Mayıs 1, 2021

The Family D’Enfer Redux Ch. 05

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It was just after the Christmas holidays that Justine received a formal invitation at her Florence apartment. Addressed to “Madamoiselle Justine D’Enfer”, it was gold embossed and sealed with a wax bearing a family crest. The crest was an ornate sunburst whose center featured flames and a castle with the motto: “Un Familie dans l’Enfer”. Tearing it open, there was an invitation inside: “Count Frederick D’Enfer wishes to invite his niece, Madamoiselle Justine Arourae D’Enfer to the Castle D’Hiver near Geneva to pay her respects and to discuss her inheritance in the ancient D’Enfer family legacy. This invitation is only valid from three to five days after receipt, and may be only be redeemed in person.” Justine furrowed her eyebrows. Her father Franklin D’Enfer had spoken of having four brothers: his next younger brother Francis was cousin Chelsea’s father, youngest brother Ferdinand were in close contact with him, his next older brother Fabian had just died in an auto accident was closest to him; his much older brother Frederick was rarely mentioned and when he was mentioned it was dismissively. Had she seen a picture of this uncle? She couldn’t remember. She sat heavily on the bed and pouted out the icy window; Chelsea was away at a home visit and calling her brother Justin back in the States about this felt odd since it involved her inheritance and presumably not his. Classes didn’t start again for another week, and with Chelsea gone, Justine was getting bored mooching around Florence alone while Italian men leched at her. Making up her mind quickly, she made a phone call to book a flight to Geneva for early afternoon.

The flight to Switzerland was smooth, and her uncle’s chauffeur was waiting for her at the airport. The Castle D’Hiver was a breathtaking sight perched high above Lake Constance. Justine’s jaw dropped as her driver Rolf wound around the stunning lakeshore and countryside en route to the castle. Rolf was an attractive young man in his early 20’s, slim, clean shaven and blond; he responded to her inquiries enough for her to learn that his mother had been in charge of Count Frederick’s household for decades and he was also a life long servant to the family. Her flirtations w ith the young man went nowhere, however, and she arrived at the castle to be greeted by a plump middle aged woman, Frau Mittelmass, who was Rolf’s mother. She was amazed at the opulence of the surroundings: it was a profusely ornate and richly appointed grand entryway with chandelier and staircase, projecting ancient power, riches and luxury. The family crest hung from the landing opposite the front door. A distinguished man in his mid seventies came down the sweeping grand staircase to meet her. He stood at its base and opened his arms with a broad gesture: “Ah, you must be Justine. What a fair young maiden you have turned out to be. Welcome to the D’Enfer family seat at last, welcome to Castle D’Hiver and the heart of the clan. I am your uncle Frederick, Comte D’Enfer.”

Justine bobbed awkwardly, embraced him and kissed both his cheeks. He was the same height as her father, six feet, grey head and beard with hints of black still lingering. He wore a dinner jacket, silk ascot, dark slacks and velvet slippers. Returning her embrace, he squeezed her chastely and inquired: “Did you have a good trip?” She nodded in reply. “Excellent. I shall have Frau Mittelmass show you to your rooms so you can freshen up before dinner, which is served one hour from now. There are several excellent gowns in the closet you may wish to try on, perhaps one will be your costume for this evening. We will dine and afterward we will begin to get better acquainted. It is a pity that your father did not introduce you and your brother to me; you seem to be a fine young woman and it would have been wonderful to know you as a child growing up.” He turned to the woman standing near. “Frau Mittelmass, show Madamoiselle D’Enfer to the Printemps suite so that she may rest and prepare for dinner. I shall meet you in the grand dining room then, in one hour.” He swept from the room and Frau Mittelmass showed Justine up the stairs.

The suite of rooms that she was given included a balcony with a spectacular view of the lake. The huge walk in closet held scores of lovely gowns, and Justine looked them over curiously. “This isn’t really my style, but Uncle Freddie may be giving me some money, so I’d better keep him happy,” she said to herself. She settled on a blue and white flowered gown, removing her clothes and bra, retaining only her panties to put it on. Looking herself up and down in the mirror, she fiddled and adjusted it to display her soft shoulders and cleavage to best effect: if he was anything like her father, some well placed skin would curry his favor.

