Nisan 10, 2021

The Going Away Party

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Our unit was preparing for an assignment in the Middle East. My husband, George, and I, (Jeanne) were both rather new Second Lieutenants; my father, Gordon, was a seasoned Master Sergeant. We were all scheduled to ship out together. Three months to our departure date my mother, Betty, and I hit upon an outrageous plan to throw ourselves a going away party to end all going away parties. We decided that we would give our men, (and me), an erotic party they’d never forget. The decision was triggered by a brief exchange between me and my mother. While helping me review my personal belongings to winnow my travel weight mother happened to stumble across a full frontal nude picture of George and me. Mother expressed admiration for both of our bodies.

Mother was of course somewhat familiar with my body, but George’s was obviously new to her. Neither of us was particularly spectacular in any respect, but our overall conditioning and stature was regular and attractive for each of us. I am 5’7″ and weigh about 120 lbs with ash blond hair trimmed just short of shoulder length per military standards. My bust is usually about 34C with a 26″ waist, and 36″ hips. I’m often told that I have a blazing smile, probably due to what appears to be a somewhat larger mouth. I have green eyes (I swear) and my eyebrows are a bit more prominent than usual. My skin tone is almost permanently tan due to the amount of time I spend in the sun. My natural voice tends to get screechy when I get excited; I therefore make every effort to speak from deep in my throat with a lower tone. I sometimes come across as attempting to sound masculine. I’m not; I really enjoy being a girl and everything that goes with it. I just want to avoid screeching.

George is 5’10” weighing 190 lbs chest 38″ waist 32″ hips 34″, he has piercing crystal blue eyes, a 6 pack to die for, a firm and gentle mouth, and about 7 to 8-1/2 inches of beautiful “maleness” depending on the specific situation. His voice can be gentle and soothing, or he can blow your sox’s off if it’s needed. He has a firm grip, incredible stamina, generous attitude and is a great kisser, where ever that kiss might fall.

So, given the nature of our appearance in a nude photo, rather than looking away as some might, my mother grabbed a nearby magnifying glass and checked us both out very thoroughly. Her immediate comment was, “My Lord you guys are beautiful.”

“I’m so glad you approve.” I responded. “The Army works us kind of hard and we both work at it as best we can.”

Then she asked the sixty-f our dollar q3uestion, “How is he in bed??

“Well,” I answered, “not that it’s any of your business, but he’s spectacular. He’s thoughtful, gentle, and thorough, and when it’s called for, respectfully insistent when it’s appropriate, and never fails to satisfy me, or himself.”

Looking at our picture and off into her past, mother said, “When your dad and I got married he looked like that, he’s still got a lot of that look, the Army has kept him trimmed but I kind of wish he could look like that now. Heck I wish I could look like that.” She then paused, looked out of the window, and I think, into her own heart and mind and flabbergasted me with the most outrageous proposal I have ever received. “I would like to take him for a ride” She said. Boy did that take me aback. Just to make certain I fully understood her request, I asked, “Please help me understand just exactly what you mean by “take him for a ride.'”

Taking another long look out of the window, picking up the nude photo of myself and my husband, mother looked me straight in the eye and said to me, “I want your permission to take your husband into my bed so that I can experience some of the joys you receive with him, maybe more than once. I don’t want to take him away from you; I simply want to borrow him maybe two or three times.”

“What might your husband, my father, have to say about that? I asked.

Again, looking me straight in eye, she responded, “I know I can make him agree to it.”

“And how might you be able to bring about that miracle”. I asked.

“Simple, she responded, I simply agree to tell him, in minute detail, everything that takes place between us.”

That response went directly into my argument against the idea. George and I had made ataşehir escort a similar agreement; that while we were apart for lengthy periods, if either of us felt the need for temporary sexual release we could, by prior arrangement and approval, enter into a temporary, short time relationship, so long as every detail was exchanged, and if possible photos provided; by mail, not electronically. In fact, before our marriage, we had made such and agreement on more than one occasion and, believe it or not, it had served us well. We expanded our own horizons of sexual experience and enjoyment, learned new and interesting practices and techniques and both grown in our understanding of and for each other. And, to top it all, I had exchanged with George a latent desire to have a sexual experience with my father, whom I loved and admired most completely.

I made a point of mulling the whole idea over in my mind. And, after gazing out of the window, looking off in to mental space and putting mother off for at least two follow up inquiries, I responded.

“What about this?” I said, if you want to try on my husband, how about I try on your husband?”

“But that’s your father,” she responded, that’s incest.

“It’s okay by me and I know I can make it okay by him if it’s part of the pact” I responded.

Mother gave my response about three and half minutes of consideration and said. “You’re on.”

