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The Family Business – Chapter 5

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The Family Business – Chapter 5
Jess saw her mother go towards her room and decided now was a good time for asking her advice on the dilemma that was facing her. Having her best friend come to visit them whilst Lyn, said friend, was totally unaware that Jess was now proprietor of a studio specialising in porn flicks was a slight problem. That the said friend was distinctly prudish was a much bigger one.

“Mummy I need your advice, can we talk for a while.” Jess alternated between calling her mother by Ruth or Mum but on this occasion reverted to her c***dhood. Ruth smiled at being called Mummy but it gave her a warm feeling inside which for once wasn’t sexual.

They went up to the private sitting room that formed part of Ruth’s suite and sat down next to each other on the sofa and Jess explained. Whilst they were talking Ruth absent mindedly picked up a vibrator and started using it on her pussy.

Jess explained about how two of each pair of the four twins were in the habit of slipping out of the bedrooms whilst their mothers were at work and going to make love to their friend next door. Whilst the other twin also went next door.
Lyn, their mother however didn’t appear to have a sex life and was a bit cold after the snogging in the pub incident, where Jess and the four girls had a fun time with strangers. Also, she, explained at just how close the two families were, sex apart. Jess ended up telling her mother just about everything significant event from the time the two pregnant mothers had met at the ante-natal clinic. They each had twins hours apart and they had eventually taken adjacent ground floor flats in an old Victorian house.

All the time this was going on Ruth was using the vibrator whilst still listening intently. A boob had been pulled out of her loose top and she was massaging it. Jess thought I know where Fliss gets her love of boob worship from. Having finished her story, she spotted another vibrator lying around and grabbed it. Jess had never bothered putting anything on since the beach, so was starkers. The vibrator did feel very nice.

“Have you ever used one of those before, dear?”

“No, dildoes yes, but not a vibrator.”

“Well whilst we are all different if you watch me you should work out what you like best.”

“I don’t want to get distracted.”

“It helps me think and I was paying attention. Play with yourself and relax.”

Ruth pulled of her brief dress to be as naked as her daughter. For a while the two women just lay side by side enjoying the stimulation and the companionship. Whilst not a normal method of mother daughter bonding mutual masturbation worked for them.

“I think one way I can help is to unofficially adopt Lyn. You said that her mother was totally useless and not at all motherly. If that is the case Lyn may be yearning for some motherly type affection. If I am honest, I quite like the idea of four grand-daughters even more than two.”

“Also, ones you don’t have to keep your hands off. Pam and Barbara, will I suspect, like that.”

“Saucy c***d. I think for the moment I will have to resist that temptation if I am to help Lyn. I am not going to conceal that I am a tart but I will behave better than normal and try to get Lyn’s trust. Let’s see if we can sort out what is the problem. For I am sure that if she will open up there is a trauma at the root of things. I will ask Gwen’s help because she trained as a psychiatric nurse before going into looking after rich sick people. Now let’s show you how to use these things to best effect. Pity your straight its great fun having a girlfriend using them on you”

Jess already knew where she was most easily aroused and proceeded to give it attention. All the time she watched what Ruth was doing and then adapted to her own desires. The result was the most intense orgasm she had ever had from masturbation. Jess’s screams of ecstasy set Ruth off and the two women writhing on the sofa in their own pink and fluffy worlds of extreme pleasure.

“Bloody hell Ruth, if nothing else tonight I have learnt how good these are. I must get one actually three I know two other tarts who will enjoy them.”

“Keep that one darling. If we go early to pick up Lyn, we can go via a shop I know. Actually, we can have a little spending spree as long as we keep it out of Lyn’s sight.”

“Will the power boat be a little crowded with you along as well. I know the girls want to go with me.”

“Stop worrying we will fit everyone in. The cabin is really quite a decent size. If I am to be a surrogate mother to Lyn, I want a chance to get to know her before she finds out the steamy truth. I was also thinking, is there any job we can offer her that doesn’t involve screwing?”

