Nisan 8, 2021

The Family Ch. 03

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Sam lay on his bed in his boxers reading a motorcycle magazine. He knew it was late; David and Loretta and Rosie were all long in bed but he’d started reading an article about freestyle tricks before dinner and he wanted to finish it so he could tell the guys at the track the next day. He started at a sound at his door and turned to look at it just as the handle stopped turning and it opened noiselessly. He moved to stand up but relaxed when Rosie, dressed in one of the big baggy t-shirts she used as a night shirt, slipped through the smallest of gaps and then pushed it shut again, just as silently. She held the door knob, releasing it slowly so that the latch wouldn’t click and then turned and took three paces into the centre of the room. Sam looked over the top of his magazine at her. Rosie had been quiet all day, although he’d joked with her over dinner. That had been strange too, though; she’d had a funny look on her face as she’d laughed with him. Sam had shrugged internally at it; she was just a girl, after all. Now she didn’t seem to know where to look, turning her head to study every corner of the room. After a minute, Sam caught her eye.

“Thought you’d be asleep.”

“I know about you.” Her voice was flat.


“I know about you…and mom.”

Sam went still.

“What are you talking about?”

“I know,” more forcefully.

“Keep your voice down,” he said in a low tone. “Mom and dad are just across the hall.”

“I know.”

Sam rolled his eyes.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

He made a pretence of turning a page of the magazine. He still watched her out of one eye, though.

“I saw you…both of you…this morning. In here.”

Sam jerked his head up from the magazine.

“I knew I heard something,” he whispered.

“So I know.”

He shrugged.


“So? SO? You had sex with MOM” she hissed.


“So? What were you thinking? What about dad?”

“He knows.”


“Damn it, keep your voice down!”

“Dad knows you had sex with mom? How?”

“Actually, we made love. There’s a difference.” He sounded smug.

“Don’t be cute Sam. What are you talking about? How does dad know? He was playing golf most of the day. When did you get a chance to tell him?”

“We’ve been doing it for about five months. Mom and dad…we all…they wanted mom to be my first. And she was. And it was good and they agreed that since we’d all enjoyed it so much we should carry on. So we are” He finished with a tone of finality.

Rosie stared at him.

“You and mom and dad? Together?”

Sam nodded. He shuffled the magazine on his knees.

“Why didn’t anyone tell me?”

“Oh Rosie. You’re too young”

“The hell I am. Sam, Jesus…”

“Look, don’t get pissy. The three of us know perfectly well what’s going on. We’re all just enjoying having fun together so let it go, alright?”

“I’m not getting pissy.”

“Keep you voice down!”

“I’m not getting pissy.” She paused, thinking of the implications; if dad knew, then…

Sam said nothing.

“What about me?”

“What about you?”

“Well, could I?”

“Could you what?”

“Could I,” she made an obscure gesture. “Couldn’t I…too?”

Sam looked at her.



He glared at her and jerked a thumb over his shoulder to the room across the passage where their parents slept.

“Why not?”


“Because why? If its ok for you and mom to fuck it must be alright for me to as well” She enjoyed watching him flinch as she used the word. She’d never said it in front of Sam before.

“That’s different,” said Sam stiffly.

“How?” Her voice was thick with sarcasm.

“It just is, alright?”

“How Sam?” She was by the bed now, kneeling, holding his arm, imploring. He sighed and looked at her again.

“Rosie, mom had an operation ok? She can’t get pregnant anymore. That’s why it’s alright for us, why we can. But you…you’re…you can. That’s why we can’t. It’s too dangerous.”

“We can be careful.”

Sam looked at her disbelievingly.

“You want me to make love with you, Rosie?”

She nodded, looking at him with her large hazel eyes.

“Well, we can’t”

He shifted on his bed. The shirt Rosie was wearing was so big and loose-fitting that it fell open in folds and pleats and exposed her body in ways that were having an effect on him. His penis was thickening and he was glad he was still wearing his boxers. He normally slept naked.

“Would you? If we could?” asked Rosie, shifting on her knees beside the bed.

“I dunno…” Sam had caught a glimpse of one of her breasts and his cock was definitely awake now “Maybe…if it was safe…” He shrugged “Yeah, I guess”

“We can be careful.” she said again, almost reproachfully.

“Well, I don’t have any condoms” he said flatly.

The look she directed at Sam was pure venom.

“Don’t think for one second I’m going to let you anywhere near me with one of those things. They’re disgusting” she said in a voice filled with revulsion.

