Mayıs 8, 2021

The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 70

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Xiao Li’s Tales – Part 4

Xiao Li was troubled. In the five weeks since she had been…the only way she could think of it was molested…by Jian in the living room, she had been torn between two worlds. In the one world, she was Jian’s middle-aged mother, who should have rejected his sexual advances immediately. A mother who should have scolded her son for peeping on his parents having sexual relations. A mother who should have resisted the temptations of submitting to her own sexual desires for her son. A mother who should never have opened herself up to the sinful sensations of masturbating to thoughts of her own son.

It was the second world, the world in which Xiao Li lived the life of a wonton matron, a woman who catered to the sexual desires of young men for not just their benefit, but her own as well, that was the world in which Xiao Li could never imagine herself stepping into. And yet, it was the world in which she found her dreams, and her fantasies, returning to time and time again. Xiao Li was a sexual creature, of this she was absolutely certain. For her, however, the sanctity of marriage, a pact she willingly signed onto so many years ago, had become a burden for her, of this she realized. Her spirit was one that needed to float free, to experience the world around her, as well as the many sensations that were available to her. In her dreams, she was chained to Gang, not as his slave or possession, but only as an anchor, securing her to the prim and proper world that she had been brought up in. Only having seen her son, a virile young man, in sexual congress with his young wife, and hearing from his own mouth the sinful desires he has for her, his own mother, has indeed opened her eyes to the vastness of the universe around her. For Xiao Li, she felt sorrow at never having explored for herself the pleasures of the flesh, pleasures that so many others have enjoyed.

Jian had left for Seattle on a five-day, four-night business trip just days after he had admitted to his mother, and so graphically displayed for her his lusts, for her. Xiao Li recalled her son’s admission of having several women her own age in the cities which he did business on call for his pleasures. During his absence, Xiao Li often found herself imagining what her son was doing with these women, and so many times she wished that it was her that he was doing it to.

“Oh, Jian! Please! Yes, please! Make me cum!” Xiao Li had panted while masturbating in the bath tub upstairs. She had purchased a small, water-proof toy, soft and very life-like, from an on-line store, and this she had used when the need boiled within her belly. On this such evening, the night before her son’s return, she had thought she had the house to herself, as Vania had taken the children to the park for a walk, and Gang had joined them. Instead, it had started to rain, and the family had returned early.

It had been Vania who had over-heard Xiao Li’s moans of desire. Xiao Li learned of this afterword when Vania paused in their dinner preparations to discreetly ask, “Did you have an enjoyable bath, Mother?”

Xiao Li gasped. “I do not know why you ask. A bath is relaxing, but rarely enjoyable,” she replied.

Vania chuckled and with a slight shake of her head, replied, “I’m sorry if I overheard your moans of passion, Mother. I often masturbate while bathing, as well. Although I usually don’t imagine Jian as my lover.” She added a wink along with a sly grin in her glance to her mother-in-law. “Usually, I fantasize about Brad Pitt, or maybe Matthew McConaughey, when I’m enjoying a pleasurable bath,” she told Xiao Li off-handedly. Vania casually returned to completing the dinner preparations, as if talking about masturbating and fantasies with her mother-in-law were as common as discussing dinner. Nothing else was said, though Xiao Li had much to say to her brash daughter-in-law.

That first weekend after her son had returned, Xiao Li fought to keep from meeting his eyes, for she knew that she would be unable to stand his gaze. She was quiet, even distant, and though they never were alone together, Gang asked on several occasions if she and Jain had had an argument. “No, dear, no,” she would tell her husband. “All is well. Perhaps he has something troubling him.” Xiao Li knew that her husband would speak with their son, and would receive much the same answer.

So, the next week went, and eventually the waves that all in the family felt calmed. By the feast of Thanksgiving, a tradition in America that Xiao Li found hard to grasp, the family had returned to a quite normal. Jian and Xiao Li conversed as son and mother once again, and the incident seemingly fell away, lost to the ages. However, the spark was reignited once again, thanks to a tumble taken by Tye.

