Mayıs 28, 2021

The Favor

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I walked in the door and bent over, clutching my hips as I tried to catch my breath. A drop of sweat slowly dribbled down the bridge of my nose, dangled, and fell to the floor with a small mushroom-cloud splash. It was damn hot.

And that was going to be a problem. Another image flashed through my brain. It was a globule of saliva, moving in slow motion, hanging off my ball sack attached to a long sticky thread. The strand broke and the globule fell to the floor, only my view of the splash was obscured by the flashing mane of hair of the beautiful woman who was furiously sucking my cock. Such was her enthusiasm that spit was flying in all directions as she pistoned her tightly gripping hand and mouth up and down my rigid shaft. The flash of her diamond wedding band momentarily blinded me and interrupted the incredible view.

I was so fucking horny. I hadn’t been able to get this image out of my head all the way down the hill on my nightly “constitutional”. It had repeated like a peep show loop in my brain for the last half mile at least. My dick was hard and sensitive, and chafed against the strained polyester of my running shorts. But I was sweaty. I would have to cool down in a hurry if I had any chance of getting any action from Caroline tonight.

I entered the powder room and dabbed at my forehead with the damp fabric I had been carrying, noting its pungent musk. I opened the cabinet and stashed the stinky rag inside then I splashed cold water on my face in an attempt to cool down and wash the funk off of me. Then I headed up the stairs to our bedroom. As I crested the landing, I could see the timer on the TV flash “5 minutes remaining”. Oh shit. This was another problem. She had probably set the sleep timer on the TV for 30 minutes. With five minutes left, Caroline would be practically asleep. Me sticky with sweat and her nearly unconscious, it looked like I’d be taking care of my own hard-on.

Sure enough, she was curled up on her side, facing away from the television, with her eyes barely open. Her left hand lay alongside her exquisite face, the long, slim digits emphasizing her fine delicate features. Her ring glistened in the flickering light of the local newscast. My cock ached.

“You made it back,” she mumbled softly, “I’m glad. Now I can go to sleep.”

“You look like you weren’t having a lot of trouble sleeping,” I joked, “but really, who’s going to mess with me? A pack of coyotes?”

“A car,” she replied sternly, “or a heart attack. Or who knows what else. You’re not so young any more.”

“Ouch. That hurts.”

Caroline laboriously opened one eye and grinned at me.

“I carry a phone, and a flashlight, and I always look both ways before I cross the street. You might be right about the heart attack, though. My heart is pounding and I’m all agitated. I’ve got this image I can’t get out of my head. It’s driving me crazy.”

Caroline and I played a little game sometime, as part of our foreplay, where I would make up fantasy stories for her. She would listen and sometimes comment, making wry observations and gently guiding the story until one or the other of us became too hot and bothered and touched off the actual sex. I decided to go for it here. I started in casually though.

“Yeah, when I was on my way up the hill I saw this couple, I think one of the new families that moved in up by the Filmores. You know, she’s pregnant, and he’s got a shaved head? Anyway they were out walking their dog and I saw them and one thing led to another and now I can’t get this, um, ‘scenario’ out of my head.”

Caroline’s head was back on the pillow and her eyes were again heavily lidded. She grunted softly. I couldn’t tell if she was aware of the game and encouraging me or not. So I continued.

“Normally I keep my headphones on and don’t stop to chat, but maybe, since they’re new to the neighborhood, I should say hello, right?”

There was no reaction from Caroline, just a slight intake of breath.

“We chit chat, I find out she’s six months pregnant, bada bing, bada boom, one thing leads to another and the next thing you know I’m telling them the birth story.”

“Mmmm,” murmured Caroline, “that one always slays ’em.” Her eyes were still closed but her voice was sounding more alert. Hmmm, this was looking a bit more promising.

“Yes of course, they’re practically eating out of my hand. How could two soon-to-be first-time parents resist a story about a man delivering his own baby on the side of the road?

“Five minutes later, Kim and Bob think I’m the Dr. Phil of birth stories. They’re embarrassed about interrupting my walk, but they want to hear more war stories about our three deliveries, so they invite me back to their place for a drink. It’s just around the corner. Ordinarily I wouldn’t have accepted, but I was just about to turn around and head home. They seemed like an interesting couple, so I went along.