Jess felt a bit of an idiot as they headed off in the yacht. On the way out, she had paid no attention to it. They had stayed on the deck all the time enjoying the sun and the speed. What Jess now realised was that despite being built like a speed boat it was ruddy huge, a superyacht really just a very fast one, its sleek profile made it look smaller.
“Mum, how much did this thing cost?”

“I don’t know but your father got it exchange for a debt I suspect that he got an unfairly good end of the bargain”
Jess could well believe it, her father was many things but not a fool at business They were speeding along at thirty knots though apparently it could do forty-five. The girls were sunbathing, nude of course, on the protected aft sun deck.

Once they reached Nassau, they went off on the shopping trip to the private shop with Clinton in tow so he could take the purchases back to the boat. As well as vibrators for the girls they acquired a number of other toys and some very kinky boot and glove sets in black pvc. The look in Clinton face showed he approved. Jess was amused to see some of their own videos on sale though not the ones they had personally starred in.

On to the airport they met Lyn and her daughters a somewhat excited occasion with a great deal of hugging all round. Ruth went out canlı bahis şirketleri of her way to be the affable grandma. Knowing how thin her wardrobe had been when she arrived Jess took the seven of them clothes shopping but it was Ruth who paid over Lyn’s protests. Protests that were not utterly convincing.

They set off for home and like the last time once they were clear of local speed restrictions Clinton cranked the yacht up to top speed. This time all four girls were sunbathing though at least with bikini bottoms this time, very tiny thong bikinis.

“Jess where did my two get those minute scraps of fabric masquerading as swimwear.”

“I wasn’t paying a lot of attention to what was being selected they must have snuck those in with Fliss and Jo’s connivance. “Lynn gave her a look. “OK I did know and here is yours”

“Wear that? You have got to be joking.” Said Lyn watching with surprise as Jess removed her sun dress to reveal an equally tiny bikini though at least she was wearing a top. Then Ruth came out of the cabin similarly dressed, demonstrating how good her figure was despite her age.

“All right you win I suppose this is part of what you were warning me of. I said I would accept it and I will” Lyn had a funny look on her face but went into the cabin and came out wearing her bikini.
“Come on Mum get your top off.”

“No, I certainly won’t, I am sure Jess doesn’t wander around topless with only this silly bit of fabric on.

“I can honestly say that I don’t” replied Jess who thought that she didn’t really bother with the bottoms either any more. This is going to be interested I didn’t think Lyn would agree to wear hers and would more likely kick up a fuss about the girls yet she hardly argued.

“Mum try being daring for once in on your life. Clinton has to watch where he is going at this speed so he can’t peek. We can put the tops back on before we arrive.”

“I will if you do.” announced Jess mischievously but her jaw dropped when priggish Lyn shrugged and undid the clasps.

All of them lay basking in the Caribbean sun. Jess made sure that the pale arrivals from England were covered in high factor sun tan cream. It seemed that Lyn actually enjoyed the cream being applied to her which considering how near to fairly private body areas some was applied, seemed curious.

As they arrived Lyn insisted the girls cover up and as agreed beforehand with their mother Jo and Fliss did the same. In the interest of dropping Lyn in lightly so were the rest of the island’s inhabitants were doing the same. Filming had been suspended other that another banal advert.

“Let me take you on a tour of the island such as is. Down there is the mill complex that we have restored both for housing the technical stuff and Gwen’s little clinic. Also, most of those who aren’t family live there though Clinton has his rustic hut.”

Jo and Fliss laughed at this description, as “the hut” had an outer room that would be typical of a poor man’s home with bucket shower. They sometimes filmed there. What you couldn’t see was the luxurious home behind. Jess had on several occasions enjoyed the sophisticated rain forest shower with multiple jets. Though most of the pleasure was what Clinton was doing to her. Boy did he know how to use his hands.

“Over here we have the rest of the mill which we recently converted into additional accommodation. Now we will go up to the plantation house.”

Mum can we take Barbara and Pam to the beach for a swim.” Jess looked at Lyn who shrugged and the four girls headed for the beach. After Lyn was shown her room, she somewhat shame facedly admitted that she was exhausted and could she have a sleep for a while.

“You’re getting old dear.”

