Mayıs 25, 2021

The Cooking Lesson

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Another joint effort story with a fellow member, littlemissy05.

As the other ladies laughed, Sile looked in defeat at the charred attempt she had made on the grilled cheese sandwiches. The smoke detector on her dining room ceiling hanging open with the battery still in her hand Sile turned on the stove fan and headed over to open the window thinking to herself, “why did I even try.”

Sile had moved to California recently from her native home of Dublin, Ireland. It was a very bold move for her, but she felt she needed to get her life back in order after the disaster of a marriage she had just ended. At 36 Sile felt she needed a drastic change, she had married a man whom she had met while finishing her Nursing degree, hard to fathom, but, he was the first and only man she had ever slept with, they dated for a couple years and finally decided to marry. After 8 years of misery Sile finally decided that she had about all of his childishness she could handle and filed for divorce. The betrayal she felt from his constant affairs had finally sunk in enough that she made the decision to end her mental torture and move on with her life. A month after the divorce was final she received a letter from a Veteran’s Hospital in California accepting her resume and asking her out for phone interview. Though she had also put out resumes to many local facilities, this California job was something she thought would really work at getting her life on a better track.

The interview went very well, an offer was accepted and in just two weeks Sile thought, “my life will change.”

Sile really enjoyed her new job, and she was learning to navigate the new city, she had gotten a small apartment a couple blocks from the hospital and had made some casual friendships with many of her fellow nurses. Three of whom were her closest friends; Brenda, Gracie and Angie, who had adopted her into their tight circle with open arms. The four were like a sisterhood, and the ladies had taken the role of guides for Sile’s Americanization. They had a rotating weekend dinner at each of their homes, and so it was this that had brought them all to Sile’s tiny apartment that fateful evening.

“Oh shit!” Exclaimed Sile as she turned to her laughing friends. “I really thought this would be one food I could cook without burning, at least I have plenty of wine and cheese still.”

With that the ladies opened the third bottle of wine and giggled while they waited for the pizza delivery.

Filling the glasses with wine, Brenda said, “We gather for friendship not food.” Raising her glass in a toast, as they all join in and laugh.

“Well lucky thing we have our friendship, because the food was a big disaster.” Sile piped in, with agreeing nods for all.

As the ladies enjoy the pizza and start the fourth bottle of wine, Brenda speaks up, “hey, there is a fund raiser at the hospital tonight, why don’t we go and check it out?”

“Oh ya,” said Angie, “I hear that there will also be a silent auction for some wonderful items as well as a band with a dance floor.”

“Not to mention a hot Doctor or two,” said Gracie with a sigh.

“And food,” added Sile.

“I’ll call a cab,” Gracie stated, “let’s get ourselves primped up a bit.”

The cab dropped the four somewhat giddy if not quite inebriated ladies off at the hospital entrance, as they made their way up the walk Brenda noticed a catering truck parked in the loading zone. “Look ladies,” she exclaimed, “they went all out for this event, no hospital food tonight!”

As the four of them made their way through the lobby to the large conference room that was set up for the event, they laughed and giggled at each other’s attempts at jokes, all of them feeling a bit over relaxed and bawdy from the wine. Stepping through the doors to the conference room, Gracie said, “Wow, some of these Doctors really clean up pretty good.”

“Calm your hormones Gracie,” Brenda whispered, “we have to work with them every day. We aren’t here for a hookup, and you know Sile is still very fragile emotionally.”

As they entered a waiter came up to them with a tray of champagne, each taking a glass they headed toward the buffet table.

“Wow, this is some spread,” Sile said. “I don’t know where to start.”

As they picked up some plates an older man came up to them from the other side of the table. “Good evening ladies, please feel free to enjoy as much as you want, I or my staff will gladly answer any question you have, my name is David, I am the owner of the restaurant that prepared tonight’s feast.”

Looking over the spread, Brenda told him, “thank you David, it all looks wonderful, but if anyone has any questions it will be our friend Sile here, she is rather new to the country, and in truth a God awful cook.”

The ladies all turned toward Sile with a smile, nodding in unison.

“Yes I admit it,” said Sile, “I do have the ability to make many foods inedible, thank God for microwaves or I would probably starve.”

