Mart 25, 2021

The Most Unusual Spa

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It all began when my boss, Max, called me into his office last Thursday. I was waiting in the outer office, talking with Jenny, his secretary. We were talking about the project that I had just finished. It had been a big one and it took months of sacrificing evenings and weekends to get it done on time.

“I saw the Morris Project, yesterday, Natasha” Jenny said while typing away on her computer. “I though it was great, and so does Max.” A little mischievous smile played about her pink lips. “I think you are in for one helluva bonus.”

“What do you mean by that?” I asked laughing. “You look like you have a secret, Jen. Come on, spit it out.”

“Nope, you’ll just have to find out for yourself.” She spoke into the headset for a moment and then gave me the nod to go in. “He’s waiting for you.”

I turned and went into Max’s office. This room always overwhelms me. The feeling of raw power is unnerving, and made to dominate anyone within its walls. The walls are almost completely covered in dark shelves, which hold all forms of reference and legal books, ship models, classic cars in bronze and other masculine forms of knickknacks. My boss is sitting behind a huge mahogany desk that is placed in the middle of the room. It is meant to draw the eye to Max, and it does.

“You wanted me?” I inquired in a teasing tone. It’s an office joke that Max has been trying to get into my pants for over a year now. I’m sure some people believe it, and think that I slept my way to my current position with the company. The fact of the matter is, I do have feelings for Max but my respect for him outweighs them, and that respect is returned tenfold. He tries never to betray the electricity between us because he is a true gentleman, and a professional. His looks belie that though. He is tall, about six feet and three inches at a guess, with jet-black hair brushed off his face, and a frame that an athlete would envy. He does not look like he sits behind a desk all day. He looks dangerous. He waved me into the chair in front of him.

“Ah, Natasha! I do indeed want you, And, I want to keep you,” He began with a wink. “That is why after all these months of hard work on your part, I have decided that you need a vacation.” (This is just like Max. He is so used to making decisions, that, he makes them for other people arbitrarily.) I shifted in my seat.

“No, I’m fine, thanks. I really want to get to work on the Brown account. It’s already sitting on my desk.”

“I’ve made up my mind. Besides,” He replied grinning. “I’ve already made arrangements, and it’s only for the weekend. You’ll be back at your desk on Monday.”

“All right, you got me, I’ll go. By the way, where am I going?” I implored, knowing that it was useless to argue with him.

“You are going to a very exclusive, high society, completely out of the ordinary spa. It is the best new health club in town.” He grinned unabashedly at my discomfort at the mention of the word “spa.”

“You know I hate those snobbish resorts!” I exclaimed heatedly. “Those people are a nuisance and I don’t like dealing with them if I don’t have to.”

“Don’t worry, Natasha. The only people you’ll see once you’re there, is the staff. It is a very private spa. No outsiders, no interruptions, no other people to deal with, you’ll love it. There is one catch though.”

“Catch? What catch?” I eyed him suspiciously.

“You have to fill out a personal form on your likes and dislikes before they let you check in. They like to know all your needs in advance.” He said, handing me a brochure.

“I guess that’s reasonable.” I pondered aloud. “It would be nice to have them bring you chocolate ice cream before you ask for it!” I laughed, looking the pamphlet over briefly.

“Exactly!” He replied, walking me to the door. “Now, don’t worry about anything, I’ve had everything done, no expense spared. You’re going to love this place. My limo will pick you up at noon tomorrow to take you there. Have fun and . . . think of me.” He winked lasciviously and shut the door behind me.

“Well?” Jenny inquired immediately.

“He’s sending me to a spa.” I answered feeling like I’d been bulldozed over in there.

“Oh. Well have fun then!” She said, hiding a grin behind a well-manicured hand.

“O.K. See you on Monday.” I puzzled over her attitude as I stepped onto the elevator and went back to my office to lock up. I was still wondering about this “spa” when I went to sleep, and dreamed of crawling all over Max’s sleek, hard body.

