Mayıs 23, 2021

The Camping Trip Ch. 01

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This is another story about Matt and Ava, so if you like this you might like “The Mistake.” The events in this story take place before the events of “The Mistake.” Enjoy!

Ava had spent a week trying to figure out what to pack for this camping trip. She never knew just what kind of mood Matt would be in. They had been friends for so long, but sometimes things escalated beyond the “just friends” realm. Ava wasn’t sure just what to do about that. Since they had “company” for the trip Ava decided to tone things down a little, though not much, the other girl going was after Matt and Ava wasn’t about to let her guard down.

Matt was supposed to be loading the car, but he couldn’t stop thinking about Ava’s legs. Or rather, the way Ava’s legs looked in those short cutoffs and sheepskin boots when they camped. Something about that… He was regretting inviting Erica along on the trip. Erica was a mutual friend of both his and Ava’s, but Ava insisted she had a crush on him. Matt didn’t see it, besides; Erica just wasn’t Matt’s type. Ava was, but he was having trouble committing, what if their friendship was ruined by a relationship, he’d seen it happen to other couples.

Matt figured he’d just let things progress naturally, but he knew Ava was getting impatient. He put the last cooler full of beer in the car, the slammed the trunk shut. He headed out to Ava’s, Erica would meet them in the mountains after work, and he and Ava would have the entire afternoon to get comfortable by themselves. Matt was grateful for the time.

When Ava skipped out of her building, Matt grinned. She had two huge duffel bags. The girl could never decide what she wanted to wear. She wasn’t one of those high-maintenance girls who couldn’t enjoy camping without a hairdryer; she was the type that got hot and cold easily. All the layers and six different pairs of hiking boots for six different types of terrain were in those bags.

Ava wasn’t high-maintenance, Ava was prepared. It was one of the things Matt found sweetest about her. True to form she was wearing the sheepskin boots. At almost six feet tall Ava was built like a model, only curvier. Her legs were long illegal bahis and well toned. They met an ass most guys would die to touch. Her flat stomach sloped into generously curved hips and large, perky breasts. Her dark hair was swept away from her face in two long braids, and a sweatshirt bearing the name of his college was covering the luscious breasts he longed to grab, even there in the street.

“Hey Ace” he called “Got enough gear? It’s just two nights.”

“Shut up Moron. You’ll be happy I brought the first aid kit when you fall on your ass!”

Her smile was wide and her hazel eyes were so warm. “What am I waiting for?” Matt thought to himself. When he’d loaded her stuff into the already crammed trunk she was there waiting. She threw her arms around his neck. Even without perfume, she smelled fantastic. She kissed his lips softly in a friendly way. He couldn’t help himself then, he grabbed the back of her neck and forced her closer to him. Their tongues met as she kissed him back.

“Whoa there buddy,” she laughed pushing him away.

They got in the car and he shook off the lust and waited for his erection to disappear.

She looked at him with a smile and patted his knee, “We both got carried away, it’s ok.”

That was the great thing about Ava, if she said it was ok, it was ok. Nevertheless, he could smell the slight odor of arousal on her; he knew she’d been as turned on as he was.

As they drove to the mountains they chatted lightly about the campground, Ava made a few slightly catty remarks about Erica and Matt wondered aloud why Ava didn’t like her. He could see Ava’s usually warm, friendly eyes flash cold. Ava got along with people, and usually her sense about them was dead on.

“I just hate it that she pretends to be friends with me, when really all she wants is to get in your pants. She knows how things are with us, y’know, undecided, and she uses it to get vicarious information about you. She’s always grilling me about what you’re like…” Ava trailed off.

“In bed?” Matt finished.

“Yeah. It makes me mad. You two have a lot in common, maybe you want to date her… I don’t know.”

Matt illegal bahis siteleri took her hand and squeezed it. “I don’t want to date her” he stated clearly.

“But you don’t want to date me either” Ava thought to herself. They didn’t have time to get into it further, they were at the campsite. Matt jumped out and got a permit, the man at the station mentioned the possibility of rain, so they hurried to their site.

It was a beautiful spot, surrounded by trees on three sides, and backed up to a lake. It was suggested as one of the most romantic sites in the area, an irony not lost on the odd couple. They got the tent set up with the air mattress inside just as it began to rain. Ava scurried inside and sat on the bed while Matt grabbed the cooler. Ava shook her head from their makeshift bed

“Priorities.” He poked her then handed her an open beer, “I’ve got them straight, you were already in here in bed, now I’ve got the beer.”

She couldn’t keep a straight face; he just looked so damn cute.

“How long ’til Erica gets here?” she asked him.

He glanced at his watch; “She can’t leave ’til five and it’s a quarter ’til now, it was a long ride up here… Sooo I’d say we’ve got enough time for this.”

He took the bottle out of her hands and set it on the ground. He pulled her onto his lap and she straddled him easily. He’d already taken off his shoes so they were comfortable. Outside the rain made pitter-patterings on the roof of the tent. He looked at her beautifully constructed face and kissed her lips that were pouting, begging to be kissed.

Her mouth opened to him and he felt her whole body pulse towards his. He lay back on the bed and she moved with him. They were kissing harder and he pulled one of her braids to jerk her head back so he could lick her throat, biting and sucking ’til he reached her mouth again. She moaned as one of his hands moved between her legs. She rolled off him and he cradled her head in one arm, keeping her body close to him, but allowing him easier access to her body. He reached inside the short shorts very easily and rubbed her clit from outside a pair of very sexy white bikini briefs.

“What’s canlı bahis siteleri this Miss G-string?” he asked her.

“My camping panties” she said smiling wickedly.

He practically tore her shorts off to get a look at them. They were very small, but did indeed cover more than her usual lacy numbers, and they were pure white, except for the ever-dampening spot between her legs. He groaned to himself at the sight of it. Somehow, these innocent white panties were sexier at that moment than anything lacy ever could have been.

He bent between her legs and licked at the cotton covering her hardening clit. She moaned loudly. It sounded so sexy mixed with the sound of the rain outside, he was glad she hadn’t taken off the sheepskin boots. He pushed the small piece of fabric aside and slid one finger into her juicy pussy. He slid up her body and kissed her. Her eyes were full of need.

He slid another finger in her; she wrought fingers in his hair and demanded, “Fuck me. NOW.” How could he resist?

He pulled off his clothes hurriedly and when he turned back to her, she had taken off the rest of hers. Only the white panties and boots remained. He sucked at her nipples, fondling her large breasts, thankful to be able to fuck such a perfect girl.

He spread her legs and appreciated for a moment the opportunity to be able to screw her with those boots on. She had a mischievous look on her face.

“What?” he said, his cock was so hard now he barely could see, he was so overcome with lust for her.

“Rip them off; they came in a package of three for five bucks. Rip. Them. Off.”

He barely heard himself laugh as he ripped them off, his muscular arms making neat work of it. There it was, her beautiful, neatly groomed pussy. She wrapped her fingers around his neck as he slowly let the head of his cock push through the outer folds of her pussy. She was so wet it was easy to maneuver into her. He ran circles with the head around the rim of her hole before sinking into her.

They both moaned at the pleasure of him filling her up. He rocked in her and she matched his thrusts with her own. Soon he felt her pussy clamp around his dick hard, she was there. He came in her, her fingernails digging into his back. He kissed her again and again when it was over, and they almost fell asleep there together until Ava shot up and cried just one word:


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