Mart 16, 2021

The Best Week Of My Life_(0)

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The Best Week of My Life
It all began about 9 months ago and I am so happy for the way it all turned out for me. I am some who loves sex and is very open to try new things but there are some things we don’t really consider until an opportunity presents itself. I am 38 years old and married and also have 2 kids, Jenny and Tim. I work at a very well known manufacturing firm and my life is great and so all is fine and well. I work almost every day of the week and sometimes I crave for a holiday so that I can spend time with my family. My wife works at a university library and my 2 kids are in school.

It all started about 9 months ago. In the mornings I would normally drop off my kids to school and sometimes would even give my neighbor’s daughter Lisa a ride as well. Lisa is 14 and extremely pretty. She was in the same class as my daughter. As I dropped the kids off, Lisa seemed to be worried about something and when I asked her she mentioned that she accidentally left her Biology assignment at home and would be in deep trouble if she can’t submit it today. So I asked her if she wants to go back and get them. She agreed and we drove back to her home and got them. Now Lisa is a very intelligent kid and would normally have talks to me about work and other kids stuff. I have always tried to live a clean and simple life and so what started to transpire next got my mind thinking. On our way back Lisa asked me a question that shocked me. She asked “are you happy?” and I said “yes”, then Lisa told me that she has a secret and would like to share it with me. Now Lisa’s parents Tom and Jill are good friends and we all get along quite well. So here I was in my car with this adorable young woman and she said “I think I am in love with you”. I literally froze and asked her “are you sure that’s what you are feeling?” She said “I dream about you, I write about you in my diary and I want us to be boyfriend and girlfriend”. I was speechless and as soon as I was going to say something we arrived back at her school. I dropped her off and told her “you and I are going to have this conversation some other time ok?” She agreed but at the same time begged me not to tell her parents. I agreed because I don’t want to cause uproar in the neighborhood.

I made my way to work and for the rest of the day I could not concentrate and all I can think about was Lisa and the things she said to me. Next morning I got up at 5am as usual and went into my garden and surprisingly as I raised my head I can clearly see Lisa from her room window in a green tank top and she waved me. So I continued my work and at about 6am I looked again and what I saw made me feel scared and confused at the same time. As soon as I raised my head towards Lisa’s window there she was, naked and rubbed her titties for me to see. I quickly turned away and finished up my work and went inside to prepare for work. When I got out of my driveway my kids got on board and Lisa came over as well to take her usual ride. Today was a different day and every time I glanced at Lisa in my rear view mirror I actually was seeing her naked. Every time I looked at her she had this smile on her face that was saying to me “I am all yours”. When I dropped them off Lisa thanked me and said “I hope you enjoyed this morning”. I did not answer but told her that we need to talk and she agreed.

I went to work and for the entire day all that was in my head was those beautiful young breasts. Oh my I was getting so aroused every time I think about Lisa. As I got home and did my afternoon work bursa escort around the house I made my way to my garden and soon after Lisa came over to join me and gave a helping hand which is no big deal for her parents neither my family. It was seen as a good thing that the kids can learn some gardening. When she came across I asked her “are you ready for us to talk?” she said “yes”. I then proceeded to asked her if she knew the dangers she was causing and if she think she can just do as she please. She got a little quiet but I continued. I then told her that for me to entertain her I can get into a lot of trouble and so she should stop and pay more attention to her education etc. She stayed for a while and left with a little tear in her eyes. I was a bit sad too bud did the right thing or so I thought. Two weeks later I finally got my long awaited vacation and so I was so excited because I have not had a vacation for over 2 years. I was granted 1 week and so I gladly accepted. Although I was excited I knew that I would be home alone and so I did not bother about that too much. Friday reached and I told my wife to join me to buy some stuff to keep me busy for my one week at home.

We went shopping to get some garden supplies, groceries, and some goodies for me to relax like junk food, some beers and a few DVD’s. As we were shopping in the nearby mall we braced up with Tom, Jill and Lisa shopping as well. As soon as we met, Tom noticed our items and quickly asked “what’s all the goodies for?” and my wife said “he is starting his vacation on Monday and so we doing some shopping”. Tom and Jill were ok but Lisa had a look of pure excitement and so I noticed her watching me but we all moved on and so everyone went their way.
Monday morning arrived and as I was in my garden Lisa called out to me and when I looked at her window she was waving me and said “I hope you have the best week of your life”. I was happy but at the same time sensed that she meant something else. So I got ready to drop the kids off and noticed that Lisa eyes were all red and so I asked her what’s wrong and she said she was getting the flu. I was concerned and decided that I will ring Tom at work and let him know. I did called Tom and eventually Lisa was granted permission from school to take time off to recover. My first day away from work just got worst when Jill called me up and begged me to babysit Lisa for the week. I did not want to at all but finally gave way and agreed. So Lisa was to spend all day at my home and return to her home when her mom and dad arrived. I called up my wife and she was ok with it as well.

