Haziran 10, 2020

The Journey From Pain to Pleasure

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The Journey From Pain to Pleasure

The massage appointment which Rupali had got cancelled and she was very frustrated as she had pain in her lower back.

Rupali was in her 40s with incredible beauty with her brown, silky long hair that was always straight and neat and reaching below her butts. Her gorgeous face, with perfect curves on her looked like she was in her early 30s. The best feature in her was her butts and breasts.

She called Nish to get an appointment at her home to help her feel better by having a body massage while extra care to be given to her lower back.

“I can do it Rupali, I have hands which people say are magical, as you keep telling me. Let me help you”, said Nish over the call which Rupali made.

Rupali thought for a while and as she was in a lot of pain and said, “Ok Nish, let’s try and see how magical you are.” The address was shared to Nish on his WhatsApp number and as per our agreed timings, Nish was at her doorstep when he rang the doorbell.

She welcomed Nish with a hug and said, “You do not look like a masseur to me”, and they both smiled.

“I will let you clear this doubt post massage Rupali”, Nish said and then he asked, “Where should I arrange the stuffs for the massage?”

Rupali showed Nish the bed where she would like to lie down for the massage. She had prepared everything for the massage and said, “I will quickly change myself and be ready for the massage.”

Nish was as calm as he is always. He always believed in giving the best as there would be more chances for another massage and a referral.

Rupali called Nish after changing. He played some soothing and relaxing music on his phone and closed the door.

Nish was not surprised to see Rupali on the bed in minimal clothing. He had seen women in that position in the past. He placed the phone bedside the table in which the relaxing music was being played. He positioned himself on the bed and was ready to start the massage.

Nish slowly moved his hands on Rupali’s back, came down to her lower back and asked Rupali the area to focus more to help feel better and to minimize or get rid of the pain. She had pain in the region very close to her buttocks.

Nish continued massaging her back in perfect strokes for which Rupali reciprocated well by appreciating his movements by telling how good she was feeling.

His hands touched her butts sometimes, which Rupali never said anything about. But as she was wearing a bra, he was feeling little uncomfortable since the strokes were not coming out well.

He told the same to her and Rupali said, “You can unhook the strap, Nish.”

Nish poured some oil and rubbed between his hands and continued with the back massage and asked Rupali, “How are you feeling?”

“I am feeling good so far Nish”, she said.

He poured some more oil on her back and rubbed his hands to generate the heat and came to her lower back where he continued massaging. “This is the reason you have more pain, right Rupali?” asked Nish while placing his hands at the region on the lower back.

“Ahhhh that’s the region Nish and it feels really good. That’s the perfect spot where the pain is more. As you said, I can feel some magic in your hands, Nish”, said Rupali.

While Nish continued massaging the pain region, he said, “Do you know Rupali, the pain on the lower back are due to various reason. Sometimes, it is the pain from somewhere else on the body, which might trigger the pain.”

“I guess so, Nish. You are probably right. Sometimes I do get pain in my breasts. Would you mind massaging them güvenilir bahis şirketleri as well, Nish?” asked Rupali, since she was thoroughly enjoying the massage.

“How about I give you a full body massage, including your butts and breasts and if required, a vaginal massage too?” asked Nish.

Rupali thought and said, “If this remains between the two of us, this will help me to live my fantasy as well. A fantasy of getting my entire body massaged by a guy. But it will be just a massage, Nish.”

Nish smiled and acknowledged with a yes.

With that, Nish asked, “Then I should remove your panties to get hassle-free access to massage your butts.”

Rupali said, “Yes. Whenever you feel you should, you can remove them, Nish.”

Nish continued massaging further on her back, shoulder and neck region for some more time and then came down to massage Rupali’s foot and legs.

He poured some oil on his palms and rubbed them together to generate the heat and starting massaging her foot steadily. The conversations between them kept on as Nish was checking about the pressure he was applying. Before he could start working on her legs, Nish went up and said in her ears, “I am removing your pantie now, Rupali.”

Rupali moaned positively and Nish got his hands on the elastic of her pantie. He circled just above the pantie and occasionally pressed her butts on top of her pantie, which brushed her vaginal region a few times and there came off the black pantie which Rupali was wearing.

“That was one of the best way panties have been removed Nish”, said Rupali.

