Mayıs 8, 2021

The Packages Ch. 02

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This is the second chapter of a story about a family receiving a series of packages that promises to reward them financially if they follow the rules. It starts out very mild, but eventually leads the family deeper into incestuous acts. This is told in the first person narrative from the viewpoint of the husband and father of the family, Jackson Quiller.

You are Jackson Quiller, and are the husband and father of your family. You work for yourself at home and have a business that has run into some financial difficulty. You can still pay the bills, but you know you will have to eat into your savings before long if things don’t turn around. You have never strayed from your devotion to your wife, but have been tempted by a few women. You are 6′ tall and keep yourself in decent shape. You have short blond hair and blue eyes, which your wife still finds attractive. You have one attribute that your wife especially enjoys, which is a 7″ cock with a massive girth. You and your wife have a pretty typical sex life for a married couple, which is to say it not all that often when it happens.

Your wife is Cindy. She has helped you with your business since you started it and has enjoyed the work. She is 5’9″ tall and is in good shape for a woman her age. She has long brown hair and brown eyes, which you still find sexy. She has D cup tits and a decent ass, but both have started to sag and you miss the look and feel of both from the time before.

Your only son is Bill. He has chosen to not go to college and chose to try to find work right out of high school. He wanted to make enough to leave home, but it never happened. He is 5’10” tall and in moderately athletic shape. He has brown hair and brown eyes, which are identical to your wife. He has 6″ cock with an average girth. He is not a virgin, but has limited experience.

Your only daughter is Tammy. She just graduated high school and hasn’t made any decisions between college and work. She is 5’6″ tall and in excellent shape. She has long blond hair and blue eyes that are identical to your own. She has B cup tits and a tight ass. She is not a virgin, but has very little experience.

Chapter 2

You are sitting with Jim celebrating in your own little way about the start of something exciting. It is Jim that set this all up and found a way to get your family to start down the path of incest in the same manner that his family does. Granted, it was really mild for Jim, but you are willing to let him take the reigns on this madness.

You take a drink of your beer and say, “Damn, Jim, didn’t think you would find a way, but you did it. I still don’t believe my wife and kids agreed to do that.”

Jim takes a drink from his own beer and replies, “Happy to help, Jackson. Any special requests for the next package?”

You think for a moment, then say, “How about having them shave each others pubic hairs so they are smooth down there.”

Jim smiles and nods. He asks, “Have you ever asked Cindy to shave there before?”

You shake your head and say, “Never.”

Jim grins and says, “Good. Wouldn’t want to do anything to let her know you have any idea what it happening. Consider it done, and I think you will get a kick out of what I send next.”

You look at him with a little apprehension as you ask, “What is it?”

He shakes his head and says, “Can’t ruin all of the surprises, now can I?”

A few days a later a large package arrives and you sign for it. There is no return address and you know it has to be from Jim. This one is far heavier than the last and you struggle to put it on the counter for your wife to open.

She looks at it and asks, with a little apprehension in her voice, “Is that what I think it is?”

You nod and say, “I think so, honey. What do you want to do?”

She says in a serious voice, “Burn it, and pretend it never arrived. I feel guilty about what happened. I should have stopped it, but I can’t just pass up on getting the family millions. We will be set.”

You give the sense of empathy as you say, “I know, honey, but we can’t undo anything. We needed that money and mersin escort we definitely need a lot more. The business is in trouble and this could save everything. How about we wait until the kids get home and let them decide if we open it or get rid of it?”

She nods and says, “Your right, hon. It is the right thing to do.”

About half an hour later both of your kids are home and they can’t help but look at the large package that remains unopened.

Tammy asks, “Is that the next part of the game?”

You nod and say, “We think so, but didn’t want to open it until we talked to the both of you. We feel really guilty about what happened and don’t want to have either of you do anything like that again. Do you want us to open it?”

Tammy and Bill both nod their heads. You guess they are more excited about the prospect of making more money, than fear of what tasks they might be required to perform. You see your wife start to shake her head, then stop herself.

Bill says, “I want to know what’s inside and see what is being offered,”

Cindy says, “Fine. This is a family matter, so we’ll open it. We can always refuse.”

You set the package on the floor so Cindy can open it. She removes a note, a high end video recorder, a tripod, a sealed DVD and a large package.

Cindy picks up the note and says, “Congratulations, Quiller family, for making it to the next step of the game. This successful completion of this round will result in each of you getting $10,000.”

