Mart 13, 2021

The New Roommate Pt. 3

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The ride home was mostly quiet besides the music we had all agreed upon for the ride. With Natalie in the back seat once again I see in my mirror her begin to fade into sleep. Amber is looking down, not at her phone but in deep thought.

“Is everything ok?” I inquire.

“That was just a lot to take in. The emotion. The physical. It all felt so amazing but so wrong. I love you like a brother and we just did things that would make a pornstar blush.”

I laughed at her small joke for a second but then got serious and caring. “I’m sorry. I know we crossed many lines. I had the time of my life and I have honestly been waiting for years for something like that to happen. Maybe a little more private.” I shoot a glance toward Natalie.

“Oh? And how did you picture your first time with me in your mind?”

“I don’t know… probably was bound to happen one of the times you come flying into my arms when you are having a tough time.” I chuckle.

She shot a smile my way and looked back down at her phone to change the song. As I focus on the road I feel her hand grab mine. I grab hers back and smile at her. She looks at me through pained and stressed eyes and just says “Thank you.” I nod at her and keep my focus on the road. A few minutes had passed and I hear Natalie’s phone ringing. It’s on vibrate so it wont wake her up. “Natalie.” I hiss trying to still be quiet but loud enough to wake her. No response. I reach back and poke her leg a few times and she finally shoots awake and frantically finds her phone. “Hello. Oh hey! Really? In Vegas? Oh my god are you serious!? Yes, Yes. Please. Thank you so much ill come see you straight away when I get back into town.”

Although we could only hear one side of the conversation I could tell it was great news. “That was work! The owner just told me they wanted to open one of their chains in Vegas and they want me to be the manager!” She exclaims. “Oh my god congratulations.” She claps excitedly in the back seat and tells me that she will need to be dropped at work on the way home so she can talk all the business bullshit.

After we had dropped off Natalie I head to take Amber home. She asks me instead to take her to my place for a few so we can talk. Before we even get out of the car I tell her that I am sorry and that I’ll never try to pressure her or ask her for anything of a sexual nature again. She nods and walks inside. I follow her in and unload my clothes into my hamper and the rest of the booze I out back into my liquor cabinet and join Amber on the couch.

“That’s actually exactly what I wanted to talk to you about… What I felt this weekend I haven’t felt in literally years. I used to have a spark with my man but that has all but evaporated now. I still love him and I will be with him but I don’t want to lose you. Just promise me that even if we never have sex again things wont be awkward between us.” she looks at me, hope in her eyes.

“Of course not hun. I mean you literally grabbed my cock and kissed me right in front of your house and things weren’t awkward then. Why should they be now?”

She laughed and let out a sigh of relief followed up swiftly by grabbing me around the waist and hugging me. I let my arms embrace her and bring her close. We sit there for a minute chatting about life and her work and my work and just enjoying each others company. It was time to take her home and for me to get some of my own work around the house done.

A few weeks had gone by without any awkwardness between me and Amber. Natalie had officially gotten her promotion and had left for Vegas. I was in search for another roommate because I didn’t like to pay for my whole place by myself. I had gotten plenty of interest and I decide on a decently nice middle aged man to avoid the physical issues that arose from the female roomie.

The Saturday before I was supposed to show the place to the new roomie I get a call from Amber late in the afternoon, she’s crying. I didn’t even ask, I got my ass in the car and went to get her to bring her over. I prepare her favorite drink as soon as we get back and she lays down on my couch. I set the drink on the table in front of her and sit on the recliner to her left.

“Ok bursa escort so what happened?” I ask.

“It’s just the same damn thing. He treats me like I’m some property and that he can control every aspect of my life. I am so done. I’m over it. How can I get him to treat me like a human?”

“Dude I have told you over and over you are where you guys will be for the rest of your life?”

She let out a groan and took a sip of her drink. I had persuaded her to watch a funny movie with me and relax and talk about fun topics. We went over how we met. Our old workplace. Some of my more questionable decisions in women. That time she asks me if she was untelligent. (yes you read that right. She asked me as seriously as she could muster if she sounded UNTELLIGENT) that one always brought a smile to her face. We laughed and joked for hours just to brighten her mood. After I had made us dinner and a few more drinks she asks if she can stay the night. “I just don’t even want to see him right now.” She says. “Of course you can stay the night I’ve told you time and time again that you are welcome here anytime.” Her smile fades to concern when she says “I don’t have pajamas.” “Dude I’ve seen you naked I think I can handle you sleeping in your undies.” I respond. She laughs and nods in agreement. We walk down into my room and I sit on the foot of my bed and take off my slippers and socks. I strip my shirt off and look over at her standing there looking at me still.

