Nisan 10, 2021

The Lesbian Virus

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Air Lock

The attic hatch swung open, landing with a heavy thud on the dust covered floor. Gwen Peters, in a frenzied panic, scrambled up into the narrow crawlspace of her parents’ home. She coughed violently as her laboured breathing drew stale, dirt filled air into her heaving lungs.

Gwen swung around as soon as she’d cleared the opening. “Haley! Hurry!” she yelled, reaching to help her younger sister.

Haley took Gwen’s hand and grunted as she lifted her upper body into the room. Before she could pull herself up completely, however, something grabbed hold of her ankles and started to pull her back down again.

“AAAAHH!” she screamed. “They’ve got me, Gwen! HEEEELP!!”

Gwen held on as tightly as she could and looked over her sister’s shoulder. At the base of the attic’s retractable ladder, two naked women had grabbed Haley’s legs and were doing their best to pull her back down into the hall.

She recognized one of them as their neighbour, Mrs. Stevens. The woman was their mother’s age, and a longtime friend of the family. She had a daughter who was just a few years younger than Haley, and in her junior year of high school.

Gwen couldn’t be sure, but she thought she recognized the other woman, too. She looked like she was their mail carrier. She was younger, in her late twenties, with long blonde hair. It was normally held up in a ponytail, but now it cascaded over the crazed woman’s shoulders in a messy, unkempt mane.

The blonde woman was running her tongue over Haley’s calf and moaning breathlessly. Gwen cringed and looked away. “Hold on!” she shouted.

Bolstered with adrenaline, Gwen used all her strength to pull her sister gradually up the ladder. Haley managed to kick her legs free momentarily, and the two sisters tumbled back onto the attic floor.

Gwen was first to recover. She clambered back to her knees and swung the attic door shut just in time.

The frightened 22 year old sat on the hatch just as the women underneath her shoved it hard from below. The force caused her to jolt unsteadily, but she managed to hold her position.

“Haley! Quick! Push that trunk over here!” she shouted.

With tears streaming down her face, Gwen’s petrified younger sister whirled around, spotting the large chest in the corner. She rushed toward it, fighting back sobs of terror, and dragged the heavy container to the middle of the room.

Together, Haley and Gwen moved the trunk on top of the door, and both collapsed on top of it. They waited, hearing a few muffled thuds from below, but no longer felt any movement.

“I… I think it’ll hold…” Gwen panted, turning around to a seated position and holding her hand to her chest.

Still trembling, Haley crawled shakily to the floor and sat, hugging her knees to her chest. “W-what do we do now?” she sniffed.

Gwen took out her phone. “I’ll try Mom and Dad again.” she said.

After several rings, she sighed and hung up. “Still can’t get through to either of them.” She tried another number. “And 911 is still out of service, too.”

Up to this point, Haley had been holding back her tears, but they suddenly spilled forward with unimpeded force. She sobbed like a child, her body convulsing uncontrollably as her chest heaved.

Gwen slid to the floor in front of her 19 year old sister and wrapped the girl up tightly in her arms. “Shh… It’s… it’s going to be fine.” she murmured, even as her own tears began to flow.

She sniffed, and felt Haley’s shaking arms reach around her, returning her comforting embrace. The two sisters clung to each other and cried. The situation seemed utterly hopeless…

The epidemic seemed to have spread in just hours, moving across the city like wildfire. Women were stripping naked all over town and attacking each other, spreading the infection through the exchange of bodily fluids.

Once infected, women became sexually ravenous, desperate to fuck members of their own sex. They were raping each other in the streets, pulling each other down to the ground and fucking violently. The men of the city were unaffected by the disease, but also seemed helpless to stop it.

“What do we do?” Haley sniffed. She rubbed at her bare calf absently. The blonde mail carrier had scratched it pretty badly with her fingers, drawing blood in more than a few places.

“We’ll spend the night up here. I’m sure they’ll move on after a while, then maybe we can make it to the car and go for help.” Gwen knew the plan she’d put forth was hopeless, but tried to make herself sound convincing, all the same.

Haley didn’t say anything. Instead, she looked at the attic door. Sounds were beginning to drift up from below. They could hear women moaning… the sounds of sex drifting through the house. It seemed the mail carrier and their neighbour had turned their sapphic attentions on one another.

The sisters did their best to ignore the noises. They found some sleeping bags from a pile of old camping equipment and laid them out on the floor, with some extra bostancı escort bayan blankets to try and make themselves as comfortable as possible.

