Mart 21, 2021

The Motorcycle Diaries: Couples Ride

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The Motorcycle Diaries: Couples Ride

© 2020 Mojavejoe420

Opening scene:

Wide-angle helicopter view of low rolling hills ablaze with full autumn colors. The helicopter pans right and we see a majestic bridge crossing a large river. Those in the know will recognize it as the Tappan Zee Bridge crossing the Hudson River in New York State. The sun dances on the dying leaves, bringing out their full and dazzling hues. But thunderclouds are closing in from the west, lightning bolts rippling through them. The helicopter zooms in slowly and we see two motorcycles riding side-by-side in the right lane. Each bike has a man-woman couple atop the seats, dressed in warm leather attire, hoping to outpace the storm.

Cut to the camera following the duo down a winding road. The two male drivers are moving their heads slightly, looking at each other now and then. The right-hand driver gesticulates with his hand, the two drivers appear to be talking, but they are in full-face helmets.

Cut to stationary cameras on a two-lane Highway nearly buried in flaming foliage. The two motorcycles roar by, fallen leaves whirl in their draft.

That’s how I pictured the opening of this story, we two couples roaring through the gorgeous countryside. I’m not a Hollywood director by any means, but it sounded pretty good, right? Okay, here’s the story…

The dark clouds threatened our ride. By my reckoning, and by reckoning I mean my phone’s GPS, we had about forty-five minutes to go before we got to our hotel in Ridgefield, Connecticut. We left yesterday from our home in Richmond and stayed the night in Stanhope, New Jersey. We didn’t like riding more than about four hours a day. We just wanted to cruise the New England countryside, take in the gorgeous sights, stay off the freeways, and get reacquainted with our spouses.

Our riding partners, Max and Shelby, rode the right tire track while we, Paige and Vic, hugged the left track as we cruised up Route 35. We’ve been neighbors and friends for over twenty years, and this was our fifth year as riders. Max and I both had pretty decent Hawgs (2015 V-Rods) that rode well and had tons of power.

But our motorcycles didn’t like rain. None do, really. It’s just too slick and unsteady when it rains. It becomes downright dangerous as you would have to slow way down to be safe, which would then get you run over by our enemies. Enemies being anything with four or more wheels.

I flicked the communications switch from ‘A’ over to ‘B’. See, our helmets had these radios where we could talk to each other. I could talk to just Paige, or I could talk to her and Max and Shelby. It was really handy to be able to speak to each other.

“Hey, Max. We’re gonna go left at this upcoming water fountain. Then take a right on Branch something. I can’t see it…oh, Branchville Road.”

“You know, I got a phone too, numbnuts.” But Max was not an accomplished navigator. He forgot to pay attention to things like directions, distances, those sorts of minor details.

“Right… I mean Left! Go Left! But yes, you’re so awesome with it. Remember when you got lost less than two miles from home?”

“Suck my dick, Vic!”

“Only after you suck mine, asshole!”

We made the left, and the right, and went down the twisty hill. Sprinkles began to fall. Shit, we just need another ten minutes.

“Let’s spread out, Max. Keep it safe.” He acknowledged and we stopped riding side by side on the wet street.

A minute or so later, Shelby’s voice came up in our helmets.

“Max, I need that long cock the minute we get inside.”

Paige squeezed me tight and I could feel her shaking as she sat behind me. She was trying to stifle a laugh at this inadvertent exchange.

“I don’t want to unpack or anything,” Shelby continued, unaware of her broadcast. “Tell Vic whatever you need to, but make sure we check in first. I need to get fucked right away.”

Paige pounded my back a few times. We were all great friends and knew a lot of things about each other, but we never got down to this level of intimacy. I just couldn’t let it slide, this was a classic moment that we could re-live in our golden years.

“Paige,” I called out. “If I knew you were that horny I wouldn’t have stopped at that lookout point back at the Tappan Zee!”

“Oh shit!” she screamed, her hand fumbling for the switch. “This goddamned fucking radi—““


Silence filled our ears. Only for a moment though. As Paige and I burst out laughing. Not a word was heard from their bike the rest of the way, even though we could tell they were talking rather animatedly to each other.

We parked the bikes under the carport at the lobby and slowly got off our rigs, stretching and getting the damn helmets off. We timed it perfectly, the rain unloaded just as we went inside to check-in.

“Um… yeah… there’s a problem with one of your rooms…” The gawky counter clerk was banging furiously on his keyboard. But it didn’t look good.

“You see,” he began. “Ridgefield is having its Revolutionary War Remembrance Day, which is the whole weekend. And, well, they have re-enactors, you know. They dress up in uniforms and fire muskets and—“

“I don’t need a history lesson. Are you gonna give us our rooms or what?” Shelby was apparently very horny. She looked like she was going to tear the clerk a new one.

“Well, that’s the problem. Some of the re-enactors were getting their muskets ready in the room and… there was a fire. An explosion, actually. You should have seen it! Smoke was like, everywhere and—“

“Clive!” Shelby menaced. “Is that your name? Clive? Get to the point.”

“Your room burned. This morning. We called you several times and left messages. But… we’re booked solid. We’ve contacted the other hotels and B and B’s in the area and they are all booked, too. The nearest room is in Stamford, maybe an hour away? Danbury is all booked up, too.”

We looked at the pouring rain outside. We looked at the massive weather front on Paige’s phone. We weren’t going anywhere, and Stamford was completely the opposite way and kind of a shitty town.

“Clive,” I broke in. “What have we got?”

“You have a junior suite which sleeps four, it has two full-size beds.”

“Full? Come on Clive! That can barely sleep four kids!”

