Haziran 10, 2020

The New Sales Girl – Part 12 – The final part

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The New Sales Girl – Part 12 – The final part
The New Sales Girl – Part 12

As we entered the house Mark said, “We now come to the part in the evening where you two now become my personal obedient sluts. Get down on your knees.”
We both said, ” Yes Sir .” and obeyed, dropping down onto our knees before him there in the living room.
Mark then said, “DeAnn I want you to strip Angel down to just her heels and then you will fetch some handcuffs and nipple clamps and get her ready for me.”
I looked up at Mark and said, “Very good Sir.”
Angel stayed still while I removed her dress and everything else except her high heels. Then I cuffed her hands behind her back and clamped each of her nipples.
Mark handed me a leather collar and leash and I put those on Angel too. I handed her leash to my husband and awaited his next commands.
Mark told Angel “Stay on your knees slut and move over in front of me on the sofa.” Angel walked on her knees and took her place in front of Mark.
He then said, “DeAnn, come here and unzip my pants. Then pull out my dick and grap her by the hair and make her suck it.”
I said, “Yes Sir.” and did what he ordered. His cock was hard and ready and I took Angel by the hair, pushed her face down and told her, “Open your mouth bitch.” She obeyed me and opened up her mouth. Then I held Mark’s cock in my left hand and holding Angel by the hair with my right hand and pushed her open mouth down ataşehir escort on my husbands hard cock.
“Suck his cock like a good slut” I ordered her and she obeyed eagerly. I was finding myself getting really turned on. I don’t usually get to be in charge and being able to make Angel obey was pretty hot.
“DeAnn, while our slut sucks my cock I want you to remove my belt and start strapping her ass.”
“Yes Master” I replied and once I had the belt folded in half I started beating Angel’s ass with it. I liked it and I think she did too.
She wiggled as the leather belt found it’s mark, over and over. Her ass was a nice red color when Mark told me to pull up my skirt and remove my panties then sit next to him on the sofa. I did a good job with Mark’s belt. Angel had tears running down her cheeks. What a turn-on.
So I did as I was told and then Mark said to Angel, “Would you like to lick DeAnn’s pussy slut?”
She said, “I will do anything you two want me to do. Anything!”
Mark told me, “Take your slut by the hair and make her lick your pussy DeAnn.”
I grabbed her hair and spead my legs wide then pushed her face down on my wet cunt and said, “Lick me like the slut I know you are bitch.”
Angel said, “Yes Mistress, whatever you want I will do. I really, really love being a slut for both of you.”
This was the first time I got to be a dominatrix and I was surprised that my husband gave me this gift with Angel göztepe escort and I discovered I liked being Dom with a bi girl. Wow!
Angel was really worshiping my wet pussy with her tongue and lips. It felt oh so good. I pulled her hair roughly to emphasize my power over her and her tongue went even deeper.
Mark got down on the rug behind her and started fucking her from behind. I think he was in her pussy but I couldn’t be sure and as long as he was enjoying her it didn’t matter.
He was holding her arms by her elbows, cuffs still on her wrists and ramming his hard dick deep with every thrust. I was getting very close to a climax and Angel was making the kind of noises that told me Mark was deep into her pussy and she was nearing a climax too. Mark was going faster now and he finally groaned and said, “Fuck yeah bitch. Fuck Yeah!” He came I came and Angel had a giant orgasim and I think she came the hardest. It was so fucking hot… All of us cumming together and finally falling back in a sweaty, sticky pile.
After we all caught our breath, Mark told me to make us all some cocktails and I told him, “Yes Sir” and off I went to the wet bar, still in my heels, on shaky legs.
After I passed out the drinks Mark told me to get down on the floor and suck his dick clean. He and Angel were sitting on the sofa at this point. Mark had removed her cuffs and she was tasting her drink and watching me lick her ümraniye escort pussy juice off my husbands cock. She was leaning her head on my husband and I realized the tables had been turned on me being in control. Now I was on the floor and I realized that I liked it either way and even if I didn’t like it I would still always obey Mark.
Mark told me, “Now lick my cum from Angel’s pussy DeAnn.”
I looked up at them and said, “Anything you two want I will do. Anything!”
Then I smiled and started licking her sweet pussy. Yes, I do enjoy it either way. As I thought on this, I once again realized how lucky I am to have a relationship like this. I was born for this kind of life and I’m smart enough to realize just how good it is. Yep, as I knelt in front of Angel, licking her pussy I thought to myself I really love my life and my strong, loving husband. It doesn’t get any better than what we have together.
Later we all layed down in our King Size bed, Mark between his two sluts and we both took turns riding his hard cock. Eventually we all said “Goodnight” and I slept the deep sleep of contintment. Angel dressed in the morning and kissed us both saying “I had a wonderful time and I hope you two will have me back again?”
We kissed again and she was off to work.
Mark said, “Ya know Keith rides. I think I’ll call him and tell him what a great time we had with Angel and maybe him and I can plan a over nighter on the Harley’s with you two ladies sometime soon?”

I smiled and said, “Sounds great.”

This story is finished but Mark & my life together continues and I’m sure I’ll have many more stories to write as the good times continue….

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