Şubat 8, 2021

The Hacker Ch. 04

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Cindy came home to a note slipped under her door.

‘Grab a bite to eat and come over to my place. The mixer is done.’

Her heart jumped. Steve had been working on this for a few months and there had been a couple of false starts. He took these failures hard, and became almost obsessed with making the ultimate sex machine. It had started with a silly bet that lead to a night of passion and exploration. She hadn’t seen him in almost two weeks and suspected that he was working on another machine. Her mind was a blur as she skipped through her apartment getting ready.

Twenty minutes later she was knocking on his door. Every time since the first night it seemed like the simple act of knocking on his door was an thrilling prospect. It was like an erotic slot machine – every time offered something different. Even when it was ‘normal’ it was the most incredible sex she’d ever had. At one point she teased him that his desire to satisfy her before himself, a fuck fight she’d called it, was the sweetest thing she’d ever seen in a lover. The door opened and a sweaty dirty Steve breathlessly motioned for her to come in.

“Sorry, last minute tweaks” he said between breaths.

“Like always, so where is it?” She flashed an evil grin.

“Under wraps until you get ready” Steve flashed back a grin. “Your new outfit is in the bathroom.”

“You’re not wasting any time tonight — you must be pretty sure it’s going to work this time.” She thought back to the last time when the machine he built jammed after about a minute.

“I’ve had it running for an hour to make sure there’s no disappointments this round. Come on, get dressed or you can’t play!” He winked and gestured broadly at the bathroom door.

“Alright, I’m going” When she opened the door to the bathroom she was taken aback. She expected lingerie or a bathrobe but what she had looked like something out of a dirty superhero comic. There was a cupless red leather bustiere with a series of thick metal rings running the length of the spine and heavy metal buckles and belts to the front. On the vanity were a two sets of red leather bracelets with the same buckle and belt system. Attached to each bracelet was a flat shiny metal plate about the size of a candy bar. The inside was padded with sheepskin and each one weighed almost a pound. As she examined the gear she noted were little inconsistencies in the stitching and seams, all of this was hand made. He’d made this for her, another first.

“You do leather too? Christ, is there anything you don’t know how to do?” She called out.

“I didn’t a month ago — I taught myself for this project”

The bustiere fit well, she ran her hands down her ribs and let the smell of the warming leather drift through her mind. The bracelets fit as well, and the larger ones she guessed were for her ankles. Fully geared up she took a look in the mirror. She did look like an erotic superheroine. She toyed with throwing on the bathrobe he had left on the door for her but decided to for go it. Besides, in a few minutes it would be a pile on the floor anyhow.

The thrill and anticipation of what was coming was enough to override any apprehension she might have. She opened the door and stepped into the living room. Steve was sitting on the far couch drinking a bottle of water. She struck a pose, one foot in front of the other and placed her hands on her hips.

“It fits – is it all you hoped for?” She batted her eyelashes and shot him the coyest look she could muster.

“Wow! Just wow. Hold on, I just realized you’re missing a piece.”

“There had better not be a cape or mask with this!” She chuckled.

Steve came back with a silver rod about 3 feet long.

“Whoa! What the hell is that for?!”

“It’s easier to show you than tell you.” He crossed the floor to a large pile of canvas and grabbed a corner. “I give you, Aphrodite’s cage!”

As the canvas fell, she let her eyes run over the machine. It was about the size of a office desk and about as high. Gleaming chrome, fire red painted steel, black rubber hose and red leather lay before her. It’s base was ‘Y’ shaped and sat in a shallow tray, everything else attached to the column rising casino şirketleri from the center of the base. A bundle of several cables lead to a small pedestal outside the main machine. The rest of it just seemed like a maze of pipe and hoses. As her eyes darted over the device her breath went shallow as she realized just how big it was.

“This is huge, it’s almost scary.”

“I know it’s bigger than you expected, the majority of it is to support you. The fun stuff could fit in a briefcase.”

“And we both know what you can do with a briefcase.”

“I know it looks like a pile of scrap, but stick with me on this. Let’s get you strapped in.”

“Excuse me? I’ve got enough straps to start a fetish club already.”

“Strictly a figure of speech. First let’s get your back set up.” He retrieved the steel bar and motioned for her to turn back on to him. She did so and the rings down her back made some sense as he laced the steel rod through them. Holding on to the top of the rod he put a hand on her shoulder and guided her to a cluster of red leather pads.

“Sit here and lie down — these are the foot plates down here.”

She did as he instructed. There was a pair of pads to either side of her tail bone and another pair at her shoulders. Between these the rod in her back dropped through. Her feet rested on a pair of steel mesh pads and her hands fell naturally to a pair of handles beside her hips.

