Mart 24, 2021

The Laundry Room Ch. 2

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“WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?” demanded the landlady.

We had to present a bizarre sight: Me lying on the floor wearing a T-shirt on my upper body, and a sexy young neighbor named Candace on my cock.

The neighbor in question, completely naked, save for her stockings and my roommate Todd’s cock in her mouth. Todd standing over my head, knees bent to reach Candace’s face, fully clothed save for his exposed member.

Not exactly a “Hallmark” moment.

Todd fell over backwards, and his dick made a bizarre popping sound as it broke the suction of Candace’s lips around its head. There were two things I had never known about my roommate, one was that his cock was the Titanic of human sex organs, and two, he had a mole on his left leg right by his nuts.

I wasn’t thrilled to have made either of these discoveries within the last minute, but I couldn’t beat having my first lay in years be a beautiful and sexy classmate from my psychology class at the local community college.

I also wasn’t thrilled to have my landlady standing over us, although from this angle, she looked kind of nice.

She wore a pair of blue jeans and a crimson long-sleeved pullover shirt and – judging by the shadows on her chest- no bra.

She and her husband belonged to one of those weird religions where you had to have lots of babies and store lots of leftovers so you can live for years. She wasn’t too old, maybe forty-ish, but her husband was clearly several years her senior. She had bright red hair, which she wore curly, and just short of shoulder length.

She was looking pissed.

She expected an answer. (As bostancı escort if the situation wasn’t obvious.)

“Uhhh…” I stammered, feeling all the fool…(‘uhhh’ was the most common thing I had said today.)

Todd scurried toward his pile of clothes, which included his disgusting, heavily stained “lucky jock strap.” (Todd used to pitch for a minor league team and had a 18-game winning streak until one day he didn’t wear his lucky jock, and suffered a career-ending tear of the anterior cruciate ligament.)

Mrs. Bellker didn’t look any happier. If I didn’t know better, I would guess steam was actually pouring from her ears.

Candace slowly climbed off me, spilling what had to be a quart of now-cooling semen onto my belly. She looked embarrassed…perhaps ashamed. It was pretty clear to me that the wild ride was over and I was lucky to get this one lay. I assumed I would never see Candace again. It was also pretty clear to me I was likely to be evicted within the next few minutes.

As embarrassing as all this was, Mrs. Bellker still was equipped with a nice rack and I couldn’t help noticing it. Her tits pointed slightly upwards, and extended from her chest like giant trumpeting angels, announcing her presence.

Despite all that was happening, my cock started to rise again.

“Article six, paragraph two of your rental agreements says that you will not engage in any illicit, illegal, improper or unbecoming behavior in a common area of this apartment complex,” she said in measured, businesslike fashion. “So tell me, is this illicit, illegal, improper…or,” she fixed göztepe escort her icy stare at Candace, “…unbecoming?”

Mentally, I was already packing my belongings. (Todd’ll be pissed if I take the Nintendo, he loves those face-to-face combat games. The TV’s mine, stereo’s Todds…) She continued.

“Suffice it to say, this is a common area,” she said.

Candace tried to cover her ample bosom. Todd was fighting with his lucky jock, having pulled it first with both legs in one hole, then on backwards. He settled for backwards and started working on his cutoff jeans.

Mrs. Bellker was very close to me now.

“Bryan, Bryan, Bryan,” she said, condescendingly. “I let you move in here with no references and no job.”

She turned to Todd.

“And you Brenner, your loud music late at night…did I ever call the police?” she asked, turning to face Candace. “And you, Miss Strasson…”

Candace slowly continued to dress, never taking her eyes off Mrs. Bellker. “You three have two choices,” Mrs. Bellker said. “You can be evicted, with no refund of deposit, or you can face … punishment in the form of community service to the management of this complex.” Mowing lawns and raking leaves beats living homeless any day. Todd and I both said, “We’ll take the community service” in perfect sync with each other. Candace chimed in the same way moments later.

Mrs. Bellker walked to the double-locked door that Todd and I figured was the home to the more expensive lawn tools. She quickly unlocked both locks with expert hands and pushed open the heavy door. Todd and Candace gasped. istanbul escort It took me a second to get to the door.

Inside was the most elaborate sexual-fetish-torture-dungeon I had ever seen.

“Come inside,” Mrs. Bellker said, “Come in and service the management of this apartment complex.”

She pulled off her blouse to reveal the second-most perfect set of breasts I had seen in years. Her right breast was graced with a tattoo of a butterfly, whose color matched the enchanting green of her eyes.

After we all had piled into the huge room, Mrs. Bellker closed the door and switched off the overhead neon lights. Suddenly, pink, orange and red bulbs lit up all over, bathing the room, and us, in a bizarre kaleidoscope of colors.

“Bryan, come over here if you will,” she beckoned to me. I plodded over to her, where she told me to sit on the soft, carpeted floor.

She squatted over me, her breasts hanging in my face, her pants pressing against the tip of my cum-depleted cock.

With a move I barely noticed, my hands were cuffed to the wall, with just a few inches of free space.

“Are you sure you choose this?” she asked seductively.

I nodded my head.

Within moments, she had Todd bound to another wall across from me, and Candace was hanging by cuffs from a track on the ceiling. The track ran between me and Todd. Mrs. Bellker asked each of them the same question. Both answered in the affirmative.

Mrs. Bellker walked to Candace in the center of the room. The tall redhead stood at least five inches taller than the diminutive college student. Mrs. Bellker produced a small remote control and pressed a button. Candace began to be lowered a few inches at a time.

When Candace’s lips were just a hairsbredth from Mrs. Bellker’s lucious tits, Candace’s physical descent ended, and her moral descent began. “Suck my tits, bitch…”

To Be Continued…

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