Mayıs 9, 2021

The Naughty Family Ch. 03

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Here is the third chapter of this story – we will be shifting from Dad’s p.o.v. to Mom’s and I hope it’s everything some of you have been hoping for! I’m pleased at the reception this series has received so far. Looking forward to your comments, be they negative or positive.

As per the usual, this is a work of fiction and all characters within are fictitious as well. Enjoy!


As I pulled onto the campus of the state university, I could feel the anticipation of the moment tingling inside me, mixed up with the horniness I had felt since I’d woken up this morning and called home. There hadn’t been much conversation — it’s really hard to have a phone conversation with people when they’re fucking, especially when it’s your husband and daughter gasping and moaning between “Hello” and “How are you?”

I had burned up the cell phone minutes, stroking my wet pussy while listening to Jilly and John being swept away by their morning fuck, my daughter nearly screaming into the receiver, “Yesssss! DADDY’S REALLY FUCKING ME GOOOOOOOD, MOMMMM!” As I plunged fingers in and out of my wet snatch, I listened as my husband pumped away with his cock, plunging it in and out of our little girl’s cunt with total abandon pretty much as he had done since we’d broke through the walls of taboo and let our fantasies become reality back in early April.

I could almost see my handsome man on top of our tall, shapely daughter, ramming that long, thick dick of his into her wet, bald cunt over and over. It made me ache just a little that I couldn’t be there, to share his big cock with Jilly, kissing him and kissing her, tasting him inside her pussy, tasting myself on her lips, abandoning all reason and conventional morals as we indulged in sweet incest over and over! But, I was on a mission…it was my job to bring our last family member into our new way of life. I needed and suddenly wanted to fuck my son, Scotty.

As I parked in front of his dorm, I reflected on how difficult this task might be. Scotty was our oldest child — a near genius young man of twenty-three years old, due to finish his graduate degree in cybernetics in the fall. Spring semester was over and I was here to pick him up and bring him home for the summer. I was here for more than that though. I was here to seduce him and guide him into becoming more of a loving family member than he might ever have imagined. And I knew how difficult that would be. See, Scotty has a mild neurological condition — a slight form of Asperger’s Syndrome that had made socializing a bit more difficult for him than most.

Scotty required an orderly world — one that was reliable and structured without too many deviations. It was a world of rules and process that did not change lightly from day to day. Whenever that world was disrupted, it threw him into a tizzy, manifested by tantrums or withdrawal. As a child, he would weep or rage at his mischievous little sister’s “unauthorized” trespasses into his room or at any unexpected changes in school schedules or any other unanticipated events. But, as I had learned from long experience, my son could and did adapt to new situations and while becoming sexually active within the family would be one hell of a new situation, I was confident that I could help guide Scotty through it.

I glanced at my wristwatch and seeing that it was nearly four in the afternoon, my late arrival would no doubt be seen as an unanticipated event. I should have been here before noon so we could make it back home before it would get too late. As it was, we would now have to stop for the night on the way. This would no doubt upset Scotty, but was part of my overall plan.

I climbed out of the minivan, feeling the breeze warm on my bare arms and legs. Most of the dorm’s students had already gone home, but here and there were young men and their mothers and fathers loading packed boxes into cars or trucks or vans for their own trips home and I was aware of more that a few of them were eyeing me.

I was wearing a sleeveless summer halter dress, a floral print on white that contrasted well with my olive complexion. The short hem showed off my shapely legs well and the light cotton material clung tightly to my large breasts, scarcely contained in the lacy strapless half bra I had on. The halter dress didn’t offer up too much cleavage, but it still accentuated the shape and heft of my breasts and neither my dress nor my bra did anything to conceal my nipples, thick and erect in anticipation of seeing my son. High heeled sandals completed my ensemble as I strutted up the steps of the dormitory. My shoulder length black hair framed my green eyes that my cat’s eye glasses seemed to accentuate.

I grinned and somehow managed not to blush as I heard a couple of faint wolf whistles as I climbed up the two flights of steps and walked down the long hallway to my son’s dorm room. I was proud of my zaftig figure, all tits and ass as my husband liked to proclaim. I sometimes envied our daughter, bahis firmaları Jilly’s taller and more slender figure, but I was comforted by the fact that I had been turning heads since I was a teenager. While my normal dress was more modest, since becoming incestuously involved with my daughter — in certain situations, I was enjoying dressing up much more sexily and to be honestly, dressing more like a slut. Certainly, showing up with seducing my son was such an occasion to dress so sexily..

