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The next mornng

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The next mornng
Still waking up, we all sat on the decking eating breakfast as we reflected on yesterday’s activities with the 3 of us, Jayne, myself and her mother. Its when we completed our sexploites with her mother, fucked her, took photos of her, and discovered that actually, she new more about sex then the two of us put together. It’s also where we had agreed to become her play toys in exchange for her teaching us the tricks and tips she used on us for better sex.

“So are you both still up for learning my tips and giving yourself over to me? There will be times you won’t want to try things, or disagree with me, but that’s not an option. You try it and then decide if it’s for you or not.”

I nodded and looked at Jayne “ I’m well up for it, you appear to have a lot to show us”
Jayne nodded as well.

“Great well let’s get started then, it’s nice and warm today so I want you both in just those old thin white muscle tee shirts, give Jayne one of your deep v sleeveless ones, and you can wear the same, and a thin short summer skirt, or shorts Jayne, and Ian put on those old white nylon shorts you have, you don’t need underwear, or socks either of you and your going in flip flops”

We all dressed in our room, even her mother followed the rules and only slipped on her top and skirt. Her nipples stood out in the top, Jayne complained she needed a bra, and was not happy about having no panties on, but was quickly put down by her mother,

“Your nipples don’t look any different to mine, we are both on show, so your going topless, and with no pants, so get on with it”, she snapped, which I was pleased about as I love seeing Jayne’s nipples on show under a thin top, and with the deep V down the front and not much at the side for support, the sides of her breasts were clearly on display, I reckon if she turned round fast, her breast would pop out the side. We jumped in the car as we were and shot off to the train station. Tickets bought and away we went.

It was around 11am when we arrived in Birmingham, the sun was shining and it was hot. It was a fair walk to the first shop right through the center of the city. I have to say I felt a little out of place, my shorts were too tight for me and my cock was a clear shape down the right leg, Jayne as I said was showing off her nipples to the front and her breasts to the side, but not showing if you get my meaning, the result was people kept looking at us, some pointed, some made a few made comments.

A quick stop before we got to the shop for me was at Ann Summers which I was surprised at, we went upstairs and started to look at the items. Her mother picked a couple of outfits for Jayne, and we waited for an assistant as the shop was busy,

“Can she try these on please we want to see how they look?”
“Sure no problem” Jaynes was led to a curtain to change.
“Try on the bra first please, then come and let’s have a look, we will be sitting on the other side of the room”

“Errr, I don’t think so mother”
“why wrong size?”
“Errr no!”
“Then get it on so we can see, you know the rules”

I heard an expletive from behind the curtain, then she appeared….
Now remember the shop was busy and most were young couples like us. I was not the only guy up there, but the only one with his cock on show.

Jayne is a 36FF not small, the bra was a black sheer ¼ cup outfit with 2 straps one from the side the other from the center on each side. Where her nipples were meant to be covered, was a heart shaped hole, now showing off her erect nipples, she was for all intent and purposes topless in the shop, walking about the racks to get to us.

“What do you think Ian?”
“Oh I approve very much, looks a bit tight mind.”
“Yes let’s have a look for the next size up”
“So are your shorts, have you seen yourself?” Jayne said.

I looked down at my crutch, and as feared, my cock was starting to harden as Jayne strutted topless around the room.

As we took our time looking it became obvious we were now the attention of the room, the guys were looking, the couples were looking, and the assistant popped over.
She was maybe 18-19 “ You ok? Only we normally have you stay in the fitting area for your comfort!”
“That’s nice of you, but we are quite comfortable here thank you, we’re not shy dear, and it’s what we are all here for, sexy underwear” her mother replied, handing another bra to Jayne.
“Go try this, and the panties, we will be here”

Jayne trotted off and seconds later appeared confidently walked over to us, the bra was a much better fit. This was my first time of seeing the thong, it was in matching black sheer nylon with thin string sides, and crotchless. The opening finished at the top of her shaven mound. Jayne stood and gave a twirl, looking naked to those who could not see so clearly, and for those that could, got a view of her shaven fanny.
A couple by us commented
“Nice, where is that one?, I wish I was as bold as you two, You look great in that outfit, and I like your cock being on show” the girl replied.
I blushed slightly, and we pointed to where the bra and pant set were, and a matching set was picked up and taken to the changing rooms.

