Mayıs 25, 2021

The Creepy Landlord

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A big thank you to Tahrima Begum for co-writing this story. Please read her stories and send her feedback as she is very talented and we want to see more stories from her.


Samera at the age of 24 had lived through things most people will never experience. She was married at the age of 18 and moved to London from Lucknow, India. She did not speak any English and only picked up enough to get by the age of 24. She spoke with a heavy accent and broken English.

Her marriage was not a happy one. Her husband was meant to be her prince charming but he turned out to be a tyrant. He did not care about her and only married her to appease his mother. Her mother in law desperately wanted a grandson and twice she was pregnant with a boy but miscarried. The third time she was pregnant she had a daughter and that was when her mother in law kicked her out. She was seen as damaged goods. A woman that was cursed and who could never deliver a son.

Samera had no option but to join a women’s shelter as she found herself homeless. She hated it in the shelter as it had drug addicts and a lot of white women and she did not quite fit in with her broken English. She had always been deeply religious and always wore the hijab and dressed in loose clothing.

She began to pick up shifts as a cleaner as it was all she was qualified to do. She managed to save enough to rent a house but whatever she looked they requested a deposit that was twice as much as she could gather.

She kept searching and searching as she wanted to be somewhere stable so she could try and get her daughter back from her godforsaken mother in law.

She found a property on the outskirts of London but it was a rented room in a house. She arranged a viewing with the Landlord, Graham.

Graham was now in his mid late 50’s and had been able to retire as he had a few investments that worked out for him. His wife divorced him 12 months ago and his large house felt emptier than it usually did. As he was on a fixed pension he thought he would supplement his income with some rent for the room. He also wanted company and would prefer a female tenant.

Graham received a call from Samera Khan even though usually he would not think of renting to a foreigner he heard the desperation in her voice and he liked the idea of playing a white knight.

At first sight Graham could not take his eyes off her. She stood around 5 foot 3 and he towered over her. She wore a hijab and traditional clothing but what caught Graham’s eye was her tits and ass. Samera had an ample bosom and was still lactating after giving birth. She would stuff her bra with tissues to prevent them from being saturated with milk but it only caused her breasts to seem bigger. She was a 34E. She kept in good shape as her job was physically demanding. She worked a 10 hour night shift, 6 nights a week.

Graham had shown her the room and the facilities and they were stood by the door.

“Mr. Graham. I like the room very much.” She said in her broken English.

“Good. Do you have the money for the deposit and when do you want to move in?” Asked Graham as he ogled her breasts.

“The deposit a little problem for me,” she said still in broken English.

“I am sorry but you have to give the full deposit. I don’t want any troublemakers.” He said thinking he had wasted his time.

“No Mr. Graham. I not do trouble. Please Mr. Graham I live women shelter but people always steal my things. I have not much money.” She said as she broke down crying.

The white knight within Graham was calling out to him and he invited Samera to sit down to talk. She explained her husband kicked her out and she was forced to live in the shelter but she was desperate to move out so she could get back her daughter.

“How much do you have for a deposit?” Graham asked and she told him what she could afford. Graham accepted and told her she could move in when she was ready.

It was a couple of days before she moved in. Graham helped her settle in and gave her a set of keys. Graham noticed that her pattern was simple and she would go to work and sleep.

There was something about her that was driving Graham’s dark side out. He had a spare key to her room and he would sneak in to her room when she was at work. He would rifle through her intimate items such as panties and bras. He loved finding her used panties and sniffing them as he masturbated on her bed before cumming in her panties. He would place them back in her pile of laundry. His obsession with Samera began to grow and he would stand outside the shower door as she showered thinking about the water running over her naked body. He was constantly hard at the sight of her. One of the reasons that his marriage ended was that his wife could not keep up with his sexual appetite.

