Mart 25, 2021

The Pastor’s Wife Pt. 08

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By late winter, nearly spring, my belly was getting big. I wasn’t yet 6 months along, but on my petite frame, there wasn’t much room for the baby to hide. After the holidays, when my baby bump first started to show, the Reverend gave a sermon in front of the congregation on the prodigal son that segued into a story about my unwed pregnancy that touched on forgiveness and redemption. By the end of the service, everyone knew I was living in the pastor’s house and that he and Sheila were planning to adopt my baby. People came up to me afterwards and commended me on making the best of a bad situation, although Sheila and the Reverend received more attention for being so generous towards a wayward congregant. The sermon and the Reverend’s attitude helped mitigate the judgement I would surely have felt as an unwed mother in this town.

My accounting practice was going well. It was tax season and I was getting a pretty steady stream of clients coming by my office. I wasn’t booked solid, but I was doing well for having started my practice only a year earlier.

But the pregnancy had had unexpected effects on my body. I had expected the morning sickness and the exhaustion. But I was completely unprepared for how horny I was during my pregnancy. I thought I would feel less sexy as I put on weight. But I found myself in a near constant state of arousal. I had had a high sex drive before, but now it nearly consumed me. Sheila was helping meet my needs at home, but I thought about sex non-stop, all day long.

One day in early March, I had a client come in named Reverend Toomey. We were going over his personal taxes and because he was a church man, I couldn’t help but wonder if he was one of the nameless men the Reverend had brought to fuck me at the cabin. I watched him for any sign of recognition, but either he had an excellent poker face, or he was not involved in my breeding. He was in his early 40s with dark wavy hair and a trimmed beard. I watched his lips as he talked, imagining how they would feel on my breasts, his whiskers tickling my skin. I imagined his tongue running over my nipples. By the time our meeting ended, I could feel the wetness seeping into my underwear and my pussy throbbed with desire.

After Reverend Toomey left, I checked my calendar. I had over an hour until my next client meeting. I closed the front blinds of my office and sat down at my desk. I opened a browser and went to my favorite porn site. Even though I was alone in the office, I was self-conscious about having the audio play out loud, so I put in earbuds. Having Reverend Toomey in my office made me think about the weekend at the cabin with my Reverend and Sheila so I browsed the gang bang videos. I found a video of a woman taking on 5 guys at once. Not all at the same time, but at least 2 or 3 simultaneously, while the others stroked their cocks, watching.

When the Reverend had had me bred by multiple men, they had taken turns sequentially, only engaging in vaginal sex with the goal of getting me pregnant. No oral sex, no anal sex. The video of the woman engaging in oral, anal and vaginal penetration drove me wild. I needed release. Even though it wasn’t quite spring and the days were still cool, pregnancy hormones kept me perpetually warm. I was wearing a snug maternity dress that came just above my knees. I pulled the hem up and reached my hand between my legs, rubbing my clit through my underwear as I watched the video.

The actress was on her hands and knees, sucking one guy’s cock while another pounded her from behind. When the guy in the back finished and pulled out, the camera zoomed in to show the creampie he left behind. Usually in gang bang videos, the guys pull out and cum on the actress’s face, which I always hate. Creampie gang bangs had become my favorite porn category. I watched as the next guy slid his hard cock into her dripping pussy and I closed my eyes as thoughts of the breeding sessions I’d had in the cabin flooded my mind. I was dripping wet now, and I slid a finger into my panties.

I was listening to the woman’s muffled moans around the cock in her mouth as the second guy fucked her from behind. With my eyes closed, I didn’t notice the man come into my office until I heard him clear his throat. My eyes flew open and I pulled my hand out from under my dress as I looked up. I saw a man in his early 50s looking down at me, amused. I pulled the earbuds out of my ears, but before I could close the browser window, he peeked around my desk to see my monitor. I quickly closed the browser as my face flushed bright red.

I knew this wasn’t my next appointment, which was still an hour away. All I could do was pretend he hadn’t just walked in on me masturbating and hope he went along with it, because there was no denying what he had just witnessed.

“Um, hi. Can I help you?” I stammered.

With a twinkle in his eye, he responded “Maybe I can help you.”

The growing bulge in his pants made his intention ümraniye escort clear. Before I could change my mind, I said “Lock the door.” My voice was husky with desire.