“Oh shut up, but this place suits you, your looking younger. Are you really serious about us living here with you?” Lyn looked longingly at her friend.

“You may change your mind when you know everything but I won’t. If you want to you will have a home here and so will the girls. I can find real jobs for you, believe me.”

“Did I ever tell you that you’re my dearest friend who I love dearly.”

“You might have mentioned it occasionally.” Jess left her friend to sleep, whilst herself deeply troubled as to how this was going to go. That was something for later, she was off to the beach to see what the girls were up to.

Reaching the beach, she saw a pile of bikinis and the four girls frolicking naked in the water alternately playing and kissing. Pam saw her and stopped guiltily. Jess decided to put her at her east so threw her bikini on the pile and joined them in the water. The look on Pam and Barbara’s face was priceless.

“Hey I am not into girls but I know that you lot are and what you have been up to. Just out of interest your mother is in one wing with me and you are in the opposite wing next to your friends’ bedrooms. It will be awkward for your mother to just wander in and make an unfortunate discovery.

“Wow your totally cool Aunty Jess.” Even at eighteen they gave her the honorary title of Aunt. The four of them hugged her and kissed her and despite herself Jess found she was slightly aroused by having four naked young women close up.

“Look, have some fun but be careful for a while. Ruth, my mother is going to try and help your Mum get less up tight but until then try not to rub her nose in it that she is in a minority of one when it comes to sex.”

Jess left the four of them out of sight in the hut built for Roberta Crusoe. They were happily daisy chaining with each girl burying her head in the girl that wasn’t their sister. Jess felt guilty that she wanted to get it on film. It would appear that in a few weeks she had been utterly corrupted. Carrying her bikini, she fondled herself as she went back to the house.

Having reluctantly dressed she found Lyn having tea with her mother and Gwen. It was so utterly English. They even had fruit cake.

“Where are the cucumber sandwiches.” joked Jess but her mother lifted a napkin and yes, the crusts süperbahis had been cut off. They sat an ate which all gave Jess an excuse to prevaricate. Now was the perfect time to explain to Lyn but she didn’t have the nerve.

“Right Jess, explain what it is you’re not telling me? Do you seriously think I don’t know that you are holding something back even without the hints?”

“Lyn my dear, Jessica is keeping quiet because she doesn’t want to hurt you or your friendship. If it had been me, I would have found some excuse why you couldn’t come here but my daughter is not as cowardly as me. I don’t think she can do it. Put your tea cup down I don’t want you choking.” Lyn did as she was told.

“Eh most of the films shot here are very adult. Jess’s father made a very good living producing very erotic films.”

“You mean porn.”

“High quality and quite artistic but basically yes.”

“But how did Ruth avoid appearing in one.” Lyn looked at her friend’s face, they had lived in close proximity for most of their adult lives and knew each other better than many families.

“Oh, shit you didn’t, did you: You actually took part in one. Was it horrible?”

“It was worse than that. I enjoyed it. It was with Pete and he knows what he is doing, actually he is a very considerate lover. It’s not just an act on the set.”

“Oh bugger, what about the girls.”

“They decided they wanted to take part as does Ruth, Gwen everybody you have met apart from Alf the cameraman.”
“So you are all at it. Is that the job you were going to offer me and the girls, porn star?” Lyn’s voice had risen and her face was red. Jess couldn’t stand it and put her head in her hands sobbing. Ruth went over and comforted her daughter.

Gwen then showed the side of her that was a trained professional.

“Miss Tring, please take some deep breaths, your showing the signs of a panic attack.”

“Of course, I am panicking my best friends is trying to make my girls in to porn actresses.” The signs of her distress were obvious. Jess knew that Lyn did have panic attacks and was impressed that Gwen had summed up the situation correctly but just now she was too stressed herself to behave reasonably.

“Of course, I’m not going to turn you into porn actresses. I can find perfectly normal respectable jobs like I promised but you are going to have to accept that the rest of us like sex even if you don’t” Gwen sighed at this less than helpful outburst.

“I do like sex, I’m just not very keen on men, said Lynn.” Taken aback by her normally calm and cheerful friend losing it Lyn had admitted something she had been holding back. Jess suddenly clicked it was now blindingly obvious.

