Nisan 26, 2021

The Blue Life Ch. 09: Big Plans

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This is a work of fiction. All characters are 18+. The story involves themes of Incest, BDSM, Dominance/submission and bisexuality. If any of that offends you, just move on to the next story. Comments, Favorites, and Ratings are appreciated. Thanks.


Here’s the recap. My name is Robert McMillan. I’m a Senior at West State College, majoring in Math. I’m tall, muscular, squared jawed and quiet. My mother, Marjorie, is trim, toned and has a firm, round ass, and full, medium sized breasts, that have not yet begun to sag, despite her forty-three years. My father is forty-four. He’s the same height as my mother, about 5’9″ tall. He’s very thin, with a lithe, graceful, dancer’s build. He has beautifully handsome, Nordic, androgynous features. He’s very blonde, with almost white hair. Our family has an incestuous relationship involving Dominance and submission. I had been Master of the House for months, with both my mother and father as sexual submissives. But big changes have happened over the last two days. Mom and I discovered Dad has multiple personalities, or at least one, distinct alternate personality: the captivating, and winsome Jillian! My mother and I have switched power roles as well. I’ve offered her my submission, and she accepted. This will take some getting used to, because my mother’s idea of BDSM and mine can be quite different.

“OK,” my mother said, “we need to get a few more things done today.”

“Mistress Blue, both Red and I are fully erect?” It was a question. But I was also stating the obvious. My sweat pants were down around my thighs, and my six and a half inch, thick cock was at full military salute. My father’s slender, curved 5 inch cock was also hard and leaking a bit of pre-cum. I licked my lips, because his cock had just been in my mouth.

“Yes, boys,” my mother waved at us both, “you had better put those away for now. You might get a chance to use them later.” My father pulled up his thong and adjusted it over his cock. The red lycra stretched. It was an erotic sight.

I complained, “But just a few seconds ago, you offered Red the chance to cum in my mouth or even take my ass! Are you just going to leave us like this? Are you punishing, Red?”

My mother slipped her bra back on. She gave me a peck on the lips and one for my father. “No. I’m not mad. But Red needs to learn to be decisive. If I give Red a choice, he needs to choose for himself, not wonder what I want him to choose or what you want him to choose.”

I pulled my sweatpants back up. “Yes, Mistress.”

“Thank you for this lesson, Mommy,” my Dad said, “so, what more needs to be done? We already have a tentative schedule for Jillian’s visits. We’ve called my brother, and I won’t be seeing him again.”

“How do you feel about that, Red?” I put an arm around my father’s shoulders, trying to be supportive.

My Dad hugged me in return, and rested his head on my shoulder and chest. “Mostly relieved. But, I’m also ashamed that I couldn’t stand up to him without your mother’s help. And I’m ashamed that I couldn’t or didn’t do anything about Nick for so long.”

I kissed the top of my father’s head. “It’s OK, Dad. You did great. And we can move on from here.”

“Speaking of moving on,” my mother clapped her palms together, and then rubbed them, like we were about to get down to business.. Red, toss me my Pink Robe and then go put on a pair of jogging shorts. Pony-Boy, get the measuring tape and laptop.”

My Dad tossed my mother her short, pink robe and then jogged out of the room. He was either very eager to please his Mistress, or very eager to put on some pants! I went and got the tape measure.

“Good,” my mother was directing, “Use the tape measure and measure around my chest, right at the base of my bra.”

I measured. “Thirty three and three quarter inches. Do you want me to write that down, Mom?”

“Um. Yes. Open a note page on the computer. Or, Red, do you want to jot this down on a notepad?”

My father said, “I’ll get a pad and pen. This will go faster if one person is measuring and the other is taking notes.”

“OK. Now measure around my breasts, right at the nipple,” my mother instructed.

“That’s uh, about thirty-seven inches,” I said.

“That means I’ve got on the right bra size. I used to wear a 36 B. Maybe I was trying to flatten my chest. Maybe I just didn’t know what size I was. But, Bobby, you had me go get fitted at that Luxury Boutique. And I found out I had been wearing the wrong size for ages.”

“Your tits look amazing, Mistress Blue. Even better than they used to look. It’s like you got a boob-job or something.”

“Do you think I need a boob-job? I could make them bigger.” My mother scowled.

“No, Mommy,” my father blurted, “Your breasts are perfect. Perfect!”

“I’m especially glad you like them, Baby-Boy.” She smiled. “It’s a wonder what the right fitting bra can do for a girl. OK. Now, hand me the measuring tape. So I can measure your father. Arms up, Andrew.” Mom wrapped the tape around bahis firmaları Dad’s chest. “Thirty-five and a quarter.” Mom gave Dad a quick peck on the lips. “What size tits do you think Jillian will want?”