* * * * *

The limo arrived precisely at noon, and I was waiting outside to save time. The brochure had said to bring nothing at all, even a toothbrush, that they supplied everything during your stay. I had thought it was odd but it made it that much easier to pack. I was in the car for only a few minutes before I felt it pull to a stop. We couldn’t have gone very far at all. The driver came around to let me out and escorted me through an underground parking lot to an elevator. It appeared that this particular elevator had only ataşehir escort one stop, because there was only one button on the panel. I pushed it, and the doors whooshed closed softly, leaving the driver in the lot and isolating me from the rest of the world. I wondered what would happen if the elevator were to stop and get stuck. How long would it be before anyone noticed that it wasn’t working? I was looking for an emergency button or telephone when the door slid open again. I stepped out and examined the lobby. It was very austere looking, bare and cold with marble columns and floors. Even the receptionist’s desk was made of white and blue marble. She looked up when the doors slid open but gave me a moment to absorb the atmosphere before asking softly; “May I help you?”

“Yes, thank you. I’m here for the weekend. Max Howell sent me?”

“Here you are!” She said shuffling through some papers. “Ah, I see you have the ‘all inclusive’ package. You’re in for a treat! Would you please follow Tanya to the waiting room? You can fill out the forms there and, I see your boss has sent your medical history from your office file. That’s good! One less thing to do!” She said cheerfully, as a woman in a blue and white flowing gown stepped out from behind what I though was a column. She took hold of my arm, and caressed it lightly. “This way.” She spoke so softly, and I bent my head to listen. “It will only take a few minutes and then I’ll settle you into your room. You’ll want to freshen up before dinner tonight.” She smiled gently, opening a door and motioning for me to precede her.

I found myself alone in the room when Tanya closed the door behind me saying, “Just come out when you’re done. I’ll wait right here.” Looking around, room struck me as very plain. Wood table, beige carpeting, wooden chairs and low-backed beige and pink couches. I sat down on one of the plain wood chairs, and picked up the few pieces of paper I had noticed on the table. Skimming them briefly, I determined that they were very normal questions concerning taste. For example: Do you prefer a massage to be . . . a) gentle b) firm c) rough d) painful? “Simple enough.” I thought, and began to fill out the questions. It didn’t take long for me to finish the form, and after just a few minutes I opened the door to look for my escort. Tanya was waiting outside the door and took my arm once again to lead me to my room. The room was luxurious, to say the least. The front room, or living part, was decorated in muted greens and sand colors. Sheer sea-green curtains, tied back so as not to obstruct the view of the ocean covered the large windows. I felt the plush carpet under my feet as I removed my shoes at the door. Walking to the window I exclaimed, “What a beautiful view!” “Yes,” agreed Tanya, “Isn’t it? Your masseur is coming in about an hour.” She said looking at her watch. “That should be enough time for you to get settled, yes?”

“Yes, fine.” I replied, preoccupied with examining the tasteful decor of the room.

“Right then,” Tanya smiled. “If you need anything at all, don’t hesitate to call me. My number is set on the phone. Have a good time Natasha.” With that, she left the room closing the door softly behind her.

I looked down a small hallway to the right. There were two doors at the end, one on either side. Opening the one on the left, I saw a beautiful bathroom. It was larger that my bedroom at home, and decorated in subtle shades of pink and gray. “Later.” I thought opening the door opposite the bathroom. Walking into the bedroom, my eyes widened in appreciation. It was lovely. The bed was a king size, with more pillows than five people could possibly need. The down quilt looked more inviting than I could resist, and my eyes closed with a blissful sigh as I lowered myself onto the huge bed.

* * * * *

I awoke abruptly when I heard movement in the front room. I lifted myself off the bed, listening carefully. There it was again! There was definitely someone in the apartment. I poked my head out of the bedroom and looked down the hallway to the living room. Standing there, setting up bottles and towels on the coffee table, was the masseur, Tanya had revealed was coming. I studied him unnoticed He looked to be about six feet tall, and had shiny brown hair that curled a little at the nape of his neck. He was wearing a tank shirt and I could make out the well-defined muscles of his back through the thin material. His wide shoulders flexed as he folded a towel and my heart skipped a beat with the movement. My gaze fell to his slim waist and trim hips, halting to admire his nicely rounded rear, and continuing to his muscled thighs and calves. “Now, there is an attractive man.” I thought to myself, feeling my nipples harden slightly with arousal. “Don’t be silly!” I chided myself. “He’s here to give me a massage, nothing else. Besides, what am I, a horny teenager?” I laughed softly at myself. Sensing my presence, or hearing that soft laugh, he turned to look at me. “Hi, I’m Tom” He avcılar escort introduced himself. “You must be Natasha?”

