Mayıs 4, 2021

The Heir’s Revenge

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Rosaria vividly remembered the anger in her brother’s voice as he shouted protests while the guards dragged him away so many years ago.

Prince Claudius had been next in line to take over his father’s throne after the death of the great king, but Claudius was cold, violent, and near psychotic. His hunger for power was obvious, and the kingdom feared him for that.

While he was only a boy when his father died, he was still capable of enough power to strike terror into the subjects. He’d always brag about how he’d shape the kingdom into his own, always projecting his own dark thoughts on how he’d severely punish even the most minor of crimes, how he’d have his own house of beautiful women, and how he’d plan to trample over rival kingdoms and take them under his own rule.

Yes, Claudius, while young, had the mind of a psychotic warlord, and so the people ordered for him to be banished, thus placing his younger sister in line to take over her late father’s throne.

Rosaria was a few years younger than her brother. Of course, a girl of such adolescence could not take position of a queen, and so the kingdom waited patiently until she was of age to be crowned. During that time, everyone had forgotten about the banished prince. They spent more time excitedly awaiting the new rule of the princess.

While she was still young after being crowned, she was extremely clever. Rosaria was cold, strict, but knew the difference between right and wrong. She understood government like a scholar, she could duel like a knight, dance like a lady, and she could rule like, well, a queen. That made her perfect to take over the throne. And not only that, she was beautiful. Not exactly the type of beautiful that most men would think of when they heard the word. No. She was beautiful in her own terrifyingly intelligent way, and as she grew older, that beauty only showed greater.

At twenty-two years of age, Rosaria stood tall with confident posture and a strong, yet feminine physique. Her skin had darkened to a dull golden-brown color from her leisure in the sun. Her chocolate hair hung over her shoulders in gentle curls when not being styled up in intricate braids. Her body was any man’s dream; her chest and shoulders slightly broad, but her waist curving to that perfect hourglass shape. Her hips were wide and perfectly accommodated her thick, toned thighs. Her breasts were of perfect size and roundness, but were always modestly covered by her dresses. Although, even though Rosaria remained modestly dressed, she still didn’t fail to catch the prying eyes of men, but they were rightfully too frightened to approach such a woman of high authority.

Rosaria had grown to become the perfect ruler. She was gorgeous, intelligent, and strict. She would receive praise from those that supported her, and struck fear in those that opposed her. Her thoughts and actions were never questioned, and she as a woman of such power was always respected.

Ever since the princess had become the queen, she had forgotten all about her brother, until one morning…

“Your Highness!” One of the servants rushed into the study, brandishing a white envelope that was sealed with the red familial emblem.

The queen cocked an eyebrow as she gazed at her servant from where she sat at the desk. “What did I tell you about knocking, Thompson?”

Her servent swallowed and nervously fumbled into a bow of apology. “M-my apologies, Your Highness, but a letter arrived for you! And it has the royal emblem, miss!” He quickly said.

Rosaria tilted her head in intrigue. “Oh? Bring it here then.”

Her servent quickly brought the envelope over and handed it to the queen. He watched with nervous anticipation as she slowly opened it. Her silence as she read over the contents was agonizing and seemed to last far too long. Thompson fidgeted anxiously as he watched a look of concern and intrigue cross Rosaria’s face, but he didn’t dare ask what the letter was about.

“It seems…my dearest brother wants to visit.” She murmured in interest as she set the piece of parchment down.

Thompson nearly jumped out of his skin. “T-The banished prince?! Oh no! No, Your Highness, he was sent away! He isn’t allowed to return!”

“Hush,” The queen snapped. Her servent immediately shut his mouth.

He watched as she reached for a feather quill and dipped it into a bottle of ink. She began to write something down on a piece of blank parchment. “I suppose I wouldn’t mind if he came by.” She said.

The servant scratched the back of his neck. “Um…Y-Your Highness, forgive me for asking, but…why?”

Rosaria’s smile sent a chill running down his spine. “It has been thirteen years since my brother was banished. I can’t say that I miss him, because I don’t. However, it would be interesting to see what sort of person he’s become over the years, wouldn’t you think so, Thompson?”

Before her servant could answer, she sealed up her reply and stamped it with that same royal emblem. She then handed bahis firmaları the envelope to Thompson and he stared at it as if it were about to combust. “Send that away. I accept.” Rosaria waved him off.