I scarcely had knocked on Scotty’s door before he flung it open, his green eyes, so much like mine, wide with panic. My son needed a haircut, his black hair all askew and falling into his face as he exclaimed, “Mom, you’re late! We’re going to get home late if we can get home at all.” Even in his panic at the upset of the status quo, I could see that he still managed to give me a long look up and down, registering and recording my sexy outfit. “Mom, I don’t know if we can drive home tonight. It would be after midnight, Mom!”

With long practiced ease, I reached out and placing the palm of my hand on his chest, pushed him backwards, allowing me to enter his dorm room. “I’m glad to see you too, son,” I said, stepping inside his comfort zone and kissing him on the corner of his mouth, allowing my meaty breasts to rub against his T-shirt covered chest. I could feel him stiffen up against me — personal contact was something my son had difficulty with.

“Mom. It’s really late. Why are you so late? We can’t make it home tonight, Mom!”

I put my arms around his neck and tugged his head down until we gently bumped foreheads and looking him in the eye, I repeated, “It’s good to see you, Scotty.”

I locked gazes with him, not allowing him to pull away and after a few seconds, my son began to calm down and finally he gave me a bashful grin and said. “It’s good to see you, Mom.” I lifted an eyebrow in expectation and he moved his head and kissed me back, aiming for the corner of my mouth, but because I deliberately shifted, more or less bussing me on the lips.

Still with my arms around his neck, I felt his heart pounding in his chest, more likely from his anxiety over my tardiness than from the fact his mother was mashing her tits against his chest. He confirmed it by repeating more calmly, “Mom, you’re late and that means we can’t get home tonight.”

I nodded and replied, “That’s correct. But it’s all right. All it means is that you and I will spend the night in a motel. Is there anything wrong with that?” I felt amusement as I saw him try and process this. “Is there anything wrong with a mother and son staying overnight in a motel?”

I blushed and he giggled a moment before saying. “No.”

I nodded and kissed him again, this time a brief kiss full on the lips. “Good boy. Now, let’s get you packed up and we’ll be on our way.” I dropped my arms and stepped around him, dragging my breasts across my chest as I did so. A quick glance around the room confirmed that he was ready to go — a small stack of boxes and crates that we’d have to haul down to the minivan. My son lived a pretty spartan life — only keeping what clothes he actually needed, a few computer games, some DVDs and books, and a laptop.

Scotty insisted on carrying everything down, leaving the arrangement of the boxes to me. As he announced to me that he had the last load, I was leaning into the side of the minivan shuffling things around so they wouldn’t shift or turn over. Before I turned around, I caught him in the corner of my vision checking out my voluptuous backside — the light cotton dress stretched tightly across my backside — thong bikini leaving no panty line.

I spun around and said, “And what are you looking at, young man?”

Scotty looked down and blushed and then with his face turning bright red replied, “You look really pretty in that dress, Mom.”

I felt a flush sweep through me, a tingle blossoming between my thighs at his words, but acted amused as I said, “Thank you, Scotty. I swear there must be no good looking girls around if you’re staring at an old lady’s butt!”

Scotty looked panicked for a moment, but saw my grin and said boldly, “You’re as pretty as any girl here at the university, Mom!”

“Why thank you, son!” I said. I did a little shimmy dance, making my barely fettered breasts roll about my chest. “Am I as sexy as your college girlfriends?”

My son’s eyes followed my bouncing breasts about even as his mouth gaped open at my little bit of teasing and then he hurriedly brushed by me to set the last set of boxes down, unable to look me in the eyes as he muttered, “I don’t have any girlfriends.” He paused for a second and still avoiding my gaze, said more bravely, “You’re sexier, Mom!”

I came up behind Scotty and wrapped my arms around his waist, hearing him gasp as I invaded his space again, this time mashing my tits against his slightly sweaty back. “Thank you, sweetheart! You make an old lady feel young and kaçak iddaa pretty!” I showered him with quick little kisses on his neck and ears until he squealed with delight and broke free of my embrace.

