Nisan 30, 2021

The Dawn Chronicles Ch. 04

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The music blared from speakers scattered throughout the dark gymnasium, Dawn feeling the thump of the bass. It was the next evening and Dawn found herself on chaperone duty once more, this time for the start of school year dance for Sunfield Academy. She was watching the forms of the students dancing on the packed area of the gym that was designated as the dance floor. She smirked slightly as she caught another couple of glances thrown her way by some of the male students. The cougar was wearing a black dress; it wasn’t very short, coming down to above her knee, but it was form fitting, which of course meant that her magnificent tits were accentuated by the tight material. The top had a small zipper down the front and Dawn had left it unzipped by about an inch or two, with the result that you could see even more of the smooth skin of her tits where they curved down into the canyon that was her cleavage. The boys at the dance thought they were discreet, but Dawn had noticed every time one of them ogled her curvy body in the skin tight dress.

Just now, Dawn was standing making polite conversation with one of the other chaperones, another parent of a Sunfield student. The married man had been making what he thought were subtle flirtatious passes at her, but which actually had Dawn inwardly rolling her eyes and wondering when the dance would be over. As the man began saying something else, Dawn spotted a familiar male on the dance floor. Paul…but he wasn’t alone…in the flashes of light from the lighting effects Dawn saw a girl gyrating against him. Their faces were brushing each other here and there, their lips coming ever closer every several seconds. An unusual feeling surged through the milf. She puzzled at it for a moment and then realized, with some surprise, that it was jealousy…she was jealous of the girl Paul was dancing with!

“You know, this chaperoning is more tiring than I thought it would be…maybe we should get a drink after to re-charge if you -” The man who was talking to her stopped his proposition abruptly as Dawn started stalking away. “Dawn?”

“I’ll be back in a little bit.” She snapped in response, and she surged into the crowd of dancing students.

It only took her several seconds to reach Paul and his dance partner. She tapped them both on the shoulder when she arrived.

“Ahem. I hate to break up the dancing, but you guys looked like you were getting a little too close.” Dawn have a fake, sweet smile at the two students.

“We weren’t even doing anything!” The girl protested.

Dawn gave her an icy look. “Excuse me? I wasn’t aware I had asked for a debate. Given your attitude I’m half inclined to report you to the school on Monday morning and recommend a suspension. But I’ll give you a chance to apologize and walk away from the situation.”

The female student reddened and muttered a hasty apology before turning and disappearing into the crowd. Dawn turned her gaze to Paul, who looked angry.

“What was that for? We were having fun!”

“Yes Paul, and I’m sure I know exactly what type of fun you were trying to progress to.” Dawn replied evenly.

“So you’re my babysitter now?” He scoffed.

Dawn raises an eyebrow; she was surprised to hear Paul speaking to her with this type of tone. “I am here as a chaperone and it’s my job to uphold the rules.”

Paul lowered his voice so that his friend’s mom could barely hear it over the music. “Rules…you’re enforcing rules after what you probably did with Jason last night?”

“Oh and you are going to have an attitude with me now, young man? You didn’t seem to mind me not enforcing rules when we were in your car last night and I was milking a load from your cock with my mouth.” Dawn hissed at him.

Paul shivered slightly at her words and felt his cock begin to swell slightly, but he tried to suppress it. “Well thanks for the pity blowjob, Mrs. Phillips. But you can’t deny that this is now two days in a row you’ve prevented me from doing something with a girl in some way…first in not getting to fully be with you last night and now tonight with the girl I was dancing with.”

Dawn said nothing for a moment. Paul was normally such a sweet boy, so she was a bit caught off guard by his current abrasive attitude. Woman and teenager stared at each other for several seconds, a couple of the students dancing near them shot them curious glances. Then Dawn took a deep breath, in and out, to calm herself and spoke to her son’s friend.

“Look Paul, why don’t we step out of the dance for a second and just talk for a minute. Please?” She added the please at the end to try and calm the student down.

Paul appeared to debate for a second, and then gave Dawn a quiet “Alright.”

Paul followed his friend’s mom out of the gymnasium. Despite the fact that he was upset, his eyes couldn’t help but look her up and down as he trailed behind her. His pulse picked up a little bit as he stared at her hourglass shaped body in the form fitting dress. He thought they would just talk in the hall outside the gym, so he was surprised when Dawn kept walking. Turning right and then left and making her way to the boys’ bahis firmaları locker room. Out of her clutch she took a master key that the chaperones had been given and unlocked the door, pulling Paul inside and shutting the door, locking it behind them.

