Mart 12, 2021

The Physics of Love

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I had fallen for him on the first day of class. He was witty, kind, mischievous, open, and incredibly intelligent. It was an AP Physics class, and he said his intention was not just to teach us physics, but to make us scientifically literate citizens of the world. He wanted to teach us how to think critically, evaluate, and not just take information at face value. I was impressed by his dedication to our growth as people. His passion for teaching went beyond the requirements of the curriculum.

He was also beautiful. He wasn’t tall, at 5’7″, but he was wiry—strong and fit for his 37 years. He taught tai chi in a club after school, and worked as an instructor outside of the school. He had a handsome face, with a full head of light brown hair. As we got to know each other better, I learned that he had a strict exercise regimen, giving him impressive muscles that were clear beneath his conservative professional clothing. His discipline and vigor were very attractive to me.

I was a slender senior in high school, with long auburn hair and hazel eyes. I wasn’t inexperienced sexually, but I had never lost my virginity. I needed someone I could trust, someone who respected me as much as I respected them. I couldn’t stop thinking about Mr. Jetson. He was going through a divorce with the mother of his young child. He didn’t like talking about it, but I knew they were having disagreements about how to raise their son. I got the impression that she wanted to place more demands and expectations on him than Mr. Jetson wanted to. He wanted his child to focus on learning in a way that made him happy, instead of making learning a chore. He seemed sad about the divorce, but he also knew it was the right thing to do. They just weren’t compatible as partners.

He and I were very compatible. We would discuss scientific discoveries, poetry, philosophy, exercise, travel, and everything that interested us. I couldn’t tell if he found me attractive. Many boys did, and I would sometimes notice his gaze lingering, but he was very subtle. I knew he would never overstep his bounds and risk making me uncomfortable. I spent every lunch with him in his classroom, just talking. I was struggling with depression, and he would sit with me and keep me company when I was sad. Once, he hugged me while I cried. I felt very close to him. My feelings for him ran deep.

At night, I would touch myself and think about him. Once, I attended one of his tai chi classes, and he led me through the movements. Moving in rhythm with him aroused something deep inside me. That night, I tried to pleasure myself with fervor, but I didn’t succeed. I could never bring myself to orgasm, and no boy had ever been able to either. I wondered if I needed someone more experienced, or maybe I just needed to have sex. I couldn’t stop fantasizing about him.

In class, he mentioned that his wife had gone back home to another country for a few months. I wondered if he needed someone to help watch his kid, and I offered to babysit for his son so he could spend some time with his friends. His face lit up when I offered, and he told me that he was grateful that I was so thoughtful. He gave me his phone number. I debated calling him to tell him my feelings, but thought better pendik escort of it. I didn’t want to scare him away.

One afternoon he called me and asked if I could come over. When he opened the door, I blushed. He was in casual clothes, and his t-shirt showed off his incredible arms. He invited me in with a smile. I wondered if he could feel the sexual tension that I felt. He showed me around his apartment, and I couldn’t help but glance in his open bedroom door at his king size bed.

His son was adorable, and he took to me immediately. We had so much fun playing together, that I barely noticed the hours had passed until it became dark outside. I got the kid ready for bed and tucked him in, reading him his favorite stories. He smiled up at me and told me that he hoped I would stay. My heart ached.

A few hours went by, and I passed the time reading on the couch in the living room. When Mr. Jetson arrived at the house, he seemed worn out. I poured him a glass of water and we sat and talked on the couch for a little while. He told me about his day hanging out with his friends, other teachers from the school. I told him about the funny things his son had said while we were together. I placed my hand on his arm at one point, but before long, he told me it was time for him to go to bed. Disappointed, I got my things together and went home.

For four weeks, the same pattern continued. But each night, we would spend a little longer talking together when he returned home. He would let me leave my hand on his arm a little longer. His son had really formed a bond with me, and had even accidentally called me “mommy” once. I really cared about this kid. He was sweet, smart, and funny. He would make jokes that seemed beyond his years. We watched quirky television together, read books, and played games. We drew and wrote stories together. I was glad to be watching him.

One night, as Mr. Jetson and I were talking, he invited me to go hiking with him and his son. I readily agreed. Admittedly, I liked playing the role of mother to his child. I wanted him to see me as an option in that way. The day we planned to hike was just a few days after my 18th birthday. I wondered if he were finally seeing me as more than just a student.

That day, I wore shorts that showed off my fit legs, and a tank top that showed my collarbones and slender arms. I slipped on my hiking sandals, threw a couple reusable bottles of water and some granola bars in my backpack, and headed out the door. I met him at his house, but when he answered the door, he looked sad. He explained to me that his wife, with whom the divorce was almost final, had returned home the night before, and shown up at his door earlier that morning. She had taken their child with her for the week. He knew that she deserved to have time with him, and he couldn’t bring himself to deny her time spent with her own child. He asked me if I still wanted to go hiking. I reached out and took his hand.

“Let’s go anyway,” I said. “It’ll make you feel better.”

We listened to music on the car ride to the trail, and I could watch his mood lifting. The fresh air through the windows and the beautiful music were rejuvenating. I wondered if my company was helping too. maltepe escort I couldn’t help but admire his muscles through his exercise clothes. I wondered what his skin would feel like to my touch. I grew a little wet just sitting there looking at him.

