Mart 25, 2021

The Girl Next Door Ch. 03

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Double Penetration

I woke up the next morning to a phone call. It was a guy I knew from the basketball team, his name was Dan. An eighteen year old senior at my school just like me. He explained to me that he had taken a bottle of rum from his parents cellar, and asked me if I wanted to drink it with him.

“Of course I do.” I said into the phone, “you know Meg and Jen from school?”

“On the cheer leading team, right?” He asked.

“Yea, those ones. Meg lives real close by, Jen might still be with her, I’ll see if they want to join us.” I suggested.

“More the merrier I guess, they are fucking hot too.” He responded. “Whatever though, the bottle and I will be by your place shortly.” He said as he hung up.

Dan arrived and I regaled him with stories about my time with Meghan and Jen. I bragged over and over again about how great my performance was.

“Well you know how hot they are, add to that they are pretty much up for anything.” I said.

“Anything?” He asked.

“And everything.” I went on.

“Shit that sounds awesome bro! I got to get me some of that!” He said. “You definitely should call them.”

I called Meghan to tell her about the rum Dan had smuggled from his father’s stash, and asked her if she and Jen wanted to drink it with us. She explained that unfortunately Jen had left and that she would have to take a rain check.

“I’ll hold you to it!” I said into the phone before I hung up.

“So what’s the good word boss?” Dan asked.

“Meg’s by herself now, were going to have to find another drinking partner.” I explained.

“That blows, I was really looking forward to meeting those girls.” Dan looked disappointed. “Who else would be around today? Thinking about hanging with those girls really got me worked up.”

“Sam and Mallory maybe?” I offered.

“Nah, Mal said she’d be out of town visiting her aunt this weekend.”

“How about Shona and Paula?”

“Same deal, everyone I can think of is away somewhere.” Dan said in frustration.

Dan broke his look of frustration as he had an idea.

“You know, I’d be cool with sloppy seconds, and if Meg is really as much of a cock whore as you said, maybe you need a little help?”

“I don’t know bro.”

“You just said she was up for anything.”

“I hadn’t thought of that one though, I guess we could invite her over and give it a try. She’s the kind of girl who’d just say no to something she didn’t like, at least she won’t make a scene.”

“Well what are you waiting for then? Call her back, see if she’ll come over for a drink.”

I called Meg back to invite her over.

“Just one couldn’t hurt.” She said, “I’ll be over in two shakes.”

Meg soon came over and we gathered around my kitchen table. We urged Meg tp let one drink become two, three…I lost count but whatever number we had we were all pretty drunk.

After we had probably had too much, Dan gave me the nod,

“We’re running pretty low on mix, I can jet out to the store to restock.”

My local corner store was only around the corner, it was not hard to imagine him being able to stumble there and back.

“I didn’t want to talk about it around Dan, but I felt a little left out when you and Jen just disappeared on me the other aksaray escort day.”

“Sorry about that, you just looked so peaceful sleeping there, we didn’t want to wake you just to say goodbye. And besides, you needed the rest!”

“Well I’m all rested now, what do you say we get reacquainted?”

“Well of course I’d like that, but what about Dan?”

“What about him?”

“He’s going to come back, I’ve heard of quickies, but no way we could be that quick.”

“Oh come on! He’ll be a solid fifteen minutes, and we will hear him coming back.”


“Dan and I have seen each other many times in the locker room, and he said he thought you were hot. Worst case we get caught, and he wouldn’t care.”

“He said he thought I was hot?”

“He does.” I started removing my belt, “but enough chit chat, if we’re going to do this, we better start soon.”

“You know.” She started calmly removing her clothes, “I always kind of thought he was cute too.”

My boxers soon met my shorts at my ankles.

“But you-” Meg started, “-have one hot cock!”

Meg only bothered to remove her bottoms before she began using her mouth to get me hard. I sat back in my chair enjoying her lips.

“You said we had to be quick?” She reminded me as she stood up, her mouth having done its job.

Meg stepped forward placing her legs on either side of me as she dropped down and began to ride.

As we had worked out earlier, I did not make a move when I heard Dan’s return. Meg, totally blinded by lust, did not hear him enter the back door.

“Well, it seems you two found a good way to wait for me.” Dan quipped.

This caused Meg to hop off and search for her clothes. I just remained in my chair and began to stroke.

“We’re all friends here, no need to be scared.” Dan said to Meg.

Meg could read the look in Dan’s eyes, she glanced back to see the same look in mine.

“What is this?” Meg asked the room.

“I told Dan about how generous you and Jen were the other day, and we thought maybe…”

“You thought I’d sleep with your friend?” Meg interrupted me.

“Ya, but only if you want.”

“I guess, he better not be as big as this though.” Meg said giving up the search for her clothes now holding onto me again.

Not quite, I thought to myself, as I had seen a few glances. However, even the harshest critic would not call him small!

Dan smiled and started to join our state of undress. Meg and I took the opportunity to remove our last bits of clothing.

Like she had done this a million times, Meg quickly dropped to her knees and began sucking Dan.

“What did I tell you?” I asked my buddy.

“Ya, she does give great head.” Dan responded.

“How about you send a little of that my way?” I asked Meg once she had helped Dan to his full eight inches.

I stood up to join. Meg now knelt between Dan and I. Meg established a rhythm of bobbing her head back a fourth. When giving the pleasure of her mouth to one boy, the other got to enjoy her firm grip.

“Not your first rodeo, eh?” Dan teased her expertise at handling two dicks.

Meg drooled her response, maybe she would tell the story anadolu yakası escort later. Strings of her saliva connected the two heads as she began to deep throat.

“Holy shit! Did you see that?” Dan asked me as Meg pulled her lips from his base.

“And I’ve seen it many times before.” I said, less impressed by the feat than my friend.

