Şubat 8, 2021

The Benefits of a Single

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I stepped into my room and locked the door behind me. I was so lucky I had a single.

I unslung my gym bag and tossed it down by my desk. Going to the gym always makes me super horny. When I’m doing the weights, I’m fine, but right after, while I’m still sweaty, any little thing sets me off.

On the way back from the gym, while I was crossing the pond, I passed by two girls talking to each other. One of them had long brown hair, and as she’d talked to her blonde friend, she’d flipped it over her shoulder. She had the most beautiful round butt in those tight jeans. Just like that, I’d been instantly hard. That was all I’d thought about as I’d finished walking back to my dorm: this girl, her hair flip, her round butt.

I sat down on my unmade bed, pulled off my sneakers, and threw them across the room. One landed under my desk; the other landed by my closet. I stood up, unbuckled my belt, undid my fly, and let my jeans fall. I lowered my boxers. My dick sprang free.

I stepped out of my jeans and boxers and kicked them away.

I casino şirketleri grabbed my cock. It was such a relief to finally hold it! But I knew it wasn’t enough. I knew I had to be naked and lubed up. I pulled my arms out of my sleeves, and threw my shirt across the room. It landed near my backpack. I didn’t want to think about my homework. I pulled off my T-shirt. Finally, I was naked.

I pulled my jar of Vaseline out from under my bed. From the hall outside my room, I heard some guys talking and laughing as they clomped by.

I opened up the jar, grabbed a thick wad of Vaseline, and glopped it onto my dick. I shuddered for a second as the cold Vaseline hit my dick, then sighed in relief as I spread it all over the head, the underside, and the top. Bliss! The slick smoothness felt so good!

I lay down on my unmade bed and kicked the sheet and blanket out of the way. My hand was going up and down my hard dick, and that was the only thing that mattered.

I remembered the girl again, and her hair flip and casino firmaları her round butt as I stroked. I wondered if her butt would look so round if she were naked too? How would it feel to fuck her? To slide my dick right into her pussy, like a key fits into a lock? Or not quite like a key fits into a lock, since the walls of the vagina naturally touch, and it would have to expand to fit my dick. I’d have to work it in. Would her pussy be wet and warm and tight, like my hand was? How would it feel to lay on top of her, with my dick buried inside her up to the hilt? My dick is pretty thick, so maybe it wouldn’t even fit all in. I gasped as I imagined thrusting in and out, trying to make my dick fit better inside her, with my hand sliding up and down. It felt so good—!

No! I slopped stroking for a moment and breathed deep. I didn’t want to cum just yet.

From next door, someone started the shower. The shower next to my room is the boys shower, but I imagined her again, hair slick and wet, water running over that round butt—

I güvenilir casino couldn’t help myself. I had to reach the finish line. I could feel the cum forming in the glands in my ass. My slick hand went faster and faster. I gasped and my legs stiffened and shook. I felt tubes opening up inside my ass, under my balls, and the cum flowing into my dick.

I kept on stroking fast as muscles in my ass contracted hard, again and again, shooting drops of cum out from my dick onto my chest. It felt awesome.

I lay there, basking in the afterglow for a moment, as my heartrate slowed down, and I caught my breath, just holding my softening dick.

I grabbed three or four tissues from my box and wiped up the cum from my chest. There were drops all over my abs, and I caught one just before it trickled onto the bed. There was a little in my pubic hair. I milked the last few drops of cum from my dick. I wiped as much of the slimy Vaseline off my hand as I could.

I was sweaty and smelly from the gym anyway, not to mention still covered with smears of cum and Vaseline, so I figured now would be a good time to shower. I grabbed my towel from the closet and tied it around my waist, then grabbed my shower caddy and headed for the showers.

God, I loved having a single.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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