Without hesitating, he stepped over to lock the front door. I really should have done it before, but I never get walk-in clients and I wasn’t expecting anyone for another hour.

I stood up from my desk so he could see me when he turned around. My snug maternity dress clung to my body, showing off all my curves. The low cut neckline revealed by enlarged breasts, which had grown a full cup size just in the first trimester. I knew it was hard to tell I was pregnant sitting down behind my desk and wanted to make sure he knew what he was getting into. But I needn’t have worried that my pregnant state would turn him off. Instead, I watched his eyes roam over every inch of my body as he admired me approvingly.

He stepped closer to me and ran his hands over my belly and my full breasts. He slid a hand into the top of my dress and pinched my nipple, which was already hard. I gasped, feeling myself growing wetter. He began to unbuckle his pants, then let them drop to his ankles. I glanced down to see his semi-erect cock as he told me “On your knees.” It was an order.

I dropped to my knees and took the base of his penis in my hand. I hungrily ran my tongue over his glans. I felt him grow harder in my hand. I placed my lips over the head of his penis and slowly took him into my mouth. He moaned. As he grew harder, my desire grew stronger. I hadn’t had a cock in me in months. Not since finding out I was pregnant. I needed to get fucked.

My mouth moved up and down his cock. I tasted his precum and I moaned in anticipation. Sensing my need, he motioned for me to stop. Then moving around behind me, he lifted my dress and pulled my panties down to my knees. I fell forward onto my hands. Grabbing his penis, he ran it over my slit from behind me. I was already so wet, he slid over me easily. With one thrust, he slid into me. I cried out in pleasure. Having a man enter me felt so good and I was so horny. I pressed back against him, trying to take in his full length. I met each thrust of his hips so that his cock forcibly rammed into my cervix over and over. The pain felt so good. I was already close to climaxing.

He grabbed my hips to hold me still while he fucked me and I stopped pressing back into him to let him control the rhythm. As he held onto my hips and roughly fucked me, the thought of this stranger using me to get off and cumming inside me made my pussy quiver and my orgasm overtook me. I screamed and my upper body collapsed and I rested my head on my folded arms that had given out. The man inside me quickened his pace and plowed into me with increasing force until he grunted and I felt him spasm deep in my cunt as he ejaculated. It had been so long since a man had cum in me and the feeling was intoxicating. I knew I’d need it again and again.

When he was finished, he pulled out, stood up and pulled his pants up. After buttoning up and doing his buckle, he reached a hand down to help me to my feet. I was still panting on my knees, drunk from the much needed orgasm and the feeling of cum inside my pussy. I took his hand and stood up shakily, then reached down to pull up my underwear. I could feel his cum leaking out of me and I excused myself to go to the bathroom in the back. I knew if I didn’t clean up, it would leak through the thin fabric of my maternity dress when I sat down.

When I returned to the front, the man was sitting in guest chair across from my desk. I realized I still didn’t know his name. As I approached my desk, he stood up and said “I don’t think we’ve been properly introduced. I’m Bryce Jacobs,” he said, extending his hand and smiling at me.

“Kristen Ingram. Thank you for coming in Mr. Jacobs. Now how can I help you?” I replied, back to business.

Bryce had come in needing help with his taxes and we went over some details. I told him he could fax or e-mail his paperwork if that was easier than bringing it by. “Oh, I’d definitely like to make another office visit,” he said in a tone that made my body tingle. “When would be a convenient time to stop in again?”

I checked my calendar for the week. “I’ve got an hour open tomorrow around 1pm,” I told him.

“I’ll be here,” he said as he stood up.

“If you have any friends who could use my, um, services, please be sure to refer them to me. Tell them to mention that you sent them,” I said, smiling mischievously.

“I’ll be sure to do that,” he said with a wink, and he headed out the door.

After Bryce left, I sat daydreaming at my desk, wondering if I’d found a way to quench my insatiable desire despite the limited freedom I had while living with Sheila and the Reverend. I couldn’t wait until Bryce came back the next day.

Within a week, I had a steady stream of new “clients” coming yenibosna escort by the office, referred by Bryce and his friends. Some also hired me to prepare their taxes or give them advice on reducing their tax liability, but some came by purely for sexual gratification. Of those men, I often didn’t even learn their last name or marital status. I had never been like this before. Being bred by nameless men had unleashed something inside me. I was insatiable. I wanted to get fucked and didn’t care who fucked me.