He retreated a few steps and we stood and looked at each other, Scotty giggling until he nearly lost his breath. I was gratified that I thought I could detect a faint outline of an erection beneath his crisp khakis. Finally, I said, “Well, sweetie, if we have everything, we should get on the road.”

Scotty reverted to type by agreeing vigorously, “Absolutely! We are already late. No way can we get home tonight!”

We climbed into the van, me driving because Scotty found driving too disorganized. Not being able to predict what other drivers would do unnerved him. We hit the highway with my son talking animatedly about his graduation thesis which revolved around a new artificial intelligence program. It mostly went over my head, but I was happy to let him chatter on while I waited to see how long it would take him to notice that in getting into the driver’s seat, I’d allowed my short dress to ride up my thighs to my crotch.

I had almost given up hope of him noticing when he suddenly went silent. A quick glance over confirmed his eyes were now locked onto my legs and crotch. I shifted my legs a little to allow my thighs to open up and reveal the tiny swatch of cloth that passed for the gusset of my thong panties — a lacy and gauzy white material that allowed my trimmed, black-haired bush to be visible beneath the thin cloth, below which was a wet spot, standing out pink and dark against the surrounding white silk and lace.

Scotty’s face was knotted up in furious concentration, his tongue peeking out and worrying his upper lip. Another quick glance confirmed the rise of his cock, now a prominent bulge in his pants. Suddenly, my son realized that I was watching him watching me and he began to blush once again. To prevent a new burst of anxiety, I winked at him and then asked, “So, any new girlfriends, Scotty?”

My son laughed and rolled his eyes. “You know I never date, Mom. I don’t get girls and they don’t get me.”

“I doubt that,” I responded, tossing him another wink. “You’re a good looking man — I bet you have to beat them off with a stick.”

“Hardly, Mom,” Scotty replied, squirming uneasily in his seat.

“Well, they should be, son.” I gave him a leering grin and said teasingly, “If I wasn’t married, I’d be all over you in a minute.”

Scotty’s expression was somewhere between tickled and shocked as he said, “No you wouldn’t. You’re my mom.”

I stuck my tongue out at him and said, “I don’t know why that should make a difference. You’re a sexy young hunk. If your father said it was okay, I’d tear your clothes off in a second.”

Scotty sat straight up and his arms moved about in front of him aimlessly, a little eccentricity of his that indicated that he was confused and unnerved…the human equivalent of “DOES NOT COMPUTE!” I reached out and stroked his shoulder and murmured, “Everything is okay, Scotty. Don’t worry.”

I let it go, letting the conversation and the teasing lag while we drove on. Silence reined for awhile, but it wasn’t too long before I saw my son again glancing down at my exposed crotch. I hoped he appreciated the growing wet spot between my legs — my teasing making me more aroused and making me nuts with the need to take my hand and rub my pussy. I began to smell my wetness as well and wondered what Scotty was making of this new, musky scent. I wondered if he’d ever gotten a good whiff of wet pussy before.

I decided that fingering my aroused pussy while driving might be a little much, but when I noticed him shifting his attention to my breasts with my hard nipples clearly visible against the light cotton of my dress, I couldn’t resist bringing my left hand up and carelessly caressing my breast, idly sliding two fingers around my swollen nub and pinching it through my dress.

A little squeak escaped my lips after I pinched it particularly hard, sending a jolt of carnal delight racing through my body. “Mom…are you okay, Mom?” Scotty asked, his voice a mixture of concern and confusion.

“Ohhhhh yeah,” I breathed out. “I’m with my most favorite man in the world. I’m doing just fine!”

Scotty laughed and said. “I’m your favorite man? What about Dad?”

I spared him a glance from the road and winked at him again. “Well, I love your father a lot, but…there’s a special love that only a mother and son can have.”

Scotty’s face lit up with pleasure. “Really, Mom?”

I reached over and dropped a hand on his thigh and gave it a squeeze. “Absolutely, Scotty, don’t you feel it? I love you like no one else, son.” I rubbed his thigh a little bit and said in a slightly pouty voice, “Don’t you love me, Scotty?”

My son trembled a bit and hesitated, that lip peeking out and rolling along his lip. “More than anything…anyone, Mom!”

“Am I your best girl, kaçak bahis son?” I said teasingly.

Scotty took a deep breath and let it out slow. “I wish…” he replied, looking out the window.