He sincan escort spread his hands helplessly.

“What are we supposed to do then? The only other option is for you to go on the pill”

Before he realised what she was doing, Rosie stood up, grabbed the hem of her nightshirt and swiftly pulled it off over her head. Sam gaped at her then quickly turned his head, squeezing his eyes shut. He hadn’t realised that she would be totally naked beneath it.

“Sam look at me,” her voice lowered. There was a catch in it as she spoke. “Look at me Sam…”

Rosie climbed onto the bed and straddled her brother, kneeling over him, taking his chin in her hand, turning his head to face her.

“Am I so ugly?” she whispered, pleading.

Sam laughed brokenly.

“Rosie, you’re not ugly. Far from it…but…” Her body was so close, warm and sweet and her vagina hovered barely an inch above his straining cock. The image of her thick hairy ginger-coloured pussy burned in his mind’s eye and it took an iron will to keep from looking down at her beautiful breasts with the tiny hard nipples on their little dark pink areolae.

“But what?”

“We just can’t,” he looked up at her and she thought she detected something unexpected; pain. “I’m not going to have sex with you. I’m not going to make love to you if there’s the risk you’ll get pregnant. We just can’t”

Rosie looked at him through hooded eyes. She lowered her hips until she felt the fabric of his boxers against the tender skin of her inner thighs and she gasped as she felt something hard press against the soft flesh of the lips between her spread legs.

She looked down between their bodies.

“Sam,” her voice was husky with need, something she’d never felt before “Can I…can’t we just be naked together? Just this once? I want to see you again, please?”

She reached out, her fingers tentative as if afraid she would be stung, and touched his chest, feeling the warm firm flesh, his heart thudding behind his ribcage as hers was in her own breast, moving to his strong arms, feeling the muscles. Sam’s hands moved too, of their own volition, touching his sister, closing over her hands as they moved on him, reaching out to caress her torso, stroking, following the swell of her hips around to the base of her spine, cupping the soft warm orbs of her buttocks, gripping, pressing her down onto his thick manhood and she moaned quietly at the feeling of him, so hard and close to her vagina. The heat from her sex was incredible and Sam groaned as he felt it on his hard penis. The need to be inside her was growing, try as he might to stifle it. He tightened his grip on her bottom and pulled her to him, lifting her, bringing her breasts to his mouth and Rosie inhaled raggedly as she felt him suckle each nipple for the first time, his mouth and tongue wet as he moved from one to the other, leaving them erect and glistening.

“Sam…” Her voice was barely more than a whisper.

She felt his hands move from her hips, trailing fingers sliding across her thighs, following the curve into her crotch, through the stubby thick triangle of hair, down into her secret place and she shuddered when she felt him touch her there for the first time, his hands sure in their movements, deft, touching, caressing the wet slit, gathering her dew so that he lifted his hand to his mouth and gently sucked her taste onto his tongue. She watched him, searching for a reaction, confirmation or rejection.

“Rosie you taste so sweet,” he murmured.

She blushed and smiled at him girlishly.

“Do I?”

He nodded.

“Would you mind if I had more?”

She looked at him, unsure until she realised what he was implying.

“More? You mean…like what you did to mom?”

“What did you see me do to mom?”

“I saw her…over you…over your mouth. Her…vagina over your mouth. Will you lick me Sam? Will you give me…oral sex?”

He cocked an eyebrow at her.

“You know about oral sex?”

“I’ve never had it. I’ve never done it,” she whispered.

“We need to be quiet.” he said. Rosie bit her lip and nodded. He lifted her and she raised herself, unsure what he wanted her to do. He shifted sideways on the bed.

“Come and lie down.”

As she repositioned, Sam stood up to give her room. Rosie saw that his boxers had a large dark stain on them under which was a very noticeable bulge. She looked at it, blushing again and Sam realised she was watching him.


She giggled, pointing at his crotch and he followed her gesture. Smiling in spite of himself, Sam rubbed a finger across the stain. His sister’s essence, so close to his hard cock…He slipped his thumbs under the elastic band around the top of his underwear, hooked it over the lump in his groin and pushed them down over his hips. Rosie stared at him, naked and hard with his arousal for her. Sam saw her looking again.


