Mayıs 7, 2021

The Loving Mom

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Trudy cleaned off her desk as she got ready to go home for the day. Her legal secretary Emily Francis, had already gone. She was really grateful for Emily, not only was she an excellent legal secretary, but she had become a good friend since the death of her husband Jim. Jim had hired Emily originally when they had opened up their law practice together and had lived a happy and full life. Jim had been a defense lawyer, and she took care of all the things needed in a small town. There was always a need for real estate closings, wills, settling local lawsuits and even an occasional divorce. Their life had taken a tragic turn when Jim had been called to active duty with his national guard unit and was deployed to Iraq. He had only been in Baghdad a month when two uniformed army officers had rang Trudy’s doorbell at 7 pm one Wednesday evening.

They had given Jim a full military honors burial and Trudy and Tommie, their 18 year old son, had consoled each other in the days that followed. Trudy decided that she would continue to work and keep their practice alive, and Emily had been a big part of the change, and was a good right arm in the practice. Tommy had immediately assumed the role of man of the house and showered his mother with his love, sensing that right now she needed all the support and love he could give her. His mother needing him had taken his mind off his own grief and helped him through a difficult time.

Trudy looked around the office and locking the front door behind her, climbed into her car and headed for the supermarket. The weatherman had predicted a coming summer thunderstorm, and she wanted to get home before the rains came.

Trudy was only 38, as she and Jim had had Tommy when they had been married for just a year. They had married in college and both had gone to law school with lots of help from their parents. Trudy was a lovely figure of womanhood, with raven hair, clear blue eyes, very pale complexion, and with the body of a much younger girl. Her breasts were round, full and firm, and thanks to her fitness sessions three times a week, her waist was small and her bottom perfect. All of this on top of long, beautifully shaped legs She wasn’t exactly slim, as her curves prohibited that. She would probably be described as having a lush figure. Some would say voluptuous.

She made her way through the grocery store and wound up with two large bags which she decided to carry and thus avoid having to store the cart after she got to her car. She had parked almost at the far end of the parking lot, because 5:30 pm was a popular time at the store.

She was dressed in her normal office attire. High heels, a modest dress with a full skirt that stopped just short of her knees. Summertime meant that she dressed as coolly as she could, which meant only the lightest of panties and bra. Slips made her too warm at that time of the year, and she never wore panty hose, even in the winter. Jim had hated them and she wore stockings and a garter belt in the winter. He had liked that.

She came out of the store and headed for her car. She hadn’t gone ten feet though before the wind suddenly started to blow from the north. Immediately her dress began to billow, and holding on to her two large bags, and with her purse swinging from her shoulder she made her way as quickly as she could to her parking place.

She was something to behold. Every male in the parking lot, and those coming and going from the store stopped dead in their tracks at the sight of this beautiful woman whose dress, totally controlled by the wind, was mostly above her waist, exposing long shapely legs, a gorgeous rear end, and a beautifully shaped mound revealing the dark area of her pubic hair through her flimsy panties. She was absolutely crimson with embarrassment, as her hands were completely tied up with her groceries, and all she could do was try to get to her car as quickly as possible. The wind wasn’t letting up, and if anything was blowing even harder. Her skirt was out of control flying in every direction, but mostly up. “Oh God No”, she thought as she approached her car. She could see not ten yards away from her car, a utility work area, marked by plastic pylons, and three hardhats watching her with great enjoyment as she hurried to get to her car. She had to pass them and averted her head to avoid eye contact. They were standing about four feet down in the excavation and had a great view of her as they looked up at her as she went by, dress flying exposing all of her considerable charms from the waist down.

“Hey, you got great legs honey”, one of them yelled at her, shouting above the wind.

“and a great ass too”, said a second hardhat. This was followed by several wolf whistles as the men gave her the appreciation they felt she deserved.