Dinner was in an elegant dining room. Her uncle, wearing an evening suit complete with silver cufflinks, rose to greet her from his chair by the blazing fireplace and escorted her to the long dining table to be seated at a chair at his right. The güvenilir bahis table was set for two with excellent porcelain and lit by a beautiful gold candelabra, whose bright yellow light competed with the warm red oozing from the fireplace. The Count spoke profusely about innocent little tidbits of family history during dinner as the courses progressed through soup, salad, entree and dessert. The fare tasted strange, as if each item was little past its prime and the accompanying wines were too sweet for her taste, but Justine nibbled what was put before her said nothing lest she antagonize her uncle. When the meal concluded, he rose from his chair and offered his elbow to escort her into the library for brandy and fine Cuban cigars. Once there, the Count seemed to loosen up and began telling stories of adventures he had in Africa, Asia and South America as they sat by the fire in overstuffed chairs smoking and drinking. There was a roaring fire that kept them warm against the chill air outside, and although she normally didn’t drink brandy or smoke cigars, Justine savored the tastes and found herself relaxing slightly while waiting for her uncle to bring up the issue of her inheritance.

Finally, her uncle came around to his point. “As you may know, I have lived most of my life as a bachelor. I married briefly as a young man, but it didn’t work out and ever since I have enjoyed the fairer sex without making a lifetime commitment. There are no children for me to claim as heirs of the family estate, so the title and the ancient legacy must pass to the children of my brothers. It is a shame that your father and I were not close; being twenty years apart in age and having two different mothers created a gulf that we have never been able to bridge. However, for the sake of the family I am willing for forget the decades of isolation and pass on the estate to his eldest child. “

“Wouldn’t my father be the next in line for the family inheritance?”

“Of course he would since my dear brother Fabian is already gone. Since Franklin has made such a fool of himself and become an international criminal, forced to live in perpetual exile, I’m afraid that disqualifies him. The family cannot bear the shame of having the head of the family wanted in most of the civilized countries of the world, I cannot even tell him where I am or how my estate will be disposed. I have but a year to live: inoperable cancer, I’m afraid. Three more months and I will be an invalid; condemned to waste away unless I can get to the Netherlands and a more compassionate solution.”

“What about my brother Justin?”

“Normally, he would have a claim, however he will not be of age in the next year and you will be. I am modern enough to pass the legacy on to the eldest, even though she has a younger brother, and I do not want the estate divided.”

Justine took a deep breath and looked around. “I think I could get used to this. What will it take to prove to you my worthiness for this?”

The Count smiled broadly. “We’ll think of something. You seem like a reasonable, intelligent young woman who understands that everything has a price. From what I’ve heard about you, I imagine that you would be willing to pay the price without any silly American Puritan inhibitions.” The Count took another sip of his brandy and a fanciful puff from his cigar. Justine tried to look nonchalant as she smoked and sipped: it was difficult to enjoy the taste of the fine Havana and brandy without the kind of leverage with her relatives she was used to having. Her uncle continued: “I fancy myself an amateur photographer, I’ve even had a show or two in Paris. That gown that you’re wearing is lovely; I would love some shots of you in that dress by the firelight.”

“All right.”

“Why don’t we begin with you standing beside the fire, resting your hand on the mantle piece?”

He took several shots with a digital camera as she posed next to the fire, sitting in the large overstuffed chair, looking at a book next to the shelf, and other simple poses. “Perhaps we should attempt something a bit more artistic. How about slipping the left side of your gown down toward your waist?” She slipped the gown down immediately; the red firelight gently caressed her bare breast and hardened the nipple as she gave the camera sultry look. Justine posed for several shots in semi undress, holding the brandy snifter and cigar; in one shot, the lit end was dangerously close to her rock hard nipple. There was a bear skin rug in front of the fire, and Justine was soon posing nude in varying positions on it. The fire died down, and the Count said at last: “Lovely, just lovely my dear. A triumph of elegant sensuality worthy of the Louvre. I would like to have some photos of you in the early morning light. Would it be an intrusion to have Frau Mittelmass awaken you before dawn?”