A ‘full’ sized bed is actually the smallest double bed made. Next up is a Queen, then King. Full is… tiny.

Clive just apologized. Another couple entered the lobby, dangerously close to one another, and interrupted our little non-party.

“You got vacancies, right? Your sign says so.”

Clive looked at me, then at Shelby. “We might. It depends on these people—“

“We’ll take it. Fuck.” I fished out my ID and payment card. “But I want a damn discount and restaurant vouchers. I swear to God this Yelp review is going to sting.”

“Lighten up, Karen.” Paige smiled at me. “We’ll be fine.”

Shelby just stood there, fuming at Max as he looked at his phone and noticed four voicemails. She looked like someone just killed her cat. And maybe they did; killed her pussy, anyway.

We got our stuff from the saddlebags, parked our bikes, and got them covered. Then, it was exactly like a scene in the movie: Four of us stood there just inside the door, dripping wet, our faces blank, just staring at the tiny room and its two baby twin beds. The decor was top-notch Days-Inn; crappy floral bedspreads, nonde*********** paintings over each bed, a round table, and two chairs. We couldn’t even all sit down comfortably.

“Window,” I finally called and headed toward that miniature bed nearest the door and window. I like to be in control of the air temp, and this put us farthest away from the bathroom with its potential odor issues. Max was known for his legendary farts, I didn’t want to be anywhere in the vicinity when the real thing showed up.

“What, exactly, makes this a mini-suite?” Paige stood there with her hands on her hips, dumbfounded by our accommodations. “I mean I get the mini part, but I don’t see a suite.”

“It’s probably that microwave,” offered Max. “Gotta be the smallest one I’ve ever seen.”

Shelby stomped off into the bathroom, locking the door behind her and turning on the shower. Max dropped the clothes he was putting in the drawers and followed after.

“Honey?” he asked, tapping on the door. “Don’t you want some company?” He looked at us sheepishly, then gave up after a few moments.

“Guess not,” he pouted as he finished putting away their stuff and hanging up his gear.

“Fucking phone,” he muttered.

Paige and I hopped on our midget bed… that’s probably a politically incorrect way of saying that. Sorry. I meant our fucking midget bed. We bumped elbows as we checked our phones for messages and such.

“I’m about to goddamn fall off.” I elbowed Paige’s boob in an effort to get her to move over. It’s a nice boob, I’ve always liked it.

“You want an elbow in the balls, mister? I’m on the edge already.” We settled into an uneasy peace.

Shelby emerged sometime later from the bathroom, looking quite refreshed.

“Your turn, Skippy.” She actually smiled when she spoke to her husband, he kissed her and got in the shower.

“You seem… a little more at ease,” Paige ventured, a little tease in her voice.

“Yeah,” Shelby smiled. “You know that bike gets to me, I needed to release.”

I gave Paige a look as if to say why aren’t you all horny after the ride? She elbowed my gut, a little more than a playful poke.

“Ow!” I complained. “Just for that, I get the next shower.” I got up and started getting my clothes ready for us going out to dinner.

A partition separated the room from the bathroom sink and mirror, and then a door closed off the shower and toilet. As I got some clean socks from the dresser, I looked towards the bathroom to see Shelby doffing her robe. She was hidden from view from the bed, but not from this side of the room.

Thicker than my petite wife, she sported big but-I-don’t-know-how-big breasts. My wife was a lovely and spectacular C-cup. These were as big as Max’s head. And they swung freely as she bent over, pulling up a bright yellow thong. She began putting on an industrial-strength bra and caught me looking. She smiled as I tried to look like I wasn’t looking.

Paige sat there, glued to her phone, thankfully unaware of the preceding thirty seconds.

The water shut off in the bathroom. Shelby winked at me and asked if I was ready, and I mumbled something.

My cock was hard when I got in the shower, but I somehow left him alone. I thought I might need him later.


“Yes to another round of drinks, no to dessert.”

“Speak for yourself, Vic! These tits didn’t get this big by skipping dessert!”

The waitress looked bored as the drunken foursome howled with laughter. And by drunken foursome I mean us.

“Two Decadent Delights, please. But only three forks. He gets nothing!”

I begged and pleaded and Paige did end up giving me some bites. It was so good. Salted caramel and chocolate cheesecake with… other stuff I don’t know what, but it was heavenly.

“It’s like… someone is having sex in my mouth right now,” I claimed, a dreamy expression crossing my face.

Max laughed and sprayed half his bite everywhere, which made us all laugh even more.

We finally settled down after a little while. The place was thinning out. It was just a Thursday night in suburbia. Except we were partying hard. Until Max decided to talk about the elephant in the hotel room.

“I want to fuck my wife tonight. What are we gonna do?”

We talked back and forth, suggesting ideas. Like, one couple could take a separate Uber back home thirty minutes later. But then what would the first couple do? Get dressed and stand outside in the rain? This was a sparse little area, there was nothing else to do, nowhere to go. We talked for five minutes and came up with nothing satisfactory. The room went silent and the waitress hoped we were done.

“Well…” Everyone looked at me. I didn’t realize I had actually spoken. A crazy idea had popped into my brain. But like Dana Carvey once said, it was so crazy, it just might work.

“We could just, you know…” I paused for effect. I love pausing for effect… it infuriated Shelby. “Turn the lights out and… go for it.”

There. I said it.

It got really quiet at the table. I mean you could hear the pin falling through the air, when it dropped it would’ve sounded like a thunderbolt.

Paige was the first to speak. “I’m gonna tuzla escort need another drink for that.”

