Mart 17, 2021

The Poker Game_(2)

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Fbailey story number 631

The Poker Game

We guys get together on Friday nights during the winter months to play poker. It is strictly a friendly game for pennies and nickels with a ten-dollar maximum loss. We each bring four rolls of pennies and four rolls of nickels and when they are gone we are out of the game.

When the game is at my house the wives and children come too. We have a big house out in the country and the kids can run and scream until they drop. The wives usually go into the big family room while we guys use the dining room.

As the game started to wear down the kids passed out and the wives joined us. Jim ran out of coins and dropped out and then Steve ran out too. Bill and I were about tied for money with approximately twenty dollars each on the table.

I had a full house with aces over jacks and Bill suggested that we put everything in. Somehow during that exchange our two friends we adding their input. Before I knew what was going on, he had thrown his wife in the pot for the next twelve hours, and my wife had accepted his bet.

As I looked around at our friends Jim and Steve were giving me a thumbs up while their wives were in shock. My wife was rubbing my back. Bill’s wife Stella was looking me right in my eyes, licking her lips, and smiling at me. It was as if she were saying, “You are going to win.”

I smiled back at her and turned my hand over. Bill’s eyes bugged out. Obviously he could not beat me and things were flying through his head. He was so sure that my wife was going to join him in bed and he was coming to the realization that his wife was going to join me in bed. Things would never be the same between us again and we both knew it.

I felt the need to say, “Just give me the money and we’ll call it even.”

I was not expecting Stella to say, “Oh no you don’t! He lost and I need to pay up. He wouldn’t pass up a night in bed with your wife…and neither will I.”

My wife said, “It looks like you are stuck with both of us.”

Bill stood up, looked around, and said, “I guess the night is over. I’m going home and putting my kids in their own beds.”

Soon Stella was helping to carry bursa escort their two kids out to the car. The others did the same. Then Stella came back in. She walked right up to my wife and embraced her. Their tits smashed into one another, their hands were on each other’s ass cheeks, and they were kissing. My wife was giving Stella a better kiss than she gives me. I started to feel jealous and then I started to feel aroused.

When the kiss ended they both looked at me. Stella asked, “Did you like that? I know that I did. I’ve wanted to kiss your wife for years.”

My wife replied, “Why didn’t you ever tell me? I’m not lesbian or even bisexual but I have thought about you several times. Ever since we changed in the dressing room last spring when we were looking for bikinis.”

Stella said, “Oh that sure did it for me too, but I’ve wanted to sleep with you ever since our men became buddies. You are lucky that I didn’t come on to you in that changing room.”

My wife replied, “I wish you had. We would have had a lot more fun in the past year.”

I asked, “Did you two set this up?”

Stella said, “I’m responsible. I made my husband place that bet and I made him loose too.”

I said, “What! He lost on purpose. Why?”

Stella laughed and replied, “Because I’ll let him fuck my ass once a week for the next three months.”

I again asked, “And he lost on purpose for that? I get anal whenever I want it.”

Stella replied, “Maybe you do but he doesn’t. If you don’t believe me check the deck. His five cards were right under yours when he slipped them into the box.”

My wife opened up the box and pulled the deck out. She turned over my five cards and they were a full house aces over jacks. Then she turned over Bill’s cards…he had a royal flush the Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and Ten of Hearts, the highest possible hand.

I said, “He threw that hand in!”

Stella said, “I told you, he loves to fuck my ass. You can too…after you fuck my pussy and I eat your wife’s pussy.”

Our daughter was asleep in her own bed so I took the two women to the family room where they undressed one another while I stripped. Then I watched the two of them make bursa escort bayan out. I knew that my wife had only been with one girl during a sleepover when she was thirteen but right then I was forced to wonder if she had been lying to me. She went at Stella with the same enthusiasm that that Stella had. I watched them hug and kiss one another, fondle and suck the other’s breasts, and finger fuck one another to orgasm. Then they really got serious and went at one another in a sixty-nine. After giving my wife two more orgasms Stella turned her attention on me. I had been sitting there stroking my six-inch cock and looking at my wife lick her pussy.

Stella said, “Come on stud, fuck me. My husband expects you too. Hell, all of our friends expect you to. You certainly don’t want to disappoint them, do you?”

My wife was lying right along Stella’s body when I got between Stella’s legs and pushed my cock into her. I was not cheating on my wife, we were having a threesome, and she wanted me to fuck Stella. The truth is that Stella’s pussy didn’t feel any different than my wife’s pussy but it was a different pussy and therefore more exciting to be in. I was thinking about her ass when I came in her, after all she had told me that I could have that too.

My wife went after my cum deposit and Stella went after my cock. In just minutes I was hard again and Stella’s pussy was clean. Stella got on her knees, pushed her breasts into the rug, and lifted her ass up for me.

My wife said, “She is ready for you. I made sure. Just slip it in that fine ass of hers. Make her cum and I’ll let you fuck mine more often too.”

I got behind Stella, slid up closer to her, and felt my wife aiming my cock into Stella’s ass. I could even feel my wife’s hand on my ass pushing me gently into her lover. Stella opened up for me and let me get the head in and half of my erection too.

Now fucking Stella’s ass was definitely better than fucking my wife’s ass. I wondered why. Again I was taken back to the fact that it was a different asshole but that wasn’t it. Stella was tighter and her sphincter clamped down on my shaft. She seemed to know exactly what I wanted to feel. She was a very talented escort bursa woman.

After that we fell asleep on the floor with a blanket covering us. The three of us snuggled together nicely with Stella in the middle in the spoon position.

I woke up first and kept thrusting my cock against Stella’s ass when she said, “You might as well fuck it. Your time can’t be up yet.”

I slipped it into her asshole and rolled her onto her belly to fuck. The blanket fell off and I was really going at it when my thirteen-year-old daughter asked, “Daddy, I didn’t know that you were into anal sex. Stella, how does it feel to have my Daddy’s cock up your poop chute? Mommy do you let Daddy butt-fuck you too?”

We had always been honest with our daughter and tried to answer all of her questions truthfully.

My wife looked at us and then at our daughter before saying, “Yes honey, I let him butt-fuck me. He won Stella for a threesome in the poker game last night.”

Betsy said, “Cool. So she had to make out with you too.”

My wife replied, “Yes, us girls made out a few times last night. Have you had sex with a girl yet?”

Betsy smiled and said, “Yes! I had sex with Gina and her brother but not at the same time. It looks like fun though.”

Just then I finished, pulled my cock out of Stella’s ass, and rolled onto my back. My wife leaned over Stella’s fanny to suck on my dirty cock.

Betsy watched her mother suck on my cock and then asked, “Can I join you guys for a threesome tonight? I think I want to try anal. Gina lets her brother butt-fuck her but I haven’t let him yet. It’s my last virgin hole if you want it Daddy.”

What could I say? Hell yes I wanted her…I wanted all of her…and all of her holes too.

The next game was held at Bill and Stella’s house. When our friends asked Stella how it was she replied, “Nothing happened, he was too much of a gentleman to take advantage of a lady like that.”

The other women seemed disappointed that nothing had happened. In fact they asked my wife if it might be possible for them to join us in a threesome sometime…as long as something happens that is.

The funny thing was that Betsy’s friend Gina also wanted to join my wife and I in a threesome…and Betsy and I too.

The possibilities were endless.

The End
The Poker Game

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