“Yes, that’s me.” I replied walking toward Tom with my hand outstretched. He shook it firmly, smiling into my eyes. “Are you ready for your massage or would you like another half hour of sleep?” He asked teasingly.

“No that’s OK.”I answered, embarrassed. “I’m ready. What do you want me to do?”

“Just get out of those clothes and put this towel on.” He answered, handing me a towel that looked the size of a facecloth. At the horrified look on my face, Tom laughed. “I promise I won’t take advantage of you, Natasha.”

“All right,” I said hesitantly. “I’ll be right back”

I quickly went to the large bathroom and undressed. Looking at myself in the mirror, I studied my reflection. I never thought of my self as beautiful, but I was certainly pleasing to look at. I looked into my own eyes in the mirror. They are an odd shade odd silver and gray and many people have commented on the unusual color since I was little. Presently, my hair is auburn. I like to dye it and become bored easily of my hair color, but this one seems to suit me well and complements my eyes nicely. I’ve let it grow long, to my waist. At work I keep it up but now I take it down and feel it brush over my hips. My breasts are large but firm. My nipples poke obviously through all my shirts and blouses because of their size. More than a few men have lost their train of thought trying to see through my blouse. My gaze travels down the inward curve of my waist to my hips and the apex of my thighs. I like the look and feel of being hairless there, so I shave myself regularly. My legs are not very long because of my height (only five feet four inches), but they are shapely and firm with muscle. Wrapping the towel around me, I realize that it does cover me, barely. I go back to the living room where Tom is waiting patiently.

“I’m ready.” I say a little breathlessly.

“All right then, hop up here.” He pats the top of the massage table. I notice that he’s closed the drapes and the blinds behind them to darken the room. Soft music plays from a stereo I failed to notice before. I lie down on my stomach, feeling tense. “Don’t worry.” Tom says softly in my ear. “When I’m done, you will be more relaxed and sensitive then ever before.” “Sensitive?” I wonder, confused, but Tom starts to rub my shoulders and I relax onto the table and close my eyes, enjoying the feel of his big hands on my back.

Tom obviously knew what he was doing. His hands kneaded and caressed my skin and muscles expertly. I began to fantasize that it was Max touching me, giving me goose bumps. His hands moved the towel off my back and I felt his lips kiss gently in the hollow at my waist. “Oh, Max” I sighed. Max’s mouth trails kisses over my back, licking sensuously; nipping lightly causing shocks to run through me. My nipples harden with desire. I feel the muscles of my pussy flex as it lubricated itself. I feel him blow softly on the crease at the top of my leg. He licks it and blows again, chilling the skin and making me jerk. He’s rubbing my thighs now. He’s rubbing just high enough to graze my swollen lips and then retreats in a provoking caress. I shudder and gyrated on the table seeking to relieve the tension building inside me.

“Does that mean you’re enjoying yourself?” Tom asked suddenly, jerking me out of my little daydream.

“Oh, yes.” I answered, thoroughly embarrassed. “It feels wonderful”

‘You idiot!’ I think to myself. ‘Wake up and stop acting like a bitch in heat’ I berate myself silently, mortified at being caught in such a state of arousal. ‘He probably thinks I’m nuts’

“Don’t worry about it.” Tom says, as if reading my mind. “It’s a compliment that you were so relaxed that you basically forgot I was here and retreated into your imagination. Can I ask who you were thinking about?”

“You’ll keep it to yourself?” I asked.

“Me, you and the lamppost.” He chuckled.

“It was my boss.”

“Oh? That can be difficult.” He sympathized. “Not the best situation to be in, is it? Do you know if he has feelings for you?”

“I think so. He certainly is attracted to me but it wouldn’t look good at work. People already think we have something going on and I don’t want to give them fodder for the gossip mills.” I explained.

“Oh well, sometimes fantasy is better than reality. You just relax again and I’ll have you back in your fantasy in no time.” I couldn’t see his face but I sensed him smiling at that statement.

The massage seemed to go on forever. First, he kneaded my muscles until I had the firmness of a wet noodle. Then he rubbed a cream into my skin that stung a little at first but then felt like sparks of light were shining out of my pores after a few minutes. At this point he switched from using his hands to tapping me gently with bamboo rods. He showed me the device before beginning. It was about a foot and a half long. At one end there was avrupa yakası escort a handle and on the other, about twenty very slim and malleable bamboo sticks. They clacked together softly with each stroke and each tip sent little shocks through my skin at the point where it came down. It was the most exhilarating thing I had ever experienced and when he was done, it was all I could do to get off the table.