“Your Lesbian?”

“Well I do like one girl in particular but she is not interested. When I said I was not that keen on men that was fairly accurate. I don’t hate them, I can just about see the attraction of your Clinton. No that’s wrong I easily see the attraction of Clinton and Pete as well, but I am scared.” Lyn took a number of slow deep breaths and made a real effort to calm down. Then it all tumbled out.

“What I have never told anyone was that in my last year at school I was cornered by a group of boys from my class. It was outside a club they bustled me into a car and took me to the woods and all had me. Whilst I wasn’t a virgin, I had only had one boy before and he was one of the four. Which one was the father I haven’t the foggiest. I know it’s silly, but men scare me and I have avoided any physical contact since. Women are so much softer and gentler and I have such a dear friend. I’m sorry I don’t want to lose that friendship. Your my only true friend. You never even showed a sign of returning how I felt.”

“Oh shit, shit, shit. Mummy please help.” Was all that Jess could say.

Ruth was thinking madly as she hugged her daughter. Gwen had Lyn in her arms trying to calm her down from her outburst assuring her that it was a good thing that she had finely shared her traumatic experience. Jess remembered thinking, not for me it isn’t

“All right ladies I have thought of a solution, but it’s a bit wacky but here me out. Lyn you are attracted to women particularly my daughter, yes?” Lyn nodded. “You Jess, love Lyn dearly but not in that way and don’t fancy women.” again agreement.

“OK both of you are going to have to be brave and go well out of your comfort zones. Right, Jess from what I know I am not quite as certain of you being totally straight as you think. You get quite excited watching girly sex. I saw you shagging Clinton with enthusiasm during that lesbian seduction scene because it turned you on. As for Lyn you admit you can understand what is physically attractive about men. What may well work and it would have to be done so you both can stop if I am wrong is that you two and Clinton have a threesome. As Jess has said Clinton is an absolute gentleman, who is very, very good at making a lady happy and enjoys doing it. You Lyn can have a try at persuading my idiot daughter that she is really bi and Clinton can do the same for you about men.”

The two friends looked at Ruth with blank faces at this utterly outrageous suggestion. Behind the mask of disbelief, both were thinking hard with the base point that anything that could salvage a situation that neither wanted was worthy of consideration.

“Could you bare me touching you Jess.”

“Heavens yes, I am not sure if I could get excited but we have hugged more times than either of us could count. Nowadays I have a fair idea what is required. If I could do it with any girl it would be you. More important could you trust Clinton who you have only just met. I would be willing to give things a go without him.”

“Thank you, I’m sorry for going off on a mare, as you did try to warn me. There is a bit of me that wants to get over my fear of men and if you are there with me and trust him then I can handle it. Has anyone actually asked Clinton?”

“No outside the family only Gwen know much, the others know that you could süperbahis güvenilir mi easily be shocked and we are trying to handle it. But don’t worry I know Clinton, he would feel privileged to help. I think I am falling in love with him not because of his big cock or that he is an awesome lover but because he is just so thoroughly kind and considerate person without being one bit weak.”

“In that case are you comfortable sharing your lover with me.”

“Darling girl we have always shared and anyway we are both porn actors we get to sleep with whoever we are required to screw.”

“This is different though, it’s not on screen, not an act but sharing in the most intimate way possible. Oh, Jess are you sure about giving me this much.” Jess assured her that she was with hugs and kissed and before long all four women were crying wrecks.

Come dinner all was apparently back to normal. The girls had returned dressed, well-dressed if you could count those bikinis as meeting the definition. Lyn this time did not bat an eyelid. Jess had gone down to see Clinton and obtained his enthusiastic co-operation. When a degree of decorum had been restored, they had agreed for the moment that Clinton would be the only additional person in the know.

It was decreed by Ruth as resident matriarch that they would dress for dinner and everyone would be there though Alf somehow did not get the memo.