When we reached the trail, we set off quickly. It was fairly remote, and there weren’t any other cars there. Halfway up the trail, I tripped over a rock. He helped me up, taking my hand in his. When I got back on my feet, our hands stayed together.

“Your hands are so much bigger than mine,” I whispered.

He pressed his palm against mine, showing how my hand was completely dwarfed by his. He smiled.

“Mr. Jetson…” I said softly.

He cut me off. “You can call me Pete,” he said.

I stepped closer to him. “Pete…”

Before I could say what was on my mind, he kissed me. I felt my body melt in his arms. I kissed him back passionately, my hands exploring his body. His strong arms and tight stomach excited me, and my hands found their way under his shirt, exploring the ridges of his muscles. He groaned and let his hands do some exploring of their own, cupping my ass and pulling me tight against him. Massaging my neck, he pulled away from my mouth and nibbled on my ears, making me moan with pleasure.

“I’ve wanted you for so long,” I murmured.

“I know.” His voice was firm and gentle.

He led me off the trail, into a small grassy clearing. Pulling off my shirt and sports bra, his hands hungrily caressed my young breasts.

“You are so beautiful,” he told me. His mouth moved to my breasts, kissing and sucking on them. My heart raced. I couldn’t believe this was happening.

He pulled back. “I’ve always wondered what you look like naked,” he said, with a little smile.

As though it were a command, I shed my sandals and pulled off my shorts and underwear, standing bare in front of him. He sighed lustily, his eyes roaming across me. Before he could do anything else, I pulled down his exercise shorts and boxers, and kneeled in front of him. He looked down at me in surprise as I stared at his huge cock. It was longer than any I’d ever seen, and thick. I took the tip in my mouth and his head rolled back. Swirling my tongue around him, I took him deeper, letting him press against the back of my throat. I could only fit some of it in my mouth. I moved back and forth, sucking on him rhythmically. His hands grasped my hair and pulled it back as I made him moan.

Suddenly, he pulled me up and took off his shirt, pressing his naked body against mine, his cock nestled between my thighs.

“Are you a virgin?” he asked tenderly.

I nodded, looking into his eyes with longing. I hoped he would take me all the way.

His eyes burned with arousal and he pulled me to the ground, laying me down on the grass.

Moving between my legs, he pressed them apart and licked me from the bottom to the top of my pussy. I shivered and gasped. All the boys I’d gotten involved with had only gone down on me half-heartedly. He had a passion about it. His tongue dipped into me and then made its way up to my clit, swirling around it in circles, and then flicking it up and down. I cried out from the intense pleasure. kartal escort One of his hands moved up to squeeze my breasts as his tongue continued to work wonders on me. I was experiencing things I had never felt before. I could feel a heavy static moving over my body, and I was consumed by it. My body shook and thunderbolts of pleasure shot through me. I whimpered as my first orgasm took me over completely. His movements didn’t stop and he kept me riding the feeling for what felt like an eternity.

Finally, he slowed down and gave me a final lick, moving up to kiss me. I was lost in an ocean of pleasure. He rubbed his huge cock against my small opening and pressed his tongue into my mouth. I moaned into his mouth as he began to press himself into me raw. My small pussy stretched around his impressive girth, and his face contorted with pleasure.

“You’re so tight,” he groaned, pressing in deeper.

My breath grew ragged as my body tried to accommodate his length. He was only halfway in and I already felt filled. He pulled out for a moment, and then pressed the rest in with a powerful thrust, making me cry out.

He kissed me all over my face. “How does that feel?” he asked, concerned, not wanting to hurt me.

“It feels amazing,” I moaned. It did hurt somewhat, but mostly it was incredible to be completely filled with his cock. Nothing had ever felt so right.

He smiled and began to thrust in and out of me, making me writhe with pleasure. Each time he slid out and pressed back in, I moaned. He looked like he was about to die from how wonderful it felt.

“Do you want it harder?” he growled into my ear.

“Yes!” I gasped, and he began to fuck me with abandon, plowing into me like his life depended on it.

My body began to shake again and I wrapped my legs around him, moving my body with him as he brought me to another orgasm, buried deep inside me. I clenched around him and he cried out. He bit my neck and held me tightly by the arms. When my orgasm subsided, he picked me up and flipped me over, penetrating me again from behind.

I whimpered his name as he pounded me, and he pulled my hair gently as he took me faster and harder. I needed him so badly. I wanted him to feel the pleasure he was making me feel. I wanted him to orgasm so badly. When I heard his breath grow ragged, I worked my muscles around him, pulsating around him.

He groaned. His hands grabbed my hips for balance and I felt a warmth spread inside me. I could feel him filling me up completely and I moaned at the thought of all of him pouring into me. He shuddered as I milked the last bit out of him. He stayed inside me for a moment, running his fingers up and down my back, and then pulled out.

We both collapsed on the ground and I wrapped my arm around him, lightly running my fingers across his chest. His eyes were closed, and he looked completely content. We lay there for a while, just enjoying the breeze and the feel of each other’s skin. He kissed me.

Finally, we got up and dressed, and climbed to the top of the mountain, hand in hand. When we sat at the peak, looking down at the view, he leaned over and said softly in my ear, “I want to be with you.”

I smiled and turned to look at him. “I want to be with you too.”

I knew it would be complicated until I graduated, but that wasn’t too far off. I wanted to spend my life with my wonderful teacher, this beautiful lover.

We stayed up there for hours, just being in love.

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