Nisan 8, 2021

The Birthday Party

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This took place last year on my daughter Naomi’s birthday. She was turning 32. She wanted to have a little party without her kids being around. I said she could have a few friends over and have the party at my house. She managed to get her ex-boyfriend to watch her kids for the night, so she could drink and not worry about having to get home by any certain time.

Naomi’s friends talked to me ahead of time that they had planned on getting her a male stripper. I pitched in some additional money and told then to get two strippers.

The party started out normal enough. We had the music kind of loud, played a few drinking games, smoked a couple joints, etc. I didn’t have to worry about driving since I was at home already, so I was definitely partying it up. So was Naomi. Her six girlfriends were doing a pretty good job of it too, but not as much as the two of us.

Around 9:00 PM there was a loud banging on the front door. We made Naomi answer it, since we all knew what was going on. Two “police officers” came in and said they had several complaints about the noise. Then they told us to turn it up and started dancing. Both men went into their stripper routine, and were down to G-strings in a couple minutes. They then started shaking their crotches in our faces, asking if we wanted more. We did!

Both guys dropped their drawers and continued to dance. Neither one was hard, but they both looked like they had very çankaya escort large cocks. The guys started pulling us girls up one by one to dance with them. It didn’t take long for one of the girls to start grabbing their cocks. With that, the guys started doing plenty of touching on their own, grabbing asses and boobs. I don’t remember who was first, but one of the girls sitting on the sofa started sucking one of the guys cocks. After that, the guys started going around to everyone, putting their cocks in someone’s face until they started sucking it. Both guys were now erect, and both looked to be around eight inches. When it came to my turn, of course I had to show these women how to do it right, and I slid my mouth down until he was well into my throat and my nose was against his body. Everyone started cheering.

I think Naomi took that as a challenge. She grabbed a hold of the other guy and sat down next to me, and started sucking his cock. As much as she tried, she did not manage to take him as deep as I did (I’m sure I have much more practice than she does). We went at it for a few minutes, sucking these two strippers off side by side.

The guy I was sucking pulled my shirt up and off, then unhooked my bra and removed it as well. Then he started sliding his hard cock between my big boobs. When my daughter saw this, she pulled here tube top down and did the same thing. She wasn’t wearing escort çankaya a bra. Her boobs are smaller than mine, but they looked good. Her friends were laughing and teasing both of us to just fuck them already. I was the first to drop my pants, but Naomi beat me to getting naked.

She pushed her guy back onto the couch. Then she started sucking his cock again. I had my guy sit down in the chair directly across from hers, turned my back to him and slid my pussy down onto his erection. I moaned loudly. Naomi looked back to see what was going on, then she followed, mounting her guys cock as well, while facing me. I noticed her pussy was completely bald, just like mine.

We rode these two guys for ten minutes or so, before someone said we should switch. I slid off of my guy and walked over to my daughter. She was still riding her guy. I bent down between hers and his legs and started licking his balls. The other guy came over and pulled my daughter’s head onto his cock. I wonder if she ever had two cocks in her before that. Anyway, I kept licking and even licked up my daughter’s pussy a few times. It was right in front of my face, so I had to try it. Right? She came when I hit her clit, and squirt all over my face. She pretty much passed out after that.

Both guys were still hard, so it was my turn. I bent over the coffee table and told them to fuck me in both ends. The guy Naomi had çankaya escort bayan been fucking came around to my mouth, and I licked him clean before he slid right down my throat. The other guy slid his cock right into my pussy. Then the two guys started pounding me from both ends. It felt wonderful! After a couple minutes, I pushed the one guy out of my mouth and told them to switch ends. They did and immediately got the same rhythm going again, pounding me for all they were worth.

When the guy in my mouth started to cum, I came hard! I pushed the guy in mouth back just far enough to just have the head of his cock in my mouth, and sucked and swallowed every drop he had, while still getting slammed from behind. About that time Naomi woke up. I told the guy behind me to finish in here mouth. She was still out of it, so he bent her over the arm of the sofa and started fucking her mouth. I don’t know if it was her doing or not, but this time he managed to get his cock all the way in. He pumped her throat for a few minutes, then grunted and tensed up. We knew he was coming straight down her throat. She pushed back and got the rest sprayed all over her face. I told her she better clean up before it dries, and she better not waste it. To my surprise, she scooped the cum from her face right into her mouth and swallowed. “Like mother, like daughter”, I shouted.

The party wound down after that. My daughter fell asleep on the couch, still naked. The girls, and guys all left, and I went upstairs to bed.

That’s the only time I’ve ever done anything like that with my daughter in the room. I have no problem doing it again, since I think she could use some lessons, but she hasn’t even wanted to talk about that night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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