Samera worked night shifts and slept during the day. She did not have any social life and Graham began to take more of an interest in her. It had been 2 months and illegal bahis Graham thought it would be a good idea if he prepared meals for her before and after work. Graham had a lot of time on his hands now that he was retired. He attended a dance class 3 times a week which he began as a way to get over his divorce but now simply enjoyed so that he would get the chance to feel a young woman.

Graham’s obsession with Samera was growing and he had picked up a small discrete spy camera that he installed in the shower. While Samera was working the night shift Graham would watch the video of Samera in the shower on her bed. He loved being surrounded by her scent and her things. He would sniff her used panties while masturbating into a fresh pair of panties. He would return the fresh panties to her cupboard and check if she had worn the cum stained panties.

He had a twisted pleasure knowing she was wearing panties covered in his cum. To his surprise she had not seemed to have noticed.

Graham began to cook meals for Samera as a way of getting her to spend more time with him. She was surprised he would do this for her.

“Mr. Graham. You do not need to. I cook.” She said.

“Don’t worry about it dear. You have been working so hard and there is no one to look after you. How is your job?” He said.

“Job going good. The girls are very nice.” She told him.

“Have you spoken to a lawyer about your daughter?” Graham asked as her mood went low.

“Lawyer ask too much money.” She said to him, her eyes started to tear up before eventually started to flow down her cheeks like a waterfall. Graham went over to her and put his arm around her shoulder. It was the first time a man that was not her husband had touched her so she was a little tense but she needed support as she felt lost and alone.

Her family was back in India and they had not spoken to her since her marriage. She had always felt like a burden to them and they were happy to unload it. Plus they wouldn’t be able to help her; it wasn’t like they had the financial means to do so. She had a few distant relatives in England, but they lived up north and like everyone else they didn’t care either. So it was refreshing to have someone who seemed to care about her on a basic human level.

“I know a lawyer and she will help you,” offered Graham. Samera stopped sobbing, wiping away the tears before looking up at him with grateful eyes. She was overcome with emotions and hugged him; she knew such physical contact was forbidden but the kindness Graham was showing her filled her with such emotions, that she just had to hug him. Graham did not miss this opportunity to touch her breasts before lowering his hands to her lower back. His thoughts and actions were not pure and nice as they may have seemed to Samera. Graham was playing a game, preying on her sadness and loneliness.

He subtly ran his hands over her ass before returning them to a natural position. She did not seem to notice or mind where Graham’s hands went but he did not want to push her too far and scare away. She was a fragile creature and he wanted to open her up. He knew he would have to be patient and that he was playing the long game. Samera was blushing after they had finished hugging, she could smell his musky scent on her.

She didn’t understand why she was blushing, but it felt good to be embraced like that. After the hug something within Samera changed, she started to become more comfortable around Graham; the way she dressed around him reflected that. When she first moved in she had her hijab done tightly round her head, and wore traditional abaya’s. Only taking those off in the privacy of her room.

She started to wear her hijab in a looser manner, where her hair and neck was visible. She started to wear salwar kameez rather than abaya’s around the house. They were far more revealing than her abaya, yet maintained an illusion of being conservative. Samera justified this change in her by telling herself that Graham was like a father figure to her and that he was looking after her in a way no one had before. Plus it was tiring and rather restrictive to have her hijab on properly and her abaya for so long every day. This did not go unnoticed by Graham, who had most definitely seen the change in her. The tantalizing peek at her hair under her loose head scarf had him imagining pulling on it whilst taking her from the back, the peek at her smooth neck had him dreaming of planting kisses up and down it.

His obsession only continued to grow; his lust was at a uncontrollable level. They would hug more often now, mostly before going to bed. The hugs would last longer than most normal hugs, Graham’s hands roamed freely over her body during these hugs, feeling up as much as possible. She never seemed to stop him or realize, and a few times he was tempted to just take her on the spot. But he always managed to resist, even he didn’t know how he managed that.

On the one day Samera was free she illegal bahis siteleri woke up early and met Graham in the kitchen. She was still tired and only had a few hours sleep but she was so grateful to Graham.

