Mart 17, 2021

The Factory Owner

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He looked out over his property. As a factory owner, he owned everything he could see. This included the slaves. Each of them acquired at birth and raised how he wanted them raised. They were convinced they were lower than dirt. They looked on him as though he was a god. This was how he wanted it. Chelly, his personal aid, entered into the room and waited obediently by the door for him. He turned as smiled. Seeing her in the pale yellow sundress made him eager for her. He drew the shades and sat in his chair, back facing the window.
“Speak,” he barked. He always liked the fear that crossed her face. It was this fear that motivated her to ‘service’ him.
“The police and regulators were at the door again,” she said just loud enough for him to hear. This was grave news. He patted his lap and she came and kneeled before him.
“What did you say,” he asked gently.
“Nothing. I told them that you had the twelve locked away and you will punish them separately,” she said. Her hands went automatically to the buttons on his pants. The swelling in his pants pushed against the buttons making it hard for them to be undone.
“Well,” he asked prodding her to continue.
“They want us to turn over the twelve for a public execution,” she said. She had managed to release the swelling bulge from the confines of his pants and his underwear as well. It was always an impressive sight, 8 inches long and 5 inches around. He enjoyed pleasuring himself with his female slaves. It didn’t matter if they wanted to or not, if he wanted it, they had to provide.
“Done,” he said as she slid her mouth over the top of his penis. He let out a pleasurable groan as she took it all. Her head bobbed up and down for a few moments before she slowed and tickled him. He enjoyed how Chelly pleasured him. This was why he insisted she always greeted him this way. Good news or bad, it didn’t matter. She could always make things better with a kick ass blow job. Chelly finished and cleaned him up. He then got his jacket and walked out to meet with the police and regulators.
“I do not understand why you won’t hand over the accused,” the lead investigator said.
“Because you were asking the wrong person. My slaves have no power to answer to you. Please don’t demand or ask them to do things unless I have approved it first,” he calmly said. They were sitting around in his study and sipping brandy.
“I am more than prepared to hand them over. I wasn’t sure how I was to punish them anyways, seeing as we slave owners have no power to execute the wrong doers in our flocks,” he said eyeing the regulators.
“You may own the slaves, but they are still humans. As a human, they deserve at least the show of a fair trial,” one regulator said. They all knew that the slaves were not proven guilty but too keep from shaming the owner, slaves were the ultimate sacrifice. Even if they were innocent, the owner was obligated to ‘punish’ their slaves publicly in order to preserve both honor and control over their remaining slaves.
“May I speak with them privately before you remove them for punishment,” he asked the regulators. There was a general nod of agreement and he excused himself and walked down to the holding chambers. It was a sealed room that contained 30 separate cells that he usually kept pregnant slaves or recently acquired görükle escort female slaves in. Only the slaves he acquired at birth were allowed out. All others were held in these chambers until he was finished with them and then sold again. Usually, female slaves were kept here for breeding purposes as well as some of the fathers of the babies. After the slave mothers birthed 5 babies, they were sterilized and sold into the sex markets. A few of them have disappeared. Only twelve cells were occupied at this time. One woman and eleven men waited for the moment on the gallows when the innocent will pay for the guilty’s crimes.
He stood in front of the row of 12 and called for their attention. Each of them, own from birth, looked up bewildered. The female was even crying.
“You have failed me,” he said. “There was an opportunity to serve your master honorably and you have refused to do so. You are nothing to me now. You have been selected to show what type of punishment will be handed down to those who dishonor their owners. The regulators and police are here and they know what you have done. They care not for your story, all they care about is justice and honor. If you wish to redeem yourself in my eyes, then take the punishment as strong slaves. You do not cry or cower. You may be punished for these misdeeds you have bestowed on me but I will forgive you of your transgressions when you have proven your worth. Silence is what they are looking for and silence is what you are to give them.”
The woman had stopped crying and was rubbing herself. She was obviously aroused by his speech. He too was aroused but he didn’t pleasure himself not did he allow himself to be pleasured by her. She was going to die frustrated. He lead the regulators in and they took each slave individually out. Each of them hooded and ready for hanging.
The gallows had been set up in front of the factory. He didn’t allow his ‘innocent’ slaves to watch from the windows, but instead opted to have them watch the TVs that he had set up. They all watched as the twelve were escorted and lined up. The crowed were jeering at them and yelling slurs. Some even threw food and debris at the condemned. He watched with satisfaction as the slaves stood stoically, waiting for their punishment. Slaves had been known to get out of punishment by pleading with the crowd to have their innocents proven. These slaves knew better.
A noose was slipped over each of their heads and tightened. A regulator stood at the far end ready to pull the lever. At the signal of another regular at the other end, the lever was pulled. Down all twelve went, their necks snapping at the end of the rope. The TV screens cut out and began to play the usual music again. He looked around to the slaves in the factory. Many of them were crying and frightened. He picked up the microphone for the loud speakers.
“This is what happens to those who dishonor their master. Do not fail me again or it could be you up there with a rope around your neck. That crowd will never grant mercy to those who embarrass their masters as those twelve had done. They had dishonored me and they were punished for it.”
He put down the microphone and went back into his office. He heard his foreman bark at the other slaves to get to work as the door closed. Chelly was waiting patiently görükle escort bayan for him.
