Haziran 9, 2020

The Bar

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The Bar
I decided to go out this Saturday night to change my mind and not stay home alone.
I had been to this neighborhood, which has a good affluence on weekends, offering different pubs and clubs.
I was a little disappointed because until now I had not found what I was looking for: either too crowded, too noisy, or almost desert …
It was getting boring when I found this club a little out of the way and that seemed to me nice.
I went in and the decor got me right away, with good background music, not too many people and a smiling and friendly Barmaid.
I had just placed my order when a man entered, looking a little lost, and sat down not far from me.
I was in my thoughts when he asked me if I was alone too, and if I wanted to chat with him.
I had no objections and we started to chat about everything and nothing, the current seemed to be good between us and I found it quite nice.
Time passed and we were almost the only guests when he asked me if I did not want to come home to finish the evening because he lived right next door.

I accepted and we ended up at his place, in a pretty little apartment.
He told me to sit on the couch (white leather), served me a drink and apologized because he wanted to make himself comfortable.
Shortly after, he came back, only wearing a bathrobe as white as the couch and sat next to me and we continued chatting.
During the discussion, his robe was a little open, offering me a view on the tip of his tail.
See her thighs and this very small part of her crotch fascinated me and my eyes were riveted kaçak casino more and more on it.
After a while, I do not know why, I put my hand on his thigh “by chance”.
I was a little worried and trembling a little because I did not know what would be his reaction.
He smiled at me and came closer to me, offering in this movement an even more open view of his cock.
I was both fascinated and dominated by this unexpected event and the turn of things …
I saw only this beautiful cock surrounded by small blond hairs on this body slightly muscular.
My hand, as a living independent, is up along her thigh and gently touched the cock soft and warm.
He put his arm around my shoulders and dropped a kiss on my cheek.
My hand was stroking his cock, stroking his testicles, caressing his lower abdomen, caressing his cock …
He kissed me again on the cheek, longer, more delicate.
I continued my game with his cock, pulling out his glans, massaging with fingertips.
My head turned to him and he kissed me on the mouth in long languorous fuck, and his tongue trickled into my mouth.
I felt his cock become hard under my caresses, increasing my desire.
As if he had read my thoughts, his hand came to caress my cock through the pants, blew the button, opened the fly, sneak under my underwear and stroked my cock.
This fresh hand on my hot cock.

A crazy desire to suck took me and I knelt before him, between his legs he passed over my shoulders, one knee on each side of my head while I took his cock in my mouth.
This delicious cock that casino oyna smelled of shower gel and I sucked sensually as he stroked my hair.
Again, as if he felt the desire that made me more and more feverish, he said that we could go into the bedroom, it would be more comfortable …

I followed him in this bedroom worthy of a fashion house magazine, with a large bed covered with a silk d****ry.
He turned to me and gave me a kiss again while starting to undress.
Once naked, it was good to feel this body against mine, felt his arms around me, to feel his hands caressing my back, to feel his cock against mine.
I released him from his bathrobe and we lay down and I began to suck him again.
As he was on his back, he drew me to him and I understood what he wanted.

So I put my legs spread around his head and we sucked each other, each taking care to caress the testicle and play with the rosette of the other.
It was like a mirror, each doing the same gestures to the other, caressing the buttocks, sucking on the cock, biting the glans, fucking the testicles, licking the rosette …
Carefully but firmly still, he made me lie on my stomach and asked me to close my eyes.

I heard a night-table door opening and closing, a drawer opening and closing, a bottle being opened.
I felt a liquid run slowly from my back, from the shoulders to my buttocks.
I felt his hands giving me a massage, I felt this liquid slowly flow back on my buttocks, between my buttocks.
I felt his hands running through my body, which passed between my legs to canlı casino siteleri caress my dick.
I felt his hands play with my rosette and that finger that slowly entered my ass.
I was stunned, crazy with desire, unable to move, only to suffer, let go, savor the moment.
I felt his hard cock like a stick on my buttocks, between my buttocks, up and down.
And then slowly, carefully, sensually, sinking into my ass.

I dared not breathe, savoring every second this new feeling for me: it was the first time a man penetrated me.
The first time my ass was smashed.

He withdrew as gently as he had entered to let me catch my breath.
Instinctively, I put myself in doggie position.
I felt his hands rest on my hips, I felt his cock slowly penetrate me again, this time a deeper.
God it was good …
God it was good to feel his cock slowly coming and going in my ass, to feel his hands pulling me towards him to push his cock even further.
The pace accelerated, and with every thrust, I pushed a small moan and savored his cock in my ass more and more.
At the same time he smashed my ass, his hand took my cock and he began to masturbate me.
I was fully submissive, could not move, just let myself go and savor.
Suddenly he stopped, pushing his cock deeper into my ass, as if he wanted to reach my lungs …
And I felt it cum in me.
Then he came out and lay down beside me, exhausted.

Slowly, I came back to me, the ass on fire, the spirit on fire, with the sensation of having his cock always in the ass …
I began to suck, lick his cock and testicles, but he fell asleep.
So I started to masturbate, first slowly, then faster and faster and I cum on his cock.
Later, I got up, got dressed and went home leaving my name and phone number.

He never called me back and I never saw him again.

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