Justine looked calmly at her uncle. “No, not at all, I think I can bear with that for one day.”

“Bon soir, then, my dear.” He left türkçe bahis the room, leaving her to dress and find her way back to her suite.

Dawn caressed the mountains and lake with crimson streams while Justine shivered naked on her balcony; she thought that her goosepimples were harder and larger than her nipples. The session had begun with several shots of her in a parka against the growing light, but he had insisted that she lose more and more articles of clothing until nothing protected her from the chill Alpine morning. Her uncle was relentless, ordering one position after another without a care to what the cold was doing to her. “Yes, that’s right, hold your left arm up like that.”

“I’m freezing laying on my right side on this marble railing.” Justine complained. “I hope that this picture is worth giving me frostbite.”

“Patience, my dear, patience. The D’Enfer family have been willing to suffer all kinds of hardships over the centuries to accomplish its objectives. Why, Roger D’Enfer and three of his sons marched all the way to Moscow and back with Napoleon without catching so much as a head cold; call those genes into service and you will be fine. Look over to your left and try not to shudder so much. Excellent. All right, I’ll let you come inside so we can take some photos on the bed.”

The Count took several pictures inside with Justine naked on the bed, posing her very revealing ways that she thought more pornographic than artistic; the final shots featured her on her back with her legs spread wide and her hand caressing his cunt lips. When her outrage built to the point of rebellion she calmed herself with dreams of being mistress of the grand chalet, an endless fortune at her disposal, and the life of European nobility. At last, he seemed to run out of steam and said, “I must go rest for a while my dear. After luncheon, we’ll go riding and discuss some more details about your inheritance. You may comport yourself as you wish until then.” His breathing was ragged as he left the room, and Justine dived under the covers to recover the warmth that had eluded her since the modeling session on the balcony began.

The riding excursion was pleasant enough, but her uncle didn’t say anything about the inheritance as they traversed the countryside. They did not meet anyone on this ride; if anyone appeared in the distance, the Count would steer away from them. He explained as they cantered over the landscape: “I’m a very private man, my dear, especially now that I’m growing infirm. There are few besides Frau Mittelmass that I will permit see me as I wane, and I am not in the mood to exchange pleasantries while accompanied by such a lovely young lady. Let us enjoy the solitude.”

Once they returned, the Count went to his rooms and Justine was left to while away the remainder of the afternoon to dinnertime by herself. She tried wandering the hallways and other rooms, but Frau Mittelmass shadowed her every move as if she were a distrusted intruder and Justine grew so uncomfortable with it that she retreated to her chambers. Choosing a more modest dark brown gown for dinner, she endured another distasteful formal repast without enjoyment, and allowed her uncle to escort her to the library once again.

After the doors closed on Frau Mittelmass, her uncle took a couple of pills a small bottle with some water. He then beckoned her: “Come closer, my dear, and see the lovely photos we’ve taken the past day.” He held up the digital camera so she could see the screen. “See how the firelight plays so beautifully on your skin in these shots, an excellent interplay of light and shadow. This shot of you on the rug with that insouciant smile as you hold the cigar is priceless. Oh, here are the ones we took on the balcony this morning: see how your delicious body is framed so elegantly by the crimson sky and fresh snowfall. I told you it would be worth the chill. I think this is my favorite: the smile on your face looking around your thigh while bending over and showing us everything is magnificent. Yes, there’s some fine material here.”

Justine looked at him strangely. He was nonchalant: “Yes, it would be a shame not to share these wonderful pictures.” Her face glared back in shock and rebellion. He looked at her placidly and shrugged his shoulders. “What did you think I was going to do with them? Why should I put together such a portfolio for my own amusement? There is only one thing that might stop me: if you cooperate with my requests this evening. I am ready to name you my heir and leave you everything; obviously, it would not do to have pictures circulated of the Countess D’Enfer bending over naked leaving nothing to the imagination. If you will submit to my last conditions, then the inheritance will be yours and these photos will never be seen by another living soul. Are you willing to make this bargain?” Justine paused for a moment’s thought, then tentatively nodded her head. “Good, very good. There is one more thing I ask of you before güvenilir bahis siteleri we consummate the succession to the lands, titles and riches.”

“And that is?”