“It turns out that they’re young professionals, well, Kim’s a lawyer, and Bob’s illegal bahis a writer for a reality show or something. Who knew there was such a thing? Anyway. Pregnant with their first child, and none of their friends have any kids yet, and they’re desperate for someone to talk to about it, and I’m nothing if not an expert at this point, right honey? Anyway, to make a long story short, she’s complaining about how hard it is to sleep and how she’s up all night, so I tell her about when you were pregnant with Luke, and how hot it was that summer, and how you kept waking me up every hour to complain.

“‘Oh my God’ Kim practically shouts, ‘that’s awful. I’m not that bad yet, I only get up two or three times a night, and I never wake up Bob. I guess he’s got it easy. So what did she do, what did you do? I would be a wreck if I was up that much’

“So I tell her, what with all the hormones and everything, you were at your horniest then, so it kind of worked out in my favor.

“‘Oh my God!!!’ screams Kim again, ‘me too. I’m so horny all the time I’m like a cat in heat. But Bob thinks my belly is gross.’

“‘I do not, honey!’ Bob protests, ‘I’m just worried about hurting you and the baby.’

“‘That’s what he says,’ replies Kim, ‘but I don’t believe him. He hasn’t touched me in four weeks and we used to do it every night before this.’ And then she looked at me and blushed furiously, as she realized that she had just spilled the beans on their most intimate secrets.”

“Wait a minute.” Caroline interrupted, “It’s not that intimate – you haven’t even told me what they look like!”

Yes! Pay dirt! Caroline was playing along now. I noticed her hand had moved and was now resting against my arm as I lay next to her on the bed. I flexed my bicep for her benefit as I launched into my descriptions.

“Bob’s medium height, kind of wiry, carefully shaved head. It looks like he used to have very dark hair and features, which he accessorizes with a pair of clunky 1980’s Elvis Costello glasses. I guess you’d call it a post-punk intellectual look.

“Kim’s about 5’2″, probably 110 before she got preggo, petite but no waif. Medium-length straight strawberry blonde hair. It’s cut in a kind of ‘That Girl’ flip. Seems like more of a D-girl cut than a lawyer, but maybe she’s an entertainment attorney. She’s got pale, pale skin and a sharp, straight nose. Not unattractive, but prominent. She’s wearing a pair of sweats, nice ones — you know, the Beverly Hills kind — which she’s cut off as shorts and is wearing slung below her belly. She’s wearing one of his dress shirts, which isn’t all that big on her. Plus she’s got it open from the bottom to drape over the sides of her big, round belly. She’s not wearing a bra, and her tits look to be smallish, but with huge brown nipples like California olives.”

“You can tell that through her shirt?” Caroline asked, impertinently.

“Just trust me. I tell you how I found out later. Anyway, can I continue the story now? So I say, ‘Well I’m sure it’s not because you’re unattractive. I can say without hesitation that I think you’re gorgeous and I’d have no hesitation in jumping your bones.’

“I was joking, just trying to put her at ease, but my words hit the air like some sort of concussion grenade. There was complete silence and I swear no one breathed. Now I was the one who was embarrassed.

“I looked at Bob. He was staring blankly at me.

“‘Right, Bob? You think she’s still gorgeous, don’t you?’ I was trying to direct the attention away from me and lead him to say the right thing, even if he didn’t really feel that way. But he remained silent. He stared over my shoulder, his eyes locked with hers. I wanted to se her expression, but she was behind me and it seemed like it would be rude to turn around and confront her. Then I felt her hand on my shoulder.

“‘Would you really?’ she asked softly. ‘Um, I mean, do you really think I’m attractive?’

“I turned to face her and stare into her pale blue eyes. She held my gaze without blinking as I looked for a clue as to how I should respond. Then I remembered; there’s only one acceptable response to that question, for any woman.

“‘Of course. You’re beautiful. Fit. Pretty face. Great legs. Nice chest. I’m sure you were gorgeous before you got pregnant, you’ll be gorgeous after, and you’re sure as hell gorgeous now.’

“‘But that’s not what I asked,’ she said with a slight pout, ‘do you find me attractive? Bob’s always saying the right thing and telling me how great I look, but he won’t touch me.’

“‘I can’t believe that,’ I said, ‘because if you were in my bed, I’d want a piece of you every night and twice on Sundays.’ But even as I spoke, I could see in Bob’s eyes that she was right.

“‘I’m sure if there’s any truth to it, it’s because Bob is misguidedly afraid of hurting you or the baby. It’s a fairly common, if unfounded, fear among certain men. It is a shame though.’