“Well dear ladies,” David said, “my Chef is here tonight, illegal bahis he is responsible for all of these dishes, and if you ladies would like, at the silent auction tables we have donated both meal vouchers for our restaurant and you Sile may have an interest in the private cooking lesson from Chef Paul that is also offered, please enjoy the food and music, and have a wonderful evening.” He then slid back behind the curtain to the prep area.

“Really David, do you have to advertise that cooking class?” Paul asked him as he put down his coffee cup. “You know I am still upset with your little trick.” At 57 Paul really did not feel like starting a teaching career.

“Oh come now Paul, you are a damn good chef, look at how well you have taught your crew,” David said, placing a hand on Paul’s shoulder.

“Different situations call for different actions,” Paul huffed as he placed his chef’s hat on his head. “I feel very comfortable teaching professional cooks, not teaching some silly housewife how to peel a damn potato.”

Stepping from behind the curtain, Paul put on a smile to greet the guests as they were filling their plates.

“Sile,” Brenda whispered, “look it is the chef. Let’s go talk to him, maybe he will give you some pointers.”

As Paul walks the buffet line, nodding and greeting the guests, he notices the four women looking his way and makes his way towards them.

“Good evening ladies,” Paul says with a smile, “do you have any questions about the food?”

“Oh no, not at all,” said Brenda, “we all work here and were just discussing the nice change from the normal hospital food we have each day. You have such a beautiful display, it is hard to choose what to try.”

“Thank you,” Paul said to her, “please ladies, feel free to try as much as you want, there is plenty of food.”

“Paul,” Angie said with a smile, “this is our friend Sile, she has recently moved to California from Ireland, she may have a question for you.”

As the ladies push Sile towards him.

“Hello,” says Sile in an embarrassed whisper, “a pleasure to meet you.” As she pushes back away from her friends.

“Well, it is my pleasure young lady,” Paul says with a slight nod. “Do you have a question about the food?”

“Well no, not really, it’s just so nice to see food displayed to wonderfully,” Sile said, as she dropped her eyes.

“Ok then, you ladies enjoy yourselves, I must re-stock some items,” Paul told them and stepped behind the curtain, thinking to himself, “cute little lass that one.”

The four ladies took their plates and found a table, as they sat another waiter appeared with more champagne, thanking him they sat and began to talk and laugh, teasing their shy friend Sile.

“Chef Paul kind of took a liking to you Sile,” Gracie said.

“Ya, maybe an older man is what you need,” Chimed in Brenda.

“Hush you two,” scolded Sile, downing her glass of champagne, “though he is kind of cute.”

The women ate and drank throughout the evening, talking and laughing with each other. Taking glances at the buffet table when ever Chef Paul would make an appearance. Each time, making sure to point out to Sile that he was there.

After eating they wandered the rows of auction tables, making a bid on this or that. Brenda came upon the bid sheet for the private cooking lessons being offered by Chef Paul, she picked up paper and took it around to Angie and Gracie. “Ladies,” she said with a grin, “lets pool our money for this, do we really want to chance another meal at Sile’s home? Besides, she did say she thought he was cute.”

The bid so far listed on the paper had reached $50.00, checking their purses they decided they would go for broke for their friend. Putting a bid of $300.00 down they were confident that they would win.

As Brenda wrote the bid and added Sile’s name, she said to the others, “think of it as a welcome to California present for Sile, as well as a benefit for our stomachs.”

Putting the bid sheet back on the table, Brenda re-joined her friends, they made their way around the room, enjoying the music and talking with friends and colleagues.

The music stopped and the Chief of Staff took the stage announcing the time for the winning bidders.

“Good evening ladies and gentlemen,” he said, “I would like to thank you all for attending and for all of the generous bids, as you know all items were donated so that our hospital can continue its support of our many veterans. First I must ask for a round of applause for David and his staff for providing the wonderful food for tonight, David please invite your staff to the stage.”

As David gathered his staff, Paul stayed back, “Paul,” said David, “come on up here with us, you are the one they want to see.”

Reluctantly and with a deep sigh Paul joins the staff as they walk towards the stage, slightly embarrassed at the sound of applause, Paul steps onto the stage and waves a hand towards his staff in acknowledgement. As Paul and his staff turn to leave the stage, David said, “Paul, please illegal bahis siteleri stay up here with us for a moment.”

Looking at David with a touch of contempt, Paul dismissed his staff and glared at David.