In fact, we made the decision to swap partners for that evening. Together, in tandem! Mother would go with George and I would go with Dad. It was a joint decision that, “go with”, meant “all the way.” It would be a double date and we would tell the men about it at almost the last moment. While we felt that it was necessary to give them the opportunity to back out, we wanted to make certain that they had little choice but to agree to our plan.

We started by planning the evening to go for drinks, dinner, and dancing at a road house in a nearby county; one that was very un-uptight. We made a point of selecting clothing that was just this side of “slutty”, didn’t want to overdo it. We are both rather tall, (about 5’7″), and slender, so we can look enticing in short skirts with long slits. With that, and a couple of loose, blouse-y shirts that allowed us to control the location and amount of skin revealed, we were on our way. We deliberately selected a store that dealt in sexy clothing. After a carefully selecting the clothing that would permit showing as much of our best attributes as we wanted without overdoing it, we went into the changing booth together to try them on. Almost immediately, I was struck with the beauty of my mother’s breasts. They were not overly large, but they were firm and full and sort of bouncy – the kind of bounce that turns men’s heads. I was so intrigued that I asked her if I could touch them.

Mother gave me sort of a quizzical look and then said, “Please do – haven’t had a woman ask me that for years.” I gently cupped one hand under each breast, one at a time; she still had her brazier on so I used the other hand to reach into the top of her brazier to totally caress each breast, one at a time. Mother simply stood there and allowed me to caress her breasts without a single comment, except that she reached behind herself and removed the brazier to give me full and complete access. Her erect nipples and large aureole area caught my attention and I simply had to taste those nipples. As I did so, mother thrust her chest forward, and gripping my head to her bosom began a soft, pleasant purr, almost like a cat purring. After a few moments of my caressing her breasts with my tongue and lips, mother backed away from me saying, “Now it’s my turn – if you want to do that with me, you’re going to have to let me do it with you.” After my exceedingly bold actions with mother, I had little choice but to allow her to touch me, actually, I was suddenly excited by the prospect. Our anticipated sexual adventure had suddenly taken an unexpected turn.

I removed my bra and stood high to give Mother access to my breasts, she did the same for me as I had done for her, gently nibbling my nipples and licking all around the aureole on each breast while caressing the other. She pulled gently on my nipples one at a time causing them to stand erect kadıköy escort like little soldiers. “It feels sort of weird having my mother sucking on my nipples.” I said. “I think it’s wonderful.” Mother replied. “I haven’t done this in years, and I love doing it. You’re enjoying this attention is more than I could have ever hoped for.” She went on. She then slipped her hand under my skirt and began caressing my pussy through my panties.

At that point there was a throat-clearing sound and a female voice from outside the changing room said. “Ladies, you’ll need to know that we have very good security cameras in all of our changing rooms.” Boy, didn’t we get out of there fast? We paid for our purchases while trying to hide our red faces and got out of the store just as fast as we possibly could. We ran to our car and sat there for a few moments seething in embarrassment. As we were sitting there, absurdity of the situation began to grow on us and we began to giggle and were soon laughing out loud.

Mother, who was sitting the driver’s seat, put her arm around me and said, “I haven’t enjoyed that kind of encounter since your father’s first assignment; and from the way you handled yourself, I gather you’ve had a few girl-to-girl experiences of your own.” As she said that, she slipped one hand in the top of my brazier and the other between my legs. “I hope you’re not going to let that little set-back spoil our fun, are you.” “Not on your life, I replied. How about a real kiss I asked?” Mother then leaned over and began swabbing the back of my throat with her tongue, and I slipped my left hand between her legs which she opened as wide as possible for me.

After a few minutes of this activity we decided that it would be better to take our little “act” home for the sake of privacy. As we were driving home I asked mother if, under the circumstances it might be better for me to begin calling her “Betty” rather than “Mother”. “Absolutely not”, she answered, “any other kind of relationship we have with each other doesn’t change the fact that I’m your Mother and you’re my Daughter. And the fact that I’m driving home with my daughter’s fingers deep in my pussy make it even more delicious. I like the idea of making love with members of my family, male or female. After we’ve completed our going away party, your husband will be a ‘mother fucker’, and you will become a ‘father fucker’, and the delicious idea of these additional relationships is beginning to grow on me.”

We got only as far as the living room before we were at each other full tilt. I wanted to touch mother’s beautiful breasts so much I couldn’t wait. Swinging my purse onto the end table next to the couch, I immediately opened her blouse and reached into her brazier. Mother stood and allowed that while completely removing her blouse and all the rest of her clothing. I cupped both her smooth and fully rounded breasts in my hands, holding my cupped hands beneath their slight sag, I lifted them to my lips and sucked as much of them, nipple, areola, and breast flesh, into my mouth as I could manage. My excitement was heightened by mother removing my clothing as I suckled.