Both girls were exhausted, but neither of them could sleep. The women who had attacked them were still going at it, and their cries of ecstasy were more than enough to keep the sisters wide awake.

Eventually, though, the house grew quiet again, and Gwen drifted off. Haley wasn’t so lucky, unfortunately. She tossed and turned on the blankets. Her calf tingled strangely, and her skin was clammy with sweat. She felt as if she were growing feverish, and strange thoughts began to creep into her head. Thoughts of naked women…

‘No…’ she thought, as it dawned on her what was happening. She pulled off the flap of her sleeping bag and touched the scratch marks on her leg. ‘Not from this!’ Panicking, Haley shook Gwen’s shoulder, waking her older sister.

“Mm? Haley?” Gwen murmured, as she shook the cobwebs from her head. “Wazzi matter?”

Tears were streaming down her sister’s face again. Gwen reached out to her, and was surprised to feel Haley’s skin was hot to the touch. The younger girl bit her lip, and pointed at the scratches on her calf.

“I… I think I… I…”

Realization dawned on Gwen’s face. “No… It can’t… You can’t turn from a few scratches… Even with that woman licking at them, barely any of her saliva would have…” she looked up from Haley’s scrapes into her face again, but the girl’s expression had changed. Where she was crying moments before, she seemed calm, and her eyes bore into Gwen’s with an uncomfortable intensity.

Gwen gasped, and leaped to her feet, running for the attic door. Haley was too fast, though, and lunged at her sister’s ankles, causing her to fall hard over the trunk that still blocked the exit. The air rushed out of Gwen’s lungs when she fell, the edge of the chest jamming hard into her stomach.

While she was stunned, Haley clawed at her sister’s shorts, ripping them off of her in one quick, strong motion.

“NO!!” Gwen screeched. “Not like this! Not with you! I’m your sister!!”

Haley wasn’t listening, though. Her eyes were glued to her sister’s pussy, and she salivated at the sight. She pinned Gwen roughly to the trunk, and dove forward, swiping her tongue greedily through the older girl’s tender folds from behind.

Gwen gave a shudder, disgusted and terrified. She was surprised by Haley’s strength, however, and couldn’t seem to pull herself away. Her shorts were wrapped around her ankles, preventing her from even trying to kick herself free.

Haley was gorging herself on her sister’s cunt, now, her tongue burrowed deep inside her, and her nose pressing hard between her naked butt cheeks. She moaned as she savoured the sweet flavour of pussy, the only flavour she would ever want to taste again…

Gwen struggled to resist her sister’s lashing tongue, but she could feel her body betraying her. She was beginning to feel hot, and her pussy was beginning to get wet. ‘No…’ she thought, weakly. Her thighs spread wider, and Haley mewled happily.

She raked her tongue through Gwen’s pussy, dragging it up to her sphincter and stabbing it through the tight opening. Gwen grunted as she felt her anus being pushed open. At the same time, Haley plunged three fingers into her big sister’s cunt. It was already wet enough to take them easily.

Gwen’s breath rasped as she hung helplessly over the heavy trunk, her hair hanging over her reddening face. Her breasts mashed against the hard surface through her t-shirt. Haley’s fingers sloshed as they pumped relentlessly in her flowing cunt.

‘God… I can’t stop myself…’ Gwen thought, as she pushed herself back harder against her little sister’s face. She could already feel the virus taking over. “Ooooo… Haley!” she groaned aloud. “D-d-don’t stop! Fuck my pussy!”

Haley grunted in response, and eased a fourth finger into Gwen’s dripping gash. She bunched them together, twisting them with every thrust so she could scrape her nails against her sister’s inner walls.

By now Gwen had given herself completely over to the virus, all will power leaving her undulating body. She struggled clumsily to kick herself free of her shorts, which were still bunched and twisted around her feet.

With one smooth gesture, Haley helped yank them the rest of the way off, then flipped Gwen over easily so she was laying on her back. Her fingers continued to pummel into her sister’s pussy, and she took Gwen’s clit between her teeth, biting hard and twisting the swollen nub.

Gwen screamed, but it was a scream of pleasure. Her body grew sweaty, and she fumbled with her t-shirt, struggling to pull it off. In her desperation to get naked, the material tore, and she peeled the fabric away, until it hung open loosely from her shoulders.

Haley looked up at her sister’s naked chest, and her eyes shone with arousal. She lifted her face from Gwen’s pussy and leaned forward, sucking a bright ümraniye escort pink nipple into her mouth. At the same time, she pressed the four fingers in Gwen’s pussy together, and began to work her thumb in beside them.

