Nisan 8, 2021

The Black Stone Pt. 10

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The Black Stone, Perversions continued.

Mark was stunned and angry, Collette, sensing this backed away a little as a shiver of fear ran through her. “I am sorry Mark, I didn’t mean to hurt you.” Collette quickly explained “Rosemary and I got married but I miss you terribly and Rosemary only seems interested in my money.” Listening to her he could hear she was deeply unhappy and felt betrayed. “Where is Rosemary” he asked, ordering drinks they sat at a small table and waited to be called to the restaurant.

“She is waiting in the car, we thought you would like a 3 some.”

“Fuck her, let her wait,” as they chatted he added “Maybe we can use her”.

Collette nodded in agreement as Mark told her about his adventure’s and discovery of the new powers of the black stone over the last few months.

As they ate their meal Collette said, “I will merge with Rosemary and use her body, I feel my own at 35 is not worth 2 grand a night.” Laughing the pair headed out of the restaurant to the cars.

Getting into the Jaguar, Mark told her how to use the stone and what to expect. Pointing the stone to an empty parking bay Collette rubbed the stone and felt the familiar weight on her chest.

Collette revelled in the feeling of freedom and power as she looked back at Mark. Moving across the parking lot she saw her Range Rover with Rosemary reading a magazine in the passenger seat.

Sweeping into the car she took possession of Rosemary. With smug satisfaction, she moved to the Driver’s seat. Driving over to Marks car “Hi lover shall we get a room?”

Smiling Mark looked at his watch “well I am on the clock, you paid for 3 hours”

Reaching for her purse “2 grand for the night?”

“Nope, I am a bargain at £1500.”

Putting Collette’s old body in the boot of the Range Rover they headed out to the hotel. Mark sent Fiona a text saying that his “client had booked him for the night.”

Closing the door to their suite Collette said, “Mark should now call her Rosemary.” Delighting in her youthful body Rosemary took her time as she slowly stripped for Mark.

As Rosemary’s body came into view Mark’s cock was so hard it threatened to burst his trousers. Quickly undressing he stroked his long cock as she gyrated in front of him. Unhooking her bra Rosemary tweaked her nipples, feeling them harden she delighted in her heavy, freshly remodelled tits. Feeling empowered as she saw Marks look of approval, she was glad she had paid for a boob job. “10 grand well spent” she thought as she moved her hands down to her panties.

Mark was stunned by Rosemary’s new D cup tits, perfectly shaped with large long nipples they looked very natural. A result of many hours in the Gym her body was even more sculptured than Mark remembered.

As she inched her panties down and her long lipped pink slit came into view Mark had to stop stroking as he was sure he was going to shoot his load.

Kicking her panties off Rosemary continued to dance, running her hands over her body she felt fully alive for the 1st time in months. Mark grew impatient and reached for her, dragging her down to sit on his lap.

Laying Rosemary on the bed, Mark admired her pussy as he moved between her legs. Flicking her clit with his tongue he moved down her slot, parting the lips he tasted her juice. Mark had always thought that her pussy taste was exquisite, unsure of how it differed from the others he also knew that, apart from his sister, she was the best fuck he had ever had.

As he greedily sucked and licked her cunt Rosemary started to whimper and groan, he stuck his tongue into her hole and sucked her long lips into his mouth. Reaching down she strummed her clit a few times, cumming hard her cunt flooded with Nectar for Mark to lap up.

Moving up her body they locked in a deep passionate kiss as Mark guided his straining cock to her entrance. Slowly pushing into her he was soon balls deep, luxuriating in her silken depths. Starting to slowly and gently make love to her he realized, this was utopia.

As her young cunt started to grip and flex he knew this was going to be the fuck of his life. The women below him had the knowledge of Collette and the exquisite pussy of Rosemary.

Resisting the urge to ram his cock into her he continued with his gentle strokes, feeling her cunt start to grip him as she started to cum, he spilt a huge load deep inside her.

Both knew that they had just experienced something special. Staying connected, Mark felt her cunt working as it trembled and flexed in orgasmic afterglow pleasure. Rolling off her she cuddled into the crook of his arm and they were asleep within minutes.

Waking early the next morning they enjoyed a frantic, almost desperate fuck. Pumping another huge load into her Mark realised that he felt completely satisfied and hungry! They shared the shower, washing and drying each other they felt completely at ease with each other.