“Here I stared straight at Bob. ‘It’s a shame that he’s ignoring illegal bahis siteleri your needs, regardless of how it might make him feel. And it’s a shame that all that hormone-fueled libido and passion is going to waste. You’re about to have a baby and this is your last chance to go out in a blaze of glory.'”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Caroline demanded with an angry swat on my arm, “We still have sex!”

“Yes, of course we do sweetheart. Damned good sex too, I might add. But you know that you’re Superwoman, and she’s probably not that strong. Plus even you took a little while to get back to it after the kids.”

I took the opportunity to put my hand on Caroline’s side and begin stroking her soothingly. Strategically I decided not to remind her any further about her complete lack of interest in sex for the first year after our daughter was born. I petted her gently, caressing her side from her rib cage down to her flaring hips and back again. I began to rub the sides of her generous breasts through the silky pajamas.

“Should I go on?” I asked archly.

“Mmmmm” Caroline grunted. Her eyes were small slits again, but her hand had not left my arm.

“So anyways, Kim turns to me and says, ‘Come on. Show me. Show Bob. Show us that it’s okay that I can still be passionate. It would be a really big favor. For your neighbors. For me…’

“I glanced at her, trying to see if she was serious and she returned my gaze with one of her own. She held my eyes with a look that was both hungry and defiant. I turned to look at Bob. His eyes flickered to me but quickly returned to Kim, studying her intently. Was he shocked? Enthralled? Looking — even hoping for a signal from her to her to call it off? I couldn’t tell so I turned back to Kim.

“‘Please, Grant,’ was all she said.

“So I kissed her. At first just a straight forward, no-nonsense kiss on the lips. But she was hungry. She held on and pulled me back for more. There was no mistaking the urgency in her kiss, especially when her tongue snaked past my lips and whirled around inside my mouth.

“She crushed her body against mine, and I could feel the firm bulge of her tummy. It was definitely on! I broke the kiss and went for her ear, which made her moan. I was still holding her by the waist, but I decided to see exactly what the rules of this game were. I locked eyes with Bob as I slid my hands down onto his wife’s ass and began squeezing her plump cheeks roughly with both hands. The look on his face was priceless as I plunged my hands into her shorts and began to maul her naked flesh. The US Army had nothing on this, as Bob’s expression was pure shock and awe. I was trying to imagine how he might feel, witnessing his wife in the arms of another man, but my attention was drawn elsewhere.”

It was definitely on in my bedroom as well. All this time I was continuing my manual exploration of Caroline’s familiar, yet still delectable body. I slid my hands under her silky nightshirt and began to caress her naked flesh. I gently circled the soft mounds of her chest, cupping her pliant flesh and stroking the sensitive underside of her breasts. Then I slid my hands up to her rigidly hard nipples and was rewarded with an excited quiver from Caroline. Inspired, I continued my tale.

“I was shocked by how hard her nipples were as they pressed into my chest. I pulled one hand out of Kim’s pants and slid it up her back under her shirt. Sure enough there was no bra strap. At the same time I plunged my other hand even deeper into her pants, trying to reach her creamy center from the back. It was tight in there, but I could soon feel her wetness seeping down her crack, and with that additional lubrication I was able to wiggle the tip of my finger inside her.”

At this point my hand passed over Caroline’s pubic patch, gently brushing over her lightly furred mound with practiced familiarity. My middle finger traced the steaming furrow of her lips, rustling the delicate hairs along her slit but not touching the sensitive flesh. It came to rest just on top of her swollen nub. Caroline moaned in anticipation, and when I didn’t move, she thrust her pelvis forward trying to create the friction she craved. I just let my finger ride her thrust gently like a butterfly on a waving branch, and continued on with my tale.

“Kim let out a deep sigh and threw her head back, exposing her long, lean neck. I kissed her there, tasting her salty skin, and slid my hands around her chest until I was cupping her chest. Her breasts were small and firm, but her nipples, I noticed immediately, were jutting out like thumbs, and extremely sensitive. She gasped loudly when I squeezed those nubs, hard.

“I needed to see her naked, so I pulled my hand out of her pants and stepped back. It was a button-down shirt, but I couldn’t wait, so I just lifted it off over her head. She was firm and lean, except of course for her little cantaloupe belly and a slight thickness in the hips. Her breasts were indeed canlı bahis siteleri smallish and cone-shaped, but very firm and smooth. And her nipples, while not quite as big as I had thought, were round and brown like a pair of ripe olives against her pale skin. They were standing out rigid and puckered with her excitement.