Shelby and Max jumped in quickly with “Yeah” and “Me too” and “make it a double.”

The waitress reluctantly took our drink orders, figuring we weren’t ever going to leave now. But a funny thing happened. We were still very quiet, and when she brought the new drinks we downed them in less than a minute. Max had already dialed-in the Uber and he was waiting for us in the rain. We scrambled into the car very quickly. On the short ride to the hotel we tried talking about football, but it was awkward. Nobody mentioned what was going to happen in about eight minutes.

We got to the room, and the girls said they needed to use the bathroom. Max and I went around the back to piss in the rain and give the gals a chance to freshen up.

“I’ve… never done anything like this before, Vic.”

“You and me both, chief.”

We continued pissing into the rain-swollen gutter.

“How do you feel, knowing I’m going to see your wife naked?”

I thought for a moment.

“It’s going to be dark, right?”

“Yeah, not that dark.”

We both shook our cocks to get the final drops out.

“Honestly, Max. I’m okay with it. And I’m looking forward to seeing your wife naked.”

“Okay, good. I’m pretty excited to see Paige naked, too.”

“We’ve been friends a long time, I hope this doesn’t fuck it up.”

“Me too buddy, me too.”

I reached into my pocket and pulled out one of those bubble cards for medication. Popping out two blue diamond-shaped pills, I handed one to Max.

“We are gonna need these, I think.”

“Dude!” Max laughed. “Can’t you get it up? You’re only forty-four! I don’t need this.”

“Yeah, I can get it up. This will keep it up, though. Again and again. And probably again. What’s Shelby going to say when I’m fucking Paige for the fourth time and you’re laying there with a dead whiskey dick? It’s chewable.”

He looked at me, smiled, and chewed his pill.

We waited another minute or two, then returned to the room.


Max stepped in first and I followed him. We found ourselves staring into two small but bright spots of light, the ladies were using the flashlight function on their smartphones to light us up. It was effective, we couldn’t see them and they could see us. I held up my hand to shield the light and so did Max, we looked at each other.

“Well, this is different.”

Max nodded his head in agreement.

“Quiet, you two.” That was Shelby. “Max, stand in front of our bed. Good. Now both of you, strip.”

I was very well buzzed, so was Max. I waited about four seconds before I took off my jacket and kicked off my shoes. Max joined in and it became a race. We

got down to our boxers and looked at each other, shrugged, and pulled them down.

The ladies hooted and catcalled as we stood there stark naked. When they stopped, Paige gave us a command.

“Get them hard, boys.”

Max and I both chuckled.

“Now!” she growled.

“Paige, we need a little stimulus here. Come on.” I was willing to play along, but looking into a flashlight isn’t exactly sexy.

“Both us girls are naked, sitting in bed. Our breasts are exposed. Start stroking.”

We did, but it wasn’t enough, for either of us.

“You gotta give us something, Paige.”

“Hmmm… okay.” And she turned her light so that she lit up Shelby sitting naked in her bed.

“Hey!” Shelby responded by turning her light onto Paige. Both girls twisted and turned their phones on the other so it sort of gave a party light effect.

That did the trick. Seeing both of our women, laughing and playing with their phones while their naked breasts bounced got me going.

“Ahem, ladies.”

Both flashlights returned to us. My cock was at full attention and so was Max’s. Yeah, I looked. It was a competition, after all. No winner, though. We were both equally hard.

“Max’s cock is longer,” Paige announced.

“Gee, thanks a fucking lot, hon.” I can always count on Paige to state the obvious.

“Yeah,” agreed Shelby. “But look how fat Vic’s is!” Well, that was true, too. Thank you, Shelby.

“You can see why I won’t let him fuck me in the ass.” Both girls laughed.

I looked at Max, he nodded his head towards the bed. I nodded in agreement. We both climbed onto our respective beds.

I shut off Paige’s phone but Max just tossed Shelby’s phone towards the dresser. It landed on the carpet, it’s light shining up and bathing the room in a soft glow.

I didn’t fucking care. I wrapped my arms around Paige and squeezed her hard. We kissed frantically, noisily, moaning into each other’s mouths. Max and Shelby were just as loud.

My cock was harder than it had ever been. I felt my wife’s sex and her juices flowed over my hand. She moaned loudly as I slid two fingers inside her so easily. She arched her back as my thumb rubbed her clit, it was already swollen to its full size, too.

Our tongues pushed deep and danced dirty with each other as our passion rose higher. The combination of our pent-up lust combined with this whole other level of excitement of being next to a sexy couple made everything much more intense.

I felt Paige climbing. Her breathing changes, her movements become very pronounced and rhythmic, and she looks at me as she pants harder and faster. That’s how I know.

“Don’t stop,” she moaned. I curled my two fingers upwards a bit, then I leaned down and took a nipple into my mouth, tonguing and sucking it hard and deep. That sent her over the top.

“Jesus Christ Yessssss!” Paige wailed in ecstasy. My hand continued to manipulate her as I felt her pussy contract on my fingers. When she squirmed a little, meaning it was time for me to let go, I pushed those two fingers into her mouth. I kissed her lips with my fingers still in there, tasting her love juices.

“Oh God Yes! Yes! Yes! Ohhhhhh.”

Paige and I looked over at ShelMax (I’m tired of typing Shelby and Max) to see her face down on the bed with Max’s fingers plunging in and out of her. She continued to scream into her pillow. It was erotic as hell.

Paige rolled me onto my back. That’s not as easy or natural as it sounds. I had to help her a lot so that we both stayed on the bed. She took my aching cock into her mouth.

