Nisan 8, 2021

The Bucket List

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Of all the dumb things, it was a bread truck that changed my life. You know the ones; they restock the convenience gas stations and little stores. Five fifty in the morning, I had gotten my usual coffee and was pulling out from the drive through; I wasn’t looking and he was going way too fast for a parking lot.

I spent a couple of days in the hospital, and over a month in rehab making my leg work the way it used to. The ache was still there, but at least I could walk. He took out my entire driver door and I have news, when a delivery truck argues with a Ford Probe; the Probe loses.

I got hurt, but it was more than the physical shock; it was the realization of my own mortality; I mean it could have cost me my life; and that was what changed everything. It was the stark realization that the life it could have claimed; was about as boring and hum drum as you could get.

Lana Bay, forty-six year old nurse, single mother of two boys. Nice neighbor, nice friend, just all around NICE; and it all fit into one word…boring.

The month I spent off work recovering, I started one of those bucket lists; you know, all the things I had never done but wanted to before I got run over by a bread truck. The funny thing was, I wasn’t interested in cruises or much traveling; and climbing mountains or skydiving just wasn’t my thing.

Interestingly enough, a bucket list did kind of evolve out of it; but not quite the one I had originally thought of. The first thing that showed up on the list was not a surprise; it was to have a threesome. After all isn’t that the most common fantasy for people. Then, making love to a woman was added; the next thing I knew I had added anal sex; and no I’ve never tried it; and then sex in a public place.

It was sad to realize that fifty percent of women have had sex outdoors; and the only place I ever had sex was in a bed. Or that forty percent of women have tried anal sex by my age, and I never had. The worst was to think that the best I had experienced was six, maybe seven inches; while women at work raved about the ten inch dicks they had.

The problem was I had no idea how to fulfill a single thing on my list. I mean, what do you do make out a tinder name and then tell a guy, hey I want you to fuck my virgin ass.

So, I did the only thing a forty-six year old; stuck in the mud, soccer mom would do; I made a plan. First I needed to change the look, I figured. Let’s be real at five foot nine, a hundred and sixty pounds isn’t bad at my age. Then again I could see the wider hips and the start of a spare tire at my jean line in my mirror.

I started with just taking walks, and doing a little biking. I then branched into some yoga and aerobics; and by a month later I had dropped almost eight of those pounds

I swore to God my tits grew bigger, but I realized it was the image. When you put a set of 36D’s on a smaller frame, they naturally enlarge. That was the one thing I had always been proud of; tits that could turn a head.

I bought new clothes that would enhance my chest and my slimmer waist; and I have to admit it wasn’t looking bad in the mirror. I bleached my auburn hair blonde and had it styled a bit more modern. I had never been one for a lot of makeup, so I had to relearn that art; though it really wasn’t as difficult as I thought.

The new Lana was now ready; and I was still at square one. How does a single middle aged woman find cock; I mean I wasn’t about to prowl the bar scene; and dating online was an art I had never practiced. It wasn’t some online article or even my work colleagues who gave me the answer; it was my sons.

Kyle was now twenty-seven and Bryan was twenty-five. Both lived no more than ten miles from my house, but we had always respected the others privacy. Being at home alone now, had allowed my transformation to evolve basically in secret as far as they knew.

That changed when the doorbell buzzed Saturday and without thinking I answered it. I had been doing some exercises in the living room and was dressed in my work out clothes; which consisted of a tight sports bra and spandex shorts.

When I opened the door I was face to face with my six foot oldest son; Kyle turned just as the door opened.

“Hey mo…” his voice froze.

I just stood there in shock as my son took in every inch of the new me, and I do mean EVERY inch. His eyes went from my face to my chest down my belly and then back up, locking on my bra.

“Jesus” Kyle whispered.

“Is there a problem” I couldn’t help but ask.

“God no” Kyle breathed out. “You look…” his voice faltered.

“I look what” I asked.

I’ll be honest, after all the work; fishing for a compliment was not something beyond me. Even if it came from my son, I didn’t care; it was nice to see that hunger suddenly flare in his eyes as he all but drooled.

“You look…hot” Kyle said hesitantly.

For the first time I looked at my son as a man. Six foot and two hundred pounds, a prominent jaw; young chiseled chest; etlik escort and God help me a very enticing bulge now showing in his jeans. Maybe it was the frustration of how to start things, maybe it was just lonely hormones; but either way I wasn’t letting this go.