As he cleaned up the items previously laid out I asked him what I was supposed to wear, seeing as my clothes were in a crumpled mess on the bathroom counter and I had no others.

“Don’t worry about that.” He smiled. “You still have your bath tonight. Tanya will bring you something to wear when you’re done with that.” He held his hand out, palm up, and I placed mine in his. Kissing the back of my hand gallantly he spoke quietly. “It was nice to meet you Natasha. I hope all your fantasies come true.” He picked up the table and left the apartment, closing the door behind him.

Still standing in a towel, I figured I might as well go have that bath. As I walked down the hallway, I heard a woman’s laugh coming from the bathroom. Wondering how anyone could have gotten in, I opened the door slowly and inspected the bathroom for the first time. There was one woman standing at the tub adjusting the water temperature, and another selecting a bottle of perhaps oil or bubble bath from one of the large cabinets opposite the mirror. Judging by the flowing gowns they wore, I guessed them to be members of the staff, and my shoulders sagged in relief. I hadn’t realized how nervous I had been about an intruder. The woman by the tub noticed me standing there and introduced herself.

“Hi there, You must be Natasha! I’m Helena and this is Justine” She motioned to the woman who was now pouring the contents of the bottle she had chosen into the huge tub. “All finished with your massage, I see. Ready for a good soak?” She had a crooked smile that was nonetheless charming.

“I guess so. Umm, that smells wonderful!” I replied, breathing in the heady scent of jasmine. “I hope that’s for me?” I laughed.

“You bet.” Helena answered, flashing that crooked smile again. “And so are we. We are going to make you feel like a queen before the night is through. Now, come on up here and jump in. The water is perfect.”

I hesitated just a second before walking over to the large circular tub, dropping the towel and getting into the warm water. I sank in to my neck and sighed blissfully. I felt a little splash beside me and turned to see Helena dipping a sea sponge into the water. Butterflies erupted in my stomach as I realized that she meant to wash me, but as the soapy water trickled over my shoulders and neck, I yielded to her gentle ministrations without protest. She gently bathed me, beginning with my face and hair before dropping to my neck and shoulders. She let the water run down my back as she stroked the newly rejuvenated muscles, dipping lower with each stroke until she has caressed every inch of my back with her soapy hands. Justine had picked up the sponge and began rinsing the soap away by squeezing warn water over the washed areas.

I felt my pulse quicken as Helena pulled me back so that I was resting on the side of the tub, leaving my breasts and belly open to her touch. She soaped up her hands again and placed them on my chest. She worked her way lower slowly until she was cupping my breasts in her hands, feeling my nipples poking into her palms. She played with them gently, rubbing them between her fingers and flicking softly with her thumbs. I have never been attracted to women, but then, I had never had a woman arouse me like this before.

The muscles in my stomach clenched as her caress reached under the water line to skim the sensitive skin above the pubic bone. Justine continued to wash away the soap and spent considerable time rinsing my breasts, feeling them through the thin sponge, and keeping my nipples hard and sensitive. My head fell back and my breathing quickened as the sensual onslaught continued. Helena had worked her hands down to where my legs meet my body. Her fingers played lightly over the skin there never quite touching me intimately but stimulating the lips of my pussy by lack of touch and anticipation. My clit was swollen with desire and when she finally worked her fingers over it gently, I moaned and shuddered with the erotic thrill. I lifted my hips and spread my legs wider to give her expert hands more intimate access, but though her hands teased over and in all the folds of my sex, she did not penetrate me in any way. She continued her effort to my anus, rubbing and teasing but never intruding. I felt the tide of desire rising to a crest and then falling just out of reach with every stroke of her hands. I began to strain and push against her fingers, longing for a firmer touch but she evaded me at every turn.

“Not yet, my dear.” She whispered in my ear. “There is so much more in store for you, save your energy for later.”

‘Later?’ I wondered through the thick fog of arousal that was clouding my mind. Before I could ask what she meant, she instructed me to stand and wrapped a more adequately sized towel around me. I stepped out of the tub and sat on the cushioned chair in front of the mirror. Justine began to comb the tangles out of my jasmine scented hair while Helena knelt in front of me to dry my legs.

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