Mart 25, 2021

The Next Room, Next Night

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(Author’s Note: Thanks everyone for the comments about the first story. I had not originally planned for it to be a multi-part story, but given how well it was received, I’ve decided to add two new parts. This means there needs to be a small correction to the first story. Where I say they are in town for a “two day” sales conference at the beginning, that should read now “four day”.)


“Ohhhh,” I groaned softly.

My ass was stiff from sitting on this shitty auditorium chair for the past couple of hours. Maybe I should have gone to meet our Chinese partners at the airport, not Fred and Rick, but then there were two seminars I had really wanted to attend. The one that had just wrapped up and the one just about to start.

“If everyone will take their seats again,” the conference moderator said over the microphone. “We’ll get started.”

Now, I’m not going to tell you the title, subject or speaker’s name, because one of you would Google it, and get me in trouble with my boss when you started digging to see if this story was true or not. You’ll know the reason why I’m being secretive in a second, so bear with me.

There was about three hundred or so of us, various marketing and sales reps, seated in the darkening auditorium. The conference had three parallel tracks of seminars, you could attend any of them. Four hours in the morning, a one hour break for lunch, then four more hours in the afternoon. The day wrapped with a one hour meet and greet around the pool.

Fred and Rick had split right after the lunch break, intending to grab a bit of lunch themselves and then get to the airport. Like most of people here, we’d all used the lunch to do meetings. I’d grabbed a bag of chips from the snack bar just before the previous lecture but after an hour my stomach was growling. I thought about popping out for a quick grab and then return but I was interested in the subject matter of this seminar. I decided I’d listen for a few minutes and if it wasn’t interesting, then fake a phone call and leave.

“Let’s give a warm welcome to our next speaker,” the moderator said, introducing her. He turned and started chapping his hands, which the people seated, including me, joined. The woman walked out of the wings and up to the podium.

“Thank you,” she said. “Let’s begin.

Boy, did I get a surprise!

Funny, the last time I’d seen that face, it was covered in my sperm right after I’d spent serious effort face fucking it. Yes, it was her, the blond that me and my two friends had fucked last night when we’d discovered her in the Next Room.


There were two men and a women talking to the blond.

The seminar had ended and we were in that 15 minutes or so, when people in the audience could come up and meet the speakers personally. Usually it was to shake a hand, and tell them how much you’d enjoyed the seminar. Half the time that was crap but the speaker was usually someone you wanted to network with, so you’d fake it and give them your card for later anyway.

Me, while I’ll admit, having had that pretty mouth wrapped around my cock was a sure reason to want to re-meet her, still the seminar had been top notched. She had a doctorate in the field and while I’d read some of her earlier papers, I’d never seen a picture of her, hence the reason I hadn’t recognized her while I was sticking my big dick in her last night. I’d learned quite a bit from listening to her talk though, some I planned to use when our Chinese partners got here in what should be just a few minutes.

Even dressed conservatively she was still hot. Nice black heels, a little fancy with a thin strap around the ankles, dark stockings with a hint of sheerness and a seam up the back, her dark skirt was just a few inches above her knees, but had a deep split on one side so when she walked showed lots of leg. Her short sleeve blouse was dark blood red silk and she had just enough buttons undone to hint at cleavage. Topping it all off, she had these small librarian half glasses on. All in all, very hot.

The three walked away and I had my turn.

Give her this, she played the Ice Princess well, acting like it was our first time meeting. I could see a little surprise, mixed with embarrassment and concern in her eyes, no doubt worried I might say something about last night. Hey, I know how to keep my personal life and business separated. I better, my boss would have me out on the street if I fucked things up. The Economy was too tight to play around right now. There were alot of people who would happily take my job given half the chance.

“Hello,” I introduced myself.

I complimented her on her seminar and asked a couple of question about the subject she had spoke on, more than just fluff stuff, that let her know I wasn’t just jerking her chain over my interest. That seemed to surprise her some, and maybe my honest curiosity showed through. She warmed up a bit as we talked. We discussed a couple of finer points concerning her theories.

“I don’t want to hog you to myself” I said, after a few minutes, and nodded towards the short etiler escort line of other people who also wanted to talk with her.

I took a chance then as we shook hands.