My father looked confused. “Uhm. Shouldn’t you ask Jillian? I mean, I don’t know.”

“I think Jillian’s new body should be a gift from all of us. If Jillian is unhappy, we can get something else. But, what do you think would please her, Andrew?”

“I’m not used to thinking about what Jillian would want,” my Dad said. Jillian is actually my father too. She is a sub-personality. She doesn’t share my father’s memories, or at least not all of them.

My mother was emphatic, “Get used to it, Red!”

“You’re a C-cup. So maybe a C? But my chest is a little bigger than yours. Maybe if we got Jillian a B-Cup, you and Jillian could share dresses and clothes more easily.”

“Now you’re thinking, Baby Boy!” Mom gave Dad a passionate kiss and squeezed his cock through his shorts. My father groaned. She turned to me. “Pony-Boy, you said that it would be easy finding Jillian some breasts on the Internet. Prove it!”

I swallowed. I really hadn’t done any research. I just know that if you want to find something to buy, somebody is selling it somewhere on the Internet. I searched, “Fake Breasts for Cross-dressers.” I came up with a bunch of sites, and we began exploring. Mom asked me what I would like to see or feel on Jillian, but she mostly asked Dad.

We selected several different styles of prosthetic breast. There was an expensive silicone set (more than $150), but not a premium set costing near a grand. We also got a foam pair for sleeping, and some “chicken cutlets” for sliding into bras. Those seemed lighter, and didn’t have nipples. But they might make wearing certain outfits easier. We also got some “Pocket Bras,” for the breast forms to slide into. Once we hit on this idea, we found some Pocketed Swimwear and Pocketed Lingerie.

Then, we went wig shopping.. After searching several sites, we decided on a long, natural hair wig in a similar color to Mom’s hair. Mom said that she would take Jillian to a Beauty Parlor and get the wig styled, if Jillian wanted a shorter cut, or a hairstyle that would match Mom’s.

During our shopping, Dad began to excitedly pace. He was nervous, but also eager. He kept looking at my mother and me for approval or some sign of rejection. We were having fun. Mom and I kept saying how good Jillian was going to look. And wouldn’t she be excited to have all this new stuff. Mom thought about wrapping each item up in gift bags and wrapping paper and having a Celebration Party with Jillian.

My father said, “We’ve spent more than three thousand dollars on things for Jillian!”

“It’s exciting, isn’t it, Baby Boy!”

“Yes, but I can’t believe that you both want to do this for her…for me. I mean. I’m very happy that you don’t think I’m a freak.”

I paused. I was sitting on the couch. The laptop was one the coffee table in front of me. Mom was sitting next to me on the couch. And Dad was pacing behind us. I turned to look at Dad. I noticed that his pupils were dilated. He was flushed. And he had an erection tenting his nylon running shorts. I said, “Dad, slow down a second. Come over here. No, closer. This shopping for Jillian has you very excited.”

My Dad was flustered. “Why-yes, I mean-I want her to be happy,” he stammered.

My mother who had been looking at the computer while we were shopping, noticed what I had noticed. She got up from the couch and walked around next to Dad. “It’s more than that, Baby Boy. Your cock is rock hard.”

My Dad’s face turned bright red. He was embarrassed. “Well, we’ve been looking at pictures of ladies in lingerie and bikinis. It’s all very exciting.”

My mother whispered in his ear, “That’s not the real reason, Baby Boy.”

“Yes, it is, Mommy,” my father insisted.

“Red,” I said, using my father’s submissive name, “drop your shorts, and your thong too. Show your Master your excited cock.”

My father looked at my mother for approval. She was technically the Mistress of the House now. I was her subbie too. Mom nodded and Dad dropped his shorts and his thong to his knees. Dad’s cock sprang free. He’s got a beautiful cock. It’s slender. And shorter than mine. It’s got more of a curve, an arc away from his body and then back up. My mother grabbed his cock at the root. “Baby Boy, you’ve got such a handsome cock! You’re even harder now than when you were wearing that cock-ring.”

“I am?” My father was dazed with lust, having his wife grab his cock and wave it in his son’s face.

“You are, Baby Boy. Do you want me to tell you why?” My mother asked.

My father groaned, “Please, Mommy.”

“We’ve been shopping for things that will turn you into a very pretty, very sexy woman, Baby Boy.”

“Do you both think Jillian is sexy?”