“That’s the idea” I said, looking him in the eyes.

“Well its working” Kyle said.

He finally snapped himself back, and walked past me into the house. I made a point of not moving, and felt the tips of my breasts brush against his arm as he passed. He glanced at me as we made contact, but I made no move.

Apparently I had forgotten that Kyle had offered to come over and fix my dishwasher; not that I was arguing as I followed that tight male ass into the kitchen. I got him what tools he needed from the garage, and as he started work I headed back to my mat in the living room.

This time I repositioned the mat so you could see it from the kitchen; and made sure a few of my poses and stretches were aimed straight at him. True to male form; I could see him trying to sneak glances at me as he worked. I admit that those wonderful butterflies were in full flight deep in my belly, and by the time I finished my workout, my spandex shorts were soaking wet.

Covered in a light sheen of sweat, I wandered through the dining room and stood on the other side of the island that separated the dining area from the kitchen. Kyle was finishing whatever he was doing and starting to gather his tools. He seemed to be moving strange; and it was when he turned that I realized why.

What had been enticing before; was beyond missing now. His jeans were filled with a thick hard tube; God how big is he, I thought. I didn’t even think about it, I am not sure at that moment my mind was even registering who he was. I slid one hand below the counter, slipping my fingers under the elastic of my spandex shorts.

I watched Kyle move around as my hand slid over my trimmed mound, and without a second thought, one slim finger pushed deep into my soaked gash. I stood there, watching his biceps, staring at that bulge; and all the while my finger pumped in and out of my dripping hole.

I don’t know if I thought he wouldn’t notice; hell I wasn’t really thinking by that point. But he did notice, and he knew what his perverted mother was doing. He slowly turned and looked at me as my one hand clutched the island.

“Are you masturbating” God that question shot straight through me.

“Yes” I could only gasp in reply.

“Are you going to cum” God he was so brazen about it.

“Yes” I panted as my belly started to knot.

I watched as Kyle walked over and stood across the island from me. As he reached up and pulled his t-shirt over his head, I couldn’t help myself. With a grunt I added a second finger, watching those pectorals come into view. He still wasn’t done, his hands slipped below the edge of the island where I couldn’t see them, but I could hear more clothes rustling.

I watched in amazement as he brought one hand up, laying a wad of spit into his palm. Then, reaching below the island edge, I heard the unmistakable sound of flesh on flesh. My eyes grew wide as I realized what he was doing.

“Are you…jerking off…?” I grunted.

“Yes” Kyle moaned back.

“Are you going to cum” it was my turn to ask.

“Yes” he moaned back.

“Cum…for mommy” God I was so debased.

“Oh fuck” Kyle groaned.

I could tell by his jerking body movements; and the grimace on his face that he was on the verge of a massive explosion. Reaching up my free hand, I jerked my sports bra up; my full breasts bouncing into view.

“Awww fuccckkkkk” Kyle moaned as his entire body went rigid.

I literally heard the splatter of his hot seed as it hit the wood of the island; the raw scent of his semen filling the room, I inhaled deeply; and exploded.

“Mommy is…cumming” I grunted as my body convulsed.

The two of us just stood there, only a couple of feet apart, separated by that island; shaking and quivering as our bodies found mutual release. God, it was one of the most intense orgasms of my life.

When I finally pulled my hand free it was coated in my hot juices; and my spandex shorts clung to my soaked thighs and pussy. I should have been in remorse and shock at what had happened, instead I felt the most intense sense of release.

Without a word, I turned and walked away; heading up the stairs and into my room. Closing the door behind me, I left Kyle to sort himself out and see himself to the door. I slid into the chair of the small desk I worked at and pulled a piece of paper closer. Holding my pen I crossed off the line near the top of the page marked mutual masturbation. At the bottom I wrote one word; incest. Maybe my bucket list did have hope, I thought.

Life had actually reverted back to normal after that Saturday. Neither Kyle nor I spoke of what happened, and I almost thought the incident was forgotten; until Bryan showed up on Tuesday.

I was out back in the yard weeding the flower etlik escort bayan bed, dressed in a pair of denim shorts and a halter top. Bryan came around the corner of the house and I just drank him in.

