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The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 23

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The Matrons of Regal Bay

Chapter 23

Annie’s Tales — Part 2

“Bye, Mom,” Annie called to her mother as she watched her pull away from the curb. Annie turned and headed up the front steps of her house, across the porch, and on in through the front door. It was a warm day in Regal Bay, and for that time of year, mid-May, it was a sign that the summer was going to be hotter than usual. That was okay for many of the residents of the ocean side community, as it would mean a substantial crowd visiting the bay-front beaches, marina, and boardwalk. And with visitors came revenue.

Annie dropped her purse off on the hallway table as she went through into the living room, where she found her son Tim reclined back in the large Lazy-boy she’d picked up earlier in the year. Not surprisingly, he was watching television.

“What are you doing inside?” she asked as she moved to stand beside her son. “I’d have thought you’d be down at the beach. It must be close to eighty by now.” She rustled his dirty-blonde hair, thinking that it needed trimming but not saying anything. Tim wore a new ear-ring stud in his left ear, she noticed.

“Uncle Dan’s out back doing the yard,” Tim replied, looking up at her as he did. He was drinking a Smirnoff cooler of some sort, and took a deep drink then.

“Your grand-mother and I have been out at the casino,” Annie told him as she settled into the sofa nearby, drawing her feet up beneath her as she got comfortable. “She ended up $130 to the good, while I lost fifty and called it quits.” She didn’t get a reaction from Tim. “What are you watching?” she asked.

There was a commercial for Toyota running, so Tim replied, “A baseball game. Cubs and Mariners. It’s raining in Chicago, so it’s in a delay.”

“Oh,” she responded. “Well, in that case,” she started as she got up again and went to stand in front of her son, “you want to do something?”

Tim looked up at his mother and asked, “What did you have in mind?” She was wearing a set of denim Capri pants and an over-sized t-shirt with the casino logo across the front. He was wearing baggy black cargo shorts and a concert t-shirt from some years back; the “Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers” tour. Her son was big into Hank Williams, Jr. and Ted Nugent.

“Well, we could head out to the mall,” she suggested, “or down to the beach? I just don’t want to sit around here all afternoon, wasting a beautiful Sunday.”

“You were just out with Grandma,” he pointed out.

“Yes, and we were inside the casino. She found a couple of her friends and you know how she gets. I wanted to leave, but she was my ride.” Annie enjoyed spending days out with her mother, except when her mother ran into someone who wanted to stand and talk, and talk and talk. Not her favorite past-time, listening to old women gossip.

“You could have called, I’d have come picked you up.” Tim told her.

“I should have. Then we could have gone down to the beach from there.”

“I really don’t feel like going to the beach,” Tim replied. He found that he was looking at his mother’s chest, and noticed that her nipples were pointed, excited, and prominent beneath her t-shirt. He cocked his head to the side and said matter-of-factly, “You’re not wearing a bra.”

“You noticed,” she grinned. “It’s starting to get a little too hot for a bra,” she added. Tim knew that his mother enjoyed going braless through the summer months. This was the first he’d noticed this year, however.

“I noticed that your breasts seem a bit perkier lately,” he added as he lowered the recliner’s foot rest and leaned closer to her. He reached for her hips and pulled his mother a bit closer. He looked up into her face, smiling wickedly.

Annie responded with a mirror image grin and lifted her hands up to cup, and lift, her breasts through her t-shirt. “Do you like them? I’ve been trying out this new cream. It’s supposed to firm up old saggy tits like mine.”

“Come on, Mom,” Tim laughed. “Your tits are anything but old and saggy.”

“And how would you know, Mister?” she asked playfully. “When was the last time you saw them?”

“It has been a while,” Tim replied. A moment of silence passed between them.

Annie then said, “Maybe we could think of something to do here, then?” She continued to cup her breasts as she looked down upon her 22-year-old son. She could tell that she was influencing him, from the bulge that had begun to tent his shorts.

“I can think of one thing we could do” Tim muttered. “It might kill an hour or two.”

“And what would that be, Sweaty?”

Tim settled back into the recliner and gave his groin a squeeze. “I could really do with a blow job, right about now.” He grinned up at her, and she grinned right back.

“What about your uncle, Tim? He’s right out back, isn’t he?” Even as she asked, Annie dropped slowly to her knees before her son, placing her hands upon his knees, just below the edge of his loose-fitting shorts. She slipped her fingers bahis firmaları under the cuff and moved ever so slowly up his inner thighs.