She finally reached her car, and putting her bags on the hood, she tried to hold her skirt down as she took her shoulder purse and with one hand on the front of her skirt, she desperately tried to find her car keys bahis firmaları that were buried in a purse that was too large for her to find them easily. Even holding her skirt with one hand, the wind was too violent and while she had the front of her dress down, the sides and back were almost now flat against the upper part of her body, leaving her totally exposed below her waist for all the male eyes now fixed on her. She could hear their whistles and comments. Finally she got her keys, and quickly unlocking her car, she opened the back door and deposited the two bags of groceries as her audience got their last look at this woman who was making the day for a lot of men. She climbed into the driver’s seat, and closed the door. She looked out the side window to see the three hardhats and at least five other men, grinning at her and applauding. Two of them were waving cell phones, indicating that they had made a record of her struggles with the wind.

Trudy blushed again, and then, realizing that they were just men being men, she smiled and waved at them as she drove away. They were still applauding, although two of them were looking at their cell phones.

As she drove home she relived her embarrassment, and thought she might have to do something about what she wore underneath. Better yet she wouldn’t ever carry groceries again. Carts only.

As she settled down, and her breathing quieted, she smiled and thought to herself that it hadn’t been that awful. They didn’t know her, and she didn’t know them. She had been an anonymous woman whom the wind had undressed in the parking lot, and you couldn’t blame those men who had happened to be there to see her lovely body clicking past in her

high heels, skirt flying, shapely legs revealed, skimpy panties showing a great deal more..

She sighed as she pulled into the driveway. She had always enjoyed Jim looking at her, and he had encouraged her to pose for him when they were alone. Uncomfortable at first she had started to enjoy it almost immediately and often posed in ways meant to tease him when he least expected it. Those days were gone now, she thought.

Tommy had seen her come in the driveway and went out to meet her. She didn’t see him as she opened the car door and carelessly got out swinging one leg out and exposing much of her thighs and a little bit of her panties as she exited the car.

“Tommy”, Oh I didn’t see you there” she said standing up.

Tommy couldn’t help but feel guilty about staring at his mother as she got out of the car, after all she was his mother. Yet she was gorgeous to look at, he thought.

“I just thought you might need some help with the groceries.” he said.

“Thanks, they are in the back seat”.

He grabbed both bags effortlessly and followed his mother into the house. As she started up the brick steps to the front door, the wind, still gusting, caught her skirt, and before she knew it, felt the coolness of the breeze on her legs and all the way up to her waist. Fighting to get her skirt down she quickly opened the door and escaped the wind into the foyer.

Tommy gasped as he came up behind her when she reached the steps. He had a close and clear view of his mother from a point below her, as he looked up and saw those lovely legs, capped by a magnificent ass, encased in only the flimsiest of panties, and her vulva softly rounded between her legs as she hurried up the steps to the safety of the house.

While they ate dinner together that night, Tommy could not stop thinking about what he had seen, and hating himself for the feelings he had toward his mother. He was beginning to realize that his mother love was being swept by a physical desire to love her in other ways.

Making it worse, his mother had changed into a low cut blouse and skirt. As they ate dinner facing each other, Tommy couldn’t stop looking at her cleavage, and the way her breast filled out the blouse. He thought he could see her nipples pressing against the fabric of her blouse, and by the time the meal was done he was sitting across from her with an erection. What kind of a snake am I to think of my mother like that, he wondered.

Trudy smiled at Tommy as they ate. She was so proud of him. He was a good head taller than she, and looked like his dad, with those same eyes that always turned her on when he had smiled at her. Tommy was in perfect male form as he trained regularly at the high school weight room with the rest of the team. She always enjoyed going to the Friday night games and watching him play.

She liked the summer. Her law practice slowed down a lot in the summer allowing her to spend more time at home with Tommy. For his part he took care of the house maintenance, which included the outside yard work. She enjoyed sunning herself in the back yard. She wasn’t a sun freak, in fact didn’t like to get tanned, but she did enjoy watching Tommy, stripped to the waist, short shorts showing a very nice male butt, as he worked away cutting grass and kaçak iddaa trimming the borders.