I added my hand to Dad’s cock. “I think you are both very sexy, Red.” I kissed the tip of my Dad’s cock, and flicked my kaçak iddaa tongue across his pee slit. A dab a of silvery pre-cum oozed out.

My mother groaned and rubbed her pussy through her panties. “Ye gods, I love to see my handsome son servicing his father’s beautiful cock! Do you love it, Baby Boy?”

I took more of my father’s cock in my mouth.

“It feels wonderful, Mommy! But-but-Bobby is my Master. And-and-“

“And what?”

“I should be pleasing his cock. I’m the subbie.”

“Pony-boy is my subbie now too.” Mom used my submissive nickname. “Take your father deep, Pony-boy.” She grabbed my hair and pulled me down on my father’s cock. I wasn’t ready and gagged as his cock hit the back of my throat. “You need practice Pony-boy. Until further notice, you’re going to wake up your father each morning with his cock in your mouth. Understood?”

I pulled off my father’s cock and licked my lips. I smiled. My mother waking me up with my cock in her mouth had been a submissive task of hers for months. Mistress Blue was giving me a bit of turnabout. “Yes, Mistress. May I try to make Red come now with my mouth?”

My mother laughed. “You’re such a cock-hungry little slut now, Pony-Boy!”

“I a slut who loves to please you, Mistress. Whatever you desire, I will do.”

“Good. Because you and your father are going to get a lot of practice making each other come. But…not right now. Pull up your shorts, Baby Boy. Put away that gorgeous cock. You don’t get to cum yet.”

“Yes, Mistress,” my father sighed and bent over to pull up his shorts. This brought his head down near mine. I grabbed Dad behind his neck and pulled him in for a quick kiss on the lips. I whispered conspiratorially, “Don’t worry, Red. I’ll make sure you get a really good orgasm later.”

My Dad kissed me back and whispered, “I’ve already had a good one today. I’m fine, Master. Let’s just make sure we rock your mother’s world. OK?” My father was often a very good submissive.

My mother was walking into the dining room. “Boys, I hope you’re talking about me,” she called over her shoulder, “Bobby and Andrew, we have some very serious things to discuss.”

My father looked at me and raised his eyebrows. Under his breath he said, “We just spent around three grand on Jillian?”

I thought for a second. “Yeah, I guess so. But we got quality stuff. The wig was the most expensive thing”

“Yeah. Well, this is going to cost me more,” my Dad said, laughing.

“What is?” I was genuinely confused.

“Whatever your mother has planned. I can tell by the tone in her voice.”

“You sound like you’re psychic, Dad.” I picked up the pen and notepad and followed my Dad into the dining room. We sat on either side of my Mom. Mom was in her pink robe. Dad and I were both shirtless. There was a massive contrast between us. I have a very hairy chest and belly. I’m big and muscular, barrel cheated, but not ripped enough to be shirtless most of the time. If this is how Mom expects her subbies to dress, I’ll need to bulk and tone up more in the gym.

Dad, on the other hand, is thin and his body is nearly devoid of fat. His abs are flat and solid, not sculpted, but he’s probably in better shape than I am. He’s got an amazing ass! He doesn’t have much bulk. But there’s not a speck of flab on him. He’s got beautiful grey eyes, that sometimes look green and sometimes look blue, depending on his mood, and what he’s wearing that day. If he carried himself with a sense of confidence and strength, he would be devilishly handsome. As it is, his energy is pressed inward. It’s hard to describe. He carries with him an aura of being unsure of himself, at least sexually. He’s repressed. He can’t be that way in business. He’s got a very successful career. And I’ve seen him set his shyness aside when adopting other characters or personas. Foxxy Redd, a bizarre Dog/Man Character, is much more sexually confident. But, I don’t find Foxxy that attractive at all. I can’t get past the fact that he’s canine. My mother thinks Foxxy is hot. Jillian, my father’s alternate personality, is female, or maybe I should say transsexual, because she knows she’s a woman with a man’s body. And sex for Jillian is confusing, because gaining pleasure from her penis feels like a denial of her gender. That said, Jillian is far more confident and socially outgoing than my Dad. Jillian is much sexier and prettier than Andrew is handsome. Maybe I just find Jillian more attractive because I see her as a woman. I don’t know. It’s a mystery.

Mom began, “Andrew, Bobby and I were talking about his future this morning.”

“Marjorie,” my father had a serious tone, “I don’t think we have anything to worry about. Bobby’s been doing very well in school. He’s set to graduate in the Spring in four years. And I believe he’s still on track to receive Academic Honors. He’ll have his pick of Grad Schools, if that’s what he wants, or his pick of companies, looking for a man with his brains and talent.”