“‘Take that off too,’ I told her and she eagerly pulled the drawstring on her shorts which dropped right to the ground. She was wearing a tiny pair of pink panties, and without hesitation she slipped her fingers in the waistband and quickly shimmied them down her legs, leaving her standing completely naked in front of me and Bob. ‘Now turn around. Show me — and show Bob — how beautiful you are. How absolutely hot you are right now.

“Kim slowly pirouetted in front of us, showing her plump ass and the tight ‘V’ of her crotch, covered in a sparse patch of strawberry blonde hair. ‘Can you smell that Bob?’ I asked, drawing a deep breath through my nose, ‘That’s the smell of a woman in heat. Doesn’t it speak to your primal spirit? That’s what we’re programmed for, right? The species can be propagated now…’

“I led Kim to the nearby lounger and gently sat her down, pushing her legs apart to expose her glistening crotch. ‘And look at this. Have you ever seen such a needy pussy? So ripe and ready. Makes you just want to dive in and eat it, doesn’t it?'”

So that’s what I did. I moved my face down over Caroline’s steaming crotch. Holding her slick lips apart with two fingers to expose her hot pink core, I moved my face just short of contact with her swollen clit and continued my story.

“I knelt in front of her and studied her swollen pussy. She was visibly wet and aroused. At first I just pressed my nose into her crotch and inhaled deeply. She whimpered as my breath rustled the soft hairs around her sex. I continued teasing her with light licks all around her crotch without touching her needy pussy. I ran my tongue slowly through the sparse hairs on her engorged labia. I was so close I could feel the heat radiating from her steamy core, but still I didn’t touch her. I stopped when I came to her clit, which was already standing up, pink and hard. I blew directly on her swollen nub and felt her convulse instantly. ‘Oh my God!’ she gasped.”

I tried to duplicate the scene I was describing to Caroline with my own actions, but telling the story kept my mouth occupied, so I slid my fingers into her slippery cunt, which, I noted with satisfaction, was already awash with her pussy cream. I pressed forward with my narrative.

“I stuck out my tongue and delicately brushed her sensitive lips. She hummed with anticipation. I began to stroke her slit lightly from end to end.”

I used my hands to stroke Caroline’s cunt gently, teasing her pliant lips and slippery hole, punctuating my caresses with an intermittent lick here and there. I circled her swollen clit lazily, and Caroline let out a brief moan.

“She moaned, and I realized how turned on she was. It was an incredible rush, one of the sexiest sounds I’ve ever heard, and I also realized that my dick was rock hard, tenting my shorts.”

Caroline took the hint and the next thing I knew, her hand was gripping my cock tightly through the thin athletic shorts I wore. Then she slid her hand under the loose leg of the shorts and I was treated to the exquisite sensation of her cool, smooth fingers on my naked flesh. She moaned as she stroked the length of my engorged shaft, pausing to twist her grip around the swollen mushroom tip, before descending again to caress my straining balls.

“I took a long swipe with my tongue and pressed her legs back to give me better access to her slippery cunt. She was an amazing sight, sprawled in the chair with her legs splayed out to the side. Her pussy was red, wet and swollen, and her cunt hair all matted down with her juices. Her long hard nipples were barely visibly over the taught swell of her belly. Her eyes were closed in rapture, but her mouth was open and lips wet with saliva.

“With my free hand I spanked her clit gently three times in rapid succession. Kim arched her back and groaned urgently. From my perspective between her legs I could no longer see her face, only the silhouette of her upthrust breasts, but I could see that she had grabbed hold of one of her rigid nipples and was torquing it violently. I plunged my tongue as deep into her hole as it would go to catch her welling nectar, and continued to strum her clit like a guitar string. Kim wrapped her legs around my ears and squeezed, but I could still hear the howl as she came, hard.

“That’s right, come for me! Come hard! Come on, give it to me!” I was furiously stroking Caroline’s swollen clit as I rotated three fingers deep in her sloshing canal, making sure to brush her taut G spot with each turn. Caroline squeezed my arm hard and let out a low keening wail which rose to a glass-shattering crescendo as she tipped over the edge of her own violent orgasm.

I slowed my pistoning hands but continued to stroke her as I rode her paroxysm until she pulled my hands away from her sensitive cunt. We embraced tightly as we both recovered our breath. My cock was like a hot iron bar between us.

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