Gwen shivered as she felt her box being stretched around her little sister’s hand. Somewhere in her mind, she was screaming in horror at what was happening. A shrinking part of herself still objected to what the two of them were doing…

Gwen ignored the fading objections easily, though, and welcomed Haley’s fist into her drooling gash. The younger girl had balled her fingers together, and was buried inside her sister to the wrist. Her arm pistoned violently, and pussy juice spattered it with every thrust.

“Fuck, Haley!! Fuck me!! FUCK YOUR DIRTY FUCKING SISTER!!” Gwen wailed. Her body shone with perspiration. Haley’s eyes gazed up into her contorted face from her chest, where she continued to slurp on her swollen nipple.

Gwen’s fingernails scraped against the trunk’s lid as she gripped it tightly. Her ass undulated as she pressed herself down harder on her sister’s arm.

In one swift motion, she reached for Haley, grabbing her by the hair and yanking her face up from her chest. Their mouths collided in a wanton kiss, the two sisters groaning as their tongues stabbed between one another’s lips.

The girls made out ferociously, saliva running over their chins as their tongues duelled. Gwen still held Haley’s hair bunched tightly in one fist, and used her other hand to start tearing at the younger girl’s clothing.

It wasn’t long before Haley’s v-neck collar was stretched down over her chest, her small breasts bunched together and sticking out from the slowly tearing opening. Gwen’s fingers groped and kneaded the soft flesh, and pulled and twisted her aching nipples.

Haley’s fist still sloshed in her big sister’s pussy, even when Gwen pushed herself up from the trunk and both sisters fell back onto the dusty attic floor. They rolled around frantically, pawing at each other as bits of clothing were ripped from their sweaty bodies.

Gwen finally ended up on top of her little sister, stuffing her spit covered tits into the girl’s face as she churned her hips desperately. Her cunt swallowed Haley’s hand greedily, and pussy cream dripped down the inside of her thigh.

“Fist me, you fucking bitch!” the older girl wailed, pulling Haley’s face harder against her chest. She tossed her head back, her body convulsing as an orgasm erupted from her torn open snatch.

“FUCKING FUCK!! YEEEEESSSSS!!” she screeched, as she pounded her body violently on top of her sister.

For her part, Haley held Gwen tightly, the fingers of one hand digging into the older girl’s ass flesh even as the other pounded relentlessly into the back of her sister’s womb.

Gwen smothered Haley with her breasts, her face contorted in ecstasy. Even when Haley started to nip at her swollen nipples, she still held her firmly in place. Only when her pleasure finally began to subside did she loosen her grip on Haley’s tangled hair.

The younger girl gasped for breath when she was finally able to pull herself free. Her face was covered in saliva and glowing bright pink from the heat.

Haley slowly pulled her hand from Gwen’s battered pussy, until her fingers slid free with a wet sloshing noise. She pulled her gooey digits up to her face, where both sisters immediately began to lick them clean.

They moaned and grunted as they slurped up Gwen’s cum, their noses bumping as they fought for more of the intoxicating flavour. When they’d lapped up all they could, Haley pulled her fingers away, and the two sisters kissed sloppily, their tongues drilling into each other’s mouths.

After several minutes of deep kissing, Gwen began to move down her younger sister’s body. Haley’s breasts were bare, the tatters of what remained of her shirt strewn about the attic floor. Gwen attacked them savagely, sucking the warm flesh into her mouth and biting the sensitive nipples.

“Fuuuuck…” Haley whimpered. “I need it Sis! Make me cum, p-p-please!!”

Gwen looked up into her baby sister’s eyes and groaned. Saliva dripped from her chin, landing on Haley’s bite mark covered flesh.

She slid between her legs, easily tearing away the flimsy shorts her sister wore. She pushed Haley’s thighs up until her knees were tucked against her chest. The younger girl’s wet pussy poked out from between her thighs, her wetness glistening on her hairless cunt lips. Beneath it, her tight, pink asshole pulsed, and seemed to beg for Gwen’s touch.

The older girl was all too happy to oblige, running her wet tongue slowly over the puckered orifice and moaning at it’s pungent flavour. She let her spit build up in her mouth, running down her tongue to coat her sister’s crack as she used her hands to spread Haley’s firm cheeks wide.

“Ooooooh, shiiiiiiiit!!” Haley whimpered. She reached under her knees, holding her legs firmly under her chin to allow her sister escort kartal greater access.

