Mart 25, 2021

The Naughty ‘Lil Darlin Ch. 02

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Lynn lay back reflecting on the fantasy she just treated herself to. She felt a little weak in the knees from the massive orgasm she experienced just thinking about being with her husband and Storyteller that way. Exhausted, she drifted off into what she hoped would be a peaceful sleep…


Lynn swallowed hard trying to take all of the cum down her throat. She absolutely loved the salty, yet sweet, taste of cum as it splashed over her tongue. At the same time her husband’s cock was buried in her ass and she could feel his fluids coating the inside of her anal passage. Gawd, she had never felt so full of cum in her life.

She continued to suck on AC’s cock trying to milk it for every drop of cum that she could. She could feel her husband’s cock going limp as it slid out of her anal passage leaving her hole gapping and filled with cum. Lynn lifted her head and moaned at the loss of the cock up her rear passage, but quickly “oohed” in delight when she felt AC’s tongue rake over her clit.

Wanting to feel his tongue all over, Lynn began to grind her pussy against his open mouth. Suddenly, the scene shifted…

Lynn felt the roughness of an unshaven face pressed against her moist pussy. The tongue was sliding deep inside of her, lapping up her juices. She didn’t know who it was, but she was certain it wasn’t AC. All she knew was that whoever was licking and sucking on her didn’t seem to care that her husband’s cum was now leaking out of her ass and mixing with her juices. He just lapped it all up, letting the mixed juices roll over his tongue and down his throat.

Looking down she could see that the cock before her face was different too. This one was not quite as thick as AC’s but was roughly about the same length. It was hard and fresh, begging to be either fucked or sucked.

Unsure of what to do, Lynn tried to sit up and dismount this stranger’s face. As she sat up, she felt the exploring tongue slide out of her pussy and up between her asscheeks.

Lynn couldn’t believe it as his tongue began sliding in and out of her vacant anal passage. Lynn moaned loudly as the tongue slid deep into her asshole, exploring her and licking up all of the excess cum that was leaking from her rear. It felt amazing and she no longer cared who this guy was, just as long as he didn’t stop what he was doing.

She felt his tongue sliding in and out of her asshole, his rough face tickling her pussy. Her clit rubbed against his rough stubble as he ate her asshole greedily, sucking out all of the cum that her husband had left behind.

Lynn felt the familiar stirring of an orgasm building up as she began to grind her ass and pussy against the adventurous mouth beneath her. She began moaning louder as she forcefully ran her pussy and ass over his face. His tongue was working wonders on both of her openings, licking her, sucking her, fucking her, driving her absolutely crazy.

She closed her eyes as an orgasm washed over her senses, her juices gushing out of her pussy and coating the lower half of his face. She knelt there shuddering in ecstasy as his tongue continued to suck and lick at her clit.

Lynn bakırköy escort leaned forward to catch herself with both hands. Something felt different; it was like her whole body was wrapped up tight. Opening her eyes she could see that her whole body was covered in a purple latex suit. Only her nipples, pussy and asshole were exposed.

On the bed next to her unknown lover was a long thin purple riding crop and the most unique purple strap-on dildo that she had ever seen. It was at least 9 inches long and 2 inches in diameter with a large bulbous head at the tip. Clumped with the toys was a large tube of KY jelly and a purple butt plug.

“What in the world is going on here?” Lynn silently asked herself.

She almost jumped when she heard the Storyteller’s disembodied voice whisper in her ear, “It’s your fantasy, just go with it…”

Lynn felt a shiver run up her spine at the thought of what the Storyteller’s voice had suggested, “…just go with it…”. She heard some movement behind her. She had all but forgotten the fact that her husband was in the room with her. Looking over her right shoulder she could see him standing there smiling, his cock in his meaty grip as he tried to stroke it back to life.

As her orgasm subsided, Lynn dismounted from the stranger’s face. Turning, she looked down and was shocked to find Rebel laying there with a big shit eating grin on his face. The lower half of his rough face was covered with her juices, and he lay there perfectly content as her eyes traveled up and down his lean frame.

Lynn glanced over at the strap-on and then back at Rebel. She could swear that his smile got even bigger when he saw her glance back and forth between the two. Again she could hear Storyteller whispering in her ear “…just go with it, take Rebel, fuck Rebel, and make him yours. He wants it…”

“So…whatcha gonna do now hunny?” Rebel said in his thick Southern drawl. “Are you gonna fuck ol’ Rebel or what?”

Lynn reached down and picked up the thin riding crop, and swung it into her hand. She wanted to see exactly how the riding crop felt before she used it on Rebel. Satisfied that it wouldn’t cause too much damage, Lynn ran the tip of the riding crop up Rebel’s inner thigh stopping just below his genitals. She lifted the riding crop up and brought down on his thigh.

WHACK! “Did I tell you that you could speak?” Lynn demanded.

“No ma’am.”

“Did you like eating out my cum filled asshole?”



“What did you say?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Better, are you my little southern bitch, Rebel?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Then get on your knees before me!”

“Yes ma’am!” Rebel replied flipping over and getting onto all fours pointing his ass in Lynn’s direction. Kneeling next to him, Lynn picked up the butt plug and smeared it with the Jelly. Taking some excess jelly, she began pushing her finger against Rebel’s sphincter massaging the slick fluid around and into his anal passage.

Lynn reached underneath Rebel with her right hand and grasped his hard cock firmly in the palm of her hand. başakşehir escort As she began stroking his hard cock, she pressed the butt plug against his asshole. She could feel his ass relaxing as he tried to allow for the invasion into his rectum.