The shop assistant spotted us and rushed over “Your meant to try those on over your underwear madam not next to the skin, you will have to buy those now”

Jayne looked at the girl, and spoke quote loudly back to her.

“I fully intend to buy these, and for your information, I’m not wearing any underwear, it’s summer! don’t be such a prude!”

She wandered back to the curtain and changed again, appearing this time in a halter neck lace dress that stopped at her hips the rest to half way down the thigh were just strands of material forming a flowing fringe, the straps were lace and covered her breasts to some extent, but it was still easy to see her nipples through it. A ribbon held it all together up the front with a bow for easy access. Checking herself out in the mirror she became aware that she had no underwear canlı bahis şirketleri on as she twirled round. Now she appeared to be more relaxed with the idea, and showed no concern about the 2 guys sitting watching her.
We approved and the 2 items purchased.

Jayne’s mother was now buying black stockings, and some pop socks, and with Jayne now back in skirt and top we left.

Her mother now she took us over the other side of the city to Clonezone and I knew I was going to get a similar experience.
I was surprised by the sex toys they sold, not the cheap rubbish in other shops but good quality toys, and with several dildo’s and pro looking vibrators in the bag I thought I was out of it.
“Here you go, try this on” and I was passed a Anton Laboratory Zipper Jockstrap, leather look with a zipper all down the front. The guys behind the counter look at Jayne and her mother and I half expected them to be asked to leave, It was a gay outfitters shop after all, but having several dildos in the basket kept them interested in them.
With the guys looking at them, her mother put her hand inside Jayne’s muscle top pushing it to one side showing off Jaynes left breast and kissed her deeply on the lips, the 2 guys smiled and nudged each other.

“Hi can he try it on?”
“If you try it, you buy it friend!, put your stuff over there”

He pointed to an open cubicle, whilst looking at my bulge in my shorts. I knew what was coming, no point fighting it. I walked into the cubical and dropped my shorts and top and slipped on the jockstrap sliding my crown jewels into the elasticated pouch and pulled them up. With the leather waist and leg straps, and open ass I strutted out into the shop past 4 guys, I swear one touched me!

“mmm not bad…but how does the front work? Excuse me, Excuse me”

One of the counter guys walked over.

“ Can you show us how the front panel works?” said Jayne.
“ Sure you just pull the zipper down and it pops open, we advise you be shaven below mind for comfort, don’t want any plucking do we?, it give you both front and rear access, try it if you like”

The guy looked at me smiling, as if to say I dare you…

“Like this?”

I pulled the zipper down a few inches and stopped, he watched me, his eyes looked at mine as if to say GO ON DO IT I DARE YOU…

“Or for full access”

I pulled the zipper all the way down and under the crutch, it fell to the sides releasing my curled up cock which dropped out and started to grow.

“ Yes…… that’s just how it works, you look like you need a bit of adjustment mind”
“How so?” Jayne replied.
“ You need the side being tighter, that lifts the balls and traps the penis base, it gives a restriction, to slow the erection, and prolong it when it happens if that’s what you want”

He rummaged about and pulled out a different one,

“This is our Full Access Brief in Aqua, but made in neoprene
Try this one now, harder to get on, but give a great hold on your manhood the front flips down to still give you that fully open feel.” he stood holding out it to me.

Several guys had now gathered around watching, so with an audience I pulled down the one i was partly wearing and stood nude in the shop whilst working out how to fit in the new pair.

“Do you have any Cockrings he can try as well” her mother said
“Sure in metal rubber or leather?
“Can we try a selection”?

He wandered off and was soon back with a handful.
I was loving this exposure, where else could I get away with this, totally naked in a shop with customers watching!..I was pretty sure a couple in the far side of the shop had used the phone on me.

“Lets try the leather one first shall we” he slipped his hands under by balls and snapped the studs closed over the top sliding a finger between my now getting firm cock and the leather.