Normally, she does this thing she calls the “slow blow”, a long and drawn-out tease of my cock until I’m begging for release. But the lust was high tonight and Paige quickly took my cock all the way down. I felt him enter her throat, opening it. Fuck… she found my hands and placed them in the sides of her head. She wanted me to fuck her mouth! This was an absolute rarity! Like, maybe, we’ve done this three times in twenty years?

I held her head tightly and guided her up and down my cock. She could make her lips and tongue so much like a pussy that it never ceased to amaze me. I forced her head up and down, faster and faster, and always to the root.

It felt amazing. So fucking good. But the viagra had kicked in, and when it does the penis can become a little insensitive. Which… isn’t really a bad thing.

I fucked Paige’s face for another couple minutes at least. Usually, I can only last a certain number of strokes. But tonight, man, I’m killin’ it. I finally released her head and she pulled off, gasping and panting as a half-pint of saliva poured from her mouth. The strings stretched from her mouth to my cock, so sexy.

We heard the familiar “guk guk guk” sound and looked to see what ShelMax were doing. He was laying on top Shelby in a sixty-nine position. Except it was only a sixty or only a nine as he was fucking Shelby’s mouth but wasn’t doing his part to her pussy. He looked over at us and gave a big smile as he saw the saliva dripping down between my wife’s tits.

“Is your cock,” Max panted. “Is it like, dull or something?”

“Yeah. The blue pill can desensitize it a little. Don’t worry, you’ll still cum. Flip her over, that’s what we’re doing next.”

Max and I both got our girls turned over and stuffed pillows under their pelvises. When they were ready, he gave a three, two, one countdown and we both rammed into our wives from behind.

We stayed on our knees as we fucked our women. I slapped my wife’s ass, he slapped his. He grabbed Shelby’s long brown hair, I grabbed my wife’s short blonde hair. We both shook their heads and kept fucking. Within a minute a sheen of sweat broke out on everyone. Both girls grunted under the onslaught. I don’t think either of them had been fucked like this in a while.

“Okay girls,” Max called out. “Get your hands up under there.”

“Yeah, get to work, bitches!” I never called my wife a bitch before. Both of them worked their hand underneath themselves to rub their pussies. Wait. Time for more dirty talk.

“What are you rubbing, bitch?” God, it was hot talking this way.

Paige answered, “My pussy, Daddy.”

I SPANKED her ass about as hard as I could. She yelled at the sudden sting.

Max joined in. “Yeah baby, what are you rubbing!”

Shelby thought for a moment. “I’m rubbing your pussy, Daddy.”

Max looked at me, I shook my head. He SPANKED Shelby very hard.

“Paige. That isn’t a pussy anymore. Tell me what it is.” And I SPANKED her again in the same place just as hard as before.

“Owww! I’m not saying that! You know I hate that word!” I grabbed her hair and shook her head while I rained down a huge number of unceasing spanks on her ass.

Max started spanking Shelby continuously, too. But he stopped when she caught on much faster than Paige.

“Max, Daddy! I’m rubbing your cunt for you.”

I shook my head, though, and Max started spanking her again.

“That’s correct, Shelby,” I spoke raggedly, my breath coming in gasps. “But we’re all in this together. Nobody gets to cum until Paige says it.”

SPANK SPANK SPANK! Max and I got in sync with our spanks and the girls whimpered and withered under our hands.

“Paige.. (huff) say it…(huff)… then we can all cum…”

I gave her one more very hard spank. She yelled again one more time. I stopped and Max did too.

“Well?” I whispered.

“Daddy, I… I’m rubbing my cunt. I mean, I’m rubbing your cunt.”

“I love you Paige, good girl. You too, Shelby. Now let’s all cum as soon as we can before I have a heart attack.”

I leaned forward and put most of my weight on Paige’s back as I fucked her silly. The sudden change in position really increased the friction for us both. I nibbled on her neck as we both climbed, both our orgasms fast approaching. ShelMax were both grunting and moaning, too.

I felt her pussy begin its contractions, and my orgasm powered through me hard. My throbbing cock thrilled me as it shot jet after jet of hot sperm deep into my wife. Paige screamed into her pillow several times as her body stopped moving and she just collapsed like a rag doll.

Our orgasms must have triggered ShelMax, they started cumming just as we were winding down.

I collapsed on top of Paige, both of us panting hard. My cock slipped out after a minute or so. I moved around my wife until we were able to face each other in a warm hug. We kissed gently, lovingly, as we cling to each other. I kissed her forehead, then her nose and cheeks. A little tear leaked out of her downside when.

“What’s that for, love?” I whispered.

“I’m just overwhelmed with everything. It was sooo good!”

We hugged each other tighter and kissed harder. It seemed so strange that having another couple there would make us feel so much closer. But we both felt invigorated, renewed by the experience.

After a few more minutes, Shelby spoke up.

“Paige, let’s go to the powder room. Okay?”

The gals got up and walked hand-in-hand towards the bathroom.

“Daddy?” Paige asked with her little girl’s voice. “Can you do something about the beds?”

The door closed and I looked at Max. I turned on the light and we looked at the room again. The lights between our beds were mounted on the wall. A small nightstand stood in between them with a clock radio on top.

The girls squealed and cackled in the bathroom, but we couldn’t make out anything intelligible.

“Get the radio,” I told Max. He did, and I grabbed the nightstand and stuck it in the corner by the door.

Max came over to my bed, and we pushed it so that it bumped up square against their bed.

“That’s better, right?”

“Yeah”, Max agreed. “Much better, right?”

The girls tuzla escort bayan squealed again from inside the bathroom.

“They’re up to something.”