“Maybe later,” I said, “we could discuss things further?”

I swear she blushed then but she also slightly smiled. I handed her one of my card. One that had my personal cell phone number written on the back.

We shook hands again and I left, as the next people stepped up.

The ball was in her court then.


“So how was your flight?” I asked, over salad.

“As you would expect from a 18 hour flight,” Mr. Chien-Lee Sun replied. “Fucked!”

I smiled.

“Yeah, they suck, don’t they?”

He laughed.

Chien-Lee had brought three assistants with him on the trip. They had introduced themselves earlier and I had their cards in my pocket. I could tell you their names but they weren’t that important to the scheme of things. I’d privately nick-named them “Short, Dumpy and Young”, which summed them up pretty well. They were at the end of the table with Fred and Rick talking.

The important guy was Chien-Lee.

His company and ours had recently concluded a deal worth several million dollars. It wasn’t a big one, but it had the potential to grow. We were sort of the point men on the marketing campaign here in the States for both companies, so getting to know each other face to face, as opposed to tele-conferencing had seemed like a good idea. Hence their trip.

Their new factory was a few hours out of town too, so the trip served two purposed. We had them today and tomorrow morning, then around noon, they’d travel there and meet with the plant supervision for a tour.

So far Chien-Lee had turned out to be quite approachable. I’d found out he’d been educated in the States, at a way better college than I had been. His English was very good, almost without an accent. And of some import, that he was in his late thirties, married, expecting his first child soon.

Where his co-workers looked the part of the typical Chinese, smaller of stature than Westerners, Chien-Lee was nearly my height, maybe an inch shy of six feet. He was also stocky, muscular almost, which when he mentioned he had been a wrestler in college explained it. I’d been on the swim team so I was athletic without the bulk you saw in football player. I guessed he out weighed me by about 20 pounds.

After the introductions at our first meeting, when they had arrived at the hotel had been concluded, he’s surprised me by simply saying, “Steak!”

Speaking of the meat, our waiter showed up, bringing our meals.


“Damned that was good,” Chien-Lee said. He suddenly belched loudly. His assistants all laughed.

“Do you know what good beef costs in Beijing?” he asked me. I shook my head. He laughed, “Too much on my salary. You Americans are so spoiled.”

My company had booked them into one of the big suites at the hotel. Way bigger than the rooms Fred, Rick and I had.

“Well, if you’d like, we can go back to your room and begin going over the proposed marketing campaign.” I suggested. “I think you’ll find we’ve got some very exciting ideas on how to proceed.”

“I am sure, but after the long flight,” he replied, “I find I am not in the mood for a long boring business meeting tonight.”

Curious, I said simply, “We are here to be of service.”

“Good,” he said, slapping me on the arm. “You know what I want right now?”

I shook my head.

“I want some big titted blond American girl dancing on my lap.” He grinned. “Chicago has some great strip clubs, does not it?”

I smile back.

“I believe it does.”


“Baby did a bad, bad thing…”

Chris Isaak’s voice screamed out as we walked into the club.

“Baby did a bad, bad thing…”

The girl on stage was tall, athletic, brunette, wearing just a g-sting and had a great set of tits!

“Feel like crying…”

We’d all squeezed into a mini-van taxi. Twenty bucks tipped to the driver put us to this club in under fifteen minutes. He promised it was the best one on the Lake Front. The parking lot was full, so that was something.

“Welcome to our establishment, gentlemen,” the doorman said as we entered. “Enjoy.”

I shook his hand and palmed a twenty his way. He was good not to immediately look down at it.

“Somewhere with a good view,” I said, “but private.”

He nodded, then glancing down, saw the twenty.

“Yes, sir,” he perked right up at the tip. “Right this way.”

The money was a bit more than you’d expect to tip the guy at the door, but I knew given the amount, plus the fact we were all wearing suits, and he’d put the word out to the girls that they had some high rollers in the audience.

My boss had called me in before we’d left and given me a company credit card and three grand in cash.

“Don’t blow this,” he’d simply said.

The doorman seated us at a booth back one row, but still overlooking the stage. It was dim and private, fatih escort the light above it burnt out. There were booths to either side but it was early so neither was occupied. The waitress was right there as soon as we were seated. We ordered drinks.