We soon found ourselves lying on the living room couch locked in a classic “69” embrace, probing each other’s pussy with our mouths and lips. I gripped the cheeks of mother’s backside and pulled her into my mouth as much as I could. I teased and licked and nibbled on her clitoris until she had to pull back saying, “don’t rush it, make it last, this feels so good I want us to be able to keep it up as long as possible.” So I backed off a little bit and began to tickle her anus as an alternative. “That’s good.” She said. “Keep it up. In fact why don’t you put your finger in there a little bit?” As I started to do as she asked, she stopped me saying, “I’m a little dry back there, how about a little tongue lubricant?”

I thought about that a minute then said, “Okay, but how about some reciprocation? I’ll do it for you if you’ll do it for me.”

“I was planning that very thing,” mother replied; having said that, mother pulled my ass cheeks apart and slipped her tongue so far up my asshole that I felt warm, shooting spasms of pleasure pulsing throughout my entire being. She then slipped her middle finger into my asshole as I bostancı escort bayan pressed back to help her get it in as far as possible.

“Now it’s my turn” mother said, and throwing her legs high and back over my head presented her anus to me for my attention. With mother’s tongue and teeth on my clitoris and deep in my pussy and finger well in my asshole, I was more than glad to accommodate her needs. I pulled her backside toward me, spread mother’s ass cheeks and deliberately slobbered into her asshole. “Put a finger in me now she encouraged.” I did so, as deeply as I could. “Now another one, she said.” I did that as well.

Then, lying on mother’s living room couch with our heads deep between each other’s legs, our mouths’ and tongues in each other’s cunts’ and our fingers just as deep in each other’s assholes, my mother and I probed, licked, bounced, squeezed, and swallowed each other just a much and as actively as we could. We bounced so hard on the couch that we almost fell off. After a few minutes of this, mother asked me, “Where are you?”

“Almost there I responded.”

“Then let’s go for the climax” mother said. Renewing her welcome assault on my clitoris and rectum, she furiously attacked them both. I could feel the tension mounting in my entire body, it started deep in my pussy and traveled throughout my body, it felt like sexual energy was exploding out of my nipples, and I began to shake uncontrollably. I renewed my energy in caressing mother’s pussy and asshole just as she had mine, she then started shaking just as I was. With mother underneath me on the couch it became necessary for me to put one leg down to keep us from falling off. We were pulling and pushing at each other with intensity and ferocity such as I had never before experienced.

Suddenly we both felt it – the release like none I had ever experienced. The shaking became so rapid and so strong that neither of us could control it. Mother gripped me in a painful grip and using her legs squeezed my head into her pussy pushing up so that as my mouth covered her pussy, my fingers went even deeper into her asshole, then she let loose a scream and a quick shot of what I assumed must have been urine into my mouth. I swallowed whatever it was that came from mother’s pussy and let myself go with the same intensely sexual release. Mother pulled my pussy hard against her mouth, and licked my clitoris with uncommon attention.

In no time I was at my peak, I pulled hard against mother’s backside, as she did mine, the shuttering increase to a full blown shiver – then stopped suddenly – I could feel the warm and wonderful release throughout my entire body. A feeling of total joy and warmth came over me, and I collapsed on to mother’s body with my head between her legs. We both sat up and simply sat there and reveled in the experience and each other’s presence.

Mother finally asked me, “did I spurt in your face?”

“Yep,” I replied, “and I swallowed it.”

“I swallowed yours’ as well.” Mother said. “Can you still taste it? She asked.

I tested my lips and responded, “I can still taste it.”

‘I want a taste.” Mother said. And so we not so much as kissed each other but tasted each other’s mouth and lips to experience the taste that was each uniquely us.

As we sat there, naked, on the couch, with our hands on each other’s genitals, mother said, “I truly love men, and your father is an excellent lover and imaginative sexual partner, but nothing can top a truly passionate girl-on-girl sexual encounter.”

“I’m a believer.” I said. “You know what this means for our upcoming ‘going away party?”

“I think so. Mother replied, “But you tell me.”

“It means a ‘no holds or activities’ barred” I said.

“I’m in total agreement. I also think we won’t have to work too hard to get our men to agree.”

As we gathered our clothing and got ourselves’ together mother added one additional qualification.

“We’ll all be together in the same room at the same time so that each of us will be able to take part in each other’s experience.” It was a statement, not a question.

“I suppose so,” I replied, since you state it such finality, I’m assumed that dad will agree with it, I’m pretty sure that George will agree to it as a stated requirement.”

We then had an agreement, a plan and a time, that evening, mother then got on the telephone and found us a semi-reputable no-tell motel for our assignation, we wanted to pursue this activity with a slight air of disreputability, couldn’t do that at home.

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