Haziran 10, 2020

The Love Of My Life.

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The Love Of My Life.
It was such a beautiful day, sunny and warm. I walked around behind your home thinking that you may be laying by the pool. I was right, there you were laying in a lounge chair naked as the day you were born. God, you are a beautiful woman, you take my breath away every time I see you. I walked up to your chair and just stood there looking at you, soaking up you beauty. Finally I said nice day isn’t it. Your eyes flew open you jumped to your feet and you smiled broadly. You said oh my god Stacey it’s you as you walked toward me. You reached for me and pulled me to you and kissed me holding me tight. You took me by the hand and led me into your house, straight to the bedroom.
When we got there you pulled me close and kissed me again. You said this is such a pleasant surprise I’m so glad to see you. You undressed me quickly and pushed to the bed. You laid beside me and we kiss and rubbed each other’s bodies. You smell so good, your skin so soft and warm from the sun. We were kissing each other all other, your hard nipple in my mouth. I’m kissing your breast, your stomach, and suddenly you push me back and take my nipple in your mouth. Your kaçak casino mouth is so warm and you tongue is driving me crazy. You kiss my stomach licking my belly button, sticking your tongue in it. I jump from the sudden surprise of your fingers going in my pussy and my ass at the same time. You move down and take my clit in your mouth as you fuck my pussy and ass hard with your fingers. You are sucking my clit so hard and It feels so good I moan and push my hips up as I cum.
I fall back and pull you to me kissing you, your lips, your neck, and your ears. You’re laying on top as our pussies rub together, you are so wet I can feel your juices running from you onto me. You raise up and scissor me as you grind your pussy hard on mind, I cum again. I roll onto your back as I kiss you, biting your ear, I whisper now it’s your turn sweet lady.
I move down and take your nipple in my mouth again and roll it around with my tongue, it is so hard. I already have my hand on your pussy, teasing it just rubbing the palm of my hand up and down on it. You push up and I know you want more, but I’m not ready. I want to tease you, you say that’s ok I’ll get you back. casino oyna I smile and bite your nipple softly, then move to your stomach, your belly and place my face right above your clit. I push my finger barely in your pussy and push your clit toward my face. I blow on your clit while holding it up with my finger. You moan and I smile I love you so much. I curl my fingers and insert them in your pussy as I suck your clit into my mouth. It is so hard as I push my fingers deep and rub your g spot. You are moaning, pulling my head tight, pulling my hair and raising your hips. You are bucking so hard if you weren’t holding my head I’m not sure I couldn’t hang on. Lol. You scream and moan loudly as you cum. I feel your cum flow across my fingers, it is so hot and so much of it. I just lay there for a minute still sucking your clit with my fingers still in your pussy. You are jumping, whining begging me to stop, but I hold tight, you are rolling back and forth. I stop and you reach for your pussy and roll you on your stomach holding it tight.
I kiss your ass cheeks, then I kiss up your back to your neck, then ears. I whisper, “I’m going to fuck you”. canlı casino siteleri You raise your hips as I insert my strapless dildo into my pussy.
I slide my dildo up and down your ass and pussy, being careful not to insert it. This is hard as you are pushing hard back trying to get more. You are begging me to fuck you. Finally I bury it deep in your pussy.
Once the dildo is wet I slip it out of your pussy into your ass. You are moaning deeply with your face in the pillow. You love being ass fucked. You are cumming and cumming one behind the other. You finally collapse on the bed and lay there.
Oh no, you’re not done yet. I roll you over and start fingering your pussy.
I turn around and straddle your face as I finger your pussy. I push my pussy down and you reach up and pull me to your mouth. I am dripping as your tongue enters my pussy, I moan so loud. I lower my face into your pussy and suck your cum into my mouth. You start moaning and wiggling. You cum again and I suck it in. You push me off and look at me say. It’s your turn, get on all fours. You get between my legs and slide the dildo in my pussy. Shit fuck me. I love you fucking me. After just a few minutes I’m screaming as I cumm. I collapse and you fall down on me. I turn my head toward you and we kiss, a long deep loving kiss. We both say I love you at the same time. We lay, hug, and hold each other tight, content with our love.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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