She nodded, transfixed. He moved slowly, gently, climbing onto the bed before her. Rosie’s eyes followed him, watching the way he moved, the way his stiff penis stayed pointing up out of his crotch. sincan escort bayan She wanted him so badly but she was beginning to come to terms with his words. Of course, if there was a risk there was no way they should do anything but…the feeling in her crotch, the burning need, the desire was unlike anything she’d ever felt before. She looked down at her crotch as he moved; taking her knees, lifting, parting them and the sensation of feeling her vagina exposed for the first time, the thrill of her brother looking at her, parted, naked for him to see heightened the excitement she was feeling even further.

Her entire body seemed to be thrumming, like a struck tuning fork vibrating at its natural frequency, exquisite, inexorable. Sam could not believe how gorgeous Rosie’s sex was. Up to this point, the only naked women he’d seen of her age were porn actresses, chosen because of an artificial preconception of physical perfection. Rosie was different…natural. Her labia were full, soft, protruding from the swollen hairy outer lips in much the same way as her mothers. The skin of her inner thighs was pale and her labia contrasted sharply, deep pink, beautiful and warm, surrounded by the curly gingery light brown hair of her thick pussy that perched on top of her pubic mound and seemed to almost trickle down around her opening, surrounding it, trailing down over her perineum to the tightly wrinkled little ring of her anus.

Gently, he lowered his mouth to her and Rosie moaned quietly as she felt his tongue touch her for the first time. She spread herself even further for him, her legs splayed as far apart as she could get them as the sensations he was giving her grew, her breathing deep, slow, her breasts rising and falling smoothly and she watched as his eyes closed in ecstasy at her taste, the feel of her against his mouth. She could feel his tongue moving, probing within her and it was unlike anything she’d felt before, pleasurable beyond imagining, her clitoris hard and erect as he placed his hands either side of her, parting her, running his tongue up between the folds of soft wrinkled skin to the hood, placing his mouth over the tiny swollen bud, his wet warm lips surrounding her centre, sucking gently and flicking it with his tongue.

Rosie shook beneath him and her breathing changed rapidly, becoming ragged, rasping in her throat.

“Sam…oh Sam…” She reached out and stroked his hair and he lifted his mouth off her.

“Are you alright Rosie?” he asked softly.

“Don’t stop…please, it’s so nice…I had no idea…”

Sam lowered himself to his sister’s vagina again. She tasted so good, her nectar filling his mouth, driving him on so that he almost forgot that his licking and sucking would be pleasurable for her as well. His sole focus became drinking as much of her as he could get, his tongue moving in slow strokes from the bottom of her opening, sliding up the warm lips that parted for him, allowing him to suck the drips of her dew into his mouth, tasting, savouring. His strong hands pressed into her flesh either side of her vagina, spreading her as she grabbed her knees and pulled them up towards her head, lifting her hips, presenting her wetness to his mouth and he groaned at the pleasure of it, the warm flesh so close, her sex beneath his mouth, giving more as he licked and licked, sucking at the soft labia, drawing the fleshy folds of slippery skin into his mouth, sucking her taste into him, swallowing, entranced, as Rosie moaned quietly on the bed, amazed that it could feel so good, panting as the jolts of pleasure coursed through her.

She had grabbed his pillow and propped it under her shoulders, lifting her upper torso so that she could watch her brother, a look of pure contentment on his face, buried as he was between her thighs, his nose in the thatch of her pussy, hearing him breathing through his nostrils, hearing it becoming laboured as his own arousal grew, feeling the tension growing within herself, the familiar tingle that heralded the rush to orgasm but this time was different; Sam was making her come, her lovely older brother, who she’d grown up with, fought and cried with, laughed and watched as he turned into the man who was making love to her now with his mouth, that beautiful, skilled mouth and that impossible tongue. Sam raised his eyes to her face as they both felt her orgasm kick in. He kept his hands firmly either side of her crotch, parting her, the pink opening between her lips wet and inviting and he opened his mouth wide, planting himself firmly over it, sucking her nectar straight from the source as every muscle in her body went as tight as a piano string, the tendons in her neck taut and rigid and she sucked air through clenched teeth to keep from screaming at the unbelievable pleasure that exploded in her cunt and ripped through her body in wave after wave of joyous release. Her vagina flooded with liquid and Sam sucked and licked frantically, his lips and chin and cheeks and nose coated with her discharge as her orgasm peaked within her and faded…faded with excruciating slowness, her legs shaking now, her hands releasing their grip escort sincan on her knees, letting her feet fall to the bed, straightening the joints painfully, muscles relaxing, still gasping for air, sweat beading her forehead.