The servant didn’t hesitate and soon rushed off to deliver the reply. He wanted to question the queen’s judgement, but he didn’t dare. Why would she openly invite the banished prince back into the palace so easily? Rosaria was an extremely clever woman, so Thompson assumed that she knew what she was doing.

Months passed, and soon the day arrived.

Very few of the servants had worked in the palace long enough to remember the prince, but those who did dreaded Claudius’s arrival.

Rosaria awaited outside in the chilly air, standing in the front courtyard. Two large guards flanked her sides at her request, but she did not seem nervous.

When the carriage arrived, their hands tightened around the hilts of their swords, but the queen placed her hands on both of their shoulders. “Easy, boys. There is no need to worry until I tell you to worry.” They relaxed their grips, but remained alert.

When the prince stepped out of the carriage, Rosaria barely recognized him. Then again, he barely recognized her.

Claudius was definitely not the boy that she remembered so long ago. He was very tall, practically towering over her. His skin was darker than hers, almost resembling a soft coppery color. He shared the same dark eyes with her, but his gaze was more…sadistic. He was a confusing combination of ruggedness and regalness; his scruffy black hair was long and rested at his shoulders, his dark beard shaven to a short stubble, his face had various scars and marks and there were scowl lines present between his eyebrows. Despite all of this, he would still be considered handsome in an intimidating way, though that did not contradict his sleek attire. His brown pants were neatly pressed, his black leather shoes shined to perfection, not a single stain or wrinkle could be seen on his silk shirt, and his winter coat looked as if it cost more than a commoner’s property.

Two of the queen’s guards flanked him and escorted him away from the carriage. He extended a gloved hand to his sister, a bright ruby sparkling on his middle finger. “Dearest sister, it’s been too long.” His grin was enough to send shivers down anyone’s spine, but Rosaria was not fazed.

She did not accept his hand, but instead looked over him with a look of skepticism. “I must say, Claudius, you’ve seemed to do quite well for yourself.”

Rosaria had the servants prepare a grand feast for her brother, but in all honesty, she couldn’t feel less excited to see him. All she truly wanted was to see what kind of man he had become, and when she would become bored, she’d send him away.

They talked for hours. Claudius spoke of his new manor and his team of servants. He would often brag about his new possessions and attempt to act superior to Rosaria in any way he could. His sister listened intently, though her facial expression had a look of mischief to it. “Oh? It seems you’ve got quite the lavish life, don’t you, brother? It seems as though you’re no longer angry that I’ve taken your place on the throne.”

Her brother’s grip on the neck of his wine glass tightened and his lips curled into a forced smile. She smirked, knowing she had struck a chord. “Tell me, brother,” She leaned in close. “What’s the real reason that you’ve requested to come here?”

Claudius remained silent for one moment too long. He cleared his throat and forced another smile. “Rosaria, dearest Rosaria, do you suspect ill will of me? I’m insulted.”

Rosaria smiled as she leaned back in her chair and took a small sip of her wine. They stared at each other with such intensity that it was almost as if they were trying to read each other’s thoughts. The tension in the room became harsh, making the servants uncomfortable. Even the ones that never knew Claudius were aware that he was corrupt, and that was obvious in his dark gaze.

After finishing her third glass of wine, Rosaria stood. “I believe I’ll be heading to bed. Escort him to his room. Goodnight, Claudius.” She then left the dining room before he could say anything more to her.

The maids escorted him up to a large guest bedroom, but after that, they hurried off to take care of other chores and escape his lustful stares.

Claudius remained awake until he was sure that all of the servants had gone to bed. After the palace became silent, he silently ventured out into the corridor to find Rosaria’s bedroom. Her bedroom was not difficult to find, and as he slowly opened the heavy double doors, he was met with his sister standing by the window. She faced away from him and gazed out to the kingdom below. “I knew you’d try to come here.” She said. She turned to face him and went to have a seat by her vanity. “Come in.”

Claudius stared at her skeptically as he walked into the bedroom and shut the door behind him. Rosaria was now dressed kaçak iddaa in a simple white nightgown and her dark hair was loose around her shoulders. “You ‘knew’ that I’d try to come here?” Her brother repeated in question.