Everyone takes a deep breath when they hear the amount and Bill lets out a whistle. Tammy jumps up and down a little at the thought of having that much money.

Cindy continues to read, “To remind you, everyone must agree or the entire family forfeits the game and you get nothing other than the $1000 each of you has already won. You will not have the opportunity to win $1,000,000. You will watch the DVD as a family and wait until it says stop. Then you will open the package and remove the items needed. You will then resume the video and continue to follow the instructions. The video will end when the word stop no longer appears on the black screen. The video camera is to ensure the image is clear when all tasks are completed and emailed to the same address as the previous one and that each task is recorded without excuse.”

You open the recorder and put the flash player you keep close by inside it, then start the charging process. It also has a cord, which means you don’t have to wait for the battery to charge. As you prepare the recorder, your wife opens the DVD and waits for the family to join her so it can be watched in comfort.

She looks at the kids and asks, “Are you sure you want to watch this?”

Bill says, “Sure, mom. We can always refuse once we see what they want us to do.”

Tammy nods in agreement, then says, “He’s right, mom. We have to see what’s on it for us to really decide.”

Cindy looks at you and asks, “Are you sure?”

You nod in all seriousness and say, “I have to agree with the kids. We don’t know what they want us to do, so we can’t say it shouldn’t be done.”

She says, “Damn it. Fine. Let’s watch it and see what happens.”

She puts in the DVD and sits in comfort as she presses play. The scene opens with a black screen that says:

Tammy will shave Cindy’s pubic hairs off using the items provided while Bill records it using the zoom option on the recorder. Bill is not to record anything other than the area being shaved. Once Cindy is completely smooth, Cindy will shave Tammy’s pubic hairs off using the items provided while Jackson records it using the zoom option. Jackson must not record anything other than the area that is being shaved. Tammy must also be completely smooth

The words disappear and the word, ‘Stop’ appears on the screen. Cindy pauses the video and remains silent.

You ask, “Now that we know what the first task it, what does everyone think?”

Bill says, “I know it is weird, but it is $10,000. I think we should to it.”

Tammy takes a breath, then says, “I know I shouldn’t say this, but I escort mersin don’t care if daddy watches mommy shave my pubic hairs off. It’s too much to pass on and I want the million.”

Cindy says, “I don’t know, Bill. This is really wrong.”

You nod and say, “I know, honey, but it is a lot of money we are talking about. I would hate to not go through with it and find out this is the hardest task we have. I say we do it.”

Cindy remains still while she runs the whole thing through her mind, then says, “I can’t believe I am saying this, but fine. I don’t like this one bit, but we need the money.”

Cindy opens the package to reveal two brand new ladies shavers and very expensive hair removal cream. The razers have special plastic edges to easily remove the cream without damaging the skin. It’s entire purpose is to ensure a very smooth area.

Cindy gets a couple of buckets and fills them both with hot water and puts a couple of wash cloths inside them. Upon seeing her get the items that aren’t included, she snaps and says, “It isn’t like we can all fit inside the bathroom and we need the hot water to rinse the shavers. We also need the wash cloths to remove the cream once the razers are done. I don’t think they care where we do this, just so long as we record it for them.”

Everyone nods as Cindy removes her pants and panties. There is frustration in her face, but no sign of embarrassment. Tammy follows suit and the two are soon standing next to each other showing their trimmed bushes that are about to disappear.

Tammy opens the razer and prepares the cream while Bill plugs in the camera. The video never told you where to stand, so you position yourself just behind your son as your wife spreads her legs slightly to ensure your daughter can get to all of the hair. You hear the video camera zoom and everyone waits for Tammy to put the cream on and start.

Bill catches everything as he gets to see something he has rarely seen before and you know he is enjoying the view as Tammy slowly removes the cream from her mother’s formerly trimmed area. The result, once the washcloth is used, is to have a completely smooth pelvic area, and this makes you smile a little.

After a short time of catching his mother’s completely shaved pubic area, he stops the recording and gets up to hand you the camera. Tammy lays down where her mother was just a moment before and spreads her legs in the same manner. You use the zoom function and see her trimmed bush quite clearly. Your wife gets the cream ready and you record it as she covers the entire area, then uses a new shaver to start to remove the cream. She is quickly moving to try to get the whole thing over with, but her quick actions are giving you a surprising result. With each movement, your daughter’s lips spread a little and you see her clit. You decide to focus on that area while your wife finishes the job and are rewarded when the use of the washcloth causes the lips to stay parted longer. Once finished, you turn off the video and get up while hiding your smile.