Dawn turned to find Paul with his back against the wall, facing her. He looked like he was waiting for her to speak.

“Paul, listen, I’m sorry about interrupting your dance…and I’m sorry for last night and that you didn’t get to be with me.”

Paul looked back at her and she saw his eyes give the briefest of glances at her tits where the zipper was straining not to go down even further. “Why…why’d you interrupt the dance anyway?”

“I…” Dawn paused, wondering if she should really admit the reason. Then she realized that any other answer would be seen by Paul as a bullshit excuse, so she answered honestly. “I was…I guess I was jealous.”

“Jealous?” Paul said, surprised.

“Yes Paul, jealous.” Dawn said, somewhat tersely, embarrassed at having to say it again.

“But why? How? You…you’re…you’re you. Why would a woman like you ever be jealous of some girl like that?” Paul asked, his eyes wide at the revelation.

“I can’t…I can’t really explain it fully, Paul. All I know is I felt it and it made me act rashly and for that I apologize.” Dawn said, looking into his eyes.

Silence stretch between them for several seconds. Then Paul spoke again, staring fixedly at the wall above Dawn’s head.

“I was jealous yesterday too. I was jealous of Jason.”

“I know.” Dawn whispered.

“I’m sorry Mrs. Phillips. I didn’t mean to snap at you or anything…it just came out because it had been building up since yesterday and it…it just…it just hurt thinking about you with somebody else.”

And there it was again, Dawn thought. That remarkable ability of Paul’s to make her feel so much for him without even really trying to. The teen was staring at the floor now. Dawn watched him, waiting for him to speak further, but suddenly she found she couldn’t wait for anything. She needed him, she had to have him. The cougar surged forward, her body pressing fully against the teenage male and pushing him back against the wall.

Paul began to give a sound of surprise, but was cut off by Dawn’s mouth which planted itself over his own. He felt her tongue shove its way into his mouth and heard her groan in lust as his own tongue instinctively responded. Dawn’s hands were tearing at his clothes, almost ripping his button down shirt open, undoing his belt and the button and zipper on his jeans. She writhed her body against him as she hungrily made out with the boy, emotions and lust driving her to want all of him, every inch of him.

She pushed him backward into the space between two rows of lockers where there was a bench, fighting to keep her mouth on his, not wanting to stop kissing him deeply. When her hands yanked his briefs down, letting his swollen cock spring free, Paul managed to break the kiss and gasp.

“Mrs. Phillips, what…here…”

“Paul baby I can’t wait. I need you so bad. I’ve needed you so much since that night at the camp. I can’t wait anymore!” Dawn moaned.

The cougar pushed her prey down onto the bench and quickly jumped into his lap. Paul moaned as he felt her panties, already soaked, grind against his hard shaft. Woman and boy gasped and moaned in pleasure and Dawn lifted her hips up slightly, dropping a hand to pull her panties to the side as she did so.

“Oh Mrs. Phillips.” She heard Paul whimper softly as the velvety folds of her pussy took his erection inside them for the second time.

Dawn slowly slid down the rock hard pole, her eyes closed, savoring the feeling. When she reached the bottom, her ass resting against Paul’s thighs and full balls, she opened her eyes to find him staring at her chest. She smiled down at him in understanding.

“I know what you want. The two things you’ve never been able to keep your eyes off of, even when you were younger and you’d be over at our house playing with Tim.” Dawn slid the zipper down the rest of the way, stretching the top of the dress to the side enough that her bare tits popped out; the tight material squeezed against them, making them bulge even more than usual into Paul’s face.

He groaned in appreciation as Dawn leaned forward and pressed her bosom into the teenager’s face. She loved smothering these horny, eager young guys with her huge tits and she let out soft little squeals as she felt Paul’s lips and tongue begin to go crazy on her breasts. The milf gave the young cock inside her an appreciative squeeze with her pussy, causing Paul to shudder as she coiled her legs around him. Dawn pulled his hands to her ass so that he could help her ride him and then she began to rock her hips.

She started slowly at first, feeling every inch of his tool inside her as she began gyrating, moaning as her clit rubbed against him. She heard Paul moan as well, her big tits stifling the noise somewhat, his hands squeezing her ass reflexively.

“Yessssss sweetie.” Dawn sighed contentedly as she began moving faster.

It didn’t kaçak iddaa take long for the busty cougar and her boy toy to settle into a rhythm. Dawn humped the teen cock, her eyes screwed up in pleasure, biting her lip as she felt the hard cock shove into her wet pussy again and again.