“Oh right, just a sec!” Steve ducked under the machine and came back with a pair of ‘L’ shaped pieces of metal. Silently he moved to place them in the handles and moved her hand back over them.

“Ok, in both of your hands are the kill-switch controls. If you open your hand — either one or both — the ride stops and you’ll come back to this position. It will work if you pass out as well. Understand?”

“Yes, but I have a question.”

“What’s that?”

“How do I control this, I mean, there aren’t any knobs or switches like the last one you made.”

“Ah, well I couldn’t figure out any way to give you direct control with all that this can do so I’ll be in control. All you can do is stop it or ask me to change something.”

Steve had managed to move to the small pedestal and held his hand over a large switch.

“Ready to go for a ride?” With that, he dropped his hand and the switch gave a sharp crack. Almost instantly she heard a series of metallic snaps all around her. She was now immobilized, almost part of the machine itself.

“What the hell — I can’t move!” Panic started to rise, she trusted Steve but this wasn’t expected and she couldn’t figure out why she couldn’t rise.

“Oh, I forgot to tell you. There are electromagnets at your wrist, back and ankles so you can’t fall out. They just locked on to the metal bars on your gear. If you release the kill-switches they’ll release but you might want to be careful when you do.”

“So I’m at the mercy of you and your creation”

“Until you let go”

“Why do I need to be careful when I let go by the way?”

A whine started emanating from the central column and almost immediately the bench that she was now pinned to started to incline. She rose in the air and finished almost five feet up and face down looking at a grinning Steve.

“No reason. Mind the first step. I thought it would be cool to be able to give you different angles too.”

The straps and harness made sense now. She was hanging in mid-air from the leather corset and cuffs. If she let go of the safety handles the machine would drop her face first to the floor.

“So are you ready for a test drive?”

“I guess so.” Cindy was actually a little scared. Hanging in mid-air and about to be fucked by a machine bigger than herself was a bit much.

Steve started manipulation of the console and she moved back to a vertical position. Another dial, another lever and her legs were spread apart. Her arms were forced up and she was now in a spread eagle pose. The cool air flowed across her body and for the first time she became aware of the juice that had been building up on her pussy lips. There is control, and then there is this. Steve could control her like a puppet using this machine. casino firmaları

Total submission to a machine, the very thought of it ran throughout her body like electricity. Her knees began to rise and at the same time she felt something pressing against her moist pussy lips. She looked down and saw a mirror overhead aimed directly at her crotch. Pressing on her was a small beaded wheel on a rod. The rim glistened and as it advanced it slowly started turning. The first bead dragged across her pussy lips and slipped away, smooth and firm. And then a second and a third. The sheen on the wheel was lubricant — and it was somehow being replenished as it turned. She tried to move closer to increase the pressure but was held fast. This was in itself a turn on. Completely powerless and dependent on the machine for pleasure.

A pair of arms moved into position over her chest and a pair of small black rubber tassels moved in over her nipples. A small motor started turning the tassels and then the arm itself started to swing in a orbital motion. The tiny tips drummed against her areola and already hard nipples. The twisting motion meant that in the course of a few seconds the machine had touched the entire circumference. The pattern also was reversed from time to time. She had no idea if Steve controlled it or if it had been programmed to do so.

The wheel crawled a bit closer to her as well so the edge of the beads were now grazing the very tip of her clit. The whine of the machine increased and she heard a heavy metallic ‘thunk’. Looking down at the mirror she saw a purple dildo set about an inch away from her.

“You doing OK there?” Steve’s voice seemed far away. Cindy nodded, almost hypnotized by the mechanical lover’s motions. The phallus moved towards her with machine precision. She moved her head as far to the side as she could and watched as it touched her, parted her and began burrowing into her yielding flesh. It wasn’t cold like she expected, he had somehow figured out a way to make the slippery invader as warm as a human. She saw it continue moving inside her in the mirror and then felt a pulse as if the thing had increased in girth for a moment. Then there was a hot sensation and it started to retract. Again it plunged into her, twitch and hot.

The next couple of strokes allowed her to start clenching in time with that marvellous pulse. She became dimly aware that she was far more wet than she should be. Glancing at the mirror she saw a thin tendril of fluid escaping her each time the dildo retreated. ‘It’s self-lubricating!’ she realized. ‘No wonder this has taken him so long’.

More power was being applied to the machine as the whine increased. The clack-hiss of the piston for the dildo increased and the pearl wheel nuzzled closer to her clit and sped up. The tiny whips moved faster and harder and were now joined by little blasts of cold air. The blast would give a moment’s grace from the drumming but made her nipples even more hard and sensitive. The machine started moving her into a face down position so she felt like she was hanging from the ceiling.