“I feel the urge to violate another virgin,” he said casually. Chelly, who had started to open his pants stopped and stood back up.
“Shall I finish or would you like to see the young ones now,” she asked. He weighed the options and decided.
“I want to hear the scream of a girl as I make her a woman. It’s best that you wait and get me the line up,” he said. She bowed slightly and left the room. He stroked his hard cock and waited for the slave girls to walk in.
A side door opened and he watched as four girls came in. Three had been in there before but the last one was new. Each of them were still young, but of age. Chelly came in last and instructed them to disrobe. Each of them were wearing pastel colored lingerie. He stood up, his cock standing at attention as he approached the four girls. He knew that one of them was about to turn 19. She was absolutely stunning but he promised her free father that she was to be sold back to him as a breeder.
The new one was of Asian descent. Her long hair had been died bright red and she was wearing baby pink. She was a medium breasted ‘child’ and her makeup had been expertly done. She excited him so much that when he slightly brushed her from behind, his cock throbbed excitedly. He pushed his face into her hair and breathed deep. It smelled like roses and cherries. Usually not a good mix but her natural scents brought them together in a seductive, goddess like way. He wound his arms around her waist and felt how soft her skin was. She shivered at his touch. Chelly took that as a sign and escorted the others from the room.
“Are you prepared to suffer for your master,” he whispered roughly into her ear.
“Yes,” she said. She wasn’t afraid. This was going to be fun. He spun her around so fast her hair flew back around and whipped her in the face. She lost her balance and fell to the floor.
“Are you prepared to suffer for you master,” he demanded loudly.
“Yes,” she said softer. She was clearly frightened.
“Get up,” he barked. She quickly got to her feet. He smacked her across the face which sent her back to the floor. He then straddled her as she started to get back up and grabbed her by the hair.
“I didn’t say get up again, did I,” he asked. He turned her around to face him and then dick slapped her a few times before he forced his cock into her mouth. He violated her mouth and throat roughly as he forced her head back and forth. She tried to suck but the violent nature of his motion was making it hard to suck. He used both hands to force his dick down her throat and she gagged a few times. Right as he was about to cum he pulled out and held himself.
She coughed and gasped for air as she fell to her hands and knees.
“I don’t think you’re as willing as you say you are,” he said grabbing her hair. She let out a little shriek as he pulled her to his desk. She was struggling now.
“Please, sir,” she said as he forced her down onto it. He flipped her over to her stomach and tore the bra off. She gave another shriek of pain as the fabric and elastic cut into her skin and then snapped her back. He could see her reflections in one of the mirrors in his office. She was crying and her lip was starting to bleed.
“How dare you escort görükle address me without request,” he said. He slammed her face into the desk. When he raised it back up, her nose was bleeding. “Be glad I don’t have my whip,” he said.
He ripped her panties off while she was still in a daze and forced three fingers into her ass. She let out another shriek and struggled to get away. He held onto her hair to keep her in place. She was so tight he was tempted to continue this torture longer and take her ass cherry first. He pulled his fingers out and shoved them into her mouth. She gagged and tried to pull away. When he was satisfied he pulled them out and put them into her vagina. She let out another shriek. She wasn’t wet but that didn’t matter. All he wanted was her virginity. He grabbed the lube and put a generous amount. He positioned himself and then rammed into her hard.
Her scream was ear splitting but he was used to that. He loved watching them suffer for his pleasure. It will be a while after he rapes her for her to like sex. In fact, many of the women he raped end up hating sex all together. He pounded her a few times before slowing it down. He loved feeling her struggle. He enjoyed the feeling of her tight cervix wrap around his wide cock. Going in and out felt glorious. With all of her struggling, it could be interpreted as her fucking back. She probably will not get pregnant due to the trauma, but she made the mistake of speaking out of turn. He might have been more kind to her in taking her virginity had she kept her mouth shut. As he was nearing his climax he began to quicken his pace. His hands moved from her head to her thighs. He rammed her two more times as stream after stream of hot semen filled her damaged vagina.
He pulled out of her and she slid off the table and collapsed to the floor. She was no longer crying. Her shallow breathing told him that she was about to pass out. He rang a bell and Chelly entered into the room.
“Get that whore out of here. When she comes too, sterilize her and sell her to the sex trade. She’s useless to me,” he said. Chelly looked alarmed.
“When you train them, remind them not to speak out of turn,” he said. She had a guard carry the girl out and returned to him. She wiped him down carefully with a warm cloth. His pants were ruined but he was satisfied. Chelly was gentle on him, kissing clean spots. He stirred again.
“Lean over the desk,” he said. She did what was instructed and he reached up her dress. She was panty-less, just like he liked it. His cock was hard again and he knew Chelly was tight. He reached into her vagina and felt how wet she was. He wasn’t surprised, she was always ready for him. He was gentle with her. His cock slid easily into her and a groan of pleasure came through her lips. He thrusted slowly as he teased her. She started to shiver and he knew she was about to cum. He waited for her orgasm to subside before moving to her ass. Again, she was tight. This time, he wasn’t so gentle. He never was with the ass. He pounded her several times before he came. This surprised him. He usually took longer.
Chelly finished cleaning him up and the excused herself to clean herself. Afterwards, he made sure the young girl was shipped off to the sex auction. Chelly was quick to explain to the others how not to anger the master. He dressed himself in the clothes that Chelly brought him and turned back to the window. He opened the shades and looked out on his property.

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