“Can she fit all of you?” Dan asked, looking to me, although the question was clearly meant for Meghan.

Meg turned her mouth to me to display the answer.

“Fuck, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anything like that before. It’s one thing for a chick to do it on a little guy…”

To Dan’s delight, Meg continued her showcase.

“She learned on me.” I told Dan, “her and Jen had a practice session the other day.”

“Lucky bastard!” Dan replied, “so who won?”

I had yet to render a verdict actually, “Meg did.” It’s not like Jen was there to argue her case.

“Beginner’s luck I guess…” Meg motioned to swallow Dan’s sword before he could finish, “..skill I mean.”

His reaction made me laugh, my laugh made him laugh, Meg wanted to join the party I guess. She looked up jerking us both, letting out her own giggle. I broke the laughter by suggesting she resume our previous position:

“Hop back up on my lap?” I returned to my chair and began to stroke.

Meg was more than happy to get off her knees. She almost jumped to my pole. She reached back to release her pony tail, allowing her braids to bounce with her body. I planted a hand on her big ass, winking at Dan I gave it a squeeze. Taking a handful of the other cheek, my two hands helped her with the ride. This break allowed her to whip her head back and let out a moan.

“She sure does love to ride.” Dan commented.

“And she’s great at what she loves!” I added.

“Mind if I cut in?”

“Go ahead.” I replied.

I lifted Meghan off my lap and handed the petite thing Dan. Meg lowered herself onto the seated boy with a moan. She had rediscovered her energy after the orgasm I gave her and applied this to Dan’s rod. Dan had stuffed his face between her tits.

“I spent a good amount of gym class thinking about doing this?” He said pulling his head out. “Her rack gets a 10/10…” he continued, “…and that ass!”

Dan found the same hand holds I had.

“She showed me something else the other day too.” I revealed.

“I don’t know if I’m ready for two there yet.” Meg interrupted.

“At least let Dan try, I can sit this one out.”

Meg moved off Dan and bent herself over my kitchen counter. I could tell by her uneasy movements she was still a little unsure.

“I’ll make sure he behaves.” I told her before flexing a bi-cap in Dan’s direction.

Dan stood up and jerked over Meghan’s ass. He aimed his cock, and guided it into her pussy.

“Wrong hole dude.” I said interrupting his insertion.

“She’s into that?” Dan asked me.

“It’s alright I guess.” Meghan replied before I could.

Dan did not need more convincing, pulling himself out to switch holes. He had to give Meg’s ass a little extra force, but he managed to gain entry far easier than I did the other day.

“Listen to her purr, she loves ataköy escort it!” Dan shouted as he smacked Meg’s ass.

I saw Meg struggle to maintain the hold her teeth had on her upper lip. For a second I almost wished my cock was a more manageable size, she seemed to enjoy Dan’s much more. Wait? What was I thinking, the only one who loves my big cock more than the girls I get to fuck is me!

Dan looked to be enjoying himself even more than Meg. As he squeezed and slapped her ass I could imagine from previous experience the pleasures his eyes received.

“Meg you want to give me a little help? Watching you two has got me real close.” I said at a break in the action.

“I’ve seen this thing in porn before, where there are two guys and one girl. One guy fucks the girls ass, while the other guy fucks her pussy, Maybe we could try that?” Dan suggested.

I was just looking for just a hand, but a pussy was much more preferred.

“How would that work? Not saying yes, but that just sounds impossible.” Meg asked.

“Well there are many ways, for one you could sit on Jim and I would come in from behind.” Dan explained.

I was way on board with this idea, as was Dan, we just needed to convince Meg.

“It’ll be like an Oreo…well in reverse.” Dan went on. “What kind of girl doesn’t like Oreos?”

“Wouldn’t it hurt though? That would be way more cock than I’ve ever had.”

“It might, but I’m not sure, and you can’t be unless you try.” Dan responded.

“We’ll stop any time you want.” I added.

“Okay, we can give that a try.” Meghan finally agreed.

Dan looked at me, I looked back at him with that same grin of excitement. He pulled out of Meg’s ass and I took my place. Dan turned her in my direction and she walked towards me. She got into that familiar position and dropped down to let me inside.

“Nice and slow so I can find the angle.” Dan instructed Meg.

Dan moved up behind the girl and reached out his hands to grab her ass.

“I’ll never get tired of looking at that.” He said as he spread the cheeks apart.

“Just give me a second to get used to Jim?” Meg requested.

Meghan wriggled around on me for awhile before she told Dan she was ready. I saw him lean into her.

“Oh jeez!”

I could tell from the sporadic contractions of Meg’s pussy that Dan had entered her ass.

“It’s pretty good, eh?” Dan asked.

“It feels different? Give me a moment or two to decide.”

After a lengthy pause Meg started to move her body. Slowly at first, but then really getting into it.

“Hmm!” She moaned as her body worked the two poles inside her.

“Just like that baby.” Dan said as he started to pump.

He was testing the waters, and from Meg’s tone clear skies were ahead. Following his lead I began to give her pussy a little bounce. We both slowly sped up our pace waiting for her to stop us, but she never did.

“Give me all that cock!”

“Wow she’s really getting into it isn’t she?” Dan remarked.

“Shit, this is way too hot.” I said.

Dan could see over Meg’s shoulder that my face said I was about to burst.

“Is the Oreo ready for her cream filling?” Dan asked.

“Yes! I want you both to cum in me!”

Like we shared the same brain, just when I felt my load rushing into Meghan’s pussy I heard Dan yell he was cumming in her ass. When we were done pumping her full, Dan pulled out and backed away. I lifted Meg up and sat her down in the chair opposite of me.

Meg just sat there grinning from ear to ear, dripping seed from both holes.

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