“You know ever since that weekend I haven’t been able to get the image of you out of my head.” she says embarrassed slightly.

I laugh a bit “Well I would be lying if I said I hadn’t thought of you in the same manner frequently.”

She steps over around the bed and plants her feet in between mine and grabs my head and holds it close to her chest. “Here let me help you get comfortable.” I say. Without waiting for a response I stand up and lift her shirt with me. She is wearing a beige bra that was obviously meant for her eyes only. I pick her up and gently lay her down on the bed. Sliding my hands down her side I find her jeans. My hands make quick work of the button and zipper. I grab onto the bottom of her jeans at her ankles and pull. They slide off of her with ease revealing her cute pink and grey panties. They had a cute little pink bow just off center. She notices this the same time as I do and she adjusts her panties so it lines up perfectly in line with her belly button. Even though she isn’t in the sexy lingerie that I half expected she still looked stunning. I head over to my door to shut off the light and turn back to her already comfortable in my bed. I leave my gym shorts on in an attempt to make her feel more comfortable and to not send the wrong message. She turns away from me as I lay down behind her. I place my arm around her as tightly as I could just hoping to make her feel safe and wanted. She places her hand on my arms and lets out a sigh of relief.

After very little time of us cuddling and enjoying each others warmth I feel her begin to ever so gently move her butt up and down. It feels really good but I’m desperately fighting the urge to get an erection. She lifts my arm off her freeing her to turn towards me and look at me. Very little moonlight is shining through my window but I can see that she is looking right into my eyes. “Remember how I told you what I was into sexually?” she asks me. “Of course I do. How could I forget? We are basically into the same things.” She nods in agreement and then says “I want you to do some of those things to me.” I stare at her blankly searching my mind for her exact meaning. I finally decide fuck it and I roll on top of her and with all my weight I put my hand on her throat. She gasps at the suddenness of my movement but shows no signs of trying to stop me. As I hold her down I find her panties and rip them off of her. I release my grasp on her throat to remove her bra and as soon as its off I put my force right back onto her. I lean my head down to take a nipple in my mouth while I work my own shorts off. I suck on them hard and nibble from time to time. I make a pretty hard bite just above her nipple. She responds with an eager moan. Her hands find my erection bursa escort bayan in the dark and she begins to stroke it making it as hard as its ever been. Her hand is so soft and her touch is tender regardless of my ruthless hold on her neck.

I position myself in between her legs and prepare myself for entry. I take my free hand and feel her pussy to warm her up just a bit. I massage her clit with my thumb, my hand placed firmly on her pelvis. As my thumb descends I feel that she is already wet. I remove my had from her pussy to have it join my other on her throat. She tries to grasp for air as the head of my cock enters her. I pull it back out and rub it a little on her clit. I can see the anticipation in her eyes as she waits for me. I decide to end her punishment by thrusting as hard and as deep as I can. Once again I find myself waiting at her depths to adjust to her tightness. Even though her pussy is wet I can feel myself struggling as I thrust slowly in and out of her. She adjusts more and more to my size and the trusting becomes easier. As soon as I feel it sliding in and out with ease I begin to slam into her as hard and as fast as I could. Her eyes roll back into her head while I slam my cock into her. I let my grip up just a little bit to allow her to grasp for air. She had always told me that she wanted to be dominated and while I was into being the dominator I didn’t want to make her pass out. She places her hands on my chest and my arms take position at her sides. I allow her some freedom briefly while I continue to slam into her at a slower and more steady pace but enough to make her moan with every deep thrust.

I pull my cock out of her at this point and stand up. My original intent was to grab my cooling and heating lubricants from my closet but she had another idea. She lays down on the bed with her head barely hanging onto it and she grabs me by the legs and positions my cock right above her mouth. Natalie was always able to take my whole length into her throat where Amber struggled with it. She told me that she was kinda jealous and she wanted to make that up to me now it appeared. I leaned forward to allow her to start licking the tip. I take a breast in each hand and lean into her as far as I could. This time I notice that she is able to take my full length down into her throat. I can see my own cock bulge in her throat. The sight of that makes me lose control and pull back and slam it back down her throat. I begin to fuck her face as fast as I could manage. Her hands are on the back of my legs encouraging me to force my cock down her throat. I can feel my orgasm begin to approach. The sight of my cock bulging in her throat makes me hornier and hornier. I bring my cock back until just the head is in her mouth and I warn her I am going to cum. She puts as much pressure as she can on my ass to force my cock back down her throat. As soon as she does that I let my load loose. I can see it pulsing in her throat and I can hear her swallowing every drop as I cum inside her throat. I must have filled her up with how much I came. I slowly bring my cock out of her mouth and she gasps for air but smiles, a mixture of spit and cum following my cock out and landing on her cheek. I stand for a second to catch my breath with her. After a few minutes I walk over to the closet to get my lubes to join in on the fun. She looks at me with joy on her face at the other toy that I grabbed. They are handcuffs but they would cuff her wrists to her ankles. She gladly gets on all fours and positions her hands by her feet in a downward doggystyle position.