What she didn’t know was that Tommy took every opportunity to steal glances at his beautiful mom as she lay there by the spa. She would turn over from time to time giving him views of her front and back. She had several bathing suits, but he like her yellow bikini best. It was very brief, and sometimes she would undo the top and lay on her stomach, and when she would turn over she would place the top to hide her nipples, but not before he had seen her succulent breasts move as she turned over, and was completely bare for a few seconds as she covered herself with the bikini top. Her nipples were prominent and must be half an inch long he thought. Very often Tommy would pleasure himself with this vision of his mother in his head, and hating himself for thinking of her like that.

Chapter Two

Tommy wasn’t a virgin, but he had never gone steady in high school. There was a girl who really liked him, and she and Tommy had slept together often. But they knew it was a physical attraction for both of them, even though Trudy thought his friend, whose name was Evelyn, was his girl, she wasn’t. Tommy had a difficult time with girls, because none of them ever measured up to his mother in his eyes. Perhaps someone will come along whom I really care about, he often thought. Tommy would have denied it, but he was obsessed with his mother’s beauty, and really enjoyed looking at her, especially when she wasn’t aware of it, and allowing him to see her with her guard down.

For instance, one night, as he was going to bed, one of those moments happened. Trudy had turned the master bedroom into a sitting room and bedroom. It was very large, and had lots of room for an easy chair, and a small computer desk in one corner, that she used infrequently. There was even a fireplace that she and Jim had enjoyed when he was still with her. A touch of a remote control and the fire sprang to life. Very often she would sit by the fire and read before she would go to bed. Normally her door was closed, but on this particular night, the door was slightly ajar. Tommy peeked in as he went by, he was about to say goodnight, when what he saw stopped him short. Trudy was sitting in the easy chair reading. She had draped her left leg over the upholstered arm, and her right leg was pointed right and this left her legs widespread, as she read without realizing that he was outside her door. She was wearing a transparent nightgown, and a pair of white lace panties. He could see the bulge of her labia, and her breasts were quite naked under the thin transparent material. She would rock her right leg back and forth unconsciously as she read. Tommie found this extremely provocative as he watched her. He tiptoed to his room and got his camera hoping that she wouldn’t stop reading. Nervously he peered in her doorway again. She was still reading. She was playing music as she read, which he hoped would cover the very quiet signal of his digital camera. He took several stills, and then, hardly believing that she was still there, he put it on the movie setting and took about 4 minutes of her in HD.

Tommie was fully erect, and his hand moved to himself and staring at his mother he stroked himself, and very quickly, with this wonderful visual stimulation, he exploded. He was just in time, because just about then, she put her book down, and stood up giving him a lovely view of her rear end as she walked across the room to the bathroom.

Tommy would look at that video a lot, and he printed out some of the stills and put them under his bed so he could pull them out and enjoy them.

Inspired by her pictures, he began going into the house while he was doing yard work, and going upstairs, he would get out the camera and with his zoom, took pictures of his mom sunning herself. She was not so careful when she thought he was out of sight, and he was able to get some shots of her great tits. Once he came home from summer practice and when he looked down from his upstairs bedroom, Trudy was laying naked on a chaise, face down, with that gorgeous rear end, and her labia just barely visible between her naked thighs. With his zoom lens, Tommy got all of it, in great detail, and couldn’t wait to print out the pictures and add them to his growing collection of “Mommy Pics”, as he called them.

After dinner one evening, Tommy was helping clear away, and walking by his mom, who was busy at the sink, he put his hand on her waist at her side. She immediately reacted by jerking away and saying “Oooh”.

“Mom, what did I do, are you OK?”

She smiled at him, “I’m fine, it’s just that I am very ticklish, particularly where you touched me on my sides. Your dad used to torture me after he found that out. I was just reacting, “

Grinning, Tommy pinched her sides gently with his thumbs and forefingers, “Like this” he said.

“Oh God, Tommy, don’t do that” as she wriggled to get out of his touch that was part pleasure, kaçak bahis and part torture.

She grabbed his wrists and tried to get him to stop, but he was having fun seeing what this was doing to her as she was giggling and twisting and gyrating trying to get away from this maddening tickling yet combined with a very thrilling feeling as he continued to tickle her.

