Mart 15, 2021

The outside world

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We were walking by a river near my home, when we decided to sit down by the embankment. It was a hot day, and we were enjoying our summer holidays. We had spent the afternoon previously in my bedroom getting rather well acquainted, and already, I was looking lustfully at my new found sex friend.
We sit down on the embankment – it is soft and sandy. Taking in the view, we sit back and let the world pass us by. It’s a quiet spot here, nobody really knows about this section of the lake, and the few that do are not enough to provide much of a consistent distraction. The conversation hangs mid-air – neither of us wanting to bring up the previous afternoon, but both of us looking for the encore. We stammer over subject after subject, trying to avoid the main one. We eventually just sit quietly, looking out over the river at the wildlife that provides an alternative distraction. I look at him, he is lying down, in a t-shirt and shorts, there is a light breeze but his hair is gelled down so it doesn’t move. God, he is devilishly attractive. I’d jump on him now. I’m not bad myself – I have a similar appearance – brown hair, gelled down, t-shirt, shorts. But it’s his smile. He could light a room up with it – no kidding. I lean in for a peck on the lips – we being outside, I don’t particularly want to show my new found sexuality off to bursa escort the adorning public, but instead of it being the intended peck, he doesn’t release his clutch. We kiss, our tongues lightly bounce off each others, god, he should know what that does to me. I open my eyes, his are closed, lost in the moment. He raises his hand to my chest, caressing it lightly, arousing me all the more. I lean down further, for full body contact, as our bodies entwine together, getting more and more aroused by the newness of it all. I move so that I am lying between his legs, he raises them, crossing his feet around my back. I giggle as we part lips, he smiles up at me, with the look of devilment that meant only one thing.
He reaches for the knot holding my shorts up, I pretend to protest, but I cannot lie – I was excited at the impending activities. He opens the knot and the zip, and reaches into my undies and pulls out my penis. As he gently teases it, I release his shorts, pulling them down slightly, along with the back of his own undies, gaining access to his anus. I pull out his penis, and pull on it, as I reach down to kiss it. I work gently from the bottom of the shaft up to the top, and circle my tongue around the head. I take his penis in my mouth as I start to finger his anus, one finger, then two. When he is close to climax, I place the bursa escort bayan head of my penis at his anus, teasing it lightly. I roll the foreskin back and push the head against it as it slowly disappears from view. I am so turned on that despite reaching orgasm 6 times yesterday, I am already close to orgasm now. With my penis head inside him, I watch as my shaft is slowly taken in, inch by inch. With one moan, he moves his pelvis, and in one move, I am in as far as I can be. He moaning, and me panting with the heat of the day, we start to move. Gently, we move in unison. The wind blows on my partially exposed buttocks, as I move my body in towards his, I move my hands up his t-shirt, feeling every blemish, every rib and feature. Our speed quickens, we kiss and kiss and kiss. I try to slow down, but he is having none of it. He instructs me to move faster, faster, faster. I am out of breath as I reach the plateau. I want to stay at that plateau forever. Faster and faster, his legs around me stiffen, his body muscles clench, his buttocks squeeze on my shaft, oh I am so turned on, just one more thrust, one more pant, one more moan and I thrust myself in as far as I can thrust, with each thrust making us emptier than before.
Not wanting to stop, I take his penis in my hand, it has lost its erection, but I take it in my mouth and gently escort bursa work it up once again. Precum starts leaking out, and I know he is ready. I push down my shorts at the back, move up his body, teasing his leaking member all the while. I rub his penis between my buttocks, and gently start to guide it in, head first, I move back gently, and with one swift swoop, I take his whole shaft in. it presses against my prostate, making my penis leak precum on his abdomen. I move my hands back up his tshirt, exposing his chest, I want him to be naked, so I take it off, before he undresses mine. We gently move, once again in unison. He flinches at the sensitivity of the head of his penis, as I tease him. In retaliation, he pulls on mine, giggling all the while. We start to focus, he bucks his hips towards me, away from me, I move up and down, his precum lubricating his shaft all the while. As we continue to move, his penis continues to press against my prostate, making me want to wildly orgasm, but he moves down slightly, as he bucks harder into me, my moans making him wilder and wilder, he moves back up again, presses down on my hips, legs getting tenser, chest muscles clenching deftly, my penis can take no more and I orgasm, erupting on his abdomen, as he gives one final thrust that sends him into euphoria. We keep moving, slowing down as our bodies spasm and writhe to the orgasmic feeling. We kiss as we return to earth, the sunlight getting warmer, as we separate, get dressed and head home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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