After I had finished cuffing her, I get myself into position behind her. My erection had begun to fade but the view I was presented with now it came back in full force. I slowly massage the outside of her pussy with the head of my cock. I can hear her moan as I tease her. She finally begs “Please fuck me right now.” I grant her request and slide my cock inside her still soaking wet pussy. It goes in easily this time. I think the handcuffs helped with that. It was one of her major turn ons. As I begin to pick up pace she slams her ass back into me with every forward motion I make sending me as deep as I can with each thrust. I hear her escort bursa moans get more frantic as I thrust in and out. With that I decide to take a risk and let my thumb play with her asshole. She moans as I rub the outside of it and slam my cock deep inside her. After a few seconds it slips inside her which causes her to not push back into me on one thrust but instead moan loudly. I start to finger her ass while I’m fucking her pussy and she starts slamming back into me with every thrust. Just when I was going to pull out to tease her some more I feel her whole body tense up and I slam as hard as I can one last time. It sends shockwaves through her body while she starts to convulse. She’s silent now except her heavy breathing as I slowly bring my cock in and out of her heightening her climax. Amber is shaking all over at the immense pleasure that just filled her body.

I pull my cock out of her and we both catch our breath. After I hear her breathing begin to normalize I place myself behind her once more. This time I start to rub the head of my cock on the outside of her ass. She moans and then looks back over her shoulder and gives me an approving nod. I coat my cock with the cooling lube and slowly let my head poke her asshole. She moans as I start to breach her. With the head of my cock inside her I slowly start to pump back and forth in very small motions. Letting her grow to the size of me and letting me adjust to the tightness of her ass. I didn’t think my cock would fit in anything tighter than her pussy but with every pump I’m sliding deeper and deeper inside her. After a few minutes I finally find myself as deep as I can go inside her ass. We rest there for a minute proud of our accomplishment. She makes the first move as she leans forward slightly and slams back into me. I take the hint and start slowly pumping my whole length in and out of her ass. She’s moaning while starting to move her hips faster. I don’t think I would be able to last long doing this. Its so tight and I need to pace myself but I want to bring her as much pleasure as I can. I being to pump with force and ferocity. I feel my cock begin to well up with my orgasm and I stop deep inside her and let us both catch our breath and let my orgasm subside. She must have felt the growth of my cock and she wouldn’t let me rest. She forces herself forward and back. Slamming into me with all her might. I cant take it anymore I take her hips in my hands and use all my strength to push myself in and out as fast and as hard as I can. I start to cum inside her ass and he moans as my hot cum shoots inside her. I can feel her legs shake and she’s cumming as well. With one final thrust as deep as I can I finish my orgasm and her shaking starts to subside.

With my cock still inside her I let free her hands and ankles. The cuffs fall off to the side but we both sit there for a moment still trying to catch our breath. I slowly pull out of her and my cum follows as she sits up and heads to the restroom. I put the cuffs and the lube on my nightstand and lay down in the bed. After a while she comes back and joins me. Instead of facing away from me like she usually does when she sleeps she comes and rests herself on me facing me.

She grabs hold of me as if she wont ever let go. I wrap my arms around her feeling like I’m her anchor to this world and she would be lost without me. After about 10 minutes of us laying with each other completely naked she lifts her head from me and looks me in the eyes. I look back at her and smile. She rubs her hand on my chest and wont break eye contact. I lean into her so that I can feel those soft and beautiful lips on mine once again. Unlike the awkwardness of our first kiss this one felt like we were the same person. Our lips matched each others perfectly and tongues danced around each others like the were performing a waltz. We didn’t feel any sexual tension during this kiss it was about the passion and the love. She pulls away from me before I am ready for her to, so I try to chase her. She laughs and pins me down. After looking me in the eyes for a minute she says “I love you.” I say it right back.

Then her smile leaves her face and she looks at me with sadness in her eyes. “I don’t think its platonic anymore. I’ve fallen for you and I want to be with you. Don’t leave me.”

“I know. I love you too. And of course I wont.” I say back to her.

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