“Oh Tommy, stop, please…. Stop God don’t do that . . . Tommy don’t,, please don’t , please stop, stop, please . . .

Tommy eventually stopped and looked at his lovely mother, as she giggled like a schoolgirl. Then she started to cry, “Oh Tommy, the last time that happened was with your Dad, and it just brought back a lot of memories.”

“Mom, I am so sorry, I didn’t realize . . .” he didn’t know what to say.

“Hold me Tommy,”

She came into his arms and put her head against his chest. He could feel her breasts and her belly against him as she seemed to want to get as close as she could, and she quietly sobbed as he held her.

Finally she pulled away from him and wiping her eyes, she smiled at him.

“You remind me so much of Jim, and you are looking more and more like him as you get older, I love you so much, and I am so glad I have you with me everyday”. Then, mischievously smiling at him she said,

“I must admit though, your tickling technique is better than your Dad’s”

With that she gave him a peck on the cheek and went upstairs to her room.

Tommy was thrilled with what had just happened. This innocent thing had turned out to be very personal, and sexually charged. He thought about the way his mother had wriggled, giggled, and twisted trying to get out of his grasp as he gave her some torture tickling, and how exciting it was when she had begged him to stop. Tommy was erect again, and went up to his room and pulled out his picture collection, fantasizing about his mother again.

Trudy showered and put on her nightgown. She turned on the fire and sat in the easy chair and thought about what had happened in the kitchen. Tommy had really turned her on with that tickling. It was almost agonizing to have it done to you, but it also sent thrills through her body, turned her to jelly, and made her writhe and wriggle to get free. Jim used to drive her crazy until he couldn’t take any more of her body movements, because it was a very sexual thing for him and he would finally take her and thrust into her and they would always explode together after one of these tickling episodes of foreplay.

They didn’t do it that often, she remembered, because they liked anticipation, and foreplay in their lovemaking. The tickling episodes made everything very quick, and were very spontaneous. Although sometimes that is just what she wanted.

A few days later, after finishing up dinner, Tommy decided he wanted an excuse to physically touch his mother again. They were walking back into the living room. Trudy was wearing a short pleated skirt and a silk blouse that displayed her breasts in a most becoming way.

Tommy came up quickly behind her and taking her waistline between his fingers on both sides, began to tickle her.

“Oh Tommy, don’t” she gasped, as her body began to quiver as he teased and tormented her with his fingers.

“Stop, please, Tommy don’t”, she was now giggling uncontrollably as she tried to escape those maddening fingers. She was almost bent over double as she desperately tried to get away from him.

Laughing and giggling she lost control, her legs had become rubbery, and she went down on the thick carpet and twisting sideways she wound up on her back, her skirt almost up to her waist. Still giggling and with her eyes closed, Tommy looked at her pussy, and without thinking put his hand between her legs, cupping her vulva, her panties were soaked through and could feel her heat, then he leaned over and kissed her putting his tongue against her lips until she opened her mouth and their tongues explored each other as her bosom heaved and she pushed against his hand between her legs as her arms went around his neck and they exchanged deep passionate kisses as his hand explored her pussy through her wet and flimsy panties.

Then realization struck her, and she gasped and pushed him away. She stood up quickly as Tommy rose from the floor.

“Oh Tommy darling, we can’t, we just can’t do that. Oh God Tommy what have we done”. She turned away and quickly ran up to her room and closed the door.

Chapter Three

She was breathing heavily as her emotions sent her mind spinning. Trudy didn’t want to face the fact that Tommy had really turned her on. She was very wet, and she could still feel the strength and touch of his hand as he had cupped her and gently fondled her as his tongue had found hers.

She reached into the bedside table drawer and took out her vibrator. She slipped it between her legs and put the tip against her clit and turned it on to low power. Holding it there she lay back against the pillows and let the sensations run through her. Slipping the power bar to medium she almost immediately went into orgasm and she let the pleasure waves sweep over her before turning off the power and laying back down.

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