“The medicine I just took is Viagra. In a few short moments, I will be restored to my youthful virility. I require an evening’s loving attention from you in order to consummate your succession. Let us repair to the master bedroom so you may give me the tribute I require in order to give you everything.”

“And if I don’t do this?”

“Well, there is your cousin Chelsea, who visited me last summer and was very accommodating. In fact, we had such a lovely time that I was tempted to leave her everything, but I am willing to give you this evening to persuade me that I’ve made the right choice. Do you want to claim what is rightfully yours?”

Justine dropped to her knees and began unbuttoning the Count’s fly.

The session that followed was humiliating. Justine rebelled at the taste of the Count’s cock and his ejaculate; it was extremely bitter. She spent an endless time sitting on him: his three inch erection gave her no stimulation at all, he did nothing to help her other than paw her breasts, and she had to give an Academy Award performance to fool him into thinking he’d given her an orgasm as he finally blasted her womb. She was laying beside him on the bed, stroking the drug induced boner, when her uncle made his last demand.

“I have filled the first two orifices; now it’s time for the finale. We will conclude with a lusty session of sodomy.”

“Sodomy. No, no, you’re not going to buttfuck me, you dickhead; nobody buttfucks me.”

He leaned on his elbow and looked sharply into her eyes. “You will buttfuck me or there will be no inheritance. Chelsea did everything you have done so far this evening, with more enthusiasm, I must say, and she did not refuse this last request. In fact, unless you do better than she did, I will have to give HER everything.”

Justine bit her lip and rose slowly to her hands and knees. Three inches shouldn’t be that much of a pain, she thought to herself. He struggled to his knees and took a vial of olive oil that rested on the bedstand. He poured it generously into the crack of her ass, and began working it into her cheeks and asshole. She purred believably, moving with his invading finger; she kept her face away from the Count so he could not see the contorted expression her compliance brought. “Oh, I love that slick finger, give it to me, give it to me. You’re opening a new world of wonder for me; I can’t wait for your cock up there. Oooo, yes baby, work my asshole, you asshole,” she moaned. It took all the control she could muster not to say that last “you asshole” out loud. Finally, he huffed and puffed and stuck his cock in. He started with a slow rhythm and sped up gradually panting and blowing. “Wow, you are so tight, the tightest I’ve ever had. This feels like heaven, my dear, don’t stop, don’t stop. Yes, when I explode up your rectum, your inheritance will be sealed,” he said as he labored to finish. Justine gritted her teeth and did her best to buck against him, gripping him as best she could with her rectum, moaning and pretending that she was approaching an orgasm as well. It didn’t take long before he shot his wad up her ass and he held himself inside her buried to the hilt while he spent himself. Justine faked another orgasm and milked his cock with her asshole until he fell off onto the bed behind her and into a deep sleep.

She took at look at him lying there and inspected his penis: the Viagra had worn off for certain. The clock on the mantelpiece said 9:00PM, and it was time to get out of there. She got up, put her gown back on and slipped out of the room.

First, she went back to the library and rummaged through the count’s desk. There were some odd papers there addressed to someone else, but the will he had shown her was on top. An inner drawer unexpectedly unlocked held a bonus: the digital camera with her shots. She took it, and thought for a moment: did she want to erase those embarrassing shots? At last she decided not to; it might give Justin a laugh and would be proof that she was there in case he decided to contest the will. Slipping silently down the hallway to her room, she slid out of the gown without hanging it back up, put on her traveling clothes and quickly packed her things. The hallway in the servant’s quarters was silent: the first door on the left emitted loud lusty female snores, but there was a light on across the hall. She burst through the door without knocking.

Rolf was lying on his bed naked, holding a German porn magazine and masturbating. He froze when she entered, wordlessly. She broke the awkward silence: “Well, I haven’t seen a dick that big for a while. How would you like two hundred dollars and relief for your erection?” He nodded silently as she came over and sat on the bed.

Justine took off her heavy shawl, blouse and bra to sit beside him and stroke his seven inches. “This is so beautiful after what I’ve been through today, and I love the blond pubic hair. I’ll make you explode in ecstasy and give you two hundred dollars if you’ll take me to the airport tonight, right now.”

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