Nisan 30, 2021

The Deepest Taboo

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I peered above the rim of my sunglasses at the sunlight gleaming off of the water of my parents pool as I rubbed the baby oil on my flat, tight belly. I had just turned 19, and was a sophomore in college very near my childhood home. Most of my friends had gone away to universities out of town and or state. I chose to go here because this school still honored their athletic scholarship offer even after my gymnastics career was cut short by a major knee injury. Two years later, I still looked like a competitive gymnast, very muscular, flat, six packed abs and a rock solid ass. Mostly like a gymnast anyway, my wealthy parents had finally had enough of me whining about my bee sting, 32A cup breasts that had never developed, probably due to years of hard athletic training, and had gotten me breast implants for my high school graduation.

As I soaked in the sun, I rubbed more baby oil on the tops of my now full C cup breasts. I was getting impatient.

“Where the Hell is he?” I wondered aloud. I got up from the deck chair and walked into the house to see what was keeping my dad from our afternoon swim. I glanced at myself in the sliding glass door and checked myself out. 5’4″ tall, long dark hair, olive skin, and with my mixture of my mothers asian features, and my dads Irish blood, most considered me an “exotic beauty”. I was damn hot, if I do say so myself! I could not go anywhere without men of all ages checking me out. Of course, my new swimming suit accentuated all of my best features, a high cut, thong bottom exposed my firm, muscular asscheeks, and the front of the suit bottom clung to my bald pussy lips leaving hardly anything to the imagination, and the teeny top was barely there, enough to cover my nipples, barely. Ever since I had my implants, my nipples were always erect, and VERY sensitive.

I wrapped a towel around my waist and headed downstairs to the families home gym, Dad was kind of a prude, he was not a big fan of my new swimsuit that Mom had bought for me. “Jesus Christ, Gretchen! I can see everything!” Daddy had said when I tried it on in the store. My mom, who loved to show her own tight little body off, would have none of it and we proceeded to the check-out line.

I stopped at the door to the gym and watched my father. He was shirtless, wringed in sweat, and his huge muscles were reddened from the effort of his workout. My dad was only 39 years old. He and my mom were high school sweethearts and had my older sister, now 22, at a very early age. Mom was a year younger than dad, and looked like she could bahis firmaları pass for my sister. She had gotten her tits done when I had mine, but went for the big ‘D’s. Despite being a petite woman, her big, fake tits don’t give her a porn star look. My older sister looked more like her, and I favored my Daddy. My parents always joked that since they started so young, they would still have great life when we were all grown up, and did they, heck we, ever. Dad started an internet company while still in college and watched it grow into a multi-billion dollar corporation. He sold it 6 years ago, and while he never told me what he and mom were worth, he assured me that my children’s children would not have to work a day in their lives!

My dad had worked out all of his life, and you could sure tell. He was not body-builder huge, but at 6’3″ and 240lbs, he did look like a linebacker. With his reddish blond hair, square jaw and green eyes, he could have easily passed for a male model. When I peeked in at him, he was flat on his back doing bench presses. The only thing that you could hear was the clang of the weights and him grunting with the effort of lifting them. As he heaved the weight up time and again, his massive, sculpted pecs danced and bulged out from his ribcage. He must have seen me, because he put the weight down, “Hey, pumpkin!” he exclaimed, “I’m almost done here and we can have our swim!” He turned his back to me and as he did so, I could see every clearly defined muscle in his back and thighs.

“Hurry up, Dad,” I shouted, “We are burning daylight!”

I went back and laid by the pool and when my dad came out, he had showered and changed into some swim trunks that were not tight, per se, but were very form flattering, and I don’t know if it was the couple of wine coolers that I had drank waiting for him or what, but my eyes crawled over his body, and came to rest on the bulge in the front of his pants. “Jeez”, I thought, “He is huge!” I felt a stirring in my pussy thinking about it. My eyes caught his and I quickly looked away, embarrassed.

“Pumpkin, you are all red, too much sun?” He asked. I needed to get into that pool and quench the fires that were raging in my loins. My dad would die if he knew that I was checking out his ‘package’. “Gretchen, that suit! I’m glad that the neighbors can’t see this, old Mr. Willard’s heart would stop if he saw what a knockout you have become!” If you could imagine the picture, me in my suit with my nipples nearly straining the fabric to it’s breaking point, and my sex almost kaçak iddaa clearly defined in the thong bottoms that I had on, standing next to a man with a Greek God build. I was so turned on, even if it was my Daddy!