“Oh Sam…” It was a moan, quiet, whispered “Sam…”

He didn’t want to leave her, the thought almost hurt but he needed to speak. He lifted his mouth from her sweet wet slit.

“Rosie,” he kept his voice low too, unwilling to break the moment. “Rosie, God…you taste amazing.”

She closed her eyes and smiled, exhausted, happy. In spite of herself, she giggled; giggled and shook her head from side to side as she felt Sam move between her legs. When she lifted her head to look at him again he was kneeling before her on the bed, his face glistening with her lubricant and her smile for him was luminous. He grinned at her where she lay on the bed, nude and beautiful and flushed from her climax…the climax he had given her. She reached out and stroked his thigh, watching him with large eyes.

“Thank you.”

“Glad I could help.”

“Help…? My God, I’ve never had an orgasm like that, ever.”

“Have you had many orgasms?”

She blushed.

“A few…how about you?”

He smirked at her.


Her hand moved up his thigh, drawn towards his crotch. His hard penis fascinated her and the urgency in his groin was becoming unbearable, the need for release…

“What are we going to do? If we can’t…If we can’t fuck how are we going to do you? I want to help.”

“So you agree we shouldn’t?”

She nodded regretfully. Her fingers itched to feel him, to close around the firm veined shaft before her, to stroke and pleasure and…taste. Suddenly that was what she wanted, to feel him in her mouth. She sat up quickly and before he could speak again her small hand was around the base of his cock, feeling the coarse curly hair in his crotch against her skin as she held him firmly, shifting on the bed so she could better reach him, lifting the smooth head, her lips parting to enclose him as she lowered her mouth to him and he groaned, staring down at his little sister as she closed her eyes and a look of pure pleasure spread across her face as she felt him, tasted him.

It was Rosie’s first so she only had a sketchy idea of what to do. Julie and Saffron hadn’t said much about the foreplay that preceded their deflowering and most of what she knew had been gleaned from covertly listening to other girls discussing it at odd times like in the change room at the pool. So she spent a good deal of time delighting in the masculine feel of him, taking him out of her mouth several times to look and absorb the details. There was no way she would be able to take all of him into her mouth but she exulted in the way it felt to hold the smooth head between her lips, to run her tongue over it and tickle the slit in the end as she held the shaft in both hands, gently moving them the way she had seen her mother do, up and down, up and down, taking in the texture, the heat, the strength in it. She lifted her head after a time. Sam was sweating, kneeling, swaying on the bed in front of her.

“Did I do it right?” “Don’t stop.” he whispered through clenched teeth.

“But I want to watch you come…can I? Please?”

“Oh God…” Sam grabbed his throbbing cock and Rosie eased herself back to lie on the bed before him, propped up on her elbows so she could watch as he began masturbating in front of her. His eyes were glued to her body and she realised he was staring at her. She smiled up at him and parted her legs, shifting her hips so that he could see her vagina. Sam grunted and she knew he liked what she’d done. Every detail of his self-pleasuring fascinated her and she drank in the sight of him towering over her, his hand a blur on his thick shaft, his ball sack swinging between his legs, his muscular chest heaving as he sucked air into his lungs. She reached out and cupped his balls gently, feeling the weight of them, the touch of the wrinkled skin against her hand. Sam grunted.

“Gonna come…aaah…gonna…”

Rosie knew what was going to happen; sperm was going to shoot out of Sam’s penis. It was as simple as that, although until this morning she’d never even seen semen except in documentaries that she and the other girls in her class had had to watch as part of sex ed; magnified images of wriggling tadpoles…she gave no thought to the aftermath. What aftermath could there be? There wasn’t going to be that much of it; Julie had told her there was barely a teaspoonful. Sam groaned, guttural, in the back of his throat; his hand slowed and then his hips jerked and he pushed the head of his cock down so it was pointing at Rosie’s torso.

A huge spurt of white liquid burst from the slit in the head and arced out to land wetly in a thick rope on her stomach and across her left breast. She stared in amazement; it was hot, so hot on her skin. Before she could recover another spurt launched itself from Sam’s jerking fist, landing beside the first, across her nipple, which hardened slightly at the touch. She hadn’t wanted to taste it but need suddenly overtook her and she moved swiftly to enclose the swollen purple head in her mouth as a third shot burst from him, dribbling down her cheek as her lips parted and she took the last bit of it in her mouth. She tasted him but then a fourth charge burst into her mouth, flooding her, filling her.

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