“You think so, Captain Obvious? How’s your cock, Max.”

“He’s ready for more, good call on the vitamin V.” Both our cocks were at about half-staff. Usually, mine would be ready for a nap right about now.

“Max, are you pondering what I’m pondering?”

“I think so, Vic. Maybe we should…”

“Switch beds?”



We hastily jumped into the other’s bed, grinning like idiots, and awaited the wives.

The door cracked open. Paige called out to us.

“Lights out boys, sit in your beds.”

I reached up and turned the light off. The room turned nearly pitch black as Shelby must have picked up her phone earlier. We heard the girls giggling and stumbling out of the bathroom.

“They pushed the beds together!” Paige squealed as I felt them bumping the beds.

They stopped at the foot of our beds, all I could see was indistinct, vague shapes. I couldn’t make out who was who.

In the quiet, I heard what could only be kissing noises. Little lip smacks, lips joining and separating, soft sighs and moans, the sounds of two ladies enjoying themselves. Our wives were making out in front of us. Well, in the goddamned dark, but still, I was fully turned on.

“Shall we?” whispered one of them.

I get someone crawling on the bed. I was excited beyond belief. I loved my wife, dearly, and truly. But to have somebody new, and to have her be with somebody new, it was mind-blowing.

I felt an arm against my leg as Shelby crawled up my body. I expected to feel her long hair on me, but maybe it was tied up. She leaned down to kiss my hairy chest. I thought I would fee those huge breasts of hers. What is going on…

“Hey!” Paige exclaimed loudly in the dark. “Vic? Is that you?”

“What the fuck!” cried Shelby.

Max burst out laughing. “We switched, but you gals switched too? Holy shit!”

We all couldn’t believe how goofy this was. We try and swap wives, and it doesn’t work. Of all the dumb luck.

“You idiot.” Paige kissed me hungrily, passionately, and I wrapped my arms around her. Suddenly, I felt something warm and squishy against my arm.

Now that feels like a huge tit on me.

“Come on sister,” breathed Shelby. “Get back in your own bed.”

They fumbled a bit in the dark for a moment, and then a soft and fleshy body settled on top of me.


Shelby nuzzled me for a few moments before we kissed. And when we did, sparks flew. And fireworks went off. And a band played… well it was fucking hot.

You know, there’s whispering, and there’s ultra-quiet whispering. That’s what Shelby and I did, whispered so softly that we could barely hear each other. Paige and Max, Pax, sure couldn’t hear us.

“Hi, Shel. I can’t believe you’re here.”

“Hello, Vic. I can’t believe we’re going to do this.”

We kissed more as my hands ran up and down the length of her back.

“I’ve thought about you, a lot, over the years.”

“Me too, Vic. I saw your fat cock about five years ago.”

She wiggled on me, grinding her sopping wet pussy on my cock. She continued on.

“You were changing at our house. I was in the backyard, you didn’t close the curtains.”

“No shit? That’s hot.” I laughed a little, then wondered if Pax heard me. But they were deep in their own little conversation and weren’t paying us any attention.

She reached down and grabbed my cock, aiming it, and I quickly felt hot liquid velvet settle on top of him.

“Oh god,” I moaned in a barely audible whisper. Shelby was incredibly tight on me. Maybe it was her two cesarean births. Maybe my cock was just fat and she was used to the skinnier (but a little longer, as my wife so kindly pointed out) Max-cock.

Shelby felt it too, cooing as she lowered herself on my hard cock.

Max called out, “You guys fucking already?”

“We wanted to get at least one in before somebody changed their mind,” Shelby shot back.

I laughed. But, I guess I should check on my wife? “You all good, Paigey?”

“Mmmph. Sorry I had a dick in my mouth. I’m good, Daddy-oh!”

My eyes had adjusted to the dark, some trace light from the parking lot snuck through the edges of the blackout curtains. I could see definite shapes and even expressions on one side of Shelby’s face. Her mouth curled up on the one side, that crooked little smile always made me a little crazy. I gently pulled her head back down to me.

Shelby’s breasts squashed into my chest, thrilling me to no end. And the feel of this new, this strange pussy on my cock, well it was almost beyond belief. Besides, this wasn’t cheating, this was sanctioned by my wife, her own self with a strange cock in her throat. Fuck.

“Hey,” Shelby whispered a little harshly to me. “You still here?”

Dammit, she caught me drifting.

“Paige,” Max’s voice urgently called out. “You keep doing that I’m gonna… gonna… oh fuck yesssssss.”

“Come on Shel, lets show those two a thing or two about fucking.”

I pushed her up and she squirmed around so that instead of laying on me, she now straddled my cock in true cowgirl fashion.

“Giddy-up,” was all she said.

I thrust hard into her, up and down like a bucking, fucking bronco. Her hands on my chest, she rode me hard and strong as my cock kept driving into her tight pussy. I grabbed her breasts and mashed them hard back and forth, side to side, all over the damn place while she slid up and down my shaft.

“It’s… it’s so fat… fuck me… oh god it’s gonna happen…”

She planted herself deep on me and ground her clit hard on the root of my cock. I watched as she threw her head back, holding her breath and arching her back as her pussy contracted on me, and then she flopped forward with a huge moan of ecstasy. I managed to catch her shoulders and let her down easy on me as she quivered and whimpered. My balls felt wet, then I felt more fluid on my stomach and thighs; she was leaking fluid at a prodigious rate. I flexed my still hard cock and was rewarded with little moans and pussyquakes. When she recovered a little bit more, Shelby kissed me hard and passionately, her tongue so deep in my throat.

