Mayıs 29, 2021

The Babysitter Did It Ch. 03

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Disclaimer: All characters in the following story involved in any sexual activity are 18 years old or older.

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Crap. I had been so looking forward to coming home at lunchtime on Tuesday. I got hard every time I thought of Monday’s escapade with Krissy tied naked to the chair in the laundry room begging me to touch her.

But they wanted me for some stupid set of meetings down in Waterloo. I had to take the early morning twin propeller flight to get to my first meeting.

I muddled through my morning meetings but when lunchtime came around I had a pavlovian reflex and got so stiff it hurt. I declined going to lunch with my colleagues and instead headed to one of the more secluded washrooms. I went in to the large stall for disabled folks and whipped out my phone and my cock.

I pulled up the pictures I had of Krissy and put them into a presentation. I wished I had taken video – maybe next time. I paused on the picture of Krissy covered in my cum and pumped. I came so hard that some spilled onto the floor. “Shit!” I wiped it up and myself as quickly as possible and struggled through the rest of the day.

We worked late into the night, even through dinner, because I was trying to get the stuff done earlier than planned so I could get back to my Krissy. People just thought I was being dedicated. Fools. By the time I got back to my hotel room and downed a quick Glenlivet I quickly drifted off to sleep.

Wednesday was pretty much a repeat of Tuesday like the movie “Groundhog Day”. It wasn’t going well. It looked like I would have to stay until Friday evening after all. My wife was pissed but since she could tell how much I wanted to come back home, she actually didn’t give me too hard a time. She thought I missed her and the kids. Kind of funny and sad at the same time.

By Thursday my withdrawal symptoms were getting worse. I was having trouble concentrating for any length of time. I told my co-workers that I needed to do some preparation work from noon to 1:30pm and that I’d be working from my hotel room. I created a new Skype account – poolsidelaundryroom – and prayed that my wife had stayed logged in. I initiated a video call to my home. It rang several times. “Come on, pick up Krissy!” I whispered. Skype dropped the call. I anxiously waited a minute and then called back.


Krissy heard the familiar ring of Skype. Her boyfriend, likely soon to be ex-boyfriend, called her frequently from out West. The first time she just ignored it as she figured it must be for Mr. or Mrs. Adams. When it rang again she decided to have a look-see.

When she saw “poolsidelaundryroom” calling her heart stopped. It had to be Mr. Adams. He’d always be Mr. Adams to her, never Jack. When she was about seven, Mr. and Mrs. Adams moved in across the street. She’d had a crush on him forever. She’d actually gotten her babysitting license just so that one day she could be his babysitter.

While she had certainly fantasized about episodes along the lines of what had recently happened by the pool and then later in the laundry room she’d never actually believed anything could happen. He seemed happily married to Mrs. Adams and with the arrival of the twins she thought that would pretty much sew up his marital bliss.

It was Mrs. Adams who had hired her. She felt a tad guilty about that but nowhere near enough to do anything differently about it.

On Tuesday she’d sat naked in the chair in the laundry room for two hours hoping Mr. Adams would come home during the kids’ midday nap. She’d managed to find out from Mrs. Adams that Mr. Adams was away on a business trip but she hadn’t dared try to find out when he was coming back. That would be too suspicious.

On Wednesday she’d again sat naked waiting and when he didn’t show up she’d masturbated because she couldn’t take it anymore – she’d had “blue pussy” or whatever the female equivalent of “blue balls” was called.

She’d found that she was having difficulty concentrating on anything else. Her friends had called her to go out the last three nights but she’d turned them down. They probably thought she was missing Mark but she’d been avoiding him too. She made up excuses every night when he rang on Skype – the excuses were getting flimsier and flimsier and he was probably starting to wonder.

She’d even started biting her nails again. A habit she thought she had kicked a year ago. She managed to limit it to just her pinky on her left hand but it was in danger of starting to bleed.

On the fourth ring she reached for the mouse and answered the call but without video – she wanted to be sure first.


I was about to hang up when the call was answered. I heard a hesitant, “Hello?” It was my angel on the line.

“Krissy, it’s me.”

“Mr. Adams! God I’ve missed you!” she blurted out.

Even before, I got excited when Krissy used to say “Mr. Adams” but now with our recent adventures it was twice as good to hear those words coming out illegal bahis of her sweet lips. There would be no “Jack” allowed from her. “Mr. Adams” was how it was going to stay.