“He just got started mowing,” Tim replied. “It usually takes him at least half an hour to mow, and then he’ll trim. He could be busy at least for an hour.”

Annie was still grinning as she lowered her eyes to Tim’s lap, where his bulge had grown more prominent. She slipped her hands up his thighs, and then moved her right up the leg of his shorts. Her fingers stroked his flesh lightly as she went higher, until she could feel the hairs of his crotch.

“Someone’s going commando,” Annie grinned. Her son usually did. She looked up into her son’s face as she pushed further in to find his cock shaft, and wrap her fingers around it.

“Oh,” Tim sighed as electricity seemed to jolt through him under his mother’s touch. Her fingers curled around his member, which was growing firm rapidly. She found his scrotal sack with her other hand and squeezed gently, again making him gasp. She then began to pull him gently free. She worked her hand and arm to push his short’s leg higher up, until his cock was fully exposed along his thigh. Her hand began to tug and stroke him as Annie leaned over to give her oldest son a brief kiss on the mouth.

“Look what I found,” she purred into his lips, and then she settled lower on her hips. She lifted her son’s cock in her fist and stroked his shaft to the base. His knob was purple, just inches away, and Annie took it between her lips for the first time in days.

“Oh, Mom!” Tim sighed as his mother began to lightly lick across and around his crown. Her fingers, tight around his shaft, began to stroke up and down. His hands went to her bright red curls and he slipped his fingers through. As her head began to bob slowly, Tim pushed his hips forward to the edge of the recliner.

“That feels so good,” he moaned.

Annie slipped her mouth from his cock and replied, “I’m glad you like it.” Her lips parted, and down she went, taking nearly his full length into her mouth before again retreating to work his crown with her tongue. “I’m glad we found something to do,” she purred as she traced his knob across her lower lip, before engulfing him once again.

Annie loved to make love to her son’s fat dick, and between throat-banging gulps she would drag his knob across her cheeks and lips. She watched her son’s face as she tongue-tickled his piss-slit, enjoying the fluttering of his eyelids. She tasted his tart pre-cum, savoring it in her tongue before again gulping his cock down to his pubes. She pulled off and traced her tongue up the underside and back down. She sucked in one of his fat nuts and then the other. She opened wide and managed both at the same time, making her son groan as she tugged on them.

As she mouthed her son’s cock, Annie also ran her hands up his naked torso to find and tickle his little nipples. This made his body twitch, as Tim had sensitive man-nipples. “Aaahhh, Mom! Mom!” he groaned again and again.

“Uuummm!” She purred around his shaft, buried in her throat. Tim’s hands took a stronger hold of her head then, grabbing her at the temples, and he began to drive her up and down his cock.

“Aaaahhh! Aahh!” he grunted as he used his mother’s face to jack his cock. Her mouth was dripping saliva and her lips drew tight around his shaft as he forced her to gag time and again on his dick. He started humping his hips upward to meet her mouth, now truly face-fucking his mother. The recliner squeaked under him, rocking as he bucked.

“Aaaahhhh, yeeaahhh!” he grunted. “Yeeessshhhaaaaahhh!” Suddenly, his cock started spitting in her mouth and Annie found herself nearly choking on her son’s thick semen. “Take it! Take it!” Tim demanded. He held her face tightly in place, half of his cock held in her mouth while it erupted. Her hands gripped his balls and the base of his shaft, and she pulled and tugged, milking his cock as it fed her the hot creamy load she had craved all day. With each mouthful Annie gulped and swallowed, taking her son’s belly-warming seed down.

After several mouthfuls, Annie had swallowed the last of Tim’s load and was setting to work cleaning his cock, his scrotum, and across his crotch wither tongue and lips. She had grown to enjoy pleasuring her son as never before over the past months, and never tired of treating him to anything, any time or any place.

With the last of his semen deposited in his mother’s belly, Tim gently lifted her face from his crotch. Her eyes sparkled as they always did after giving him an orgasm, and she smiled wide with satisfaction of her own. With just a light pull, she responded and moved up his body to plant her lips to his. Tim kissed his mother deeply and with sincere passion. He pulled her fully to him and held her as their mouths remained locked for several minutes. They finally parted, panting for breath, and Tim asked, “Would you like for me to reciprocate, Mom?”

Annie kaçak iddaa smiled even wider. “Take me to the bedroom.”