Still hard, I rolled her over for some real pounding. This put her head right on and even over the junction of the two beds… right next to her husband’s head. Paige rode Max’s cock right beside me as I plowed into Shelby. My wife and I reached out for a few moments and awkwardly held hands.

“Hello, love,” I grunted between fuck strokes.

“Hey Daddy,” she moaned back.

We tried to kiss but couldn’t quite reach. Instead, I put my hand on her ass while she rode Max’s cock.

“Quit fooling around and fuck me,” Shelby cried out. I let go of my wife’s ass and I gave Shel’s face a gentle slap. She purred, but Max got a little defensive.

“Hey, don’t hit my wife.”

Paige leaned down and slapped his face, and told him that I do whatever I want. Then she laughed and fell on him, kissing him hard.

“You can… you can slap me again… if you want… please…” Shelby thrust her pelvis up on me hard to show she wanted more. I leaned on my left arm while I gave her cheek a few mild slaps. Paige never let me slap her! Fuck this was hot. Each little slap produced an audible moan from Shelby, followed by her nails digging into my back. I reached up and squeezed her cheeks so that her mouth opened, I dropped a big glob of saliva right into her open mouth.

The room burst into white light for a moment as a thunderbolt struck outside. A huge boom immediately followed and shook the room. I’ve never been so close to a strike, it must have hit the building or a tree outside.

More strikes followed, creating a stroboscopic effect in our room. The girls screamed and the men roared as the lightning also struck our nerves and our primal fears. You know the lightning is close when you hear the hiss and crackle before the boom.

I fell completely on top of Shelby and power fucked her tight cunt like I haven’t fucked anyone in years. I bit her neck while she dug her nails into my back. I wanted her to never forget this fucking and I pounded her pussy as hard as I could. The pressure built inside me quickly, that fantastic pressure built inside both of us.

With perfect timing, a lightning bolt struck just as the nerves on my cock exploded into a body-shaking orgasm. I roared like a caveman as I fired my hot semen into Shelby’s womb. I wanted to flood her body with so much cum she would leak for a month. I wanted my cum to make her pregnant, i wanted her swimming in my cum, I wanted it coming out of her each and every pore… okay my mind went a little sideways there for a moment. I just felt like a true caveman dominating his cavewoman.

Throughout this, I did notice Shelby arching her back as she came also, her screams and moans mixed with the thunder creating a surrealistic moment. I also heard and felt Paige and Max cumming despite the near-continuous roar of thunder. She lay in a heap on top of him, both clinging to each other.

Shelby held me in a death grip also. Yet another flash highlighted her tear-streaked face. I thought her face was wet from me spitting in her, but no. These were tears. I kissed her hard as she tightened her arms around my neck, her legs around my back as she still pumped my softening cock.

Both of us couples lingered and clung to each other as the storm began receding, the thunder now following the lightning instead of arriving simultaneously.

Gradually, our grips loosened, my cock softened, and the thunder drifted away. I reached up to turn the light on. I wanted to see how everyone was doing, ya know? Take the temperature of everyone’s feelings. But the switch produced nothing, the power was out.

“You okay Daddy?” Paige’s voice sounded like heaven to me. I rose up off Shelby to find her crouching very close to me.

I kissed her softly, lovingly, almost as if it were our first kiss. I sensed Max moving over to his woman which gave us a place to lay down. We crashed back down on our side of the bed, our sweaty bodies blended together as I gripped her tightly.

“Paige, I’ve never… I’ve never been more in love with you than right this very moment.”

She began weeping, almost to the point of sobbing. “But Vic, after what we just did… without each other? I’m so ashamed.”

I held her close, whispering in her ear that I loved her, that I needed her, that she was the best thing that ever happened to me. She clung to me tightly, nodding her head now and then as I continued praising her. In the few gaps between our little conversation, I heard sniffles coming from Shelby’s bed, also. Guilt must be catchy.

“I love you, my lady. All of you.” I kissed her again.

“And I love this, too,” I cupped her breast firmly, pinching and rolling her nipples. She moaned softly into my mouth as we kissed again.

“And here. I love this.” I slid my hand down her taut tummy to cup her sex. Juices flowed over my fingers and I smelled semen, my hand was in Max’s cum. I stopped myself from pulling my hand out and yelling “Gross!”, but just barely. I was on a roll with Paige and I didn’t want to upset her. “I love this pussy a lot. It’s still mine, right?”

She looked at me in the dark and whispered, “Yes, Vic.”

“We can loan it out sometimes, but it’s mine.”

She giggled a little and held me close. We kissed more fervently as my hand explored her juicy and cummy pussy. As my whole slippery hand pushed across her clit she cooed like a baby. “You got anything left for me, Daddy?”

My cock rose to the occasion. I need to write a fan letter to Pfizer for their wonderful invention. She raised her leg and he just crawled right in as we lay beside each other. Max’s cum no doubt paved the way, I could feel how extra slick she was.

She whispered super quietly, “Mmmmm there you are. I love this fat boy.”

”Yeah you do!”

I pushed him in more as she lowered her leg. She shuddered as the extra tightness on my cock created little pussy tremors for her. I could actually feel her hard little clit on my cock as he pumped in and out of her. I rolled her over, my legs on the outside of her. My cock couldn’t go as deep, but it sure was fricking tight. After maybe a half a minute, Paige just jerked and came again. It seemed like it surprised her, I didn’t even see any of her ‘tells’ as she approached her peak. I kept fucking her gently, in and out… escort tuzla just sliding back and forth past her clit… and she came again, and then again.

After the last one, she pushed me off as it suddenly got too sensitive. She just held me more.