“I cook for you today Mr. Graham. Please sit.” She said as she took over the kitchen. She found what she needed in the kitchen and cooked some traditional dishes that Graham had never tasted before. Her face was plastered with a smile.

“You are amazing Samera. Thank you so much.” Graham said as Samera went a little shy at the compliments.

“Sir thank you. Lawyer called. She said no problem with case.” She spoke with gratefulness in her eyes. This older white man had shown her more kindness than her own flesh and blood; she would be eternally indebted to him. She was overcome with emotions as came over and hugged Graham, something she had been doing with much more frequency. He once again took the opportunity to feel her curves and touch her breasts. He let his hands hang low just above her ass as she pressed her tits against her chest. He was struggling to contain his perversions by now.

“I am happy lawyer called. I was thinking today that you never go with friends or do fun things.” Graham asked.

“Mr. Graham, I have no friends.” She said.

“You know I felt a little like this after my divorce but then I took up dance classes. Do you want to join me?” Graham said as he thought about getting a firmer hold on her curves.

“Oh no Mr. Graham. I cannot dance in front of people. That is forbidden. I cannot do it in a class.” Samera said, thinking of the idea of dancing in front of a group strangers would make her feel uncomfortable, which was a far cry from her days before her marriage, before she moved to this country, she loved to dance especially at weddings, she was a ball of energy, a wild spirit but all of that had been zapped out of her due to her marriage, she had lost a lot more than just her daughter.

“Samera, am I your friend?” Graham asked.

“Yes. Friends.” Samera answered.

“What if I gave you a private lesson? It will be fun and you will not need to be in class.” Graham asked knowing exactly what he wanted from these lessons.

“Yes. Just me and just you?” She queried.

“Yes, just me and you. We can make space in the spare room.” Graham said.

“Ok. We do.” Agreed Samera, she was comfortable with that idea. Plus, it would be another way to spend time with Graham. It was true her life had become all about work, so a break from her usual pattern every week would be a nice change of pace. She quietened the voice in the back of her head that told her that this was still forbidden. Just because it was the two of them did not make any less sinful, she was still dancing with a man that was not her husband. That it was nothing like her younger days in Lucknow, where weddings were often segregated by gender, so she could cut loose with her friends.

Graham enjoyed how naive she was and he liked the idea of compromising her morals. She was already agreeing to do forbidden things. They arranged to practice on her day off. The first day Samera turned up wearing a abaya and her hijab, dressing far more conservatively than she normally did now days, a subconscious part of her thought that dressing in such a manner would counteract some of the sins that she may be guilty of. It was an illogical thought process but one she needed to do in order at least start the first session. Graham thought to himself that he was going to have to encourage her to change her dress sense over time he wanted to see her in much more daring things. She had a body that was too sexual to be covered like a nun.

He showed her a few simple warm up exercises and the first session was light and fun. She had a really good time and worked up a sweat. He on occasion brushed her hip or caressed her tits but it was nothing too perverted or risky. He wanted to change this over time. They had a good time and the dance lessons seemed to perk her up over the week. The next session Graham wanted to turn up the heat between them. He could sense there was a sexual need within her that needed to come out.

Graham showed her some hip exercises the following week. She was dresses in a salwar kameez and a hijab, so more of her body was on display but he still needed her to dress in a lewder way. At least she looked as lewd as she moved her hips in circular motions. Graham took every opportunity to hold her hips and direct her body as he imagined her riding him. He of course used it as an excuse to touch her ass and even brush her tits. She had an irresistible body and he desperately wanted his hands on it.

At one stage Graham was behind her trying to show her the hip movements and he placed his crotch against her ass as they both rotated in the circular motions.

“You are getting the hang of this,” commented Graham as he felt her ever so gently grind her ass against his cock. It was so subtle canlı bahis siteleri but, in that moment, he knew that the dancing was having the desired effect on her body. He then turned her around so that they were dancing crotch to crotch. She leaned her head against his shoulder.