‘Too much, too fast’ she thought and looked to the mirror to see her pussy being pounded and stroked, her pussy was drooling lubricant in a steady stream. Immobilized and completely at the mercy of the machine Cindy felt the first waves of orgasm building up in her and then broke over her. She was crying out and thrashing against the straps, her muscles contracted and released over and over. The machine pumped wave after wave of hot fluid into her as if it was cumming with her. Sweat ran down her body, her hands clenched the handles in time with the waves of pleasure. The machine slowed and retreated. The metallic tentacles retreated and the bench returned to a recliner style position. Her arms came back to her sides but her legs were still spread and bent at the knees. Steve came into her field of vision and she became became aware that she was breathless and panting.

“I’ll assume that can be called a successful test.”

“You… could… say… that…” her breathing was still ragged and coarse.

“Well if you don’t mind…” and without any further warning she felt his cock güvenilir casino slide up into her. He wasn’t like this normally, thrusting into her like a wild man. He was holding on to a pair of leather straps at her waist and pounding and pounding into her. It was animalistic. Still immobilized the only thing she could do was to clench his cock at the end of each thrust. Harder and deeper each stroke came, until she felt that urgent spasm run up his shaft.

“Fill me up Steve, flood me, give it to me, I wanna a snatch full, gimme your cum, cream pie me, come on, FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!” Cindy couldn’t believe it, the torrent of language was not her. She blushed but kept egging him on.

Steve stiffened and pulled on the straps so hard that she though he’d bend the frame of the bench. Spasm after spasm wracked him and she felt his hot cum blasting into her. He wasn’t continuing to thrust, he just kept pulling in as if he could somehow get further into her. He pumped so much cum into her during this orgasm that as she clenched down on him the cum started escaping. She watched him as he continued to fill her, locked and shuddering tight into her. The spasms started to slow and almost as suddenly as he had inserted himself into her, he slid out and with a grin he stepped over to the controls again.

“Steve, what are you UUNFFH!” All the previous stimulation returned almost instantly. The nipple whips and the bead wheel were working at what she hoped was maximum speed and the dildo had sprinted inside her before she had been able to prepare for it. Steve’s cum mixed with her own juices and the lube from the machine made her almost frictionless. The pace was almost unbearable and just as her body started to adapt the machine moved her legs together and straightened. With her legs almost closed the pressure increased inside her and more of her labia was pressed to the beads. Off balance and struggling to catch up to the change she heard the whine of the machine increase and the platform started to move from flat to vertical and continued its arc until she was hanging from the supports face down.

It was a bit like being weightless, her breathing was coming in short gasps and she was dimly aware of the fact that she was almost shrieking nonsensical vocalizations. It was too much, her body was at the mercy of the machine and her mind couldn’t keep up. Her mind went white, shockwaves coursed through her and her body strained against her steel and leather captors. Time failed her, it could have been one huge orgasm, it could be dozens; minutes, hours she couldn’t tell.

She couldn’t speak and couldn’t get away from the robotic lover. Her hands gripped the handles so hard that her fingers were aching. What was it about the handles? Safety? The safety release! She let both of her hands drop from the handles and a pair of metallic notes sounded as the lockout handles few across the room.

“NO!” It was Steve, although she didn’t yet understand the concern in his voice. The machine retreated out of her and pulled back. She looked down at the floor and as the fog in her mind started to clear she noticed that she was almost 5 feet in the air and face down. The magnetic locks released and she started to fall to the floor until she contacted Steve. They crumpled to the floor together and lay there for a while. Cindy spoke first.

“Water.” She was almost hoarse. Steve returned with a bathrobe and a bottle of water. He wrapped her and helped her to the couch. After about twenty minutes Cindy was able to speak.

“It got bigger.”

“The dildo, yeah. It’s got a inner sleeve that pulls back to make it get a bit thicker at the top of each stroke.”

“It came in me.”

“You noticed. It’s got a heated lube reservoir and I can set it from a tiny trickle to a spurting firehose.”

“The nipple things?”

“Fishing jig skirts and an air jet.”

“That’s my mixer?”

“Partly, it’s hydraulic and I used your mixer to run one of three pumps.”

“So now I guess you think you’re free huh?”

“I guess, but you know – technically I didn’t use your mixer as the central part so I guess you could say I didn’t meet your requirement.”

“So you tried to cheat your way out of this huh? No way buster — you’re mine until I say you’ve met the challenge.”

“I’m sorry mistress.” Steve said in a mock subservient tone.

“You will be, now go run me a bath slave.” Cindy said with a grin.

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