“Babe…I’ll take care of you in a couple of minutes… I’m.. I’m just wiped out right now. Okay?”

I told her it was fine. My cock relaxed a little, but he could definitely go again. However, even though Paige was really tight just then, I don’t know if it was enough to penetrate my cock’s insensitivity. I don’t know how many times I’d cum tonight, but it was more than I had before. I sat up against the headboard while Paigey curled up on my chest, playing with my chest hair.

Max got up slowly and went to the dresser, he rummaged around in the drawer where we put our snacks with his phone.

“God Max, We need something too! Water, and whatever else you got in there.”

I got out of bed and grabbed my phone from my pants lying in a heap of our clothing. I turned it’s flashlight on and set it on the dresser so it gave the room a little light. I put on my mellow playlist to give us a little atmosphere since the thunder had left. I turned around and was stunned by the sight. The girls, being suddenly left alone, crawled towards each other and embraced in the middle of the two beds. They were giggling and whispering.

“Hey Max, check it out.”

He turned and huffed a little, like a small laugh.

“We turn our backs for thirty seconds and they act like they can live without us.”

“We CAN live without you!” Shelby laughed. But my Paige, good girl that she was, shook her head as she looked at me. But then Shelby grabbed her and kissed her hard, pushing Paige onto her back.

Max and I stood there watching for a moment. Then Max blurted out, “I found some Pringles. Sour cream and onion flavor.” (Pringles are potato crisps)

“Open ‘em up. Here’s a water.”

We munched some chips and drank our waters. Rue water quenched my dry throat from all the huffing and puffing, and the salt from the chips sure felt good.

Max spoke with a mouthful of chips. “Good call on the Viagra, man. I can probably go again in a few minutes.”

I nodded to him, then called out, “Hey bitches! Why don’t you quit that kissing crap and just sixty-nine each other, get it over with.”

Max laughed. “Yeah! Lick that semen out of each other.”

To our amazement, they did just that. Shelby crawled around on top of Paige and buried her face between her legs. We couldn’t see Paige but she appeared to be smothered by Shelby’s pussy.

“Should we…?” Max asked me.

“Naw, give them a few minutes. Let them have their fun. I need to rest a little anyway.”

“Yeah… so… Vic, are we still cool? I mean, this has been pretty fucking crazy.”

“Yeah, for sure Bru. You’re still in love with your wife, right?”

“Like, pretty much more than ever.”

“Me too. But, your wife was… amazing.”

“Oh fuck, Vic. Paige was—“ he stopped and we turned to face away from the girls and turned the music a little louder.

“Paige is incredible, Vic. She’s insatiable!”

“Christ it’s the same with Shelby. Being with someone new after all these years. And honestly, I’ve thought of Shelby and her big tits quite a few times over the years.”

“Man, your wife has such a smokin’ little body, though. She’s been in my spank bank for so long. And her ass, fuck I need that.”

We tipped our water bottles to each other. Both girls erupted in muffled moans as they seemed to be climaxing at about the same time.

“Maybe she will let you, I hurt her I guess.”

“You can fuck Shelby’s, dude.”

“Don’t say it if you don’t mean it.”

I looked down. This talk of buttfucking each other’s wives had gotten us both hard again.

“Point that thing somewhere else, Max. Why are we over here anyway? So uh, you got some lube?”

Max fished out a small bottle from his drawer and we crawled back onto the bed. We left the little phone light on, I wanted to see my cock in Shelby’s asshole.

Both girls were licking and kissing each other’s dripping faces. My only thought was I wish I had filmed all this, it was like my entire bucket list was getting checked off in one night.

“Ladies,” I interrupted. “Max and I have come to a decision. Neither of us can live another minute without taking your asses.”

They gasped and fussed and moaned, but they also complied as we pulled them to their hands and knees, facing each other. I could see the relief on Paige’s face as she saw that she was going to get the skinnier cock of Max. Still, she looked concerned.

“You two can go on kissing, we will warm you up, don’t worry.”

Max and I traded the bottle back and forth as we lubed our fingers and began working their back doors. Shelby’s head jerked up and she moaned with pleasure as my finger eventually entered her. My other hand rubbed her pussy, soon I had two fingers in each of her holes.

Max and I took our time, and I could see our efforts paying off in Shelby’s squirming and by the look on Paige’s face.

Max looked at me, but I shook my head and mouthed the word “wait” to him. I wanted to tease them more, show them more love before we attacked them.

After another couple of minutes of playing and stretching their assholes, I spoke to Paige.

“Baby, you want Max’s cock in your asshole, don’t you?”

Without hesitation, she answered, “Yes, Daddy.”

“Well then, ask him. Ask your new Daddy.”

“Daddy Max? Please fuck my asshole, Daddy. Please fuck me. I need to feel you inside me.”

Shelby felt left out. “Daddy Vic! For the love of god fuck my ass, hurry!”

I swatted her ass cheek hard. “I’m gonna rape this fat ass, bitch. You ready for that?”

“Ohhhh Daddy take me…”

Max and I lubed up our cocks and then looked at each other. We moved in behind our new bitches. I watched as my mushroom head pressed against her opening… and popped right past her ring piece.

Shelby moaned as I wiped my fingers that were in her ass a moment ago on her face, pushing them into her mouth. I sank my cock into her tight tunnel further, deeper. My previously insensitive cock was now fully charged, her ass gripped me perfectly as I hit rock bottom.

“You in, Max?”

“Bout halfway.”

“Take your time, Chief. We’ll wait.”

Paige looked at me gratefully. I could see the strain on her face, but she also was enjoying it. I played with Shelby’s clit and just barely fucked her asshole as we waited.

