Mart 25, 2021

The Hotel

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When you opened the hotel room and walked in I was laying on the bed looking forward to the evening. The look on your face was one of both shock and excitement as I got up and started walking towards you. “Hi,” I said, reaching out to shake your hand. “I’m Rob,” I said, and not one to be shy, I moved your hand down and placed it at my crotch. “Your friends asked me to show you a good time tonight,” I said, smiling as I looked in your eyes. Suddenly it all became clear, your friends had a wild look in their eyes when they gave you the hotel key and told you to go and relax. Somehow they had managed to set this whole thing up. “I hope you like me,” I said.

I guess you had already decided that you did because you dropped to your knees in front of me, opened my pants and grabbed my still soft cock in your hands. It was always a favorite of mine for a woman to work me to a full erection with her mouth, and I guess you sensed this from my immediate moans. You had me in your mouth all the way to the base of my cock and you sucked hungrily while flicking my shaft with your tongue. I felt that familiar rush and I was soon coming to life in your mouth as you used your hands to free me of my pants. I was at a full erection in no time and you started to stroke me with your hand as you moved your mouth down to suck on my balls. I had almost forgotten that I needed to maintain some sense of control over the situation. I had a lot planned for the evening. I looked down and saw a little devilish look and as you put your lips around my head and sucked my whole cock into your mouth and down your throat. “Damn,” I said, “you are going to make me cum in your mouth if you’re not careful.”

I pulled off my shirt and you continued to drench my cock in your saliva. I knew that if I let you continue I was going to shoot my load in your mouth, so I grabbed you by the shoulders and stood you up in front of me. I kissed kartal escort you deeply with my tongue dancing in your mouth as I tore off your shirt and then pushed you back on the bed to remove your jeans. I reached over to the nightstand as soon as I had your clothes off and grabbed the handcuffs and blindfold that I had placed there. “Do you mind?” I asked and you simply smiled as I secured you to he bed and placed the blindfold over your eyes.

I wanted to taste you so badly that I immediately fell on the bed and buried my face between your legs lapping up your sweet juices. I shoved my tongue deep inside of you and as you moaned I pushed my lips against your clit even harder. I continued to eat you with increased passion alternating between sucking your swollen lips between mine and teasing your sensitive clit with my tongue. I knew that I was getting you close to an orgasm but I stopped just before you hit your peak. “Don’t worry babe,” I said, “I’ll get you there, but I have to get something. I’ll be right back.”

You laid there bound to the bed and wondered what I could possibly be doing. You felt vulnerable. After all you were now handcuffed to a bed and blindfolded in the hotel room of a complete and total stranger. You listened as I left the room and came back in a couple of minutes. Although you were both aroused and frightened you did not say a word.

As you heard me walk back towards the bed you had no idea of what was about to come. Suddenly the hands that were exploring your entire body were different and the touch more soft. I fell to the bed between your legs again and parted the lips of your pussy with my tongue once more. Nikki in the meantime was poised with her face just above yours licking her soft lips. As her hands moved to focus on the soft warm flesh of your breasts she began offering you tender kisses on your lips. küçükçekmece escort It was then that you said the first thing you said all night.

“Oh fuck,” you moaned, “this is so good.” I guess all three of us were in tune with each other because as soon as I started to kiss my way up your stomach to move up your body, Nikki had begun to kiss and lick her way down. We had exchanged places and at the same time as I took one of your hardening nipples in my mouth, her tongue slowly and deliberately parted the warm wet lips of your slit. You gave a little jump on the bed as if and electric shock had surged through your body and I knew you were enjoying all of this attention. She continued to pleasure you with her incredible mouth as I rolled up closely beside you to nibble on your neck. I removed your blindfold so you could see this beautiful woman that was eating your pussy and making you so wet. I rolled over after removing your handcuffs and started to kiss you hard on the lips, driving my tongue deep inside your mouth. You could still taste your own pussy on my tongue. My now aching cock was resting on your thigh as Nikki now found she had the best of both worlds at her disposal. This was apparently driving her crazy as she alternated between sucking my shaft deep in her mouth and then diving back in to your warm pussy. With each change in focus, she used a free hand to either massage your clit or take long slow strokes up and down my cock. We were both at the point where we could barely take any more when she let me fall out of her mouth and fall back on your thigh with a little slap. She then kissed her way back up the entire length of your body and joined me at your neck as we both let our hands roam all over your body.

As all of our hungers started to grow, the kissing and exploring became more and more passionate. I rolled you küçükyalı escort over on your side so that I was behind you and you were directly facing Nikki. She sensed what I wanted immediately and reached down between your legs to grab my hard cock and help guide it into you inch by inch. As I entered you from behind she looked you directly in the eyes sharing and savoring your pleasure. I reached around with my arm to pull her closer to you as she offered her warm, wet tongue to your mouth. She then slid her one hand behind your neck and lifted your hair so that I could kiss you there and as this brought tingles down your spine, you reached down between her legs to part her lips and slide one of your fingers into her full, swollen slit. We soon found a rhythm that satisfied all three of us and lost ourselves in the moment. We became almost one body with you between us in a sandwich of smooth, hot flesh.

We continued like this for what seemed like an eternity of pleasure before I noticed that Nikki’s breath was getting shorter and faster. Obviously your fingers were working their magic on her clit. I slid my one hand down between your legs and did the same for you as I continued to take you from behind with long, steady strokes. It was almost like a chain of fireworks as the orgasms began. First, she gasped and started to shudder as her body surrendered to her climax, then I felt you grab me even tighter inside of you with your walls contracting as you reached your peak. I had been on the edge for a long time now. “Fuck baby, I am going to cum so hard inside you…ohhhhh fuccccckk!” I screamed and with one final thrust I grew rock hard and exploded, throbbing and pumping stream after stream of hot cum deep inside of you.

All of us were completely spent, and we laid there for a few moments, with our bodies still wrapped together before Nikki started kissing her way down your body once again. She removed my still hard cock from inside of you with her hand and then took me in her mouth savoring the taste of our combined juices. When she had licked me clean, she then put her mouth down to you to lick your lips and give your tender clit a few final flicks with he tongue.

We rested for a few minutes before…well, that’s another story…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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