It was the first week of December and thanks to a cold front, the weather had taken a turn for the worse in Regal Bay. It was much too cold outside for the children to play in the yard, and Gang even retreated inside for his morning meditations. bahis firmaları The cold did not keep Xiao Li’s husband from his desire to visit the community center for an afternoon of Tien Gow with a couple of new friends of his. With Jian and Vania at work for the day, Xiao Li drove her husband down to the bay-front center, as she often did, with the children riding in the backseat. After, they would stop in at McDonald’s for a lunch of Chicken McNuggets and French fries before heading home for the rest of the day. During a usual day, Xiao Li would spend the afternoon cleaning the house while the children played, watched television, or napped in their room. Xiao Li would return to pick up her husband after Vania had arrived home for the evening, at which point Xiao Li would retire for her evening bath before starting dinner. It was all very ritualistic at times for the Yau family.

On Thursday evening however, the ritual was broken. Tye, who had been running around expending her pent-up energy, slipped on a rug and took a tumble. The resulting wound, a severe bruise to her elbow, was so painful for the little girl that it was feared that she might have broken a bone. With Jian not yet home, Vania took her daughter to the emergency room for an examination, while Kai, who had remained sleeping on the living room floor throughout his sister’s screaming and crying, would remain at home with Gang and Xiao Li.

“You go on upstairs, Xiao Li,” Gang instructed his wife, “and get your bath. I shall stay here with our little grass-hopper while he sleeps,” he added. Gang often called his grand-son “Grass-hopper” in reference to the old American television show “Kung-Fu”. It was his own little tease towards his son, whom had never enjoyed the nick-name when it was applied to him.

“If you are fine watching the boy,” Xiao Li replied. “Shall I retrieve the tea pot for you?” she asked, noticing that his cup was empty.

He nodded ever so slightly while watching Kai sleep. Xiao Li did as she said, and left the pot on a coaster, after filling his cup once again. She kissed his balding head and head upstairs, where she retrieved fresh under-clothing from her bedroom, along with her little toy.

Xiao Li hadn’t planned to pleasure herself that evening. When she saw the six-inch long, flesh-like dildo in her underwear drawer, her vagina gave her a tingle. It had been several days since last she’d climaxed, she reasoned, so why not take advantage of the situation? With the toy wrapped up in her fresh underwear, just in case, she escaped to the bathroom and carefully locked the door. She sat on the toilet patiently waiting while the tub filled. The jasmine oil that she often added to the water gave off its relaxing aroma and soon Xiao Li had stripped out of her day-clothes and stepped naked into the soothingly hot water.

Xiao Li closed her eyes and relaxed, enjoying the warmth of the water on her flesh as well as the aroma of the scented oils. Eventually, the dildo which she held in her hand was moved against her pubic mound, and then lower. With one hand, she spread herself open, and with the other, she guided the tip against her entry. It was warm, thanks to the water, and in her mind, it was as warm as any man’s penis. She pulled the tip upward to open her labia and press against her clit, what she’d always called her lotus bud. Butterflies rippled up through her belly as she gave her bud a gentle caress with the dildo, before returning it to its rightful place.

“Oooohhh!” Xiao Li gasped as she pushed the dildo into her body. Her canal opened to accept the token, and smoothly four of the six inches slid in. Xiao Li held the toy in place a full minute before she slowly pulled it free. With only the tip wedged against her opening now, she moaned, “Please. Please, Jian,” and then once again pushed the toy inside. “Aaaahhh, my son!” she sighed with its entry, and again she held it in place. In her mind, it was at this point that Jian would be kissing her so very deeply with his tongue, and she would be so willing to take him, into her mouth as well as her body.

Xiao Li had masturbated to her son’s image so often that it had become a rerun in her mind. She lifted her feet from the water and planted them to either side of the faucet. Her free hand went from breast to breast, caressing her soft globes or tugging at the thick, pliable nipples. The toy slipped in and out of her with ever increasing strokes, sometimes shallow, and other times as deep as she could go, until finally, with the water splashing from the motion of both her arm and her body, she climaxed.

“Aaaahhh, Jiaaaannnnn!” she gasped, hissing her son’s name as quietly as she could, and yet needing to release his name, to let the universe know who it was that had given her such pleasure.

Enjoying the release and the after-glow, Xiao Li would often relax for another ten or fifteen minutes before rising from the tub. With a large towel in hand, she would go to the counter and look at herself, the kaçak iddaa heavy, sagging breasts with their dark areola and thick nipples, at the thick tangle of dark pubic hair below the swell of her belly, and at the aged, wrinkled face that stared back at her. “Jian could never find me attractive. I can’t imagine any man finding this old woman attractive,” she whispered, and then turned away from her image to dry off and pull on her fresh clothing.