“Just a second,” she said. She got the video going and my lovely babysitter came into view wearing a pink slinky camisole and a pair of shorts that could easily moonlight as panties.

“You look like a sex bomb,” I said.

Krissy blushed and said, “Well, I am ready to explode.”

“Are you wet?” I asked.

“Almost constantly,” she said. She grabbed the webcam and put it between her legs so that I could see close up the moist camel toe. Still wanting to prove it, she stuck her left hand into her shorts for a second and when she brought it out, two of her fingers were wet.

“Suck them,” I said.

First she put her index finger into her mouth. She pulled it out slowly and then inserted her middle finger into her mouth. This time though when she had almost pulled it out she shoved it back in.

I inhaled sharply. We hadn’t fucked yet and we were both acutely aware of it.

“Why didn’t you fuck me the last time?”

“You know why,” I said. I had no doubt she did. Just thinking about the last time caused my cock to hurt in my pants.

“If you’re not here Monday, I’m driving to Waterloo.”

I smiled. She was so sincere.

She was absently rubbing her hand around her nipple which was pushing through her top.

“How long do you have?” she asked.

“About an hour.”

“Ok, don’t go anywhere.” She disappeared off the screen. She came back with her black handbag. She opened it, fished around for a moment and pulled out a gaudy looking purple dildo. “I know it looks ridiculous, but I’ve tried a number of them and I’ve found that this “Lavender Pummeler” does a great job when the real thing’s not available. Mr. Adams, show me your cock.”

No way I was turning down that order. I got up and pulled off my pants and underwear. I was very hard.

“Now put the webcam so it shows me a closeup.”

The desk had a pullout tray for the keyboard and I balanced the webcam on it.

“How’s that?”

“Perfect. It fills my screen and looks to be about 15 inches!”

“Well I’m sorry dear, you’re going to be in for a big disappointment.”

She giggled. “Don’t worry. I still remember what it was like to have it in my mouth and I wasn’t disappointed. My pussy is going to be just fine. Speaking of pussy…”

She stood up and I watched as she slid off her shorts. No panties of course. She brought the webcam and stuck it right in front of her pussy which filled my screen.

Instinctively my tongue came out and made a licking motion.

She put her fingers over her pussy. I noticed that she had cut back her nails a bit and had pink and silver stars on them. She rubbed her fingers up and down her pussy slowly. She pulled the finger tips up to the top of her pussy and rubbed her clitoris in circles. This caused her pussy to open a bit.

“Mr. Adams. Where’s my show?”

I was so mesmerized, I’d sat there staring. Not like me to miss an opportunity to touch myself. I grabbed my balls in my left hand and the head of my penis in my right. I slowly started pumping my dick while gently massaging my balls.

Krissy took both hands and pulled her pussy lips apart so that I could see the home that my cock was longing for.

“You want it, don’t you?”

“Oh, yeah.”

As I pumped some more, some pre-cum started to appear at the tip of my cock. It made my hand a bit wet and slippery. I was starting to sweat a bit and the smell was in the air. I lifted up my hands and inhaled deeply. I love the smell of sex, whether it’s me or the woman I’m with.

There were some milky drops slowly dripping out of Krissy’s pussy.

“Smell yourself Krissy.”

Her fingers disappeared off the screen and I heard her inhale deeply. From the sound of it, she liked what she was smelling. Her face filled the screen grinning. “I’m not sure why, but that was kind of dirty Mr. Adams. I liked it.”

“Now get naked Krissy. I want your sweat and pussy juice to be absorbed by my leather chair. The next time I sit down to masturbate I want to feel like it’s part of your skin touching me.”

Krissy got up and turned around. I was looking at her lovely ass. She bunched up her camisole and pulled it over her head. Her back was exquisite. I wanted to trace my finger tips from the nape of her neck to the small of her back.

“Now turn around. Squeeze your breasts.”

Her hands encircled her tits. She squeezed the right one and lifted up the nipple. She bent her head, stretched out her tongue and flicked it around the nipple.

“Wow, I didn’t know you could do that,” I said as I picked up the pace a bit with my stroking.

“Oh Mr. Adams. You have no idea what I can do,” she said with a twinkle in her eye.

“I look forward to learning your various talents Krissy. Now sit back down and stick two of your fingers into your pussy.”

“You think you can tell me to do whatever you want and I’ll just do it, eh?” she asked.

She illegal bahis siteleri glared at me – well my cock really.

But then she laughed. “Who am I kidding?” She sat back down, shoved her pussy into the camera and promptly inserted two fingers up to the second knuckle.

