Nisan 25, 2021

The Neighbor and the Patio

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All rights reserved The characters and events portrayed in this book are fictitious. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental and not intended by the author. No part of this book may be reproduced, or stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without express written permission of the publisher.

Copyright @2021 Carpe Noctem

The Neighbor and the patio By Carpe Noctem

He had just moved in this past week. She watched him do it all himself. Despite him being a hefty guy he was really strong. Watching him stirred something within her. She stopped by to introduce herself as he walked to his car. As he shook her hand she couldn’t stop smiling.

She went home and flopped into her chair. Wild thoughts running through her head as her hand searches the pocket for her favorite toy. She pulls out the pulsar dildo that she bought last month. The head has little semi-rigid feelers at the end for more stimulation. She slides off her yoga pants and panties teasing herself with the toy. All the while thinking about sucking on Joe’s hard stiff cock. As she slides the toy inside her she moans out “yes Joe yes I’ve been waiting so long for this”! She continues to pleasure herself with the dildo moaning his name out loud.

Joe walked over to the neighbor’s house feeling pretty ashamed of himself. He was in such a hurry that he had brushed off the beautiful older lady next door. His mama would have smacked him silly for that. So here he was knocking on the front door but no one answered. Her car was there so he walked around the house and stopped when he was passing the bay window. The curtains were drawn open and there was Dorothy on the chair, her legs spread wide pushing a dildo in and out of her yummy looking hole. Her big soft breasts were pulled out and laying on her soft round stomach. As he watched her he started to feel bad and was turning to walk away when he heard her yell out. YES, FUCK ME JOE. FUCK MY COUGAR PUSSY. GIVE ME ALL THAT YOUNG SPERM.

Joe was shocked as he ran maltepe escort back to his house. He had recently got divorced. Even at the high point of his marriage he had felt so wanted. He barely knew this woman and she was over at her house fantasizing about him. As he got back into the house he realized he was getting an erection thinking about what he saw. He was never into bigger or older ladies but what he saw just turned him on.

He stripped out of his pants and boxers. He grabbed his phone and opened his favorite porn app. Instead of the usual dom/sub porn, he was into he looked up older BBW younger men. The search spewed out a few hundred videos and he clicked on one that looked like Dorothy. He pressed play and lay back to watch slowly stroking his cock. As the video played he was getting nowhere as excited as he was a few minutes ago. He closed down the phone and let his mind wander. As it did as all he kept seeing was the image of Dorothy in the chair plowing herself with the toy, and moaning his name. He started stroking harder and faster as he envisioned himself in front of her. That it was his hard cock going in and out of the pussy. That mostly shaved with a small patch of hair on her pussy. He was stroking hard and harder before he grunted out GRRRRR YES TAKE THAT CUM YOU SEXY WOMAN I OWN THIS PUSSY

He started shooting jets of cum all over the bedspread making a mess. He groans as the wave of euphoria passes. He has never gotten off so much before. He grins as a plan starts to take place in his mind. He must have this lady. So he gets cleaned up and leaves the house to go ask her over for dinner this weekend.

She answers the door looking sweaty and flushed. She smiles at him as he invites her for dinner this Saturday night. She lays in bed that night and pulls up Sarah’s number to text her. She thought it was weird Sarah was listed twice but phones do that so she paid no mind. She started texting her.

Sarah, do you remember the young guy that I told you moved in next door

Yes I do what about him

Well he just invited me over for dinner Saturday night at his escort maltepe place

That’s awesome you should wear something sexy to see if you can catch his eye

I’m gonna wear the cream color dress with no panties the one that hugs my large curves

So what were you up to today?

Well, to be honest after I met him today I went home right away and played until I screamed his name.

Damn girl sounds like your smitten

Mmm I hope he’s a dominant guy id love to be his slutty sub

I hope it all works out

Joe is sitting there staring at his phone smiling. Dorothy thought she was typing her friend but was mistakenly typing him. He has been playing along hoping to find the clue to what he wants and desires.

Saturday arrives and he gets everything set up. He has burgers on the grill and beer and wine in the fridge. He sets a copy of his new erotic novel on the counter for her to see. She walks up on the patio dressed to kill. She blushed as he whistled and called her sexy mama. She sauntered over to him and kissed his cheek. They Sit down and have a great conversation about life and work. She asks to use the restroom and goes inside. After she washes her hands she wanders into the kitchen and sees the book.

She opens it and starts to read. She becomes engrossed in the stories she is reading; she fails to notice Joe standing behind her rubbing himself through his shorts. She shivers as she keeps reading, feeling herself getting wetter and wetter. She almost doesn’t notice Joe sliding his hand under her skirt. Joe sneaks up behind her and watches as she starts reading. He rubs himself as he takes off his shorts. His cock already hard at the sight of her bent over the counter. He walks up and slips his hand under his dress but he bumps against her hand. He leans over and growls low in her ear I SEE SOMEONE STARTED WITHOUT ME she whimpers and says I’m sorry sir.

He smacks her ass hard and she jumps a little. More master she croons, I’ve been such a bad sub. Joe smacks her twice as hard leaving a handprint on her big ass cheek. His cock is raging hard as he maltepe escort bayan lifts her ass up and pops the tip into her warm wet pussy. Jos grabs a hip in one hand and her ponytail in the other. He starts pulling her back by the hair and hip making her take his cock deeper into her hole. Dorothy feels the head enter her pussy and she gushes juices. As he grabs her hair she says a silent thank you for letting him see her in the window that day. She arches her back as he slides deeper into her. As it’s been so long it hurts a little, but she is a good sub and endures the pain without complaint.

Her ass stings as he smacks it again and again. As he leans in and whispers what are you, she moans out IM YOUR SUBMISSIVE LITTLE FUCK TOY She moans as the rod is fully inserted into her now. She pushes back and feels his balls hit her ass as he fucks her again and again. Her mind swirls as she keeps cumming, when he pulls out and walks outside.

He pulls his dick out and walks over to a patio chair calling for her to come outside. He watches as she crawls out naked on all fours her big breasts just touching the wood. He smiles at her and rubs his hard wet cock. Come have a meat snack he orders. His eyes gleam as she takes him in her mouth all the way to the base with no gag.

She looks him in the eyes as she sucks on his cock. Her tongue swirling in her mouth around it as she sucks it all the way down. She pulls it out and sucks on each of his balls before devouring the meat in front of her. She reaches up and wraps her huge breasts around it sucking on the tip making him lay his head back and moan SUCH A GOOD MOUTH.

He tilts his head and smiles at her. It’s time to ride master, he says. She gets up with his help and straddles his lap letting him lineup his pecker with her hole. As soon as the tip slides in she sits down taking the full length in one shot screaming as she does. The pain and pleasure as she is bouncing on him are building to a moment of sheer bliss.

He notices and lifts her up just enough to poke his cock into her ass. As she sits down and again the feeling is overwhelming she starts moaning and cumming nonstop. Bouncing harder and harder till he groans as well. His cum floods her asshole as she drenches his lap. Her orgasm peaks as he finishes cumming in her ass. She collapses in his arms whispering to him. IM YOURS.

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