Taking the microphone David turns to the crowd and says, “ladies and gentlemen, I would like to personally thank my chef, Paul, for his time tonight, I can see that you all enjoyed his creations. Now before I return the microphone to your good Doctor, I would like to make the announcement on the winning bid for a personal cooking lesson so graciously donated by Paul, and let me tell you folks, the bidding far exceeded any expectations we held. As a matter of fact, out of the over 2oo items donated, this little gesture of Paul’s brought in the highest amount, a total of $500.00.”

Upon hearing this both Angie and Gracie let a slight frown cross their lips, but Brenda on the other hand was all smiles, knowing that she upped the ante with her own cash.

“So Paul, it looks like you have a very eager student for your services, again, I thank you for myself and I am sure the hospital thanks you as well,” David continued, “when the winning bidder of a private cooking lesson from chef Paul is, Sile. Please come forward to claim your prize.”

At hearing her name announced, Sile’s eyes as well as her mouth shot open, with prods from her friends, and applause from the audience she slowly stood looking first at her friends, then at the room full of people and finally up at the stage, where her and Paul’s eyes met, a smile coming to Paul’s face.

“Please,” said David, “young lady, please come up here.”

“I, um, well I don’t know,” Sile mumbled.

Her friends stood with her, pushing her toward the stage.

“Go Sile, it is our gift to you,” Brenda said, as they all nodded.

Sile went on stage, and was introduced to Paul, they then left the stage to make arrangements for the cooking class.

Walking toward her table, Paul pulled out her chair and said, “well it looks like your friends really want you to have a cooking class.”

They all nodded in agreement, as Sile sat there blushing.

“Are you free this weekend?” Paul asked Sile.

“Um, well, yes, I mean I think so,” Sile mumbled, “I am off on Sunday and Monday, if that fits into your schedule.”

“Then Sunday it is,” Paul stated with a chuckle, “don’t be nervous now, I seldom bite.” With that he handed her his business card, circling his cell phone number, handed to her and said, “call this number to give me directions and a time, don’t worry about anything else, I will bring all that we will need for your lesson.” Standing Paul said goodbye to the ladies, then taking Sile’s hand gave it a quick kiss and said, “at your service good lady.”

As Paul left the table, the ladies began to laugh and looking at Sile, who was still staring at her just kissed hand, began telling her how they had thought this a perfect welcoming gift and they hoped she liked it.

“Oh my, oh my,” Sile just repeated over and over, all the while just looking at her hand. “oh my, oh my, did you see that?” Sile questioned of her friends, then stated, “did you see him kiss my hand? Did you see him hold my chair for me? Oh my, he kissed my hand, did you see that, he kissed my hand.”

As the work week started for Sile her friends were there to greet her at the in the break room, “well have you called yet?” Brenda asked, to a chorus of ya did ya, did ya, from the other ladies.

“No, I have not, really it was only two nights ago.” Sile stated. “I plan on calling him tonight to set up our lesson, I am glad it is a week away, it gives my apartment time to air out from the smell of burnt cheese.”

Paul arrived at Sile’s tiny apartment promptly at 4pm, just as they had discussed on the phone. Bringing in his chef’s tools and the groceries on her small table. Looking at Sile Paul said, “well little lady, are you ready for a lesson?”

“Yes, I am ready, but I am a bit nervous. You see, I am in fact a very terrible cook, I do really think I am beyond help,” Sile said with a bit of embarrassment. “I wasn’t sure how to dress, I certainly do not have the full outfit like you are wearing.”

Paul looked at her petite frame in a light summer style skirt and blouse, noticing for the first time the reddish hair and green eyes. “You look fine,” he said, “actually you look very beautiful.”

Both blushed a little at this compliment.

“I did bring you a chef’s coat,” he said handing her a box. “I figured you for a small.”

Opening the box, Sile pulled out a neatly folded white jacket, holding it up she noticed that it was the same design as Paul’s, when she turned it around, there over the pocket was her name embroidered in the same lettering as Paul’s was, minus of course the title of Executive Chef.

“Oh my,” Sile squealed, “it has my name on it, I am going to go put it on right now.”

Returning to the kitchen after changing Sile stood there holding the front closed, “um, Paul, I don’t seem to understand these buttons,” canlı bahis siteleri she said. “they are like little cloth knots and there is another button on the inside.”

“Yes, they can be tricky the first time,” Paul said with a smile, “the inside button is to make sure the coat stays even, and the cloth buttons are called ‘frogs’, come here I will help you with it.”

