussy and playing with my clit.

Bobby changed position and began to fuck me lifting my hips higher to get a better penetration. Oh the sensation of being fucked at both ends was divine I was in heaven! I couldn’t help myself as I rocked and moaned and sucked on Adam’s pulsating throbbing shaft at the same time lifting my hips and letting Bobby fill me as far as he could.

I could feel both cocks pounding into me, filling me completely, working to the same rhythm. Two sets of balls banging into me, one on my pussy the other against my chin. I didn’t, couldn’t say which was the most exquisite the most delectable, the most mmmmm , they were both fantastic. The feeling of not one but two throbbing, pulsating, cocks inside me was sensational, so this is what a spit roast roast felt like! I couldn’t get enough of my brothers.

Adam was right when he said I was a slut when he first fucked me. I didn’t know it then but I sure as hell enjoyed being one now!

“OMG! I’m gonna cum … omg oh omg …ahhhhhh!” I moaned as my climax reached its’ peak and I felt the spasms of my pussy muscles squeezing Bobbys’ cock as he shot his load into my pussy. I could feel it overflow and run down into markantalya escort my arse crack tickling my bum! Mmmmm!

Adam was still thrusting in my mouth and was almost there, I could feel his balls tighten up and knew he was waiting for me to come down from my own orgasm before filling my mouth and throat with his spunk. Wow the amount he shot into me it was a wonder I did not choke and drown! I swallowed as much as I could and let the remainder run down my chin, I wiped some of my fingers with his jizz and offered them to Adam to suck and clean which he did so sensually while Bobby was licking and slurping up mixed juices from my pussy.

“Jeez that was soo good and sexy” I uttered to both brothers as they left me to recover as they jumped into the pool to cool off.

“C’mon sis, the water’s great.” called Adam from the opposite end, “you’ll need to be refreshed for the next round we have planned!”

I dove into the pool and swam the length towards my brothers and kissed them both for giving me such a wonderful time.

“Thanks guys, you are the best brothers any sister could wish for. Now what have you two been planning next then?”

“Oh you’ll find out soon enough little sister when we are good and ready to tell you” replied Bobby with a smirk on his kissable lips.

“OK then I’m gonna go and get myself a drink either of you want one?”

“No thanks” both said so I swam back to the other end to climb out.

I was stood in the kitchen looking into the refrigerator when I heard the front door open. I froze. Who on earth was that I panicked as I stood there in the kitchen in the buff. There was no way I could get to the sun lounger where my bikini or my towel were to cover myself.

I peeped around the fridge door, luckily it was a full sized American style so I was hidden from anyone than came through the kitchen door.

“Oh shit! Dad! What are you doing home so early? Where is mom?” I stuttered from behind the door, “don’t come in pleease I’ve been in the pool and I’m not dressed!”

“Hi princess, no worries I have seen you in the buff hundreds of times. I am your father after all”

“Yeh but not since I was a 5 year old! Now please dad just leave the kitchen until I can get something , anything wrapped around me. My towel is on the sun lounger and I need to get it!”

“No problem princess I’ll get it for you,” was his reply as he walked to the patio doors towards the sun loungers there.

Oh shit he’ll see Bobby and Adam outside in the buff and will just know or at least suspect what we have been doing, oh shit shit shit, I thought panicking.

All of a sudden dad turned as he got opposite where I was hiding and saw his daughter for the first time all grown up and naked.

“Woweee Carrie! What a beautiful girl you have turned out to be. My my to think when I used to have you sit on my knee when you were little, you would turn out to be so beautiful”

I felt all hot and bothered and embarrassed it was then I noticed the tent in dad’s trousers and it made me feel horny knowing the effect I was having on him. Well after having both brothers’ cocks up me at least I’ll be keeping it in the family won’t I?

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