Mart 25, 2021

The Hitch-hiker

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The highway seemed to stretch straight into an unseen point in infinity. Hitch-hiking isn’t safe, sure, but it’s the only way I can travel. I stop and work when and where I can I don’t have a car, can’t spare my meager earnings on bus fare or trains. So, I hitch. I’m as careful as I can be, given the circumstances I’m forced to live with. Truckers are usually safe, they’re on the road for long lonely stretches of time and are mor than willing to pick someone up – if only for the conversation. And I can usually hold my own in conversation, I may be poor ,but I’m not ignorant, I keep up on current events and I’m a great listener. The skill of listening lends itself to insights that many others don’t achieve, as they are so wrapped up in themselves. They miss out on the human drama … lives that are intertwined with one another, and affecting each other in ways the average man doesn’t even realize. I’ve become a student of life, learning from the experts … the average person.

This hot, muggy evening the truckers are few and far between. I haven’t even seen a car for the last 45 minutes and am beginning to think I’ll be spending the night alongside the road. I keep walking west along the highway … the land is flat and there doesn’t appear to be a place that I can crash for the night. The sun is beginning to set and I do need to be off the road before it gets completely dark. Watching the sky turn orange, I finally hear a low humming in the distance. I stop, turn around and wait … sure enough a vehicle is coming. I stretch out my hand, thumb up, mentally crossing my fingers that they are compassionate to strangers on the road. When the vehicle comes closer I see that it’s an old commercial van…you know, the kind with no windows except in front. The van slows and I see that there are two occupants, both young guys.

They pull over to the side of the road just ahead of me and I walk up to the passenger door. The driver, a dark blonde with bright green eyes, leans over halkalı escort and offers me a ride. It’s hot and I notice that neither is wearing a shirt. Ah, if only I could get away with doing the same thing! There’s empty cola cans, chip bags, and t-shirts with school logos casually tossed in back. Students on summer break.

I accept the offer and the passenger hops out to let me climb in. He’s nice and tall, well-built black guy with the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen. I’m offered a cold drink and readily accept. I feel as if I’ll die of thirst, this is just what I needed. We introduce ourselves, the drivers’ name is Doug and his friend is Evan. We offer brief explanations as to what we’re doing out on this lonely stretch of back highway. They tell me that they’re heading for Mexico, for a couple months, ready to party, do odd jobs and soak up the local-color before returning to school at the end of summer.

Conversation slowly ebbs and I crawl into the back to stretch out. The heat from the day lingers past sunset, but the air from the windows does help cool my skin a bit. I’m still awfully sweaty and would love to tear this soaked t-shirt off my body. I sleep a little, the hum of the engine lulls me. I feel the few beads of sweat trickle down my side to my back. I can’t get comfortable…it’s too hot…so, I throw out my pride and take off my t-shirt…leaving me in my skimpy lace bra. I feel better already with the air flowing across my stomach and chest.

I hear a rustling and see Evan climbing into the back. He’s yawning and appears as if he’ll drop off as soon as he lays down. He stretches out beside me, crumpling a t-shirt to use as a pillow. He turns to me and asks if I mind if he stretch out. I tell him that I didn’t mind at all, after all, I was the guest in this van. We lay side-by-side in silence, the humidity swirling in the wind around us. Taking out my water bottle, I wet a cotton scarf and wipe haramidere escort it across my neck…the water drips down my chest and into my bra. I wet the scarf again and let the water run down my arms in an effort to cool myself further.

I remove my old tennis shoes and pull off my jeans. It’s just too hot to worry about being proper. Laying back, I stretch out and relax, closing my eyes and letting the heat just rise from my body. I must have dozed a little the next thing I feel is the damp scarf being wiped across my stomach. Evan’s sitting up, wets the scarf again and strokes my legs with the cool rag. He soaks the scarf with the last of the water and squeezes it out over my midriff and down to my crotch. My cotton thong is now drenched and clinging wetly to me. Evan sits me up, reaches around behind me and unfastens my bra, slipping if off my shoulders and tossing it aside. The damp cloth still in his hand is passed across my exposed breasts. God, that feels so good. So cool and hot at the same time.

Evan sits in front of me and I get on my knees, kneeling … he brings his face to my breast and tastes my nipples, slow and sweet, his beautiful lips teasing my nipples to erection. Tongue making tiny circles around each one, using his hand to cup and tickle the other breast. My own hands reach his chest and caress his nipples, they rise instantly. Raising his head our lips meet in an urgent seeking kiss, mouths open and tongues tasting each other. Lips crushed together, his hot breath on my cheek. I wrap my arms around him and straddle his lap, grinding my mound against his hard cock, we continue to kiss passionately. His hands guide my hips, pulling my thong down, I lean back, sitting and he pulls it off over my feet. He rises to his knees and undoes his jeans and slips them off as well. Pushing me back, he takes my ass in each hand and lifts my pussy to his face.

First his lips nip and pinch my clit, ikitelli escort then his tongues teases, barely touching. Tasting my flesh and licking up my juices. Kisses to my cunt, tongue plunging in as deep as he can get it. He licks inside me with fervor and I feel as if I’ll explode. He pulls away and gets behind me. Reaching around me with both hands, he plays with my clit, slipping fingers across and around, two fingers from his other hand fuck my pussy. He kisses and nibbles my neck all the while. I barely notice that his huge cock is rubbing between my ass crack. He’s so hard and I start to think of it entering me…pounding me hard and I beg him to fuck me.

He pushes me forward onto my hands and knees and pushes hard and fast into my cunt, I feel his balls lightly slapping my clit as he fucks me steady, hands holding my hips to his rhythm. It’s not long before I feel the electric jolt of orgasm and can’t control my quick scream as I cum. He pulls out and pushes his hard cock into my ass, slow and easy, pushing into the tight hole, grasping my hips hard. I just hold my breath…the erotic sensation is unreal. I relax to his pushing and he fucks slow and steady, then faster. I feel him get even harder right before he explodes his jizz, pulling my ass hard against him and keeping me there until he’s empty.

I open my eyes and the van has stopped. Dog’s kneeling in front of me, naked and hard as a rock. He plunges his hard cock into my face, hands in my hair, raping my mouth. I’m moaning. Evan pulls out, cum drips down my thighs and he reaches around to tickle my clit to more ecstasy. He’s flitting his fingers across my pussy fast and hard…I explode into another orgasm, just seconds before Doug’s hard cock loses his load into my mouth. I swallow it all down and lick him clean before we all fall together in a loose, tangled heap.

We’re tired, but wide away. Our hands find each other and gently, slowly caress each other in a beautiful after glow of hot passion. Not thinking, just feeling, stroking, exploring. It’s not long before we’re napping with hands holding each other. Dougs’ fingers resting on my pussy and Evans’ head is on my breast, lips against a still erect nipple. I feel complete and totally relaxed with these two guys.

I can’t wait to wake up and experience more of this human drama.

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