“Grand-ma-ma! We’re home!” came the songful voice of her grand-daughter, followed by a loud pounding at the bathroom door.

“Wait until I unlock it, dear,” she laughed, and then let Tye in. Behind the girl stood Vania. “How is she?” she asked.

“The doctor said it was only bruised, but deeply,” the young mother replied with a smile. “Tye will be sore for a week or so, he said, and should be very careful when carrying things. Otherwise, she will live!”

Xiao Li already had Tye picked up and in her arms. “A banged-up elbow doesn’t seem to have slowed you down, child!” she laughed, and carrying her grand-daughter, followed Vania from the kitchen and on downstairs. “Now, let’s tend to dinner, shall we?”

After dinner, Xiao Li and Gang sat in the family room watching television while Vania gave her children their evening baths. Jian had work to complete, and had retired to his little study soon after his meal. The evening passed with little to note, until late, when Vania found Xiao Li in the kitchen putting away the dishes while finishing off the last of the evening’s tea.

“Mother, is this little plaything yours?” Xiao Li turned to find Vania holding her dildo while smiling a knowing grin.

Xiao Li gasped upon recognition. “Oh! Where did you find that?” she asked, hesitant to accept the toy even as her daughter-in-law presented it to her.

Vania grinned and as she studied the dildo, she said, “Actually, it was Jian who found it.” Vania sat at the table and gently, as if it might break, placed the dildo in front of her. “While I was giving the children their baths, Jian used the up-stairs bathroom to shower. He found this, so he said, sitting on the soap dish.” She picked it up again and gave the tip a stroke of her finger tip. “At first, he thought it was mine, so he brought it to me. Of course, it’s not one of mine. I told him that it had to be yours. You should have seen his eyes light up! I think he threw a boner right then!” She set the dildo back onto the table. Xiao Li slipped into a chair across from her, listening to the story Vania told with obvious enjoyment.

“You do know that Jian has the hots for you, don’t you?” Vania asked flat out, looking full into Xiao Li’s eyes.

“I don’t know what you mean?” she responded, her voice little more than a chirp.

Vania grinned. “You do too! You know full well that Jian has an Oedipus complex. He told me all about what happened back in October, don’t you know? How he pulled his manhood out and you took him with your mouth…”

“I never!” Xiao Li gasped and jumped to her feet. “I don’t know what Jian said to you…”

Vania followed Xiao Li as she retreated into the vacant family room. “Mother! Please!” Vania caught her and turned the older woman to face her. She was smiling, though now a much warmer smile. “Mother, it’s alright. I don’t mind. I’m a very open-minded and loving woman. I understand Jian has his fantasies. We all do. Even you. I’ve over-heard you, in fact, when you take your baths. I know you’ve fantasized about Jian, just as he’s fantasized about you on many occasions.”

Xiao Li was in shock. The words she heard did not fit with the world in which she lived. “I don’t understand,” she muttered. Vania guided her to sit on the sofa and joined her mother-in-law.

Taking Xiao Li’s hands in hers, Vania explained, “Mother. Xiao Li. You are a very wonderful woman, and still very desirous. Jian has a kink about him, a need for an older woman. He has since I’ve known him. And I know that he has a woman or two in the cities he does business in. I know that these women are much older than him, very much your age, in fact. I can only suppose they are sexual substitutes for you, his own mother, and with them he does what he wishes he could do with you.”

Xiao Li had been looking down at their hands, the fingers interlocked. She felt herself nod. “Yes. I know this. He told me when…” She looked into Vania’s face. “He told me this the night we went beyond the boundaries of a mother and son relationship. I did not know that you were also aware of his…”

“Of his lusts for his own mother?” Vania concluded for her. “Yes, Xiao Li. I have known for some time. Long before you and Gang moved in with us. I knew the night that he told me that he had invited you to live with us, that he was doing this for his own lusts, in the hopes that one day you might…”

“That one day I might succumb to his sinful desires?” Xiao Li completed for her. After a moment, she admitted, “I saw you and him, in this very room, making kaçak bahis love, soon after we arrived. I could not help myself. I had to watch. I don’t know what held me in place. And yet I watched as you performed…and he did that to you…”

“You saw him cum in my mouth, is that what you saw?” Vania asked.