Jess and Lyn were dressing together and the compromises that both were willing to make had healed any rift. Lyn didn’t have to be persuaded very hard to where a quite daring fish tail dress with only a thong underneath it. Jess was dressed in a dress with an underdress that barely covered her bum and a transparent overdress that was ankle length. Both ensembles were daring low cut in the bust and left no doubt they were braless.

“I am looking forward to seeing the girls faces when I turn up in this. They are not used to me doing sexy. All the better that they won’t know who I am trying to seduce.” Lyn went over to give Jess a kiss on the cheek but Jess mover her face so it landed on the mouth. They gave each other a brief kiss on the lips with a shy smile.

The meal went well and Clinton and Pete went out of their way to be nice to Lynn and the girls. The real surprise though was Chris who laid on the charm with a trowel and did it very well. Both Lyn and Jess drank a bit more than they normally would but this was the only way their nerves showed.

Later in Jess’s bedroom they were at bit of a loss as how to start but Clinton suggested the two girls undress each other. Lyn jumped at this and reached behind Jess to undo her zip, a little more diffidently Jess slipped the fishtail dress of her shoulder both dresses slid from their bodies leaving them just in thongs and heels.

“Oh God I have been fantasising about this day for ever. Seeing your body naked in front of me you are every bit as delicious as I imagined.”

“You saw just as much on the boat when we were sunbathing.”

“Yes, but then I couldn’t do this.” Lyn leaned forward and kissed Jess. Knowing it was coming and part of the deal Jess closed her eyes and kissed back. Lyn wasn’t an experienced kisser and Jess found herself taking charge and, in the process, enjoying it. The two girls’ breasts were pushed together since they were much of the same height. Then arms came around her and reached up to caress her breasts. Jess opened her eyes to see Clinton’s hands feeling both the two pairs of breasts. Lyn had a smile on her face so that was OK. Then the hands disappeared and her thong was slowly pulled down to her ankles.

Clinton moved around behind Lyn and put his hands on her thong. Waiting for a second and seeing a slight nod of her head Clinton removed Lyn’s underwear as well. The two girls continued snogging enthusiastically. By this point Jess forgot about not being interested in women, taken up as she was with teaching her friend how to kiss.

“Lyn eat Jess’s pussy and then let me do the same for you.” Suggested Clinton. They climbed on the bed. Jess was no stranger to having her pussy eaten even if up to now it was by men which mostly meant Clinton. Lyn was not as skilled but was certainly enthusiastic. Jess played with her boobs whilst her friend was buried beneath her legs. Clinton had moved up behind Lyn’s thighs as was working away with his experienced tongue. Jess lay back in a fog of pleasure which was interrupted by Lyn.

“Fuck me now Clinton before I lose my nerve, Oh God I feel so randy.” Clinton moved up and gently entered her fully aware that Lyn had only one unpleasant experience of a man. Care was needed to make this enjoyable.

With his considerable experience and considerate nature, he went about getting her even more excited as slowly he pushed his cock into her. That the woman she had wanted to make love too for years was also doing her best to excite Lyn helped considerably. Lyn’s state of arousal was considerable and Clinton had only just started to pump into her in earnest when she was overtaken by a very prolonged and intense orgasm. Lyn was bucking and writhing about so much it was impossible to stay inside her. Eventually she just lay back panting.

“Fuck Jess please, I want to watch.” They obliged her for once doing it in missionary position Clinton used his strength to hold his body raised above hers as he pumped away. The performance of Lyn had got both thoroughly going so they too succumbed to climaxes. They dozed for a while and Clinton awoke to the two girls kissing passionately with Jess on top. Seeing him awake both girls went for his cock taking turns to suck.

Jess then climbed on top of Clinton lying on his back and bobbed up and down before moving over to let her friend have a try. Lyn proved quite enthusiastic in taking up the proffered cock. After a short time she became more than enthusiastic as a loud orgasm took her. They made love in various combination and it was three very tired people who rose for a late breakfast with self-satisfied grins and wide yawns.

“It looks like my girls really enjoyed themselves.” Said Ruth and hugged both of them. Lyn put her arms around the older women and hugged her as if her life depended on it. Ruth wish to be a surrogate mother had been fulfilled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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