The brunette, spinning upside down on the pole, finished her set. She collected her discarded clothing and left the stage to be replaced by young black girl. She had a good body and looked like she had a bit of Asian in her. Light of skin and face. We watched as she did her first dance, then dropping her top, started her second.

Drinks arrived and I gave the waitress the card.

“Do a tab,” I ordered. She nodded.

While the dancer worked her third song, this one completely nude, I pulled Rick’s sleeve and then passed him four hundred under the table. I nodded toward the seats around the stage, then at Short, Dumpy and Young. He got my unspoken message and nodded. It wasn’t long before Rick and Fred had the three up and moved to the stage.

The black girl finished her set.


“What I need is a good defense…” Fiona Apple sung.

Chien-Lee and I had traded small talk for about ten minutes, watching the dancers on stage and our co-workers have fun. I was trying to get a feel for the man. Not the ins and outs of business, but what was underneath. The business deal between our companies wasn’t large but there was the potential for addition deals in the future if this one worked out. Success with this project could well be my ticket up the corporate ladder, so I was eager to make it work.

A couple of times, a dancer had come by the booth and asked if one of us would like a table dance. So far none of them had seem to attract his attention so I declined as well.

“Cause I’m feelin’ like a criminal..”

Fiona Apple’s song was an interesting choice, given the performer that next came up. Or should I say, performers. There was two of them, and I could instantly feel the light crowd in the club perk up. Hell, I perked up. They were both hot.

Black and white, blond and brunette. Both with shoulder length hair, though the brunette’s was a bit longer.

“And I need to redeemed…”

The blond was wearing white and had a pair of those small angel wings on her back. Little short skirt, tall stockings, both in white. She also had a leather collar around her neck, the leash at the moment tightly held by the tall brunette, who wearing black leather corset, stockings and tall heels. She also had a pair of devil horns on her head. When she turned I saw she had a costumed devil tail sewed to the back of her g-string.

Angel and devil then. Hot.

“To the one I’ve sinned against…Because he’s all I ever knew of love.”

The brunette had a riding crop in her hand and she forced the blond to her knees on the stage. The crowd of guys around the stage, including mine, whooped it up when the brunette spanked the blond several times with it, then stepped in front of her and pulled the blond’s face into her crotch. She pulled hard on the blond’s hair and acted like she was getting her pussy licked. The crowd screamed and clapped.

“That looks like fun,” I muttered.

Chien-Lee was watching the two strippers intently.

“That is what I like about American women,” he said. “They like sex.”

He took a drink, clearly thinking to himself.

“Not like some,” he muttered, almost to himself.

I filed that away for future reference.

“So what would an angel say…The devil wants to know.”


I didn’t have long to wait for an explanation. The pair had finished their set and gone backstage. A petite Asian had followed them. She was on her second dance, now topless.

“It was my senior year at college,” Chien-Lee suddenly said. “I became involved with another student for a semester. She was one year behind me.”

“She was…” he took a drink from his beer. “She was kinky.”

“Nothing wrong with that.” I replied. “Kinky can be fun.”

“She liked to be tied up when we had sex,” he took a long pull on his beer. “I found it…fun.”

He smiled to himself, no doubt remembering the girl.

“She was blond, like that one just dancing.”

“But you’re married now?” I asked, hesitantly.

“Yes, and she is a good wife and will be a good mother to my child,” he took another long pull on his beer. “It’s just, she doesn’t…much. Now that she’s pregnant, never.”

“A man has needs…” he muttered, finishing off the last of his beer.

We sat there for a moment in silence.

“Would one of you like to play with my Pussy?” a woman’s voice asked.

THAT, I had not expected to hear, even in a high priced strip club like this one. We both turned.

The big tall brunette in the leather devil’s costume recently on stage was standing there at the end of the booth. She gave the leash she held in one hand a little jerk and the blond in the angel costume walked meekly forward and knelt at the brunette’s feet.

“This is my Pussy,” fındıkzade escort the brunette said. “Would one of you like to play with her?”


The two girls were now sitting at our table.

The brunette who introduced herself as Diana was sitting next to me. The blond who went by the name Angel, of course, was meekly curled up next to Chien Lee, who couldn’t seem to take his eyes off her. We’d ordered them drinks.