“You need a bit of room for when he grows like now just so it’s comfortable., how that feel?

He looked at me smiling, I bet it had been a while if ever since he had done this!

“Yes that’s good what about the rubber ring”

He unclipped the leather one off me stretched the rubber one, slipped it over and down my cock and round my balls , it sprung off and mad me jump!

“Yes best to fit it before you get a full erection like now, but can you feel the squeeze? You look great in in mind”

“Yes they are great we will have both of them please”
I removed it allowing my cock to start to droop and grabbed the neo jockstrap and slipped it on, I have to say it felt really comfortable and supportive wearing them correctly.

“Do you mind if I show you?” I must have blinked or something..
The guy grabbed under the pouch and pulled upwards showing how it opened and looked when the front was undone, then removed. He looked at me and grabbed my cock and gave me a couple of wanks.
I admit it… I was finding this very sexy, being used in a gay porn shop with the wife and her mother making it happen with onlookers. My cock started to rise again and was fully hard in a few seconds.

“You must be loving those!! Look at the way you grown you big boy, but do you feel the restriction with the neoprene round your shaft? You will be hard in those for some time”

If I could have fucked Jayne there and then I would have done.

I liked them that much I picked out a red pair as well..!

We bought all items and moved on to the next stop via a taxi.
As we pulled up the sign over the door said “The Private Club” I looked at Jayne as we entered down the illuminated blue corridor to the counter.

Her mother rummaged in her purse and flashed a card, and was welcomed back. Jayne and I looked at each other, as it What did he just say?

“Two new members to be booked in please”

We showed ID’s filled in forms and were welcomed.

“We have 6 couples and 4 guys in today so you should have some fun”, Her mother led the way, clearly knowing the route.

As we walked past one of the openings there was a large bed in the center with a couple on it, she was squeezing her nipples süperbahis as he licked on her fanny and 3 guys stood watching and wanking…!!

Guided to the changing room, her mother said “See you in a minute naked and meet you in the main room” they both disappeared into the changing area and I followed into mine.
A set of blue lockers were on one side, a mirror with a and sink in front.
I opened a locked, slipped off my shorts and top and with flip flops locked it and walked to the main room.

Walking in, the other guys turned and looked at me then back to the couple, I walked over to have a look.
The guy was now between her legs and just slipping his cock into her fanny an inch or two and then back out.
Jayne and her mother appeared both in hold-up stockings and drew the attention of the guys.
I walked over to them and told them they looked great, and followed them down the steps to a lower play area. Her mother took Jayne to the Glory Hole Wall and instructed her to kneel at one of the cushions and wait. “Don’t use the holes until others arrive, it won’t be long” and with that drew the curtains so you could not see where they were, at the side a small red light lit up, and two of the guys appeared and walked up to the holes and stuck there cock through..

Both jumped a little as someone touched them, and it was clear to see that they were being wanked, I started to wonder which one Jayne was playing with or was it both? Or maybe it was just her mother?
I walked up and fitted between the guys sticking my cock through the third hole, moments later a pair of hot lips went down my shaft. This was so exciting, was it Jayne was it her mother, the guys now started to talk to the girls.

“That’s it, suck me baby, take me nice and deep. What’s yours like Bob”
“Man she sucks great, hope she likes cum cos she going to get some about NOW!!! OH Yes,, Suck it down….baby”

Now that appeared odd, 3 guys 3 blowjobs, 2 girls? But you know, whoever was on my cock and I don’t think it was Jayne, had me right on the edge, and now over it.
I shot my load but the sucking didn’t stop. As I stood there with legs shaking another orgasmn left me. My legs were shaking so much I had to pull out. I went and sat in one of the chairs and waited for the girls.
A few minutes later the curtain swung back and the girls appeared, and walked over to me, in the background a guy left the area as well!

“Did you enjoy that Ian?” “Who was sucking me?”
“Does it matter, did you enjoy it?”
“Hell yes, very good sucking whoever it was”

“Great so are you too going to have sex on the main bed next door, let the guys watch you?”