Gwen slurped and licked at Haley’s sphincter, getting it good and wet. Once she was satisfied with the amount of spit she’d coated it with, she moved her lips higher, giving her sister’s cunt a slobbery kiss. Two of her fingers pressed into the younger girl’s ass, forcing their way into the tight, dark channel.

“FUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!” Haley’s face was bright red and her eyes bulged as her anus stretched around Gwen’s fingers. The spit allowed them to plunge deep easily, and the sensation was overpowering.

At the same time, Gwen had begun to eat Haley’s pussy in earnest, laving it hungrily with the flat of her pink, flicking tongue.

“Mmm…” she groaned between licks. “You taste… so… good…” She speared her tongue inside until her nose was squashed between Haley’s glistening lips, and gorged herself like a starving animal.

By now, Haley’s fingertips were leaving white welts on the backs of her thighs. She bit her knee to muffle her screams as Gwen ravaged her gyrating body.

“Yesyesyesyesyes!! F-f-faster!! HARDER!!”

Gwen laughed, and pounded her fingers even more savagely up Haley’s rectum. She clamped her teeth around her sister’s pulsing clit, grating them against it until the younger girl’s hips jolted violently off the hard attic floor.

Haley lost her grip on her knees and her legs splayed out in mid air as she began to shiver in orgasm. Her body convulsed, and she reached clumsily for the back of Gwen’s head.

Gwen’s hair was tangled and wet, matted in sweat to her brow. It bunched easily in Haley’s fists, and the younger girl pulled her big sister’s face tightly against her snatch.

“EAT ME!! EAT YOUR DIRTY LITTLE FUCKING SISTER!!” Haley screeched. Pussy juice shot from her cunt, splashing all across her sister’s flushed face.

Gwen groaned as she basked in the shower of Haley’s juices cascading over her. She curled her fingers, digging them harshly against the inner walls of her little sister’s anal cavity.

Haley’s eyes had rolled into the back of her head. She became a mindless, vibrating vessel of pleasure. Drool ran down her cheeks and she whipped around on the floor, scraping her bare shoulders on the hard wooden slats. She felt no pain, however, only the overwhelming tide of pleasure her sister’s assault had caused.

Once her orgasm had begun to fade, instead of collapsing limply in exhaustion Haley felt her hunger for pussy surging to life yet again. Her hands were still holding tightly to Gwen’s dishevelled mane of brown hair.

With a drunken groan, she yanked hard, pulling Gwen up on top of her, and the two collided in a slobbering, gasping, cunt slapping pile of flesh. They made out ferociously, their saliva running over their bumping chins. The two sisters rolled around in the small, cluttered attic, knocking over boxes in their effort to grope and grind against each other.

They finally landed with Haley on top again, and the younger girl spun around, straddling her big sister’s face. They both squealed excitedly and grabbed each other’s hips, diving forward until they were each devouring the other’s battered, swampy cunt.

The attic filled with their muffled whimpers and screeches as the two girls bit, licked and sucked at one another. They left bite marks on each other’s thighs, and shoved their fingers distractedly up each other’s holes, both cunt and ass.

As they ate one another frantically, they began to roll around again, being sure to keep their lips tightly clamped over each other’s boxes.

Haley grunted as she slammed hard into the wall, pinned on her side between it and her writhing sister. She grabbed Gwen’s sweat covered ass cheek and flicked her tongue mercilessly against the girl’s clit, with two of her fingers still sawing in and out of her gooey folds.

Gwen trembled as she pushed herself hard against her little sister. She had her tongue shoved deep inside Haley’s cunt, and her fingers were once again curling inside her rectum.

Sweat covered both girls, and cunt juice was smeared all over their steaming young bodies. They both bit down into each other simultaneously, and let out matching, frantic wails as they sent each other over the edge into oblivion.

Together the sisters bucked and shuddered, their faces being splashed thoroughly by one another’s flowing ejaculate. Their fingernails dug into each other’s asses, so tightly they began to draw blood, but that only seemed to increase the intensity of pleasure cascading through them.

After several minutes, the narrow crawl space grew quiet once again. The only sounds remaining were those caused by Haley’s and Gwen’s heavy breathing.

Slowly, the sisters pried themselves apart, flopping onto the floor with their bodies still shuddering through aftershocks of their shared climax. As their breathing slowed and their strength returned, they pulled themselves up from the ground, sitting side by side in the darkness.

They stared at each other, and their pussies began to heat up again. With barely a respite, their arousal was quickly growing uncontrollable once more. They reached for one another, groaning before their swollen lips crashed together with unbridled lust.

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