At twenty-five he was the fitter of the two actually; he had played both basketball and football in high school, so tended to be more in shape. I watched those broad chest muscles flex in his tight wife beater shirt, and felt a sudden dampness between my thighs. I could tell by the look on his face something was up. I mean, you give birth to them, you raise them, and then they think they can hide things when they can’t.

“What’s up sweetie” I asked as he walked over.

“Not much, I just wanted to see how you were doing” he looked a bit sheepish.

Right, just checking, I thought. I watched as his eyes barely left my tight halter. I hadn’t put a bra on underneath so I knew my nipples were straining at the thin fabric; and the fact this strapping young man was staring only made them stand out even further.

“So do I look like I’m doing OK” like his brother I couldn’t help but push a bit.

“Yeah, you look…good” he was hesitant in his answer.

“Just good” I couldn’t help the tease.

“You look hot as hell…sorry” he caught himself.

I rose and stepped closer, my breasts only inches from his chest. I could feel the heat from the sun on my skin; but there was another heat growing deeper inside.

“I take it you talked to Kyle” it wasn’t a question but more a statement.

“Yeah” he managed to get out.

I reached up and took his chin in my hand, raising his eyes up from my chest until they met mine. I could see that same hunger his brother had worn in the kitchen. I realized that if I truly wanted the things on my bucket list, part of this had to start with me.

“Bryan; from this moment on, I want you to tell me exactly what you want; and I mean exactly.” I told him.

“Show me your tits” my youngest son breathed out.

I felt an electric shock run through my body at his words. A man was commanding me; I thought of that piece of paper on my desk in my bedroom; reaching down I gripped the bottom of my halter and slowly pulled it off over my head.

“Holy shit” Bryan moaned as my 36D’s bounced into view.

I wasn’t hiding in a bedroom; I was standing in the middle of my lawn, in broad daylight; and nude from the waist up. I glanced down and could see the bulge forming in Bryan’s tight jeans, yep this was having the desired effect, I thought.

“Now what” I asked.

Bryan didn’t answer, instead he bent at the waist; not using his hands, and a hot mouth engulfed my entire right areole and nipple.

“Oh shit” I moaned as raw pleasure shot from my breast and deep into my gut.

I reached up and cupped the back of his head as he feasted on first one tit and then the other, leaving a wet trail of spit across my skin. His hands finally came up and cupped my heavy globes, kneading them gently.

“You better finish this young man” I hissed in his ear.

The next thing I knew I was flat on my back on a carpet of grass, my shorts sliding down my hips, pulling my panties down with the tight cloth.

“I’m your mother” I panted out my last defense.

“Like I give a shit” Bryan rumbled; and then that wonderful mouth descended between my thighs.

One thing I had added late to the list was oral sex; not because I had never had it; but because I never seemed to have it at the level so many others talked about. I had almost not put it on the list because I actually thought it was because I just wasn’t one who enjoyed that aspect of sex; but I added it because I wanted to explore it. God was I wrong.

The piercing scream I let loose when Bryan’s tongue slammed between my fat lips was the first indication of what I had been missing, and was about to experience.

Bryan was a pro, and I mean a true pussy professional. His tongue bathed both my lips, then slid deep inside as my ass rose from the grass. Between the heat of the sun on my skin, and the hot mouth between my thighs, my brain melted at that point.

“Fucking hell…eat me…eat your mothers’ cunt” I babbled like some whore.

Bryan did that, and so much more. He licked and sucked, nibbled and slurped; he did everything I had ever dreamed of as I lay on my lawn pouring cream out to coat his face. Reaching down I gripped his hair, and tugged his face up away. Looking down I could see my hot juices glisten in the sun on his face.

“Make me cum baby” I groaned. “Make me cum so goooo…AWWWW FFUUCCKKKK” I screamed.

Bryan slammed his face back between my thighs, his fat tongue driving even deeper; while his open mouth sucked my throbbing clit inside. I released his head and pounded clenched fists on the ground as my ass bounced; my eyes rolling back in sheer pleasure.

“Yes…yes…here it comes…oh MY GOD” I wailed as my orgasm barreled down on me.

“NNNAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” I bellowed as my gut exploded.

Hot cream gushed out, and I could escort etlik hear Bryan noisily slurping my cunt juices down his throat. As my belly flexed through wave after wave, I knew I would never settle for second rate oral ever again. Of all the men I knew, it took my twenty-five year old son to show me what oral sex was really about.