Over breakfast Rosemary asked if “she could join the Escort business as çankaya escort the thought excited her.”

Pretending to think about it “Well not real sure you measure up to what is required and needed.” Looking crestfallen she saw him erupt into laughter,

Kicking him beneath the table. “Bastard,” she grinned.

Chapter 2.

As they were not far from Liz’s flat they agreed that Collette’s old body could be left there as she would need it periodically. Arriving at the flat Collette moved back to her body and with a very confused Rosemary they walked to the flat.

Saying that she had stuff she needed to do, Collette left Mark with Rosemary and headed off in her Range Rover, saying “she would be a couple of hours.”

Ignoring Rosemary’s confused look and barrage of questions Mark started to undress her. As he licked and rolled her long nipples between his fingers her questions stopped as she laid back to enjoy Marks masterful sexual technique.

Mark enjoyed teasing the young girl and soon she was breathing heavily as he gave her tits his full attention. Reaching down he slipped his hand into her panties, he barely touched her swollen clit as she burst into a noisy orgasm.

Mark felt the juice explode from her cunt soaking her panties and his finger. As she collapsed onto the bed he walked to the kitchen to make some Coffee as strangely, he didn’t really want to fuck her.

Putting the coffee machine on he turned to see Rosemary watching him intently. After a while she spoke “what is going to happen to me, why is it I can’t remember anything about the last few hours?” Bursting into tears she laid back on the bed.

For the 1st time he realised that she was a person, not just a body for their use. Truly sorry for her he struggled to come up with a reasonable explanation, knowing that she didn’t know about the black stone.

“Well we are not totally sure” he began, tailing off into silence when he realised he had no answers for her. Deciding it would be easier he rubbed the stone and took control of her.

Although Mark had decided that he preferred his own body he did like the ease of movement and lightness of the young women’s body. Walking over to his old body he made sure that it was comfortable and breathing normally.

Feeling the cold wet stickiness between his thighs he peeled his panties off and stepped into the shower. Careful not to get his hair or face wet he enjoyed the hot water cascading over his body.

Pouring himself coffee he amused himself with her body to pass the time. Whenever Mark occupied a woman he considered it an education, trying to find new pleasure spots. Growing bored he checked the flat in detail, going through the bedside cabinet he found a vibrator, it was about 8″ long and had a bent end.

Turning it on he saw that it vibrated, pushing the switch further it started to move up and down and turning in each direction about 30 degrees. Fascinated he returned the switch to vibrate and gently pressed its end onto his clit, eventually he pushed it into his hole.

Turning the vibrator down to a gentle hum he pushed it in and out, ramming it all the way in he flicked the switch and gasped as it started to move. Pulling the vibrator out slightly its head started to stroke just the right place at the front of his cunt.

As Mark felt his body start to respond he revelled in the feeling as a female orgasm invaded his senses. Recovering, he continued checking the flat out.

Looking under the bed he found a box full of paperwork, deciding it might give him an important insight into Liz he started to examine the paperwork. It was mostly bills and various hire purchase agreements. Finding a passport and birth certificate was useful.

Mark felt confident that the young girl didn’t have any real family to give him and Sharon any problems in the future. Going back to his body, Mark tucked the Passport and birth certificate into a pocket.

Feeling bored Mark reclined on the bed, reaching between his legs he fingered his clit and rammed 3 fingers into the sopping hole until he felt his legs start to tremble. Feeling his cunt clamp down onto his fingers he launched into another amazing orgasm. Shattered, he dozed until he heard knocking on the door.

Checking the spy hole in the door Mark let Collette in, smiling broadly, she saw his hard nipples and swollen pussy lips still slick with juice. “Huh enjoyed playing, did we?”

Jumping back to his own body Mark left the 2 women to talk as he strolled down to the local shop to buy some food. Returning to the flat he walked into the 2 girls engrossed in 69. Sitting at the bottom of the bed Mark decided that he really liked watching girl on girl.

After they had licked and fingered each other to mutual orgasm, Collette said “she needed to speak with Mark.” Not trusting Rosemary, they bound and gagged her. Going to the local pub Collette laid out her plans to Mark.

Saying “She realized that all escort çankaya Rosemary was interested in was her money, she had decided to change bodies with her and let her enjoy life as Collette.”