“Now move them slowly in and out.”

She did as told. “Keep going. Imagine it’s my cock going inside of you. Look at it.”

I heard an, “Mmmm” and assumed that Krissy was doing the looking and imagining that she was told to do.

“On Monday it will be my dick going in…and out…in…and out.”

I heard Krissy whisper, “In…and out…in…and out” in perfect synchronization.

After a few minutes of this mutual masturbation with Krissy repeating her mantra and both of us picking up the pace I said, “Now look at my cock, Krissy. Look at it. This will be inside you on Monday.”

To be honest, while I hoped looking at my cock was exciting for Krissy, I’d always known that I’d had a bit of an exhibitionist streak in me but had never really acted upon it. Now Krissy looking at my cock was exciting me. I imagined that maybe she was rebroadcasting the video to other girl friends and they were watching me too.

Up until things started with Krissy, those kinds of thoughts used to be exciting but mixed in with a bit of embarrassment and a fair bit of shame. I was starting to change because now it was just raw excitement.

Let them watch. Let them all watch.

“Krissy, see how I’m going to cum inside of you.”

“Yes, do it. Keep doing it. Fuck me.”

We both started pumping faster.

“Stop Krissy.” Krissy continued pumping. I said, “Stop it.”

“What?” said Krissy sounding confused and slightly annoyed.

“I said ‘Stop’.”

“What? No!”

She continued.


“What the hell? I mean, what Mr. Adams. Why should I stop?” There was almost pleading in her voice but she did stop.

“Get the Pummeler.”

“Oh yeah…right.”

The purple monstrosity came into view.

“Now rub your clitoris with it. Good girl. Now push it in.”

I watched as the head entered her pussy.

“All the way in.”

I was starting to breathe faster as I took my pumping to the max.”

“I’m going to watch you cum Mr. Adams. Faster Mr. Adams. Don’t hold back. Make the camera dirty. Show us what you got.”


I was not in any state to ask questions like, “Is that the royal us?” and frankly I didn’t care. Not true really, since my imagination wanted it to be the non-royal “us”.

“Watch me Krissy. Watch me!”

I shot my load over the webcam, the laptop screen the keyboard and some on the floor.

I held on to my cock and slowing brought out every drop while continuing to watch Krissy.

“My turn Mr. Adams,” she said. She started to moan. I turned up the volume on the laptop to max. I wanted to see and hear as much as possible. I wondered if the walls of the room were thick enough to block the sound, but new, improved Jack didn’t really care. In the past I would have been paranoid and put on headphones. Now I thought, “Let them hear and jack off themselves.”

Krissy got louder and faster. I knew this couldn’t last much longer. Suddenly she let out a loud “Oh” and squeezed her legs together holding the Pummeler in place. The backs of her thighs quivered and trembled for what seemed like minutes.

She zoomed out and she looked radiant – flush, shiny sweat on her brow, nipples at attention. I think she was a bit high on endorphins. She started to talk in a stream of consciousness way, “Oh Mr. Adams…that was so good…I probably shouldn’t tell you this…oh what the hell…I imagined you weren’t the only one watching me…that your colleagues were watching me…shit why am I saying this…please don’t get turned off or think I’m sick…but that was so much fucking fun…”

“Krissy. Say anything and everything. I’ll never judge you or think less of you. Just be you. I’m forty and I’m now learning this. As the song says, ‘You’re fucking perfect.'”

She leaned back with a beatific smile on her face and closed her eyes. Slowly her breathing returned to normal.

“I’d better get cleaned up. Oh and Mr. Adams.”


“You’d better be here Monday ready to fuck or I’m coming looking for you. I’m getting addicted to you Mr. Adams.”

“Ditto, kid. Ditto to everything you just said. Till then.”

I blew a kiss and hit “End call”.

“Holy shit!” I thought. That made it worth the wait that we’d been forced into.

I set my watch to count down the hours until Monday lunch time.


When I got back home it was the same old same old. A hundred things to be done in between taking care of the kids. Since according to my wife I’d been away “enjoying myself” at the remote work location I needed to make up for it.

Meanwhile I could barely focus – I kept checking my watch as it counted down the hours to Monday lunchtime. After brunch on Sunday, I’d had enough. I told my wife I was going out to run some errands. I headed to the mall. canlı bahis siteleri I got myself some shaving cream from the Body Shop, browsed in the bookstore and the Future Shop.