Cindy gets up quickly and takes the buckets to dump the water out while Bill follows closely behind. Tammy lays there and spreads her legs a little wider and spreads her lips to give you a perfect view of her 18 year old pussy hole that is dripping. She smiles and gives you a wink, then releases her hands and gets up off the floor.

She whispers into your ear, “This is fun, daddy. Can’t wait to see what’s next on the video.”

You follow a short time later and head back to the living room where everyone is waiting for you. You take your seat next to your wife and waits until she presses play. You notice neither her nor your daughter has bothered to put their pants or panties back on.

Your wife says, “Let’s see what’s next.” Then presses play.

The next scene is more instructions against the black screen that says:

Everyone will remove all clothing, except for the masks. The video recorder will be set on a tripod. Both Cindy and Tammy will lay on their backs with their legs spread. Bill will rub Cindy’s clit and Jackson will mersin escort bayan rub Tammy’s clit. This will be for 5 minutes.

The words disappear and the word, ‘Stop’ appears on the screen. Cindy pauses the video and remains silent once again. You know she can’t be happy with this turn of events, but you also know she didn’t bother to put anything on to cover herself.

You are about to break the silence when Cindy says, “Let me guess, you are all game.” Everyone nods in agreement. She continues, “Fine. Everyone take off your clothes and get your mask. Someone get the timer.”

You quickly remove your clothes as you see your wife and daughter both remove their shirts and bras. The difference between the two is even more clear than when they were wearing the lingerie. You know Tammy is staring at your hard dick, but you don’t care. All that matters is you are about to do something with your daughter that you never would have dreamed of.

You quickly set up the camera on the tripod and wait for your family to show up. They are all wearing their masks and Bill holds up the timer showing it is set for 5 minutes.

Your wife and daughter both lay on their backs and spread their legs. You press record, then start the timer once you are in place. Upon making contact with her clit, your daughter lets out a soft moan. The feeling of it sends shivers up and down your spine as you expertly work her clit with your fingers.

Your wife lets out an occasional moan, but you know your son is far from experienced. He wants to offer some pointers, but the orders won’t allow it. Any more than the orders allow for your wife to help him in any way. You bring your attention back to your daughter and see she is very wet from the work you are doing.

The timer goes off and you force yourself to move away from your daughter’s legs. You stop the video and return to the couch without bothering to cover yourself at all. In fact, no one in your family bothers with any clothes, but all remove the masks. The may work to conceal your identity, but they aren’t particularly comfortable.

Your wife presses play again without saying a word of protest.

The next scene is more instructions against the black screen that says:

You will all remain naked, except for the masks. Jackson and Bill will sit on the couch. Cindy will suck Bill’s dick until he cums. Tammy will suck Jackson’s dick until he cums. Once both cum, Cindy will french kiss Tammy for 1 minute. Once the timer goes off, Tammy will french kiss Cindy for 1 minute. Jackson will record everything and must move the camera between each woman and remain there for at least 30 seconds before moving to the other.

The screen goes black without the word, End.

Cindy says, “This is wrong on so many levels. Let me guess, no other objections.”

No one speaks up as all are willing to continue with the contest. She says, “Alright, damn it, alright. Let’s just get this over with. Jackson, grab the damn camera so we can get this over with.”

You quickly grab the recorder and sit down on the couch next to your son. You press record and aim it down at your waiting daughter. She winks behind the mask, then immediately starts to work your cock as best she can. It feels good, but she is definitely and amateur. While enjoying the blowjob from your daughter, you move the camera over to your wife sucking off your son. He is enjoying it a great deal as your wife works his cock like a pro.

Surprisingly, it does not take long before you and your son both cum at about the same time. Cindy and Tammy get up and show the cum dripping down their lips. You set the timer for 1 minute and start it when Cindy’s tongue forces its way into Tammy’s mouth. They kiss passionately until the timer goes off. Once reset, Tammy forces her tongue into her mother’s mouth and they resume the kiss.

The timer goes off and you stop the recoding. You notice your wife and daughter maintain their kiss for a moment longer than necessary, which makes you smile. You remove the flash drive and take it to your room to send off as instructed. Before sending, you make a copy for yourself and put it in the same file as the first one.

The next day you receive a case full of cash and another legal document. The cash makes your family very happy and all seam to want the next one to arrive.

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