Word seemed to spread quickly and I had more demand than I had time for. I tried to allot at least an hour for each appointment so no one would run into the next client. One day, a man called asking if he could schedule appointments for him and a friend. I said “I’m nearly booked up. Would it be possible for the two of you to come at the same time?” As soon as the words were out of my mouth, I recognized the unintended double-entendre. Oh well, in this case it was appropriate. The man on the other end of the line quickly agreed. This would be my first double team.

When the two men arrived, they said their names were Rich and Larry. I had no idea if those were their real names, but I didn’t care. Rich locked the door and Larry was pawing at me in moments. No pleasantries or preliminaries. “We heard you were hard up for cock,” Rich said, coming up behind me, while Larry was grabbing my breasts. They sandwiched me between them, their hands clawing at me, their mouths on my throat and chest.

Within minutes, they had pulled my dress over my head. My large breasts were spilling out of my black lacy bra, which they quickly removed. Then each of them sucked on my erect nipples. I started to moan. I can almost get off just from nipple stimulation and having two mouths on me drove me wild. Someone’s hands reached down to remove my panties and I found myself completely naked in my office with two strangers running their hands over me.

A finger slid between my legs. “Oh man, she’s fucking wet! Steve was right about her!” one of the men said to the other. I felt another hand between my legs as they explored my swollen sex with their fingers. I started to unbutton Rich’s shirt and then Larry began undressing himself. With my help, both Rich and Larry were soon as naked as I was. I looked down to see their erect cocks pointed at me. I grabbed one in each hand, enjoying how hard they felt. Rich’s cock was a little thinner, but longer, while Larry’s was average length, but much thicker than I was used to. I couldn’t even close my hand around his girth.

Dropping to my knees, I took Rich in my mouth first. My lips easily accommodated him, but I could only only take a little over half his length into my mouth without gagging. I gripped the base of his cock and slid the rest in and out of my mouth, stopping to swirl my tongue around the head of his penis. With my other hand, I stroked Larry’s member. After a few minutes, I moved my mouth to Larry, still stroking Rich’s cock. I had to open my mouth wide to accommodate Larry’s fat cock, but I could take nearly the full length into my mouth.

I worked on him for a few minutes, letting my throat relax. I wanted to see if I could take him all the way into my mouth. But before I was quite ready, he grabbed my head with his hands and forced himself all the way in, his cock sliding into my throat, choking me. I gagged and tried to pull back, but he held my head against him, my nose pressed up against his pubes. Holding my head tightly, he face fucked me, sliding his cock in and out of my throat while I struggled to breath. Rich watched, enjoying the show and encouraging Larry.

I’d never had a man force his cock down my throat before and at first I was shocked and unsure what to do. But I realized I was growing wet from this violation. Despite all the sex I’d been having at my office, it had all been at my lead. I hadn’t been dominated by a man since the Reverend stopped punishing me during my pregnancy. I missed the feeling of being under someone else’s control. I relaxed and let Larry use my mouth as he pleased.

Rich moved behind me and Larry, realizing what Rich was up to, pulled his cock out of my mouth. Rich bent me over and rammed his cock into me with no warning. He slid in easily and I cried out when his long cock bottomed out. Larry dropped to his knees in front of me, pulled my head up and I opened my mouth wide as he thrust his dick back into my throat. I had never had two cocks in me at the same time and the feeling of these two men using me from the front and back was incredibly hot. I moaned around Larry’s cock as he face fucked me. Rich had his hands on my hips and fucked me hard.

“Fuck! She’s fucking hot! We have to tell Nate about her,” Rich said to Larry, talking about me as if I wasn’t listening. Rich continued to pound into me from behind. I felt my climax building. Just as I started yeşilköy escort to come, Rich buried himself deep into me and groaned as his hot seed spilled into me. Larry pulled out of my mouth to let me breathe and I screamed as my orgasm took over. The feeling of Rich cumming inside me intensified my orgasm. His body shuddered and he pulled out, leaving me feeling empty.