Mark was stunned “so you want to give up your life and wealth to join us on this crazy adventure?”

Smiling Collette explained “well she can have my company, house’s and car’s. I will always have access to some offshore account’s, that she doesn’t know anything about.”

As they continued to chat she explained “It will take a couple of days to work all the detail out, but if you will have me …”

Agreeing to meet in a few days Mark drove back to the hotel. Deciding not to tell Liz and Fiona he listened to their excited chatter as they described their 1st night as whore’s, they handed over the cash they had earned.

Fiona said that “her client had been a Japanese man in his 40’s who had booked her for 2 hours.” Apparently, the man had taken her to dinner and used the 2 hours just talking about his family. Saying that his 2 hours were up and she had to go he had stood up, put 2 grand on the table and begged her to stay.

Going to his suite he had cum as she sucked his cock. Expecting him to soon recover and eager to give him value for money she had gone to the bathroom to undress and freshen up. When she returned he was asleep and had slept all night! Waking up this morning he had left a note thanking her and promising to call her when he was back in town.

Liz’s client had been an English guy, he had booked her for the night. After a very nice dinner and pleasant conversation they had gone to his home where he managed to fuck her twice. She giggled “I lost count of how many times he made me cum, he seemed to enjoy fingering and licking me more than shagging me.” Adding “that he had given her a £500 tip and promised to book her again soon.”

Mark left out most of the details of his evening, “My client also booked me for 2 hours but then paid for a whole night, I think I left her happy and satisfied.” Putting his £1900 on the table.

“£6900 for our 1st night, not bad between 3 of us” Feeling tired Mark went for a snooze, waking up a few hours later he found both girls cuddling him in his bed. Luxuriating in their warmth and softness he laid deep in thought, waiting for them to wake up.

Liz was the 1st to wake up and padded off to the bathroom to relieve her aching bladder. As Fiona woke up she snuggled in closer to Marks muscular chest, catching sight of her watch she flew out of bed to get herself ready for her next appointment.

As she put her makeup on she told Mark that she had accepted a 3-day booking to escort a company chairman on a 3-day jolly that he was throwing for his staff. “I hope you don’t mind Mark but I am not charging him for today, 3 days, 3 nights £10500 ok?”

Joking that “she would never make a business woman giving discounts” he added “that it was ok, as this afternoon would be spent travelling.”

Kissing him, she squeezed his cock. Looking at Liz “It’s all down to you, you better remember to keep this one happy.” Smiling Liz got back into bed and took Marks cock in her mouth, bobbing her head on his semi erect cock.

Dragging her suitcase Fiona yelled “see you in a few days, make sure she earns her keep Mark.” Laughing at her own joke she went through the door and was gone.

Liz sucked Marks cock until he was raging hard, pointing his cock at her entrance she slowly lowered herself onto his throbbing cock. Although she wouldn’t admit it, her encounter last night had left her a little frustrated, although she had cum several times her cunt ached for Marks cock. Soon her cunt was flooding, cresting into a violent orgasm that left her drained and shaking.

Mark placed his hands on her arse and took her weight as he thrust into her. Liz crashed through several smaller orgasms before his cock expanded shooting several thick ropes of spunk deep into her willing pussy.

Chapter 3

Liz went off to the bathroom and Mark took the opportunity to check his emails. There were several enquiries from the website, 1 requiring both girls for the week. Mark replied with a quote for 50 grand. The others were for 4 hours or less. Deciding that he needed to start looking for more girls he shut the tablet down.

Relaxing in the chair his thoughts were interrupted as his phone started to ring, it was Zena. As they chatted Mark wondered how she would feel about becoming an escort, she was certainly pretty he mused.

Without further thought he asked her, explaining “that the money was superb and she could live with them if she wanted too.”

Zena asked, “for the address,” saying “she would be there in 2 hours” and hung up. Mark laughed at her impulsiveness as Liz snuggled up to him, enjoying her scent he relaxed and enjoyed the feeling of her soft warm body against him.

His phone woke him up, it was the builder telling him that the house was finished and the furniture çankaya escort bayan was being delivered as he spoke. Making a mental note to send the man a nice bonus for a job well done he hung up.