So Lisa came across with her little bag and I showed her the guest bedroom and told her I will be relaxing in my room and if she needed anything just call and I will come. I took my beers, DVD’s and went to my room and locked the door just in case. After 7 beers I was getting a little drunk and was also getting hungry. So I made my way to the kitchen and upon returning Lisa called on me to come and when I entered her room I was both speechless and paralyzed at the same time. Lisa was standing in front of me in a silk red lingerie with laces on the sides. I did not know what to do or say and finally said “What do you want?” and what Lisa said next gave me goose bumps. Lisa said “I want you to make love to me”. I did not know how to answer her and quickly left the room and went into my room and locked the door. As I sat on my bed a little voice kept saying to me “you know you want to, she wants you, and no one will know, go ahead and fuck bursa escort bayan her little pussy”. I quickly swallowed a few more beers to calm myself down. As I went and unlock my room door and opened it, Lisa was standing in front me absolutely naked. As soon as I feast my eyes on her young nakedness my cock went from soft to pure power and I had to act. I just had to act. The moment was too over bearing for me. She was so beautiful and had the most perfect looking body any man would want to consume.
Within a second I held her hand and brought her into my room. I asked her “are you sure you want to do this?” and she quickly said “yes please”. Then I said “by the way, what happened to your flu, I thought you had the flu?” Lisa smiled at me and told me she was faking it all the time just to spend time with me since I was going to be home for a week. I was so full of passion and lust for her at the time that I did not care. My mind had no trace of wrong doing and I just went wild like an animal and took my shirt off and then my pants and finally my boxers and my 7” of fuck weapon came forward and she was so happy that I finally agreed to make love to her. Here I was in my own bedroom with a 14 year old hot looking young girl standing naked in front me to have my way with her. I just had to ask her one final question, “are you a virgin?” she said “Yes”. I moved closer to her and we kissed the most passionate kiss I have ever experienced in my entire life. I was in a trance and could not control myself one bit. As our bodies touched I kept noticing how soft and smooth her skin was. Her lips were so succulent and her taste was so pure. I then turned her around and stood behind her and I just ran my fingers over her breasts and then her tummy.

I then carried her to my bed and lay her down on her back and moved between her young legs. I told her “just relax and let me take you to heaven baby”. When I feast my eyes on her love region my mouth literally started to drool and I was never as hungry as I was at that moment to eat a pussy. Her region was clean shaven and as pink as it can be. What beauty, what innocence, and I had it all to myself. As I got closer to her mound I can smell her youthfulness. When my tongue made first contact we both moved in pleasure. She held onto my head and I held onto her waist and I started to suck and lick her pussy lips and then found her little pink clit. She was in ecstasy and my cock was raging hard but I was trying my best not to panic or lose control but wanted to enjoy myself. As I sucked Lisa’s young pussy I let nothing pass, I licked it all up and she started to groan louder saying “please don’t stop, I love you so much, make me your woman, yesssssssss, ohhhhhhhh, suck me, it feels so good”. As I carried on her body started to shake and she was about to climax and I was now ready, I was in full throttle and as soon as she was about to cum I positioned myself on top her and rubbed my cock head up and down her now soaking wet pussy and as soon as she started to scream out “oh my gosh, what is happening?, yessssssss, ooooooooooooooooo, fuck me please, I want your cock in me now, oh yes, awwwwwwwww “, I slowly drove my dick up in her now well lubricated and tight cunt hole. As I reached about 2 inches in I met her hymen and since she was over powered by such intense pleasure the pain was not that excruciating and I went for gold and pushed all the way up her.

I have had sex many times but this was way more intense that what I had before and I loved every moment of it. Her pussy escort bursa was so tight and held onto my cock like a hand and it was so hot and soft and when I looked into her eyes all I can see is a little girl possessed by the intensity of pleasure. She loved it too. We were making love and it felt so right and as I was now 7” up her I can tell she was a little uneasy but soon started to move her waist up and down. I then started to make small thrusts and soon picked up the pace. Lisa was now a woman and I started to fuck her at a faster pace and then the intensity started to get unbearable. I can feel things crawling up my back, and my entire body was in a state of pure pleasure. I kept saying and thinking to myself that she is so soft and smooth and her beauty cannot go unnoticed. I then started to fuck her faster and soon I was ready and held her arms and I got so wild that I started to thrust violently and finally shot the most cum I ever noticed. Her pussy actually was milking my cock. Every pulse of my cock was met by the suction of her vagina. I shot about 6 huge loads up her and she was begging for more. After about 2 minutes I pulled out and she was smiling and what she said next was so wonderful to my ears. Lisa said “please fuck me in my ass”.

For me it was going to be the first time, in fact it was going to be the first time for both of us. I told her to take the doggy position and I got behind her. For the first time in my life I was still rock hard after a satisfying fuck and I was ready to go again. The mixture of cum on my cock along with the cum that oozed out her pussy while she was laying on her back had made her ass wet and all I had to do was spread it in the most sought after region. I first started to massage her anal opening and she was so into it. As I massaged it I slipped a finger in and worked her small hole and then slipped in another one and I started to finger fuck her ass. She loved it so much that she started to beg me to enter her and I got ready. I can clearly see that my cock was way too big for her ass and I knew I had to be careful and gentle. So I was very anxious to sample my first ass and so I rubbed my cock head around her opening and then pushed slowly until her hole gave way and my cock head slipped in her tight crack. I pulled out and went back in a little further until I slowly sent all 7” all the way and she was in pain and I rubbed her back and head and told her “don’t worry darling, it will go away and you’ll enjoy yourself”. I then paused so that her body and mind can adapt to the situation. I felt as if my cock was locked in a hole and it was so tight yet very warm and soft. I then began thrusting in and out until she started to move in a rhythm until we started to ass fuck. Her moans were very loud but she was now like an animal. She groaned louder and louder and that was so motivating that my thrusts got stronger then suddenly her body got a little tight. I then felt my load building and so it was until I just released my load in her ass. It was so amazing for me. It was as if I had never had sex in my life. It was great and when I pulled out to a popping sound she just lay on her tummy and said “this was the best day of my life and I want more tomorrow”. I told her “sure thing baby, you can have me as long as everything is in order for us to make love”.
I then lay next to her nude body and we fell asleep. For the next 6 days of my vacation I had the golden opportunity of making passionate love to Lisa. She faked her flu until my week home was over. So here we are nine months later and still I would get to fuck her twice a week. Sometimes in my garden late at night when we both would sneak out and sometimes I would do babysitting.

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