By the time mother and son had reached her bedroom, both Annie and Tim had shed their clothing. Tim rolled into his mother’s bed and with a wide grin on his face and his cock in his hand, he patted the bed beside him, inviting his mother to lay beside him. Annie crawled into bed and settled beside her son, with his arm under her shoulders, and she reached for his hard cock while planting her mouth to his.

“Uuummm,” Tim moaned into her mouth as his mother stroked his saliva-slick dick in her long fingers. She tickled the tip with a nail and then did the same with his scrotum. He humped his hips in response. “Oh, fuck Mom,” he sighed. “I’ve gotta get inside you!”

“I thought so,” Annie replied. She rolled away from Tim, releasing his cock as she turned her backside to him. “Spoon me, Tim,” she told him, even though he recognized what his mother wanted. It was one of her favorite positions, being taken from behind on their sides. She lifted her left leg and Tim took aim with his cock into her red-furred slot. Once he found her opening, he stuffed his knob into her and held her leg for her as he pushed as much of his dick into her as he could.

“Oooohhh,” she moaned with his entry. “Uuunnngggg!” she purred as her son began to run in and out of her. Only half of his seven inches were in her, but from the odd angle his knob stroked directly against her inner g-spot. She slammed her right hand to her cunt and began to attack her clit bud with a furious circular motion. Electricity sparked through her belly as her son worked.

“Ooohh, aaaahhh, uuuhhhh!” she panted and grunted over the next several minutes. Tim enjoyed this position as it did little for him other than keep his cock rock hard. This was for his mother to get off, and he always enjoyed getting his mother off.

Tim cradled her head in one hand while holding her leg high in the other. All the while his hips bucked, working his knob against her g-spot and driving her ever closer to her climax. The roar of the lawn mower, driven by her brother-in-law Daniel, thundered past her bedroom window, which she realized was open. Her panting and moaning might have been heard outside, had the mower not been running. What would Daniel think of her, if he knew she was fucking Tim just inside? Hell, she thought, he’d probably join in, if what her sister told her was accurate. Daniel was a fire-fighter, but he was also a family stud, if Charlotte could be believed. Though Annie had never had the pleasure, her mother is said to have had, as well as her aunts.

Even with the family history as it was, Annie had shied away from having intimate relations within her family, except for her son Tim, since her father passed away. She had never been attracted to other women, nor had she any attraction to her cousins. Annie spent an enjoyable week with her Uncle Derrick, her mother’s brother, at his cabin over summer break, but that had been twenty years ago. She’d not been with him again, not that she wouldn’t have minded another ride on his thick cock. Since his stroke, however, those days were long past.

Tim’s cock, young and full of energy, reminded Annie vary much of her uncle’s, and in some ways Tim acted like Derrick at times. Maybe that was what initially opened her eyes to her son and his willingness to pleasure her.

“Ooohh, Tim! I’m almost there!” she panted. In response, Tim began to jab a bit faster, though with slightly shallower thrusts. His knob banged directly against her sensitive jumble of nerve endings, and sent her over the edge.

“Aaaaahhhhhheeeeeee!” she cried out. Her body jerked and twitched as her cream flowed. Her fingers stroked her pussy, running down the sides along her son’s penetrator. She grabbed his balls and squeezed them, and Tim pushed as deep as he could go into her. Her pussy fluttered around his shaft as she climaxed, and it was such a thrill for him to know that he could give his mother the greatest pleasures of all.

“Ooohh, yeah, baby! You do me so good, Tim! You know how to make me feel so good!” Annie panted as she rode through her initial orgasm of the day. She rocked and bucked her hips while Tim held his steady, letting her enjoy herself through the final throws of her climax. Once she settled down, Tim pulled back and eased out of her, making her sigh with disappointment. It would be short lived, however.

Tim moved to his knees beside his mother a moment later. “Are you ready to get fucked, Mom?” he asked. He pulled her legs around and apart, opening her up wide for him. Her pussy gaped invitingly.

“Oh, god, yes! Fuck me, Tim! Stick that fucker back inside me!” She grabbed hold of her ankles and pulled her feet back, rolling her hips up. Tim jabbed his cock back into his mother’s hole and plowed to her very depths. “Oooohhh!” she groaned, now fully filled with her son’s manhood to the very thick base. She felt his kaçak bahis balls on her anus and the tickle of his pubic hair. She purred through a mini-climax upon her son’s penetration, and rolled with its pleasure as he began to truly fuck her.