Rosaria laughed as she stood and approached him. She reached beneath his shirt and pulled out the dagger that he had hidden underneath. “You didn’t possibly think I wouldn’t know that you came here to kill me, did you?”

Claudius was at a loss for words. How did she know? The only reason he had traveled all the way out there was to finally end her. The fact that she was clever enough to know his plan only amplified his envy. “Well then, what are you going to do, sister? Call the guards on me?” He whispered. He was acting strangely calm, but so was she.

Rosaria turned away and placed the knife on her vanity, then she returned to her place by the window. “No. If I wanted to lock you up, I would’ve done so already. But this only goes to show me that you haven’t changed in the slightest. You’d do anything for power, even if it means murdering your own blood. I’ll give you until the morning, and if you’re not gone by then, then I will be forced to lock you up.” She watched him closely in the reflection of the window. He stared at her, his expression flashing from anger to intrigue. Slowly, he approached her.

“You’re smart, sister, I’ll give you that. You’re quite confident too. Though sometimes that can be dangerous.” He says with a grim tone.

“That’s funny coming from you, brother.” Rosaria said. She didn’t peel her eyes away from his reflection for even a second.

He stood right behind her, his body uncomfortably close to hers. He leaned down so his lips were level with her ear. “You really believe that you can predict all my moves, do you, sister?” He asked in a whisper. Rosaria tilted her head so she wouldn’t feel his breath lingering over her skin.

“Now just what do you think you’re- mmph!” Claudius clamped his hand over her mouth before she could finish her sentence. Anger flashed over her face and she glared at him in the reflection, but her body tensed when his hand went to rest just beneath her prominent breasts, forcing her body back against his.

“Aw, what’s the matter, dearest sister? Feeling a little powerless now?” Claudius whispered, his lips just barely brushing against her ear. Rosaria tried to pry his hand away from her face, but his strength exceeded hers greatly. “Don’t even try to struggle.” He murmured. The stubble on his jaw rubbed uncomfortably against her face.

He looked down at her body and grinned that devilishly lustful grin that could paralyze nearly anyone. “I must say, you’ve grown into quite the woman, sister.” He whispered as his hand slithered up and groped one of her breasts. The thin fabric of her nightgown did nothing to serve her any protection against his prying touch.

Rosaria’s heart rate increased in a panic, but she could do nothing to escape his grasp.

“Stop. Struggling.” He whispered harshly. She could still smell the wine in his breath and the musk on his skin, which she found strangely…alluring, but she shoved those thoughts out of her mind. Her struggling slowed, but she still glared at him in the reflection of the window. Every time he flashed her a grin, anger only fueled her. When his grip tightened on her breast, she whimpered out in pain, but Claudius mistook it for pleasure. “You see, Rosie? You don’t want to struggle.” He murmured. A shiver ran down her spine as the tip of his tongue trailed a slow line down the side of her neck. “Oh how beautiful you’ve become. Perhaps it’s a good thing that I didn’t kill you. We wouldn’t have been able to spend this time together, wouldn’t you say, dearest sister?” His hand trailed up and he hooked a finger beneath the neck of her dress. Slowly, he lowered it until her cleavage was present. “Aren’t you questioning why you’re not struggling?” He asked with a teasing tone.

Rosaria furrowed her eyebrows in realization; she wasn’t struggling. At least, she wasn’t anymore. Not only that, but she realized that her heart wasn’t pounding out of fear or anxiety, it was pounding out of- dare she think it- arousal.

Claudius chuckled darkly as he forced her head back to rest against his shoulder. She kept a stoic expression, but she didn’t struggle against him. She could feel his lustful gaze boring into her. His teeth gently grazed against her ear as he whispered, “I slipped a love tonic into your drink when you weren’t looking.”

A flash of anger crossed her face, but it soon changed to a mix of frustration and pleasure when he forcefully pulled on her hair, forcing her head back further. Without warning, his lips bombarded her neck with hot, lustful kisses. Now that her mouth was free, she could speak, but she didn’t. Instead, she let out a gasp of pleasure as his other hand returned to roughly groping her breasts.

Rosaria was aware that this was against all morals; it was sinful, disgusting, wrong, but she couldn’t kaçak bahis fight the effects of the drug even if she tried. And she definitely tried.

Claudius slipped the neck of his sister’s dress down far enough to expose her breasts. When she felt his rough, callused hands on her bare skin, she leaned further back against him, as if asking for more. “You’re vile, Claudius.” She muttered.