I was grinning ear to ear. Dad doesn’t heap kaçak bahis praise or, until recently, much affection really. So hearing him talk about my prospects like that felt good. “Thanks, Dad.”

“I’m serious, Son. You’re very smart. Much smarter than me. Maybe even smarter than your mother. And she’s one of the brightest people I’ve ever met.”

“Thank you, Sweetie!” My mother said as she kissed my father on the cheek. “You’re full of compliments today! Maybe I should paddle and fuck your gorgeous ass more often, Baby Boy,” she said with a light and joking tone.

“You’re the whole package, Marjorie. Bright, talented, kind, and easily the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. I don’t deserve you. I don’t even know how I ever tricked you into marrying me.”

“Andrew, don’t turn compliments directed at me into a way of putting yourself down. That will put a damper on things. You are, My Dear, a very handsome man, a wonderful ballroom dancer, a marvelous businessman, and quite a catch. You romanced me. But, we are talking about Bobby.” Mom turned toward me. “Bobby, I love fucking you so much.”

“The feeling is mutual, Mom. You are the best fuck I’ve ever had. Not that I’ve had many girls. But enough to compare.”

“And Andrew, I love making love with you. Our sex life has improved so much since Bobby took control of that aspect of our lives. I don’t ever want to give that up.”

“You don’t have to, Marjorie,” my Dad said.

“I might. And there are two reasons. Bobby is graduating next year, and he could go off to a Grad School or a Job somewhere across the country. And I would miss him terribly, not just getting fucked by him, but just seeing him daily.”

I offered, “I could go to Grad School at the local University. They have a good program. Or I could look for a job locally.”

My Dad piped in, “Bobby, if you are considering looking for work with a local business, I would hope you might consider my office as an employer. We’ve been expanding recently, and we could really use someone with your brains, good sense and programming skills.”

“Seriously, Dad? Wouldn’t that be weird for you?”

“No. I could see bringing you on at a Junior Executive position right away.”

“That would be nepotism. Your partners and investors wouldn’t stand for it.”

“Don’t sell yourself short, Bobby. Not with your grades and skills. You would be a prime candidate for recruitment.”

I was flabbergasted. I hadn’t given working in my Dad’s company much thought at all. Dad had never mentioned wanting me to work for him. And, here he was, offering me a Junior Executive position! I wondered, just how much does a Junior Executive make? “I will think about it, Dad. Thanks for the offer. But have you thought about this?”

My Dad looked confused. “I had just assumed that you knew I wanted you to eventually come work with me.”

My mother patted his hand. “Don’t make assumptions, Andrew. Say what you want and you’re more likely to get it. With that in mind, I’m going to say what I want. I want to keep fucking you, both of my men, for the rest of my life.”

“I’m good with that, Mom.”

“That’s seems like a good plan, Marjorie,” my Dad said.

“There is more,” my Mom continued, “I don’t want Bobby to move away next year. I would rather he lived with us or very near us.”

“I think that can be arranged, Mom. Right now, I live right upstairs. I can’t get any closer than that, unless I moved into your bed.”

My mother sighed. “That brings be to two other points. Bobby, you are going to start sharing my bed at night, at least a few nights a week.”

“Mom, your bed isn’t big enough for all three of us. Not with the way I sleep.”

“That’s fine. Until we get a larger bed, Puppy will sleep on a doggy bed at the foot of the bed. He can watch our lovemaking and learn something, and participate when his Master or Mistress invite him into the bed.”

My father smiled at this news, “That sounds exciting, Mommy.”

I was skeptical. “Dad, are you sure about this?”

“Yes, Master. I like sleeping in Puppy mode. I have sometimes slept naked with my collar on at the foot of the bed. I find it relaxing. But, Mommy would rather have someone to cuddle with.”

“Well I, for one, am not sure about this,” I said.

Mom looked at me. “Bobby, you don’t have to be sure. I’m the Mistress of the House for now. If this is something that you have trouble with, if you have trouble getting a good nights rest or something, we can revisit the issue later. Beyond that, I would like for us to either do a major remodel of our house or start looking for places to move.”

“Marjorie! This is the only house we’ve ever lived in! We’ve paid off the mortgage. You love the neighborhood and have friends here.”

“I do love it here. That’s why I’m leaning toward a remodel. But the house we have now won’t fit with the lifestyle changes we need to make.”

I scratched my head, and tried not to look as confused and stupid as I felt. “What sort of lifestyle changes do you think we need to make? Mom, we all have sex with each other. We’re in a pretty committed BDSM, Dominance and submission style of lifestyle now too. What more lifestyle changes are you talking about?”

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