“Yesss harder! HARDER!” Dawn moaned.

Paul braced his feet against the floor, thrusting his hips upward to drive his throbbing teen cock into Sawn’s married cunt as she bounced and grinded on him.

“Paul! YES. Oh yes! YES BABY!” Dawn gasped, meeting his rapid thrusts, her huge tits slapping the boy in the face. She squeezed his cock again with her vaginal muscles.

“Mmmmfff ohh mmmpphhh wowwww!” She heard Paul moan, his voice muffled and smothered against her heaving breasts.

Dawn pulled Paul even tighter to her, completely covering his face in soft, spongy titflesh, feeling his young cock jerk and twitch inside her in response. She could feel Paul’s lips and tongue all over her, eventually latching onto one of her hard nipples and sucking hard and eagerly.

“Yes fuck yes Paul baby. Oh fuck yes sweetie suck my nipple it feels so good when you do that while I fuck you.” Dawn mewed down at him, her lips parted in a half smile half grimace of intense pleasure.

Paul was amazed at how fast his friend’s mom was pounding and bouncing her pussy on his cock. He tried to keep up with her thrusts. He could hear her grunting and gasping, panting as she rode him hard. He looked up over the steel of her giant tits just in time to see her eyes fly wide open. Almost simultaneously, her pussy clenched hard and tight on his bare teen cock.

“Paul oh fuck Paul! Baby! I’m cumming…I’m cumming so hard on you! Sweethearrtttt!!!” Dawn screamed, her cries echoing off the metal lockers and the tile floor of the boys’ locker room as she rode out her orgasm.

Paul could feel himself starting to get close, but he wasn’t quite at the edge yet. So he kept bucking his hips hard, thrusting his cock up into the milf’s spasming pussy. Not slowing down even as Dawn came down off her orgasm.

“Fuck…omigod ohhhh PAUL!” Dawn cried, caught somewhat off guard by the boy’s animalistic fucking. Her hands clung onto his shoulders as the cougar just held on for the ride, taking the pounding her boy toy was giving her.

As her body shook and bounced with the powerful thrusts of Paul’s erection, her eyes played across the lockers around them. As they did so, she locked on one specific locker. The name of her son was on it. Tim. Tim’s sports locker right there, just a couple feet away, while his horny best friend buried his cock over and over into her pussy and she kept her big soft tits pressing on his face. The thought was so naughty that it sent her suddenly over the edge again.

“Paul! Again! Cumminnggggg again! YES HONEY OH FUCK!” Dawn cried as the sudden orgasm overtook her. She faintly heard Paul groaning into her tits as her body shuddered against him.

Dawn was resting her head on his, gasping for breath as she recovered from the powerful second orgasm when she felt Paul slow nearly to a stop. She pulled back slightly, looking down into his face to see his brow furrowed and teeth clenched.

“Mrs. Phillips…so close…” Paul gasped, clearly trying to hold back.

Dawn smiled at him. “Do it sweetie. Do it inside me. Cum baby. It feels so right having you in me, having you pump me full of your thick young cum.”

“Ohhhh f-f-fuck.” The teenage male moaned as Dawn started rocking her hips on him again, making sure to periodically squeeze his hard shaft with her expert pussy.

Her arms and legs were still coiled around him, but she was pulled back slightly, looking down into Paul’s eyes, her huge tits right there on display for his hungry gaze as well.

“Oh baby you’re gonna do it aren’t you? I can feel your cock swelling. You’re gonna give me so much cum aren’t you baby?”

“Unnngggh.” Paul grunted, his body shaking. “Mrs. Phillips…I…”

“Yes sweetie what is it?” Dawn cooed softly, continuing to move her hips to hump his young cock.

“I…I…I love you!” The boy gasped.

Dawn’s eyes widened. Her cunt spasmed as a mixture of emotions and pleasure crashed over her.

“Paulie….oh Paul…oh baby…I love you too!” She cried, leaning forward to kiss him hard and deep, feeling his cock jerk, the first rope of teen cum shooting up into her milking pussy.

Dawn stayed there, making out with him, kissing him passionately as Paul grunted and groaned into her mouth while he emptied himself inside her. Afterward, she slid off him, feeling his cum dripping down her thighs which she used paper towels from the dispenser by the sink to wipe off. The two of them dressed in silence, Dawn feeling awkward for some reason after their exchange of the L word during their coupling.

As she positioned her full chest in the cups of her dress, she noticed Paul staring again. She chuckled softly.

“Still can’t get enough, huh?” She checked her watch. “It’s too bad the dance is about to end so we can’t do more…we need to get back before people notice were gone, Paul.”