“Is this good?” She asked her voice giving away her aroused state, she didn’t know what was coming over her but she couldn’t help but gently grind against him. At first, she did it because she felt a massive bulge against her ass, and she wanted to confirm if what she was feeling was real or she was imagining it. Of course, it turned out to be very real. Graham saw the smallest of tears in her traditional dress when a thought occurred to him. He pulled on the thread making the tear big enough that he could get two fingers in.

“Do you want to try a twirl?” He asked. She nodded her head as she was too aroused to speak. Unsure what was happening to her body. She had never been in such a sensual atmosphere before. When her husband had sex. He was unenthusiastic and robotic, took 2 minutes to pump in to her, getting what he needed giving her no pleasure at all. She had never experienced these kinds of sensations before. Every nerve in her body felt like it was on fire, that a jolt of electricity was running through her body.

As Graham twirled her, he kept a tight grip on the kameez from the tear. As she twirled back her whole kameez came apart and she was exposed in just her salwar and bra. Graham acted shocked even though he had planned this. Samera was so embarrassed she gathered her torn kameez and covered her body before she hurriedly made her way out to her bedroom

Samera did not know what had come over her. The dancing was making her feel things she has never felt before. Her body had never felt this excited in all her life. The light touches with Grahams the way he held her hip or his hand moved over ass or brushed her breast. She could not help but push back against his crotch as she wanted to know if the dancing had the same effect on him.

She knew it did when she felt his hard cock against her. She knew this was wrong but she also wished for more at the same time. Then her dress ripped apart and she felt so embarrassed. She knew it was not in good condition and had a tear but she did not expect it to rip apart at the seams. She was so embarrassed as she was naked before Graham and she felt his eyes on her.

Graham went to her door but he could hear her heavy breathing. She had clearly been aroused by the events but he wanted to play this right and not scare her away. He knew how fragile she was. After he heard her calm down, he knocked on the door and profusely apologized.

She came back to her room panting as she shut the door behind her. It was not simply due to the exercise, there was something that had got her passion going. She stripped out of her remaining clothes as she fell against the bed touching her body in the places that Graham had. She did not know why she was feeling these things and she could not understand her arousal for some unexplained reason she touched herself between her legs and was shocked to find her panties so wet. She balked at this discovery.

She was lying on the bed catching her breath when Graham knocked on her door. He was apologizing for ripping her dress but really, she felt it was her own fault. She hoped he did not want to stop the dancing now after she had made a spectacle of herself. But she was overjoyed when he had promised to buy her a new outfit for dance practice.

“Mr. Graham do not worry. I am also sorry for wearing wrong clothes to dancing.” She said not knowing the evil and perverted intent behind Graham.

That night Graham masturbated to Samera’s exposed body. The one thing that would not leave him was why she stuffed her bra with tissues. Was she trying to get his attention? They were big enough as it was. He came hard and only wished he had her panties to cum into.

She returned to her grueling work but she kept drifting off thinking of Graham. He certainly was not the most attractive. He was old, fat and ugly but he had something about him and he had been so good to her. That made him special to her. Her husband may have been good looking but he was the worst.

The girls were talking about their boyfriends and husbands when they turned to Samera. “What about your partner? What does he do?” They asked but Samera’s mind immediately thought of Graham as her man. She shook the thoughts from her head and told them she was divorced. But she wondered would he ever marry such an uneducated and immature woman? He was far too articulate and cultured for her she thought.

Little did she know that Graham had the panties she had soaked the day before across his face while he was wanking into another pair of her clean panties which she would end up wearing the next day. Graham was so horny for her and the next day he went out to buy her an outfit for the dance practice.

Graham thought about buying her a ballroom dress but thought it would be too much for practice. He picked out a short dress and pantyhose. It was a risky strategy as Samera was quite reserved but he thought he was enjoying the games.

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