The prince grinned as he reached down and hiked up her skirt. Rosaria’s lips parted in a silent moan when she felt his fingers run along her sex. They teased and probed her until her folds became slick with arousal. Without even realizing, she parted her legs just a little to give him better access.

“You’re growing wet, sister. Surely you aren’t enjoying this?” Claudius teased. Before she could even answer, he forcefully pushed two fingers deep inside of her. Rosaria sucked in a sharp breath and let out a moan. “Ah! Mmmm…”

Claudius smirked. With his free hand, he grabbed the queen’s jaw and forced her head back so he could watch her. Her breath came out heavy and it didn’t take long for his fingers to become covered in a thin sheen of cum. Rosaria stretched around his fingers while he forcefully moved them in and out of her at a rapid pace. Her breathing soon turned to shaky gasps and pants while she let him touch her.

“C-Claudius, stop this at once.” She forced herself to say.

The prince made a ‘tsk tsk’ sound as he pressed his body tighter against her. “Oh, but you don’t want me to stop.” He mused. He forced her head forward so she could stare at the reflection in the window. She was not able to see the way his fingers ravaged her nethers, as her skirt was hiding it, but she could very easily see the sadistic grin that crossed his face. Rosaria’s face contorted into another moan when her brother curled his fingers against her sweet spot. “Ooh~…No, stop this! This is- mmm..aah~ It’s-It’s sinful…it’s…ooh~…” She leaned back against his body and spread her legs further for him. He forced her head to cock to the side and his lips returned their attention to her neck. He left rough, hot, wet kisses all down the side of her neck and shoulder. His beard scratched and tickled her skin and his teeth would graze against it every so often. The queen’s skin grew hot with need under his touch.

His fingers never ceased their assault on her. They kept going at their rapid pace, pushing as deep inside her as they would go. Between the pleasure of his fingers inside of her and his mouth on her neck, she wasn’t sure if she could resist it even without the drug coursing through her body.

“Hahh..aahh…ohh~ Mmmh..hmmm..” Rosaria moaned and whimpered and writhed against him. She stared into the reflection and watched the movements of his hand beneath her skirt and the way his tongue left behind a wet sheen on her skin. Her face had become flushed and her heart pounded rapidly in her chest.

“What would they say, sister?” Claudius whispered in her ear. “What would they say if they found out their queen allowed her own brother to touch her like this?”

“Burn in hell.” Rosaria hissed.

Claudius chuckled as he removed his hand from between her legs. He hummed as he sucked his sister’s juices from his fingers.

“Then I suppose I should do something that is worth burning in hell for.”

Suddenly, he grabbed her and pushed her up against the large window. The glass felt absolutely frigid against Rosaria’s hot skin. She was forced to stare out to the city below while Claudius lifted her leg. With his other hand, he swiftly undid his pants and lowered them just enough to reveal his throbbing erection. Rosaria couldn’t see what he was doing, but she soon got a vivid idea when she felt him press his tip against her dripping entrance.

She wanted to protest, but she could not find it in herself to stop him. Her lips parted in a silent moan while his cock intruded her sex. She could feel just how large and hard he was; his girth stretched her out and she could easily feel each pulsing vein on his shaft. “Mmmh…”

While his hand held up her leg, his other arm hooked around her body so he could thrust. He didn’t even give her time to adjust to him, but her wetness allowed him to fuck her without difficulty.

He began to thrust fast and hard as he kept Rosaria held tightly against him. She planted her hands firmly against the window to steady herself while he mercilessly pounded into her. The slickness of her sex could be heard with each strong thrust, and each of those strong thrusts elicited a moan from her.

“Mmh..aahh~ hhaa~ ooh~ st-..aahh~ stop it, Claudius!” She struggled to say, but that only encouraged him to continue. His lips brushed against her ear as he watched himself fuck his sister in the reflection. “Admit it, sister. You like having my cock inside you.” He growled.

Her reaction answered his question for her. Her breath escaped in heavy gasps, light traces of sweat beaded her skin, and her arousal dripped down his cock and soaked his balls.

All that could be heard in the room was their heavy pants, their moans, their grunts, and the sound of his cock slamming into her soaking hole over, and over, and over, and over.

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