My tummy rumbled a bit so I decided to head over to the food court on the third floor to have some New York fries. As I was getting closer to the court a fiery redhead caught my eye. Long hair down to the middle of her back, she wore an ultra short red and black checkered skirt that showed legs worthy of the old ZZ Top “Legs” video. Her top was a white tight fitting little number that screamed, “I’m not wearing a bra, boys!”

As I was wearing sunglasses, I was able to stop and just look in her general area and follow her carrying her tray back to her table.

That’s when I noticed the bevy of girls that she was with. They were responsible for the cacophony of laughter and chatter that I’d heard when I approached the food court. “This must be the in-crowd,” I thought for they were all lookers. Red-heads, blondes, brunettes, caucasian, oriental, south-east asian, black – every creed and colour were represented. The one thing they all had in common – they were all hot. I was not the only one admiring them I noticed. There were various other men, and some women, who were either watching them openly or attempting to be surreptitious about it. You could tell that the girls knew they were being watched. It seemed like they were putting on a secret show.

As “Red” was putting her tray down, she leaned over and kissed a brunette on the lips. Ok, so maybe her top was yelling, “I’m not wearing a bra, girls!” Nothing wrong with that in my books – a lot right actually.

I continued to scan the group and stopped on a blonde beauty. My heart stopped a second later when I realized it was my blonde beauty – Krissy. I couldn’t believe it and without thinking about it I took my sunglasses off just to make sure. I’d never run in to her outside of my home or our street.

I guess the movement of my arm caught her eye and she looked over. It must have looked like I was waving. She’d been smiling her beautiful smile while talking to her friend but when she saw me her eyes lit up. She jumped up and waved. “Mr. Adams, hi! Come join us.”

I’m sure I turned beat red as a lot of the eyes in the area turned to look at me. I was praying there was no-one else around who knew me.

I figured avoiding Krissy and running off would look suspicious. “What the hell!” I thought, “It would be so good to see her since she was the only thing I could think about.”

I smiled, walked over and gave her a two-cheek European “hello” greeting.

“Mr. Adams, this is my gang of friends.”

“Gang of friends, this is Mr. Adams – the one I babysit for.”

“Oh,” said one or two of them.

I wasn’t sure what to make of that.

“Hello ladies,” I said.

“Jen, ain’t no lady!” said an ebony girl.

Jen, I presume, a cute Chinese girl replied, “That seems like ‘The pot calling the kettle black’.”

They all laughed at that, including the ebony girl. It seemed the cattiness was all in good fun.

“Move over ‘Lady Jen’ and let Mr. Adams have a seat,” said Krissy.

“Umm…I really can’t stay,” I said.

“Just for a minute,” she replied.

I sat down.

We looked at each other awkwardly for a few seconds. Krissy sipped her Coke.

“What are you doing for the rest of the afternoon?” Krissy asked.

The other girls were pretending not to be listening in to the conversation, but it was clear that all ears were on us.

“Ahem…I dunno. I’ve kind of finished my errands so I was probably going to head home.”

“We’re going to see a movie in thirty minutes. Wanna come?” She had paused and slightly stressed the last word.

Stalling for time while this sunk in, I asked, “What movie?”

“Does it matter?”

I blushed again and a few of our neighbours smiled.

A thousand and one thoughts ran through my head. I figured I could get away with it from a “home” perspective. I’d tell my wife I had decided to do some shopping around for the barbeque that I was planning to buy. That could easily take a few hours with all the choices. But Krissy was hinting at more than just watching the movie and there was this whole group to consider.

“Screw it!” I thought. I chose the path that day by the pool. “Whatever happens, happens. Might as well enjoy.” It was clear that by this time, my dick was doing the thinking for us.

“Yes…I mean ‘No’ it doesn’t matter, ‘Yes’ I’ll join you.” I intentionally avoided saying, “I’ll come with you.”

“Great!” said Krissy and she leaned forward and whispered, “I promise you won’t regret it!”

I secretly adjusted my boner so it wouldn’t poke out and stood up. “I’ll meet you at the cinema in fifteen minutes. What is it we’re seeing?”

“The Jennifer Aniston one.”

That was fine with me. Jennifer was always one of my top-ten sexiest women. Rumour had it that she might be topless in this film which was R-rated.

I headed over to a quiet area to call my wife and give her the BBQ line. It went smoothly. I headed over to the cinema and was there before the girls. I didn’t want to be hanging around outside the doors with all the girls – who knew who else might be there – so I decided to just buy all of their tickets.

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