Presently, Max sighed deeply. “All in baby, you ready?”

“Make me your bitch,” was all Paige said.

I pulled my cock almost all the way out of Shelby’s ass and rammed it back in. She howled but met my stroke, pushing back on me with her thick ass and thighs. I pumped harder and harder into her ass, taking her roughly and not giving a fuck if it felt good or if it hurt. I was just a caveman with a woman I stole, and I needed to make her mine.

The girls both dropped to their forearms soon under our assault. Max was taking Paige almost as hard as I was raping Shelby. Both girls moaned almost continuously as we fucked their assholes.

“Shelby, bitch, I’m gonna cum so deep in your ass.”

She dropped further down and snaked a hand to her clit. “Do it, fucker. I’m ready. Do whatever you want.”

What I wanted was to slap my bitch’s face, so I did. Grabbing her hair with one hand and twisting her head sideways, I slapped her cheek rapidly as I rutted inside her. The pressure was building fast and I grunted louder.

“Vic,” Max panted. “I’m there.”

“Yeah do it!”

I slammed into Shelby’s ass a few more times, then gripped her tits as hard as I could as I came deep in her bowels. My orgasm shook me to the core and I felt dizzy like the blood was leaving my brain. I collapsed on top of the orgasming Shelby, her pussy pulses worked their way through her and I could feel them on my cock.

Lightheaded, I tried kissing Shel but kinda missed. My cock slipped out and I fell to the side, utterly spent. She crawled on top of me and clung tightly, holding on for dear life. Paige lay on her back next to me, panting and exhausted also. We giggled, laughed, and cooed as everyone came down. I rolled Shelby onto her side so I could spoon her. Then Paige crawled in behind me with Maxwell spooning her, a stack of four spoons.

I’m pretty sure I was the first to pass out.


I woke up to find myself facing Paige. Shelby had left her position with me and was over with Max. Paige’s eyes fluttered open. I caressed her cheek, she nuzzled her face into my palm.

I leaned over and kissed her soft lips gently. We snuggled up body to body and kissed a little firmer, a little hotter. The warmth between us grew as I continued to hold her face in my hand. My cock also grew, much to my surprise. I didn’t think he would get hard for a week.

My lovely wife rolled on top of me and situated herself on my cock, taking me inside her wetness. She gently slid down, slowly engulfing me as we continued to kiss like teenagers. Softly, languidly, we made gentle love in the dim morning light. I was harder than I have ever been, and the viagra should have worn off by now. This was just my love for her. She flexed on me, signaling her readiness. We peaked together, flooding us both with endorphins and feelings of love.

Quietly, we got up and got dressed so we could head to the breakfast area and get some coffee. We walked hand in hand as young lovers do, our shoulders bumping together.

“I love you so much, Paige.”

“And I love you more, Victor.”

“You’re not gonna run off with long cock Max now?”

She punched my arm. “You aren’t getting rid of me that easy, buster. Plus, you make more money, and I didn’t even notice his length.” She stopped me, though, and got in my face a little bit. “Don’t you get any ideas about Shelby, either. I’ll come find you, and you know I know how to shoot.”

“I am with you to the bitter end,” I promised. “However, I’m glad we did this. As long as you and I are okay.”

“I’m glad too, Daddy. But…”

“But what?”

“You… fucked Shelby like you didn’t care, like she was a piece of meat.”

“Umm… I’m sorry?”

“No, that’s not what I mean. I just… want you to fuck me like that too. Once in a while.”

I held her close. “We can do that, my love. Maybe after Max gets your ass ready for me? I’d love to explore some more things along those lines. With you, and with them.”

She flushed. “Yes, I… I would too.” She looked away as we prepared our coffees.

“Maybe you need some discipline.”

“Maybe I do, Daddy. Maybe I’m a bad girl who needs some training.”

My cock twitched, and began hardening.

“You and Shelby are definitely in need of some training.”

“Max too. He pretends, but he’s kind of submissive, deep down.”

I laughed. “Uh… I never quite envisioned myself spanking Max, ya know? Not really my dream.”

“Might be his, though.” We both laughed.


“Saddle up!” I called out. The sun shone brightly that crisp fall morning, the rain clouds had parted and left us with a beautiful day.

And the swap continued, Shelby got on the bitch seat behind me, and my wife sat behind Max on his bike.

We launched ourselves northbound onto Route Seven towards Great Barrington, Massachusetts, our next destination. But we had a stop to make, first.

“Guys,” I said on the headset. “There’s a sex shop in Danbury. We’re going. We need some restraints, a flogger, buttplugs… we need stuff.”

Lots of hooting and hollering followed, then the chitchat died down. A few minutes later, Shelby spoke to me in my headset.

“Vic, will you rape my ass again tonight? I can still feel you there.” She gave me a squeeze.

Paige laughed on the radio. “Shelby! You still don’t know how to work that radio? We can totally hear you!”

“I know you can hear me, my beautiful dyke. You better get ready, though. I think Daddy’s coming for your ass, too.”

I turned to see Paige flip off Shelby.

“Eat me,” Paige laughed.

Stationary camera, side of the road facing an empty highway heading north. The autumn leaves are even prettier than before in the bright sunlight. The two motorcycles roar past the camera side-by-side, riding into the distance with leaves swirling in their wake. The two ladies riding bitch are gesturing to each other, obviously having a deep philosophical discussion of some great import

The motorcycles shrink in the distance as “Born To Be Wild” plays loudly.

Fade to black…

Thank you for reading. Comments and votes welcomed!

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