“No mother I’m not!”
“Thats a shame, you just suck a stranger off, and swallowed the lot, you didn’t appear to have an issue with that!
Ian and I will then, and you can watch or entertain the 4 guys on your own”

I was keeping out of this, I could see an argument about to start.

“I don’t want to have sex in front of these people, I’m not happy with it”
“What about you Ian, are you happy having sex in front of people?
“Sure, it’s all good fun for me”

“Jayne what about you two going into that room then, close the curtain and have sex?”
I walked over to her put my hand out “Come on let’s go and have some fun”

Taking my hand we disappeared into the room and closed the curtain, sat on one of the beds and started to kiss. Soon she was getting excited, her pussy was nice and wet and she happily spread her legs to the entrance and started to play with herself, whilst i wanked myself nice and hard.

“God you look fucking sexy in your stockings, let me open the curtain, for a bit of a thrill” She nodded and I slowly slid it back open, then went and knelt on the floor and started to lick her pussy.

“You like that? Makes you wet and horny does it?”
“Yes very…someone might walk past”
“That excite you, that we might get seen?”
“Yes a bit”
I stood up looked outside the room and held out my hand
“Let’s go to the bed outside,no one is there, lets have sex on it, see if we get caught or not!”

She stood up and looked out of the room, then ran over to the bed and climbed onto it, spreading her legs Waving for me to come over.

I climbed on the bed kissed her right breast and slipped a finger up her fanny,

“You like my stockings? You keep stroking my legs”
“Yes you look great in them and they feel really smooth”
“Would you wear them with me?”
“Yes for you, at home” I stroked her head
She lifted her legs and rolled them down to her ankles
“Wear them now for me then Fuck me here now”
As she said that a guy walked past spotted us and walked down to the bed

“A deal’s a deal”

I climbed off and took the stockings from her ankles and quickly pulled them up my thighs then climbed between her legs.
The guy was now wanking by her head. I looked at him.
“Hi….. No wanking on her” and slipped up her wet fanny.

He stood back but carried on wanking.

This was the shortest I think we had ever lasted no more than a minute and I shoot off into the condom pumping in and out of her pussy. To loud moans form Jayne that brought another guy down to see what was happening.

I slipped to the edge of the bed and removed the stockings, then the filled condom, and disposed of it wiping my cock clean. We kissed and went looking for her mother.

She sat in a chair chatting to one of the guys and the couple.

“Here they are, our virgin swingers”

“We still are virgin swingers thank you” I replied.

“I thought you had moved onto the bed?”

“We did but it was just for us …….well with this guy watching we never lasted but a minute before we both came.”

“Yes we did hear that” she smiled.
“Come on time for a shower and then we can get back home. You both have started your journey, all we need to do now is let it sink in a bit”

We showered and changed and left for the train station.
At the station we had a coffee before jumping back on the train to leicester and finding a table of 4 and sat with Jayne süperbahis güvenilir mi in the isle, her mother sat opposite us.
A few minutes after the train moved off her mother leant forward towards me and spoke quietly.

“Ian, put your hand up her skirt, and then play with her, try and make her cum, she’s got no knickers on. Jayne rub his cock and make him shoot his load in his shorts if you dare”

I looked across the way to the opposite seats, 2 guys in one pair, and a couple in the other one. I jumped as Jayne hand landed on my cock and moved it towards the waistband rubbing me through my shorts. It felt so naughty, but so nice. I slipped my hand under her skirt and found her pussy wet and warm and started to play with her.
She started to bit her lip and move about on the seat, her mother made a gesture to her, she looks at the 2 guys and shook her head. Her mother tipped her head to the side and her eyes said Do it !
Jayne moved her free hand slowly over her left breast, over her right breast and caught the side of her top and pulled it over to her left slowly.

Fuck I could feel myself getting wet on the tip of my cock, it was not helped as a watched her pull the top over her right breast till her nipple was clearly on show, then the full breast.