There was a dark haired Latino dancing on stage, who at the moment was wiggling her naked tits right in front of Rick. He had a five dollar bill on his forehead. She leaned forward and pressed them against his face, pulling the bill off with her tits. The three Chinese were all laughing and pointing. Soon each had a similar bill on their foreheads. Clearly they were having fun.

“What are lap dances running?” I whispered into Diana’s ear.

“$25 for one or $100 for five,” she said quietly.

I slide two one hundred dollar bills into her garter.

“Take care of my friend then.”

She smiled and downed her drink. Reaching under the table, she gave my leg a squeeze, then slid out of the booth.

“Up Pussy,” she ordered. “Let’s show these gentlemen what a slut you are.”

She pulled the blond off her seat by the leash.

“Come on then,” she said to Chien-Lee. “Let’s go in the back.”


My phone ran.

I had it set on vibrate given how high they had the volume on the music set here but by the time I dug it from my pocket it stopped. The number was blocked so I couldn’t tell who had called me.

There was another blond dancing on stage now. She wasn’t busty but she was flexible. She had her legs on the Chinese I’d nick-named Dumpy, and was wiggling her crotch in his face before doing a slow forward roll off him. I saw Fred, Rick and the three others all tip her for her dance.

My phone rang again a few minutes later. I had it on the table and opened it on the third buzz.

“Hello,” I said.

At first no one answered. I thought it might be a wrong number but then I heard a familiar voice.

“What did you have in mind?” Barbara, the blond from last night asked.

I smiled to myself.

“Did you enjoy it?” I asked back.

There was a long pause.


“Would you like to do it again?” I asked.

Another long pause.

“With your two friends?”

“Yes, but we have four more who would like to play.” I took a quick sip of my drink. “Four more who want to help show you what a total slut you really are.”

I could hear a small gasp from my phone. She didn’t say anything for a long while.

“You want to be a slut for us,” I asked. “Don’t you?”

Another pause, this one not as long as the first.


I could sense her warring with herself. Whether she would give in to her nature or not was the question. Given what I’d seen last night, I tried to sweeten the deal. I’m a salesman after all.

“Your boyfriend.” I said.


“He can watch.”

Another low and throaty gasp from the other end of the line. I knew then I’d pegged her correctly. Not just a slut, but one that liked to have people watch.

“When?” she asked.

“About 2 hours,” I answered honestly. “We’re at a strip club, so we’ll be a bit.”

“That could work,” she said. “It would give me a chance to freshen up and get ready.”

“You’ll have a lot of hard cocks to deal with when we get there,” I said.

This time I heard a soft chuckle.

“Hard cocks I can deal with,” she purred.

“I bet you can,” I said, chuckling myself. “One thing…”


“The important one of the group seems to have a blond schoolgirl fetish.”

“I didn’t bring anything but what you saw last night. Just toys.”

“There’s a Hustler Hollywood a few streets up from the hotel. I saw it on the way over here. Ask the concierge. Buy what you need and I’ll reimburse you.”

She laughed.

“I probably make more than you do,” she said.

I quoted a figure. She quoted one three times as large.

“Ok, bitch,” I laughed. “You can pay for it, then.”

I heard another chuckle from her end.

“Something else…” I said. “Your room is a bit small.”

“It is, especially for seven. What do you have in mind?”

I told her. She laughed.


It was ten minutes later, and the brunette Diana slid into the seat next to me. She was alone.

“Mind if I get another drink?” she asked.

I shook my head no, and waved the waitress over, ordering us both a fresh round.

“I only hang around for the first couple of dances or so, to make sure things go ok.” She explained. “Most guys can’t handle two girls giving them a lap dance.”

“I could,” I said and scooted over a bit until our hips touched.

She laughed softly.

“Bet you could.”

My phone on the table buzzed. It was still listed as a blocked number so I figured it must be my blond. I answered it.

“Not backing out are you?” I asked

“No, but they’ve got a big selection here,” my kinky co-conspirator said. “Any suggestions?”

“The stripper here is dressed like an angel. Short skirt, knee highs, lace bra…” I explained. “Go all white if you can.”

“Ok. I think that’s possible.”

“Bondage too, he mentioned that. Get something that you can tie yourself up with when we fuck you.”

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