Nish could see a wet spot on her pantie already which indicated that she was enjoying the massage.

Nish poured oil on her butts and started fisting them in the form of massage.

“Oh god, Nish that feels so wonderful!!!” Rupali moaned. She enjoyed further when his fingers touched the crack of her butts.

“Make yourself comfortable, Nish. You can remove your clothes too. I can see the banana in your shorts growing up”, said Rupali.

“The curves in you have turned me on Rupali”, said Nish.

“Pleased to hear that”, Rupali said.

Nish removed his shorts and Tee and sat on Rupali’s butts and rubbed his butts on top of hers.

“Ahhhhh, I am loving this Nish”, Rupali uttered.

After some time, Nish asked Rupali to turn over. When she did, he was surprised to see the big breasts of hers.

“You have big boobs, Rupali”, he said.

He massaged the front side of her legs before coming to her breasts to give her a breast massage.

“In fact bigger than what I had expected Rupali”, Nish said boldly.

“Hahaha, you have observed me very well then Nish. I am glad to hear your honest talks”, Rupali said to him.

He poured some oil on her breasts and started cupping them. He could feel her nipples had become hard now.

“I am having a massage of my life, Nish. If I give you a chance to do anything at this moment, what will that be”, asked Rupali to Nish.

“I would love to tit-fuck”, was the answer Nish gave without thinking much.

“Do that to me now, Nish?” said Rupali.

Nish positioned his hard banana between her tits and started with his thrusting movements.

Rupali got her head up and tried to keep her tongue so that it would touch the tip of his banana.

Seeing this, Nish released his banana from her tits and positioned his banana on her mouth. Rupali looked into his eyes, held his banana in her hand and guided it inside her mouth. She was now getting mouth-fucked.

“Did my banana attract you to get mouth-fucked Rupali?”, asked Nish.

“Yes, canlı bahis şirketleri it did!” She sucked more and Nish started moving his banana in and out of her mouth more.

Being a human and not a pornstar, after good moments of tit-fuck and mouth-fuck, he couldn’t hold on anymore and cummed inside her mouth without warning her.

She was a little surprised but said, “That’s juicy, Nish”. She lip-smacked and without dropping even a single drop of cum, Rupali swallowed it.

Rupali was loaded with horniness now. “Make me all yours, Nish,” she said.

Rupali got her hand off Nish’s banana and said, “You are still up Nish, how do you want me to take care of this boner?”

“Before you take care of this boner, allow me to take care of you now Rupali,” said Nish. With this, he went down, spread her legs, caressed her inner thighs and started massaging the mound of her vagina.

She was eagerly waiting for Nish to touch her wet pussy, instead, he went up to her navel region, put his tongue inside and started licking it. She was ecstatic and said, “I have never felt like this in ages Nish.” He further massages her hips and stomach regions.

After some time, Nish moved down to her vagina which was clean shaved vagina and very smooth. He again started massaging the mound of her vagina and slowly came down at the entrance of her pussy and brushed his fingers on her pussy lips.

Nish said, “Don’t think about anything now. Enjoy every bit of the massage. If you are feeling high, take deep breaths. Inhale from your nose and exhale from your mouth slowly. That’s going to help you.” With this, he started massaging her vaginal lips.

He took a different oil this time, poured on the top of her vagina, the oil made way down to her pussy and Nish’s fingers were ready to push that oil inside Rupali’s vagina.

Nish’s voice was a bit changed now. One of the best things about him was that he intonated his speech and articulated his voice as per the situation.

“How are you feeling so far, Rupali?” asked Nish.

“It’s a heavenly feeling Nish”, she replied.

Using his forefinger and index finger, he squeezed her pussy lips while his middle finger was on the clitoris. Her vagina had become wet. He massaged the inner and outer labia one after the other.

Rupali was seated and had rested her back on the bed. Her silky long brown hairs were kept open, kinky expressions on her face, the pleasure in her eyes and her legs positioned wide, made her look like a goddess.

After some time, Nish and Rupali had eye contact which and without she being aware, he guided his fingers inside her vagina. All of a sudden, she gasped.

Nish asked, “Should I stop?”

“Please don’t stop or remove your fingers. It’s been so pleasurable”, she replied.