Rebel moaned loudly as the plug began sliding into his asshole. Lynn continued to stroke his cock, giving him as much pleasure as possible so his muscles would remain relaxed. As the butt plug slid all the way in, and was seated firmly, she heard a loud moan and felt a drop of pre-cum form on the tip of Rebel’s cockhead.

Not wanting to him to cum just yet, Lynn released his manhood, stood up behind him and ordered him not to move. She knelt behind Rebel and began playing with the plug, rotating it deep within his rectum. She loved how he moaned for more each time she twisted it, widening his asshole for her planned entry. Her nipples ached from the excitement she felt, and her pussy was sopping wet with arousal.

Leaning down, she picked up the strap-on and began to attach it to her waste. She was pleasantly surprised to find that it was the type that fit into her pussy as well, stimulating her clit while she used it.

Sliding around to the front of the bed she presented her huge purple cock to Rebel’s mouth. He spread his lips, and stuck out his tongue, rolling it over the purple cockhead. As Lynn began slowly feeding her cock into his mouth she looked over at her husband who was no steadily stroking his hard cock as he watched as events unfolded before his eyes.

“Suck my cock, Rebel! You like it don’t ya?”


WHACK! Lynn brought the riding crop down on his bare backside. “Yes ma’am!” Rebel amended.

“You want it, don’t you Rebel?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“You want me to fuck you with my thick purple cock, don’t you?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Beg for it…”



“I said beg for it! Beg me to fuck your tight asshole with my big cock.”

“Yes ma’am. Please…please fuck me with your big purple cock. Please…”

“Please what, Rebel? You want me to make you mine…”

“Yes ma’am! Please make me your bitch!”

Lynn slid back around behind Rebel grabbed the jelly and began to smear it over her strap-on. Satisfied that it was coated enough, she began to slowly rotate and pull the plug out of his asshole.

The plug came out easily, leaving his asshole gapping and ready for her. She spread some more of the jelly over his anus, and positioned her thick cock against his anal ring.

Rebel moaned with pleasure as the dildo pressed against his anus. Lynn dropped the riding crop and gripped his hips. She slowly began to apply more pressure on his asshole. She could feel him push out and relax as the thick cock like head penetrated his sphincter ring.

“OOOH!” Rebel cried out in pleasure and pain as his ass was invaded. “Gawd, darlin’, give me more!”

Lynn began pushing her cock deeper and deeper into his rectum. She marveled at the way his anus stretched to accept and accommodate the girth of her toy. Inch by inch she slid into his asshole bayrampaşa escort until she could feel her thighs pressed against his, the dildo buried as far as it could go into his asshole.

“Oh, Gawd!” Rebel yelled, “Fuck me! Fuck my ass!”

Lynn dropped a few more drops of jelly around the shaft of her dildo and began to slowly work her hips back and forth. She was doing it, she was actually fucking a man up the ass. The sensation of power was incredible. It was exciting. It was fucking hot!

The more excited Lynn got the faster she and harder she shoved her cock in and out of Rebel’s ass. The feeling of power combined with the clitoral stimulation offered by the strap-on was exquisite. It was sex in the purest, rawest, most uninhibited form and she loved it.

Rebel was moaning louder with each thrust into his ass. He began pushing back on the strap-on so hard that Lynn lost her balance, dislodging her cock from his ass. Grabbing his hips, Lynn motioned from him to flip over onto his back.

Rebel rolled over and grabbed his legs, pulling them up into the air as Lynn prepared to enter him missionary style. The dildo slid in much easier this time and she quickly found herself buried deep within his ass once again. His hard cock was pointing straight up, stiff and covered with pre-cum.

Lynn began working her cock in and out of Rebel’s ass hard and fast. She could hear the slap of flesh as her thighs made contact with his. Rebel’s eyes were glazed over in pleasure as she invaded him as deep as she could, loving every minute of it.

Lynn felt her husband climb onto the bed with them and kneel directly over Rebel’s chest. She watched as he stroked his cock in time to her thrusts. Rebel was beginning to moan even louder, shouting expletives and begging her not to stop.

She felt an orgasm building deep within as the clitoral stimulation grew strong and stronger with each hard, fast thrust. She reached down and grabbed Rebel’s cock, stroking it as she pulled out of his ass. The pre-cum oozed freely down his shaft coating her fingers and palm She looked over at her husband, his own cock oozing pre-cum and knew that all three of them were getting close.

With a loud shout Rebel began to cum, jets of his sticky white fluid shooting out and covering his chest and belly. Lynn watched in awe at the amount of cum that shot out of his cock. It was like a firehose had been unleashed releasing jets of cum that were shooting everywhere.

This signaled her own impending orgasm, as she began to shudder and cry out loudly. Wave upon wave of orgasmic bliss washing over her. She could feel her pussy gushing, her juices flowing around the strap-on and down her latex clad legs. The feeling was sensational, unlike anything she had ever experienced before.

Through squinted eyes she could see her husband’s facial expression change as he gave out a loud grunt and his cock exploded in his hand. His cum shooting out and covering Rebel’s stomach and chest, mixing with the cum that was already present…


“Lynn. Honey, wake up I’m home.”

Lynn opened up her eyes to see her husband leaning over her, a smile on his face. She looked down to see that her purple satin sheets were covered in her juices and her hand smelled like her wetness. “Have a nice dream?” he asked her.

Out of the corner of her eye, Lynn could see her purple passion dildo sitting on the nightstand. “…just go with it…” she heard Storyteller whisper in her ear…

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