Sile stepped up to Paul, looking up at his 6′ frame she felt so small next to him, her only being 5′. Paul looked down into her beautiful green eyes staring up at him, a twitch of desire shooting through his body. He kneeled down in front of her, on his knees so he could easily reach the buttons, as Paul reached for the inside button, his hand grazed the bare skin of her midriff. Sile’s body involuntarily shivered, she took in a sharp breath and felt the goose bumps form. Paul could smell the light aroma of her perfume, Sile’s hands released the hold she had on the jacket and it fell open revealing her light skin tone and a good portion of her bra covered breasts.

As Paul took in the beauty of her near nakedness, his eyes wandered down, seeing a tiny four leaf clover tattoo just above her belly button. Caught up in the moment, Paul leaned forward and gave the little tattoo a kiss.

“Oh god, yes,” Sile said as her hands came down to Paul’s head, holding him to her skin.

Paul opened the jacket fully, and pulled it from her shoulders, leaving her with only a bra covering her upper body, as he pulled the jacket free his hands came to the small of her back, pulling her body to him. Sile’s fingers raked through Paul’s hair as she felt his lips caressing her stomach, her body shivered as her tummy muscles tightened under his lips.

Reaching up Paul unclasped her bra, Sile shrugged her shoulders to let it fall to the ground, lifting his head away from her belly, Paul gazed at her small beautiful breasts, bringing his mouth to one nipple and then the other letting his tongue dance across them as they hardened.

“Oh my, oh my, yes Paul.” Sile was saying through panting breaths.

Paul stood and bent down, lifting Sile’s tiny body into his arms, lowering his face to hers, kissed her peach flavored lips. Sile wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing him back, opening her mouth to his exploring tongue. Paul carried her out of the kitchen down past the small bathroom to her bedroom, gently laying her on the bed, he bent once more to kiss her lips, then her chin and trailing kisses down her neck to her breasts. Sile, lay there, arms spread across the bed, her body shaking with overwhelming, yet confusing desire.

Paul was confused as well, he had never felt such desire for a woman, let alone ever considered that he would have a nearly naked woman in bed and not in the kitchen as they had planned.

As Paul’s mouth trailed lower, returning to that little clover tattoo that seemed to have started it all, he again kissed it, as he was kissing the little clover his hands reached down and grabbing both the skirt and panty bands, began to pull them slowly down. Unsure of where this sudden lust would lead them, he felt Sile lift her hips slightly allowing him to completely remove her remaining clothes. Her body was magnificent, Paul’s eyes gazed at the light reddish tuft of hair covering her pussy, he bent to lightly kiss it, breathing in the sweet smell of desire. As his tongue passed between her pussy lips, he tasted her sweetness, placing his mouth on her pussy he drank in the wetness that was coming from her. Sile’s head rolled back and forth as she started to moan, a gasp came from her lips as Paul stuck his tongue deep inside of her pussy, her hands grasping his head.”Oh my, oh my oh my,” was all she said as Paul’s tongue darted in and out of her pussy.

As Paul’s tongue danced in her pussy, his hand caressing her breasts, Sile began to moan and shake, her body fingers gripping Paul’s hair, she lifted her hips and ground her pussy into his face as she felt the waves of her orgasm building within. Releasing her breast, Paul’s hands were now under her butt, lifting her to his mouth, her hands clenched his hair as she felt her body release.

“Ohhhhh myyyyyy,” Sile groaned as she looked down at Paul’s head between her legs. Thrusting her hips up she released her body, her juices coating Paul’s tongue and face.

Sile’s body relaxed, lowering her hips back down on the bed, she only sighed, “oh my.”

As Paul lifted his face from her pussy, kissing his way back up to that little clover he said, “I never believed in four leaf clovers for luck, I think you may have changed my mind.”

“Oh my Paul,” Sile sighed, “no one has ever done that to me, oh my, but I do like it.”

“I don’t know what came over me Sile,” Paul said smiling at her, “your little clover just drew me to you.”

“If that’s the case,” Sile said, I may have to get another one. Is our lesson over?”

Standing, Paul reached for his pants and undid the button, “No, dear lady, I think we have some more work to do.”

As Paul removed his pants, Sile could see his harness in his shorts, crawling over, she reached for his briefs and yanked them down, his cock springing up at her. Wrapping her hand around it she gently stroked a few times, feeling his pre-cum drip onto her hands.

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