I collapsed back onto the grass as the after-glow tingled across my sun drenched skin. Good God, now THAT was an orgasm. What Bryan had just done with his mouth, had dwarfed anything I had ever known about sex period; forget just oral sex.

I felt Bryan’s body leave from between my thighs and my eyes fluttered open to watch him rise to his feet. I could still feel the trembles deep in my belly, my eyes dropped from his chest to that bulge in his jeans. This was my moment, my chance to scratch something off that damned list of my own choice. I scrambled to my knees on the soft grass; my hands almost ripping at the waist of his jeans to get them open before he pulled away.

He didn’t flop out in front of my face; God you can’t flop when you are ram rod stiff and standing like a steel pipe along your belly. I reached out and wrapped my hand around that thick stalk, pulling it downward until the fat head was level with my face.

My mouth opened and my head came forward; without a thought this was my son. What I WAS thinking, was this was the biggest cock I had ever held, fuck he had to be at least eight inches and thick. My only other thought was I had no intentions of stopping until I struck another mark off my bucket list, and that was to drink every drop from those heavy balls.

Sucking cock was never my greatest talent; honestly I was never wild about it. I did it because I knew it was expected and it was one sure way to get a guy hard fast for the final act.

As soon as my lips wrapped around Bryans’ shaft, pulling his engorged head into my mouth; I was lost. My nostrils flared at the scent of his sweat in the hot sun; and the taste, how do you describe the taste of cock. It was intoxicating as it covered my tongue and filled my mouth. I was halfway down his throbbing shaft feeling those thick veins pulse against my lips; when I reached around and laid one hand on his ass cheek.

I knew what was going to happen, and I was determined to get past it; and sure enough I wasn’t all the way down his length when that head bumped against the back of my throat, threatening to make me gag.

Taking a deep breath through my nose, smelling his sweat and sex; I willed my throat to relax. Digging my nails into his ass cheek, I jerked him forward. Every single inch suddenly drove down my throat; my nose bumping into the hair at the base.

“Oh fuck MOOOMMMMMM” I heard Bryan scream above me.

I had done it; I had performed the first deep throat of my life. There is a sense of pride and control when you suddenly realize you are the one making this man scream with pleasure. My lips slid up and down his length, as the back of my throat squeezed his sensitive head.

I don’t know how long I knelt there blowing my son; hearing his grunts and cries, I didn’t really care. I was outside in the hot sun, performing the most debasing sexual act I could think of, in broad daylight outside. It was wonderful, it was exhilarating; and I wanted one thing…his cum.

I pulled my lips back and clamped them around the crowned head, my tongue delving into his piss hole as his body shook and vibrated above me. One hand now pumped up and down his spit covered shaft, while my other hand cupped and massaged his full balls. I gave him every signal to let loose.

“Oh Christ…mom…oh fuck…I’m going to cum” Bryan panted above me.

“Mmmmmhmmmmmm” I hummed across the head of his cock.

I held still, waiting, feeling his cock throb again and again in my mouth. His entire body went rigid, and suddenly I felt the head of his cock jerk inside my mouth.


Hot sticky cum blasted against the back of my throat. I tried not to gag; I swore the jet was so strong it was going to come back out my nose. Desperately I focused on trying to swallow the thick load; I no more than got one swallow done, and a second blast pumped into my mouth.

Being my first time, I really didn’t know what to expect; would it be tart or sweet, how much would he have. I couldn’t tell you what the taste of a man’s cum compares to, nothing I think, it has a flavor all its own.

I do know that in that few moments, I knew this might be the first time; but nowhere near the last time that I would drink a man. I sucked every drop in, massaged his balls until they were drained, and I still wanted more.

“Holy fuck” Bryan groaned as he staggered back.

I knew I had to be quite the sight. Nude, kneeling in the middle of the yard, sweat and cum coating my body; I made the perfect vision of a mature slut; and I didn’t care.

I watched Bryan try to resnap his jeans, and then he stumbled across the yard and around the corner of the house towards the driveway. I gathered my discarded clothes and walked to the patio door. Should I have said anything, no I decided; this was exactly what I wanted. Anonymous hot sex had been the underlying core of my bucket list; and God help me I had just accomplished two in one stroke; I was not about to stop now.

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