The kaçak bahis high schooler nodded, still staring at her. Dawn checked her phone, seeing a text from her son Tim asking her where she was with the car since she was driving him home.

“I meant it you know.” Paul said quietly?

“Hmm?” Dawn said, looking up from her phone.

“I meant it. I love you Mrs. Phillips.”

“Honey…” Dawn said, trying to think of what to say. “I know you do. But I’m old enough to be your mother obviously. Everyone feels strongly about the person who they lose their virginity to, that’s normal, but one day you’re going to find a girl your own age to love.”

“It’s not that at all. Are you saying you didn’t mean it when you said it to me?”

“Paul…I…of course I meant it, but there’s nothing that can be done about that because there can’t be something like that between us.”

The teen frowned, looking morose as they walked to the door and Dawn unlocked it. “I really do love you a lot, Mrs. Phillips.”

Dawn smiled and kissed him tenderly in response.

“Please say it. Please say it again.” Paul begged her.

The two of them locked eyes, Dawn hesitated for a brief moment and then said, “I love you too, Paul.”

They split up in the hallway, not wanting students coming out of the gymnasium after the end of the dance to see them walking together and wonder about it. Dawn saw the girl Paul had been dancing with walk up to him in the crowd. She seemed to be asking him something, but Paul didn’t look like he was paying very much attention.

“There you are mom! The dance ended like 15 minutes ago I was trying to find you.” Her son Tim said, walking up to her and looking slightly annoyed.

“Sorry Tim honey. Had to help one of the chaperones with something.” Dawn replied.

“Gotcha. Well can we go home now?”

Dawn nodded to her son and they headed to the car. Tim slid into the passenger seat as Dawn got behind the wheel. As her son played with his phone Dawn looked at her reflection in the rearview mirror and Tim heard her mumble something.

“What mom?”

“Nothing. Just talking to myself.” Dawn said and started the car.

The words she had said which her son hadn’t heard were “You’re such an idiot, Dawn.” She had chastised herself for telling Paul she loved him. She couldn’t be saying things like that to her son’s friend! She was married…sex was one thing, but things like emotions, falling in love? Those had to be off the table for her. And that wasn’t even mentioning how terrible it was to play with Paul’s emotions by saying she loved him when it couldn’t be anything more; the poor kid. Her mind spun with confusing and conflicting emotions as they pulled out of the school’s parking lot and onto the road. As she drove herself and Tim home, Dawn shook her head in the dark interior of the sedan and silently cursed herself again.


Two and a half months later…Thanksgiving break and the extended family is coming to town as Dawn stood in the kitchen getting some things ready. Inside she was struggling. Things had been so busy and all of he boys had gone away for the Thanksgiving break that she hadn’t had a chance to be with any of them for over a week now. Since the dance, she had been fucking Paul, Jeremy, and Sam periodically whenever the opportunity presented itself (although she of course had kept this a secret from Paul who continued to profess his love to her from time to time during their emotional fucking and the moments following). Now she was on this dry spell and her horniness was driving her absolutely crazy, and of course her husband wasn’t going to be able to satiate her appetite. Dawn finished chopping some vegetable as she heard cars pulling into the driveway outside…….

Conor took off his headphones as the car ground to a halt outside the Phillips family home. He saw his mom wave out the front passenger window to his uncle Chris, whose family had happened to pull into the driveway next to them at the same time. It had been a pretty long drive for Conor’s family, coming all the way to his Aunt Dawn’s house for Thanksgiving. He was happy the trip was over, especially since it meant he was no longer stuck in the backseat with his little sister.

As he stepped out of his family’s SUV his mom called out to him. “Conor go help your cousin bring in some of the stuff they brought.”

Conor scowled briefly and walked over to where his sousing Jason, uncle Chris’s son, was unloading some foodstuffs and alcohol from the trunk of his own family’s car. Jason was a sophomore lacrosse player at a major Division 1 university. Solidly built, tall, with good looks, he had always been popular growing up and Conor had always been slightly jealous of Jason’s prowess with the ladies. Not that Conor was a total non-factor in a female’s mind, but his attractiveness had been a pretty recent development. He had been one of those kids that starts out pretty awkward looking and takes awhile to grow into his own face and body. As such, when he was in middle school and early on in high school, girls hadn’t paid much attention to him, with the result that now that he was becoming a bit taller and more handsome himself, Conor had no idea what to do when a girl flirted with him or expressed interest (that is, if he even noticed, which half the time he didn’t due to his naïveté).

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