I gave her pussy a bit more effort and a quick whimper left her lips. The guys must have heard it as one look across at us, nudged his mate and they both watch as her breast was now on show as she rubbed her nipple oblivious to them. Seeing this just topped it for me and I could feel my cum pulsing out my cock dribbling into my lap and balls before a faint trickle ran down my thigh, followed by a warm stream.
I leant across and whispered into her ear, “You won, I’m dribbling down my leg, you dirty slut”

She bit her lip hard, gave a low moan as the veins in her neck stood out and orgasmed in the seat.
A few minute later we were at Nuneaton station, and as I stood up, the true result of my orgasm was shown. My balls and cock could clearly be seen in the wet, and very obviously, stained white nylon shorts. My cock head and shaft stuck to the nylon fabric and clearly visible in the tight shorts, and my cum was still making its way down my leg to my barefoot.
The guys burst out laughing calling me “A dirty wanker.”

A quick dash to the car, and we were back home in a few minutes and back on the top deck, following a quick clean up.
Naked, soaking in the sun, and having a drink discussing the trip and what type of thrill we had got out of it.

I told her mother that I enjoyed watching Jayne change from a “I don’t want to be doing this” girl, to openly walking about a shop in frankly nothing, telling the shop staff she’s not wearing underwear “You prude”, and loved the nylon stuff we bought. The Private Club was a real eye opener for me, and proved that when horny Jayne really like to have sex no matter who or where we were, and the fact she did it on the train was exciting.

Jayne said that in the end she actually liked having all the people look at her in the shop, it was a thrill to walk around, frankly naked but for a small bit of see through nylon, and that going topless had helped, as the top had rubbed her nipple on the way, exciting her. Watching Ian naked in the shop of gay guys was great. In the end when I was excited enough it made no difference that someone was watching us on that bed, but I didn’t want them to join in. The train was just naughty. Loved making Ian all messy, not so sure on showing off my breasts!

I admitted I got a kick out of being the center of attention in the gay shop, and it was not such a challenge for me. I was more embarrassed at having my cock on show as we got off the train than I was wearing the stockings and fucking Jayne with a guy watching mind.

Her mother said that was interesting, but it was as she had thought it would be for us, and asked that I take her upstairs to where my clothes were.

“Ok so I want all your socks and pants please in these 2 bags please.”

Confused I scooped them up and she tied them together.

“Is that all of them? So secret stash anywhere?”, “No” I replied

She then went over to Jayne’s pant drawer.
Opening it and without looking she grabbed 3 pairs of thongs and walked downstairs with me.

Back on the decking she dropped the bags onto the slabbed area and opened them.
Wondering back into the house, then back out. I was puzzled as to why she had the whisky bottle with her, it was soon very clear as she poured some into the contents of each bag, lit a match and dropped it in.

Whosh.. Each bag set light!

“What the hell are you doing, that’s all my socks and boxers?” I shot up and ran naked down to the slabs.
There was no point is trying to save them, the flames were licking out the top of the bag, and by now and the plastic bag had melted into the contents, nothing would be of use.

“So you looked far to happy today, to comfortable, in those stocking, and you have the thrill factor in you.
You like a dare, like to be pushed, so this is what going to happen going forwards.
You have 2 jockstraps, and 3 pairs of your wife’s thongs to wear this week, by next week your new stuff will have arrived after I order it later today. You have 3 pairs of black pop-socks and 2 pairs of black hold up stockings I got for you today.
Your to do your normal week, go to work, go to the gym.
You get to pick what you wear each day, but you can only wear 1 item for 1 day, so by the end of the week you will have worn them all. You get to pick what to you use each day and Jayne gets to keep what you had on. You might just like it!……you might find you have to explain why your dressed like that? Who knows….”

Well I can tell you I was not liking the idea at the moment and had ideas on finding the NEXT shop ASAP, but that would have ruined it for both of us, it just needed planning, how hard could it be?

According to Jayne’s mother we apparently we were prime exhibitionist, who got a thrill from not only having sex in public but being caught, or could be caught, and got a thrill from appearing almost naked in public, something that the coming months would be proven time after time.

But first I had to cope with next week!!!

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