Mark and Liz started packing ready to move into the house. As Mark snapped the last suitcase shut Zena knocked on the door. Opening the door for her, Mark was almost knocked off his feet as she wrapped herself around him.

Untangling himself he introduced her to Liz and explained that they were moving to his new house. Noticing that she only had 1 small case “where’s the rest of your stuff” he asked

“That’s it, my entire wardrobe”

Mark was starting to like shopping and smiled as he thought of another day of fashion show’s and smiling faces.

Sending text messages to Fiona and Collette/Rosemary, they loaded the car and headed for their new home. As they pulled into the drive Rosemary was waiting for them, her smile was radiant. Knowing what she had given up being there, Mark was impressed. As the girls introduced themselves Mark admired the work his builder had done.

Calling a photographic studio, he booked the girls in for a photo session, his 2nd call was to a website designer.

As the girls walked around the house they thought “one of the 5 bedrooms should be a work room, then we could offer in calls.” Mark thought that was a good idea, but earmarked Liz’s old flat for that. Calling the builder, he asked him to “go over to the flat and completely remodel to a very high standard.”

Zena bounced into Marks bedroom the next morning “I have just got off the phone to Rachel, she would like to join us.”

Unsure that she had what it took “Ok well I will speak to the others and see what they think, ask her to email me some recent pictures.”

In a few minutes Marks phone chirped with an email from Rachel. Mark looked at the pics, starting to think that although she was plain looking and a little older than the others, she was certainly different. Maybe her petite size, small tits and slim hips would appeal as a “school girl.”

Thinking about her some more Mark called Zena in. “Ok you can tell Rachel she is in, we should talk about money.”

Going through the tariff’s “she would earn 45% of any fee, the company would buy her clothes and provide transport.” Adding “she could keep tips, but they must be declared”

Zena nodded in agreement, saying “she would find out when Rachel would be here,” she left Mark to his thought’s.

Marks meeting with the web designer produced a firm promise to provide a glossy website in 2 to 3 days. Getting back to the house, Zena, Rachel and Rosemary were looking at the photograph’s.

Looking at the picture’s, Mark noted that Rachel had pitched herself as a school girl. Her long Auburn hair tied into pig tails and childish looks, it would be easy to assume she was in her mid-teens.

Rejecting only 3 of the 50 or so picture’s, Mark was impressed with the Photographers work. Quickly typing an email to the Photographer, he booked Fiona in for a photo session in 3 days. Deciding that he wanted to make her his lead model, he asked for 100+ pictures and as an experiment a video.

Getting in the car Mark headed for his sister’s house as he needed some sisterly love. Thinking about the beautiful women he lived with he smiled, for him Mary was the most beautiful girl in the world.

Arriving at Marys tiny terraced home he knocked on the door, as he waited he heard the unmistakeable sound of his sister scream followed by breaking glass. Putting his shoulder against the door he easily broke the lock and tumbled in through the shattered door.

Running towards the sounds at the back of the house, Mark saw 2 men trying to rape Mary. Giving them no chance to react, he hit the man bending over Mary with a rabbit punch. He was unconscious or maybe dead before he hit the floor, turning on the 2nd man Mark saw him flick a butterfly knife. Telling Mary to get out he faced the armed man.

For what seemed like an eternity Mark waited for the man to make his move. Eventually, feeling a big man with a knife in his hand he lunged towards Marks chest. Easily stepping to one side Mark landed a powerful punch to the man’s ribs. Crashing against the kitchen worktop he was doubled up in pain but still waved the knife menacingly at Mark.

As Mark was considering how to take the knife from the young thug he suddenly lurched forward, screaming in pain. Mark quickly took the long kitchen knife away from Mary as she attempted to stab him again. Pouring a large Brandy for his sister, he went back to the dining room to find out what was going on.

The stabbed man didn’t know what hurt the most his smashed ribs or the knife wound to his shoulder. Mark picked the 1st thug up by the scruff of his neck and threw him at the feet of the wounded man.

Looking up, the thug’s blood ran cold as he saw the murderous intent in Mark eyes. “Please don’t hurt me no more mister” was the best he could muster.

“I am going to hurt you bad, you tried to rape my sister.”

“No-no we weren’t going to do that, we were just asked to frighten her a bit.”

Mark stopped, “Asked by who” he demanded.

“Her husband, he wants the house back, whole area going to be redeveloped.”

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