“Oooohhh, yes! Yes! Yes!” Annie grunted beneath her son. Tim pounded hard into her, smacking flesh to flesh, while feeling the knob of his dick bang hard, time and again against her cervix. Again, Tim wished he could get his mother pregnant, if only to appease the Oedipus complex within him. Her soft breasts wiggled and shook upon her chest as he pounded her, and Tim paused long enough to bend over and capture one of the nipples in his mouth. As he sucked her tit, Tim again worked his cock inside her with shallow thrusts that had his mother panting. He let her tit fall free and pressed his hands hard into the globes while ramming his cock harder than ever into her.

“Ooohh, fuck! Mom! I’m going to cum!” he roared. “Uuunnngggghhhhh!” Tim’s cock exploded within his mother once again, flooding her womb with hot semen. He wanted to knock her up, to have a baby with his mother, but knew that it was impossible. She couldn’t have any more, not after having him.

Tim held his pulsing cock deep within her and Annie felt the throbbing of his shaft. Her pussy throbbed as well, but her climax was already beginning to ebb. She’d missed out on mutually peaking with her son, though that never bothered her. He’d done for her and now she’d done for him. She loved her son and gave him everything she ever could, including herself. And Tim did things for her no other son could.

“Ooohh, Mom, that was wonderful,” Tim said as he collapsed onto her, and then rolled to the side. His cock pulled out of her and she felt his juices start to leak. She tightened up and dropped her legs. Her feet were a bit numb from the position that they had been held in, and Annie felt them tingle as the blood returned to her feet and toes. Tim was panting deeply, laying on his back now beside her. His hand found hers and their fingers intertwined. She rolled to her side, facing him and placing a hand upon his heaving chest.

“That was fun,” she grinned. “I love these afternoon sessions we have, Tim.” She lay quietly then, feeling her son’s warm body next to hers, as the thunder of the lawn mower echoed around the back yard. She closed her eyes and relaxed, feeling his semen cooling upon her labia and inner thighs where it had leaked out.

“Mom, can I ask you something?” Tim asked, breaking the peaceful moment for her.

“Anything,” she responded.

Tim seemed to be mulling over something, and took a minute before continuing. “I was wondering if you’d be open to something.”

Figuring it to be something sexual in nature, Annie grinned and shrugged against him. “I suppose. It would depend on what you had in mind.”

“I have a friend,” he said, and Annie immediately knew where this was heading. In fact, she’d wondered at times why Tim hadn’t brought this sort of thing up before now. Tim continued. “He’s a friend of mine from high school, and doesn’t have much of a life, I guess. His mother died long ago, and his dad sucks. Ray, that’s his name, I don’t think he’s even been out on a date since high school, and that’s been what? Four years now?”

Tim paused, and Annie asked, “Do you want me to have sex with your friend, Tim?”

He shrugged in response. “I don’t know. I guess I’m asking you that, if you wanted to meet him, maybe you could just see where it went?”

Annie sat up and looked down at her son then. She wasn’t totally upset with the idea. “So, you’re asking me to seduce your friend? And where would you be? Watching? Participating?”

Tim was looking up at her, trying to gage her reaction to his suggestion. “I don’t know. I think I would just let you and Ray work it out, you know.”

“So, the plan is to invite Ray over, for him and me to slip off someplace, for me to convince him to make out, and then do for him what I do for you. Is that it?” Annie wasn’t too far off.

Again, Tim shrugged. “I really don’t know. I guess I didn’t thick this through very well. I’m sorry I brought it up.”

Annie sat up in the bed. The mower had stopped and it was quiet in the house and outside. “I’m not totally against it, Tim,” she finally admitted. “I suppose you’ve told him about you and me?”

Tim sat up, shaking his head. “No, not really. I’ve told him that I’ve been having sex with an older woman, and that maybe he’d like to have a shot at her, too. I didn’t tell him that you are my mother. And he doesn’t have to know, either, I guess. I can just tell him that you’re a neighbor or something, or a friend of my mom’s. He’s never seen you, so he would never know who you are.”

Annie saw where this would be a better scenario, should she go through with it. Tim had been her only lover for the last few years, and even though she loved him very much, she also knew that it would be better if she let him free to see other women. Not that he had ever needed her permission. Annie knew full well that she wasn’t his exclusive lover. She just wished he would open to her, and tell her about the others. In his time, maybe.

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