Rich and Larry switched places. Rich put his softening dick in my face and I sucked him clean. I felt Larry behind me, his hard cock pressed against my entrance. I moaned, wanting to feel his thick cock inside me. He pressed forward and his cock inched into my pussy, deliciously teasing me with his slow motions. Rich stepped away and I focused on Larry, pressing back against him to take him in deeper. He moaned as my pussy enveloped him. It was a tight fit and I loved the feeling of fullness it gave me. Then he grabbed my hips as Rich had and started to pound into me. His strong thrusts nearly knocked me over. I collapsed onto my arms, my ass in the air, letting him have his way with me.

A few minutes later, there was a knock at the front door. I panicked. I wasn’t expecting anyone for an hour or so. But I saw Rich, with his pants back on, approach the door and unlock it before I could respond. He let someone in and then locked the door again.

“Hey, Nate! You made it!” Larry called, his cock buried balls deep into me.

“Yeah, Rich texted me to come down here right away. Now I see why!” Nate replied. He began to unbutton his jeans. No one asked me if this was okay. They just assumed that the cock hungry accountant wouldn’t mind a third cock. I raised myself back up onto my hands to take a look at Nate. Like Rich and Larry, I guessed he was in his mid-twenties. He was cute in kind of an unkempt way. His rounded belly looked like he drank a few too many beers, but his arms had the muscle tone of a man who lifted weights or performed manual labor.

Nate approached me with his pants off, but his t-shirt still on. His dick was already growing hard at the thought of me getting him off. He knelt down in front of me so his cock was in front of my face. I couldn’t grab it because I needed both hands to hold me up as Larry continued to fuck me. I opened my mouth and Nate eagerly pressed his cock into it. It wasn’t as long as Rich’s or as wide as Larry’s. Even as he grew harder at the warmth of my mouth, I could still easily accommodate his full length. He wasn’t as demanding as Larry had been and didn’t choke me as he thrust in and out of my mouth.

Within minutes, Larry exploded in my cunt, adding his cum to Rich’s. He grunted quietly as he came. When he pulled out, I felt semen running down my thighs. Once he was done, I leaned back on my legs and used my hands on Nate, gripping the base of his cock as I sucked on him. I listened to his moans and hoped he would add another load of cum to my soaking wet pussy.

After watching for a minute, Rich stepped forward. He had removed his pants again after letting Nate in. I reached out my free hand and grabbed Rich’s hardening cock as I sucked on Nate. Then I switched and closed my mouth over Rich’s cock, still stroking Nate. But Nate had other ideas. He moved behind me as Rich dropped back to his knees so I could bend over and let Nate mount me from behind while still sucking Rich’s cock.

Nate grabbed my hips and pressed his cock into my wet slit. He slid in and out of me a few times. Then he slid out and put his hand between my legs, coating a finger in the combination of my juices and ejaculate. A moment later, I felt his wet finger probing my asshole. I hesitated and was about to protest, but Rich grabbed my head, forcing his cock deeper into my mouth and I couldn’t move or speak. I felt Nate’s finger slip into my ass. I had had an ex boyfriend put his finger in my ass during sex before, but I knew Nate had more in mind and I wanted to stop him. Even though his cock wasn’t large, I knew it would hurt going into my ass. But I was helpless to stop him.

He fingered my asshole for a minute or so while Rich fucked my face. The sensation wasn’t unpleasant, but I was tense, anticipating what he was planning to do. He slid his cock back into my wet pussy with his finger still in my ass, then he pulled both his finger and his cock out of me. I heard him spit and felt his saliva land on my ass crack. He rubbed his cock in the saliva and then pressed it against my tight asshole. Rich eased up for a second while Nate slowly pressed his cock against my ass. I felt my asshole opening up as he inched his cock into me. It felt tight, but not painful.

“Man, she’s got a tight ass!” Nate told his friends. “You ever had a cock in here before?” he asked me. I managed to shake my head slightly, unable to speak around Rich’s dick.

“You’re taking her anal cherry!” I heard Larry cry, sounded delighted. “Better make it memorable,” he told Nate.

Nate slid back out a little, the head of his cock just inside the entrance of my ass. I felt some relief as he pulled back. But then in one thrust, he pushed himself in so far, I felt his balls slap against my vulva. I screamed at the pain, and even with Rich’s cock in my mouth, they could all hear it. There was some laughter all around over the cock slut getting her ass fucked for the first time.

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