Xiao Li nodded. “I’d never seen that before. I’d never imagined ever doing that, either. I’d never taken Gang in any way other than as a good wife, in the missionary position, in a proper bed.”

Vania laughed gently, “So when Jian did that to you, when he came in your mouth, that was the first time in your life you’d ever tasted a man’s seed?” Xiao Li nodded sharply. “Oh, wow! Did you like it, I mean, did it surprise you?”

Xiao Li admitted, “At first, I didn’t taste anything. And then it flooded out. I was a mess, and ran to the bathroom. I am ashamed to say, I vomited.”

“That’s alright, dear,” Vania assured. “I think the first time it happened to me, I threw up all over the guy I was with! Didn’t Jian warn you he was about to cum?”

She shook her head. “I think he was too excited.”

“Of course, he was! It was the pinnacle of his entire fantasy life! To have his cock inside his mother, even if it was only your mouth. There was no way Jian was going to hold back!” Vania again laughed. She then pulled the older woman into a hug, which Xiao Li returned after a moment. When they parted, Vania asked, “I know of his fantasies for you, and I know that you have fantasies of him. Would it be improper of me to ask of you, and I only ask this because I love Jian so very much, and I love you as well dear mother, but I feel that if Jian were to fulfill his desires for you, to have you in the flesh and not just in fantasy, that he would stop seeing these other women, would you consent to making love to Jian?”

Xiao Li had not seen this coming. She was shocked at the very suggestion, coming as it did from Vania. She didn’t even know how to respond. Vania could see in her eyes the conflicting emotions as well. “Listen, Mother. I want you to know that you have my blessings, and so does Jian, in this matter. I will leave you to think my proposal over. I don’t want to rush you, or force you into anything you don’t want, to cross a line that you don’t want to cross. I understand that what Jian did to you before might not have been what you had wanted, and you must understand that he feels shame at what he did. But, like you, I think he is very much conflicted right now with his emotions. He and I, we talk about everything, and after we make love, he admits that sometimes it is your face he sees on my body. Jian loves you very much, Xiao Li, and wants to make love to you even more. And I want what my husband wants. I want him to make love to you, and I want you to make love to Jian. I want you to join with your son in such intimacy so that he can be happy, and in turn you and I will be happy as well.”

For many minutes Xiao Li replayed Vania’s words through her mind. Finally, she looked to her daughter-in-law and admitted, “I wouldn’t even know how to approach him.”

Vania sighed. “Leave that to me, Mother. When you are ready, I will put the pieces into place.”

Xiao Li said, “I’m ready now,” her voice as light as a hummingbird’s breathe.


In fact, it was two more days before Vania came to Xiao Li and whispered, “If you are prepared, Mother, your son is as well.” Vania had the day off from work and had been spending the day with her children putting up the Christmas tree and decorations. At first, Xiao Li was confused, but the look Vania gave her refreshed her mind, and sent a vibration of sexual passion through her body the likes of which she hadn’t felt in decades. The very idea, that her daughter-in-law had set in motion events that would soon have her and her son making love, made her immediately dampen the crotch of her underwear. Her nipples, soft and pliable for so many years, were suddenly hard upon the crests of her breasts, noticeable even beneath the sweater she wore that afternoon.

“I will drop Gang off for his Tien Gow session,” Vania said. “The children should be about ready for their naps.” Xiao Li was still in a daze when Vania and Gang began to pull on their heavy coats. Vania stepped over and whispered, “After the children are down, go up to your bedroom and relax.” Vania gave her a light kiss on the cheek, and headed out. Xiao Li was still a bit confused, knowing that Jian was at work, but with little effort she managed to put Kai and Tye down for their naps, and then retired to her room.

Sitting on the end of the bed, Xiao Li’s heart was racing in her chest. She had not talked with Vania on the subject in two days, nor had she given much thought to how she might “put the pieces into place”. Xiao Li realized as she sat there, that she hadn’t masturbated during that time, either. “What am I doing?” she asked the empty room. She stood up and went to the window. She pulled the blinds up and looked out across the back yard. The sun was bright and the shadows dark, though she knew it was quite cool outside. The temperatures were in the mid-forties across the region, though that wasn’t the reason Xiao Li shivered.

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