“You wish what?” I said, sensing an opportunity.

Scotty was a long time responding and I thought for a moment I was going to lose him again as his arms came up and waved for a few seconds before he paused and dropped them into his lap. “You wish what, honey?” I asked again.

Slowly, Scotty turned to face me and he said in a hesitant tone. “I wish I really had a girlfriend like you, Mom.”

I smiled back at him between glances at the road and then replied as I slid my hand up his thigh until my fingers were almost brushing the large bulge in his crotch, “Well, darling. You know that’s what Moms are best at…making their son’s wishes come true.”

He stared at me, eyes wide with amazement as he tried to process my words. I returned my focus to my driving, giving him a little time to work things through, enjoying his not too subtle glances at my aroused body. We drove on another couple of hours, saying little until the sun had set and I decided we would stop for the night. We pulled into a small and older motel — a leftover remnant of a chain that no longer was in business.

I left Scotty in the minivan while I went in and got us a room. A middle aged Indian woman got me signed in and glancing through the window, said, “One room or two, madam?”

I finished filling out the registration card as I replied, “One room, please — one bed would be fine.”

The motel clerk tilted her head and gave me a curious glance, her eyes flicking towards the window again where she could see Scotty sitting. She smiled at me, a knowing smile that conveyed understanding. “Of course, madam.” She handed me a key card and said, “Room 118. It had a king size bed. It’s around to the side and is very private.”

“Perfect,” I replied.

I picked up the card and strutted back out, smiling naughtily back at her as she said, “I hope you have a wonderful stay with us.”

I drove us around to park in front of our room and we climbed back out, Scotty stretching to work kinks out as I opened up the side door and rummaged around for my overnight bag. As I yanked it free of the clutter of Scotty’s boxes, I knocked a small box of DVDs off the seat, scattering them across the floorboard and the pavement.

“Oops, my bad, Scotty!” I said as I squatted down to pick up the jewel cases. I heard Scotty give a slight squawk only to go dead silent as I slowly rose back up, examining the DVDs in the parking lot lights. After looking at the titles, I gave my son an amused glance and said, “My goodness. You have some interesting sounding movies here, son.” I held them up, three of them fanned out in my hand — TABOO II, HOT MOMMAS & YOUNG SONS, and AMATUER MILFS WHO LOVE COCK!

“Somebody likes older women!” I said teasingly in a sing song voice.

Scotty looked strickened and his arms began to come up and wave, but I tried to head things off by laughing and saying, “Calm down, sweetie. Momma’s known about your porn movies for a long time.”

Scotty stopped waving his arms and said in a confused voice. “You do?”

I tossed the movies back into the box and headed for the motel room door. “I’m your mother, Scotty. I know everything!” I worked the card key and opened up our room. “Grab your things and come on in and we’ll talk about dinner.”

By the time Scotty came through the door, I had the lights on and my bag put away and was standing with my arms crossed under my big breasts and waiting for the next unexpected event to throw a loop into my son’s day.

He tromped inside, a backpack slung over his shoulders and he closed the door and then turned and stared at me for a moment, studying my emphasized breasts for a moment before he turned and saw the single king sized bed. Scotty’s mouth dropped open and then he turned back to me and exclaimed. “Mom! Mom, there’s only one bed. We need two. We can’t stay here. We need another room. There’s only one bed!”

His backpack slid off his shoulder to the carpet and his arms were waving about as he continued to report the “one bed” situation until I slowly approached him and as I had done when I had picked him up, put my arms around his neck and pulled his head down to touch mine and I stared into his green eyes, saying, “I know, Scotty…calm down.”

For another minute or so, he continued to wave his arms, but finally they fell to his sides and he said with tears in his voice, “But, Mom, there’s only one bed.”

In a quiet, but firm voice, I replied, “I know, Scotty. It’s okay, we’ll both sleep in the bed…just like we used to when you were a little boy.”

Scotty swallowed and said hesitantly, “But, I’m not a little boy anymore. I’m a grownup…I’m a man.”

I smiled and tilted my head to kiss him softly on the lips and said, “Yes you are and I’m a woman and a man and a woman can sleep in the same bed.”

Scotty processed this, still looking panicked and he said in a near whisper, “But, you’re my Mom. That isn’t right, is it…us sleeping together like grownups?”

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