“Last one in is a rotten egg!” I squealed as we both dove into the pool at the same time. The water did not have the calming effect on me that I hoped that it would. My dad and I were alternating between swimming and horse play, and I kept stealing glances at his manhood. His shorts clung to him as he moved underwater, clearly defining his massive member. He is definitely the largest man I have even been near! I have had sex before, quite often, actually and still, of my half dozen or so lovers, not one came even close to measuring up to him.

We were both getting tired when I decided to tickle my Daddy, who was very sensitive, and my sister and I always loved to torture him. I got the desired effect, my dad erupted into gales of laughter and the water splashing/tickle fight was on! At one point, my body brushed up against his, did he have an erection? Everything seemed to stop abruptly as my dad stood still as a stone.

“What’s wrong, Daddy?” I was concerned.

“Uh, y-you lost something.” He stammered, seemingly transfixed on me. I rose to stand in the pool, which was about waist deep to me and I knew…my top had fallen off while we were wrestling around! Here I was, standing in front of my Daddy, my deep pink nipples tipping off my firm, round tits, and my dad was staring at them!! That same feeling came over me again, my pussy became wet in an instant and I had a hot flash. What was I doing? I took a couple of steps forward and pushed my tits right into his belly. I could feel his cock poking into me.

“Pumpkin…wha-” He started…

“SHH, Daddy, I could feel you dick while we were swimming, and I know that you were excited.” I pushed him back against the wall of the pool. He is so tall that the deck struck him at the top of his buttocks, and I could clearly see the amazing tent that he had in his swim trunks. The material was straining to contain that huge cock! I grabbed it through his shorts and felt the size, he spasmed as if he were cumming already. A groan was all that he could manage, and in one quick motion, I half lifted, half pushed him onto the side of the pool so that his legs were dangling off of the side and at the same time, pulled his shorts down to his knees. “Thwack!” His huge cock smacked against his lower belly as the massive penis was let loose from its constraints, and do I mean kaçak bahis massive! He had to have been every bit of 10″, and almost as much in girth. This was one long, thick cock! How in the Hell did Mom take this into her! She was a tiny woman, maybe all of 5′ and 90lbs, this thing should have torn her apart!

My pussy was throbbing and soaking wet as I reached up and grabbed the base of his man-meat and pointed it towards my face, not even thinking of the unholy taboo that was going on. I looked down at that beautiful cock, admiring the wide, mushroom shaped head and the thick veins that criss-crossed his manroot. His balls were like the rest of his nether region, completely hairless.

I moaned as I started to play with my juicy cunt while I lowered my hot, wet mouth down to him and enveloped his cockhead with my full lips. I took him down as far as I could, licking and sucking down then back up again.

“Oh, my God, Gretchen!” Daddy moaned, barely audible.

“Do you want me to stop?” I said, as my tongue darted out and flicked at his pre-cum that had oozed out of his penis.

I got my answer as his eyes rolled into the back of his head and his hand pushed on the back of my head, lowering me closer to his huge member. I lovingly paid attention to every area of his genitalia, licking and sucking his bald balls and running a finger over his puckered asshole.

I brought myself to orgasm as my mouth made love to my father’s rock hard cock.

“Your baby girl is coming!” I shouted. That must have set him off, for when I said that, his cock seemed to grow 2 inches and become harder than ever.

“Ngghhh……c, co…” Just then, my Daddy shot a huge, ropy tendril of white hot cum straight onto my chin. I began vigorously masturbating him, trying to catch his load in my mouth. He shot volley after volley of hot jizz out of his giant tool, most of which I caught and swallowed with glee. When he had stopped coming, I kept his penis in my mouth, sucking every last drop from deep in his balls until he shuddered and his rapidly deflating penis fell from my mouth and rested against his leg.

I leaned back and scooped the daddy-cum from my chin and cheeks into my mouth and rubbed his jism onto my tits.

“You took to long, and now we are going to be late to dinner,” I told him as he looked at me in awe. We were to meet my sister at the French Bistro for dinner later that evening. “You know how she hates to be late, Daddy, and besides, she will be very angry when she learns that I won our bet as to which one would get you first!”

The look on his face was utter shock.

“Daddy,” I grinned, “I am definitely sure that while Mom is out of town on business, Sis and I will keep you very, very busy!”

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