Nish continued massaging the inner region of the vagina. During this, Nish kept looking into her eyes to see how her reactions were. Steadily, his fingers were making to and fro movements for which Rupali moaned, “Do it faster Nish.”

“Take deep breaths, Rupali. Inhale from your nose and exhale from your mouth”, Nish said to her.

A few minutes later, his to and fro thrusts changed to up and down motion. This was when Rupali could not do the breathing technique which Nish had advised.

“Oh, Nish.. Ahhhhh.. Yeaaahhh.. Fuck me more Nish” Rupali screamed. The screams continued till she said, “I cannot hold on any longer, Nish. I don’t want to control anymore.”

“Anytime you are ready, let it go beautiful”, Nish replied.

Just when he said the word ‘beautiful’, canlı kaçak iddaa Rupali screamed more and she squirted and some kind of shock waves triggered in her. But Nish didn’t remove his fingers when she squirted. When he removed his fingers, her squirt was all over his palm.

“I am not done yet, Rupali,” said Nish.

“I need some rest, Nish,” she said and got up, stood on her knees, hugged him tightly. Both Nish and Rupali fell on the bed. They both kissed each other passionately.

After a few minutes, Nish said, “Let me complete what I was doing, Rupali” and made her lie on the bed. Slowly, he started massaging her inner thighs and massaged the mound of her vagina by pouring some oil on it. He put more oil on her buttocks and was rubbing her butt crack.

Steadily again, he put one of his fingers inside her anal and the screams of Rupali started again.

“Ahhhhh.. Maammaaaa.. mmmmmm..” the moans came out of her.

Nish then removed his finger and then inserted two fingers in her anal and the fingers of his other hand went inside her vagina.

“Oh god Nish, this is so fucking erotic and kinky,” Rupali said softly.

The to and fro movements inside her anal and vagina started simultaneously. She was moaning in pleasure while his thrusts speed increased.

“Oh yeah. Fuck me, Nish, Fuck me Nish..” was all Rupali was saying.

A few minutes later, Nish removed his fingers from her vagina, positioned his mouth near to her clitoris, got his tongue out, started licking the clitoris and simultaneously he was finger-fucking her anal.

Nish kept licking her clitoris but removed his fingers from her anal after some time which helped Rupali to position herself comfortably to enjoy his licking and sucking. A few minutes later, in her first, she was about to have her second orgasm.

“I am about to cum again Nish”, Rupali said in a soft tone.

Nish didn’t remove his tongue. Rupali held the pillow tight and when she couldn’t hold anymore, the white pleasure liquid oozed out from her. His tongue was covered in Rupali’s cum. He went close to her and said, “This is juicy, Rupali.”

While they kissed each other, sucking mixture of both their cums in each other’s mouth, Rupali could feel Nish’s boner. She looked into his eyes and said, “Fuck me with your banana, Nish” and guided his banana inside her pussy.

He fucked her in that position and said, “Doggy is your favourite position too, right Rupali?”

Rupali nodded affirmatively. He positioned Rupali on her knees and guided his banana inside her vagina in doggy style.

“Fuck me Nish.. Fuck me faster.. Aaaahhhh”, Rupali was moaning.

Nish grabbed her hairs in his hand and while thrusting her in doggy, he spanked Rupali on her butts.

“Hit me more. Spank me more Nish.. Make my butts red” Rupali yelled.

While his speed increased, his spanks also increased and Nish said, “I have to shoot, Rupali.”

“Cum in my pussy. Put every drop of it inside my pussy, Nish”, Rupali said.

With that, Nish shot his load of cum inside Rupali’s pussy.

He withdrew his banana from her pussy. They hugged and cuddled each other again. Rupali and Nish were in each other’s arms for more than an hour.

“This was the best time I have ever had. And yes, there is magic in you”, Rupali thanked Nish with a smooch again.

Later both of them helped in cleaning each other in the shower. A few minutes later, Nish said goodbye to Rupali with an assurance that he will be available as and when she requires his service.

Now, you all must be wondering, who am I and how could I describe the experience?

I am Rupali’s husband Naveen. I was in the room when all this happened. I am happy to see my wife happy. That matters a lot for me.

To all those couples, ladies of any status and age, do get a session from Nish. He was one of the best what we had experienced.

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