Nisan 10, 2021

The Incest Enigma

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John arrived home to his suburban house after a tedious day’s work to find the place apparently deserted. His wife, Helen, also worked and was often stuck at her office later than he but the twins ought to be home from school by then. He was perplexed and moved through the house silently — as was his habit — and up the stairs. Glancing into Jack’s room he found it empty but from Amber’s room down the hall he heard the faint rustling of activity. He peered through the agape door of his daughter’s room to see an oddly perfect triangle of eighteen-year-old bodies, with Jack and Amber’s tongue-entwining kiss forming the apex and Amber’s best friend Candi as the base, Jack fucking her pussy while she ate out his little girl.

Stiffened, John stared bewildered by his children’s hijinks with the neighbor girl. Jack and Amber were really into each other, not as siblings or sex buddies but as full-fledged lovers with Candi playing the enviable part of their latest conquest. John played with himself as he watched them; his daughter’s blonde hair hanging down to her breasts, Candi’s long legs wrapped around his son’s ass, which was tight and delicious. Jack’s whole body was nubile and taught, a perfect complement to those female masterpieces with which he was engaged.

It occurred to John to strip off his clothes and stride into the room. He foresaw the girls shriek and try to hide their nakedness with pillows while Jack stuttered out an explanation. He would hear none of it, but grabbed that Candi girl by the hair and shoved his cock into her mouth. While she sucked him off, he would explain to his children the new arrangement and they would escort ataşehir fall into his arms and kiss his cheeks. They would then lower their attention and run their hands through the hairs of his chest, teasing his nipples with flicks of their tongues. He saw himself kissing Amber and feeling her shudder from the fresh experience of a man with a mustache. She’d beg him to eat her out with his tickly lip, but he’d tease her and tell her Jack would get it first. Then he’d bend his own boy over the bed, while Candi and Amber watched on and played with each other, and shove his tongue up the boy’s ass.

Jack was moaning at his father’s touch and begged to be fucked in his virgin ass, but daddy can’t play favorites. So John leaps over onto the girls and buried his face in their ample cleavage. He feels the wetness in his daughter’s crotch and positions himself to fuck her. Candi lusts for the older man fucking her girlfriend and kisses him with zeal while Jack licks his father’s balls from behind as they slap up against his sister.

But no, John thought despondently, these youngsters would just laugh at me, I’d seem an old goat to them. And in real life Jack had moved to fuck his sister doggy style while Amber ate out Candi’s cunt. John’s mind drifted. He wondered what would have happened if he’d been the one to work late tonight and his beautiful wife Helen had come home instead. There’d be an excess of girls. But what if Jack’s best friend was underneath instead of hers?

Now Helen stared through the opening of the door to see her only son’s cock sticking way up his friend Bobby’s ass. Bobby’s cock was fully engorged kadıköy escort bayan and slapped against the boy’s stomach as he took that deep penetration. Most concerning of all was that her son’s twin sister perched upon Bobby’s face and made passionate tongue love to her brother at the same time. Helen felt her hand run up her skirt to the moist part of her panties. Despite having two kids twenty years ago, she was in prime physical condition and still turned heads at the office. Two young studs and a beautiful girl like her daughter were just what the mature goddess craved right now and she stripped without hesitation. She entered the room so calmly and forcefully that the children took her arrival as a natural happening and made room for her on the bed.

Jack slipped his cock out of Bobby’s ass and the two friends sat up to see how Helen would begin. Teasing the overly eager boys, she leaned over and French kissed her daughter roughly. Amber was surprised by her mother’s strength, all the more so when Helen gave her a mean love-bite on the cheek. “That’s for taking two men for yourself, and one of them your brother,” Helen chided her daughter. “Afterwards, you will be punished.”

Then Helen turned to the boys and grabbed them by their cocks. She slithered over to take them into her mouth. Not surprisingly, Jack’s tasted like ass and Bobby’s tasted like pussy. She sucked them from tip to base, then took them both at once while the friends made out. Jack laughed that Bobby’s teenage boy fuzzy facial hair tickled his lip but lost no enthusiasm for kissing it. Amber came at her mother from behind, meanwhile, and beat escort bostancı her experienced tongue against the woman’s vagina. When commanded by her mother to work the anus too, Amber got her first taste of ass fresh from the source and not as a secondary taste on her brother’s cock. It was stronger than she had expected, but highly erotic.

When her ass and pussy were sufficiently warmed up, Helen commanded her son and his friend to fill up both holes. Jack lay on the bed while mother pulled herself down on him from above. When she had worked her way onto his member, Bobby came from behind and worked his dick into her ass. Soon both boys were furiously pounding away at the older woman and her moans of pleasure were a torturous thing for her daughter. Amber frigged herself silly at the sight before her and tried desperately to find a mouth to sit on or a cock to fuck, but mother kept her away from any but her own pleasures. After Helen had cum and the boys were going limp, Amber broke down and cried out, “Would somebody please fuck me!”

Helen took her daughter by the wrist and led her out of the bedroom, with the boys following quickly behind. She took Amber into the bathroom and pushed her down into the tub. “I said earlier you would be punished,” she whispered slyly as she projected her groin forward and spread her pussy lips with her fingers. To Amber’s amazement and delight, her mother began to urinate on her and a golden stream of pee struck her in the face. Jack and Bobby came up on either side of Helen and joined her in pissing on their lover. Amber swam in three jets of beautiful pee that covered her, soaked into her hair and caused her to climax unbidden.

“And that’s my story,” John said hoarsely to Helen, who lifted her head off his dick and stared her brother in the eyes.

“That was so twisted,” she murmured. “We should do it. We should. I’m bored with oral anyway.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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